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Jimmy..I thought you were here for a minute there...but yer no here yer there! So that means than yer 'neither up nor doon!' laugh.gif Hello pal!
Hope yer havin a great time, Jimmy:)

aaah, this is the life
*spreadin the feet oot in front o' the fire*
Jimmy I'm sure you'll have a great time Jackson is one of the lights in your life enjoy him as much as possible. I bet he's growing fast. smile.gif
Archie Millar
Whit kind o' whisky is it? a've very cagey, aboot drinkin' anythin' oot o' that 'press efter the last the last time-when a swaaled bloody "brasso" unsure.gif
Och camoan an stoap bein so picky Archie, sure it gied ye a great shine did it no? laugh.gif
How ye feelin this weather onyway, sit doon at the fire therr, ahv goat the kettle oan...ah'll go get a plate a biscuits pal an ye kin bring us up tae date. Whit times Norah comin roon? Did ye mind ask her tae bring her pot a soup wae her....ah kin taste it the noo....cannae wait....
Archie Millar
If a sit doon at the fire, a'll get tartan legs!!!
Ye'll get corn beef legs an don't you furget it Archie...Brenda waants her dinner made fur her, she needs help here laugh.gif
*sipping at the butterscotch schnapps*

personally ah prefer no tae think aboot things like that when ah'm stretched oot here in front o' the fire:) It's efter 10 ower there onywae...thuv wella nd truly hid thur dinner by noo.

My, that's a rerr wee drapp, jimmy!

So, whit's the goss?ah've been missin oot these days:(
who's daein whit wae whom annat?
hey knock knock hullo rerr whitsa matter naebody miss me ohmy.gif huvnae bin here in awhile Archie gled yir back oan the mend lad, hoy JimmyD cin ah huv sum o' that Irish Cream still bliddy cauld oot therr need sumthin' tae waarm me up so whits bin gaun oan did ah miss onythin' important gettin' the hoose ready fur mah visitor, only ten weeks away shee it'll be here afore yi know it, anybody gettin' sum coal fur the fire, here ah brought sum fern cakes and empire biskits if anybody waants any.
Cripes page 118 how time flies when yir enjoyin yirsel tae think this aw stertit wan night ah wis inmasel an feelin low .Archie glad your back on form rolleyes.gif take care It's gonny take me a while tae catch up wae yis ,been awfy busy wae wan thing an anither

betty2 still in glesca
That's good to hear.
Much as yer missed annawthat it's great that yer no havin any "in masel" feeling lonely nights:)
Marion Dougan
where is everybody? nae bikkis left, Melody come oan, git back tae Marks please, av left ye a fiver in the tea caddy fur some bikkis. Watch that Jimmy D he might fun it afore ye, he needs money fur the pub. Hey Ria gled you came in, therrs nae bikkis so lets hae a wee baileys, mm mm good. Mary 48 wis here a wee while ago, mrs smith next door say's a jist missed her, she'll toddle roon again am sure, she likes a wee fly cup. Smashin fire therr, aye jist wan mare baileys Ria then am aff dae dae some washing, rerr day tae pit it oot in the back. hey Mary gled yer back hen, keep Ria company, am away tae dae ma washin, watch her wie the baileys, she gits greedy!!!
Right Marion whit will a bring back fae Markies? A few wee packets o chocolate biscuits, an angel cake, a battenburg cake, a cream sponge hurry up whit else.. a packet o empire biscuits... a know a few wee fern cakes. Right that's it who's makin' the me! unsure.gif Where' that Betty? See if she's oot oan a date an' never told me!.....I think that fella'll come back..dae you? Wish she's went oot wi him... I liked him...
Oan yir trip tae Marks nip intae Debenham's hear they've a rerr sale oan . naw melody that guy wisnae ma type too keen . Ah like the chase rolleyes.gif

betty still inhersel but no lonesome Mary
Marion Dougan
Oh Melody, battenburg cake mmmm ma favourite. Ah'll make the tea, who wants a cup, cripes Ria again, blacked oot, a asked Mary48 tae keep an eye oan her, oh my god Mary, yer oan the flerr tae, she disnae drink either, a shouldn't huv left them. Right come oan list git them oot o here afore Betty comes back, aw right Melody, by the way, thanks fur gawn tae Marks, yer a wee darlin, so ye ur, sure she is wub.gif
The best o tartan thats oor melody worth her weight in gold
Aye Betty but he wis chasin' you...that wid be good wid it no?? Aw see you, I jist wish ye'd went oot wi him jist wance.. ye might huv pit me oot ma misery! dry.gif Ye never know he might come back at the next bells!!
Yeeze are aw awfy quiet.............ah'm havin a party for one here tae myself! laugh.gif Music's good.
Puttin this in here
Sunny spain wont be seeing me this year
Its fur the usa am packin ma gear
10 weeks the day ah'll be up in the air
Leavin glesca toon withoot a worry or care
This will be the first time since 1987
that us 3 sisters will enjoy the 8 days am hivin
An at last ah'll get tae see the face
Ooor wee mags up at hur place
We've chatted oan here an also by phone
Awummin yi can count oan when feelin alone
Ah dont know who else is gonny be therr
But wan thing fur sure we'll aw huv a terr
Cos last july in glesca we aw hud a ball
An this wus echoed by one.n,all

So fur this trip am sacrificinma 2 weeks in spain
Cos dont think us three sisters will ever be the gither again
For times rollin on an the years flyin by
An we're no gettin any younger this ah say wae a sigh
But we'll no talk aboot wur aches.n.pains
Well reminice aboot when we wur weans
An aw they good years we spent in glesca's eastend
There wis aye plenty o laffter tho no much money tae spend
An we'll turn the clock back fur auld lang syne
Me an these two sisters o mine smile.gif
Aw Betty wub.gif

Fancy wakening up tae hearing that lovely sentimental wee poyum......that must be ma day set up noo, thanks (great big smile)Ah'm looking forward to hearing all about yer holiday!

Whit am ah talkin aboot? it's night time? where's the day went?

Marion...wizzat Jimmy's Baileys ye were dishin oot?
D'ye no know it's 100 degree proof jist aboot?

ach well ah'll jist have a wee bit o' that Battenburg cake and away back tae sleep.

Melody, ye can go shopping for me ony time, hen..ah love battenburg cake
I've missed all of you very much. E-mailed Melody and explained I had a problem with my computer connection and had to get a new e-mail address. Also, came down with a mysterious virus and ended up a guest of the local hospital. Glad to say I feel so much better and look forward to being once again part of this great family. I have so much catching up to do. Spring comes early in the South and the Japanese Cherry trees in our back yard are gorgeous. rolleyes.gif
wee mags
Hi bunty good to see you up and about again hope your feeling better take care biggrin.gif
Huv tae share this wee story wae yis an its true. Got up this mornin to find my g/son Lee has his face in 4 newspapers ,he and 4 pals took time out from school to gatecrash Racheal Hunter's fashion show at debenhams to draw attention they had each made a placard Lee's stated "Racheal have my babies," this brought a lot of attention from the tv cameras and the press as also the lady in question who couldnt stop giggling at the antics of the boys. She spoke to them and in todays paper asked that the boys be excused punishment for skipping 2 periods of school. Needless to say i got a phone call from the deputy head who had taken a very dim view of this, I know what they did was wrong but I find the funny side to this After all at 16 years of age???????
laugh.gif Betty, I can't believe they did that, I'm killin' myself laughing at you thinking about you on the phone to the school, I hope you said you were horrified and this sort of thing would never happen again!! What a laugh, bet they had a great time. That has really tickled me!
Betty that is priceless, if that's all the trouble those lads get into you've no worries.I'm lmao at the stunt good on them. smile.gif
wee mags
Iam sure all the 16year olds wished it wis them, and maybe the deputy head wis jealous he didnae go biggrin.gif
Betty, that's a great age. Now I think there is a poem in this story. My claim to fame is being the mother of a stripper. The Headmaster let the boys off but reminded them that you dont tell a good joke twice. Still emptying boxes so enough of this meandering.
hi buntyq so glad to see back on again I still think about our day out, and was sorry to hear about your wee set back, I will give you a buzz next time I am down there take care of yourself yi hear tongue.gif
Betty ! Pricless ! Priceless !,can see that Lee has your sense of humour.Did it make the papers ??if so would love to see a copy.
Noo wheres they Fern Cakes ,jist love them,ma mooth is waaterin here.
Marion whits this ,aboot me going to the pub.I NEVER go to pubs, my place IS the pub!!!!! biggrin.gif
One Drambuie over ice please barman! laugh.gif
Archie Millar
Hi Melody, your startin' early, it's only efter eight in the mornin'-------- but seein' that yir pouring wan! A'l hiv a wee whisky!! rolleyes.gif
My pleasure Melody,now it is not Drambuie ,but I defy you to tell the difference,it is my own concoction,and Prince Charlie hid nothing to dae wi it,Archie I have a single malt,that is so smooth,ye don't realise yer drinking it ha ha ha.Missed ma calling, I tell you,should have been aroon in the Roaring Twenties " Take that you dirty rat" !! Cagney is the name,booze is ma game biggrin.gif
Latest on Lee & co. the minister of education has stated that the boys must be punished so they have detention at lunshtime all next week rolleyes.gif suppose the school must take action here but as Lee says it was worth it "she,s gorgeous" Jommy wish i was clever enuff to put this newspaper story on the board complete with the picture I'm still laffin ma heid aff, but y/no whit they asked Lee to play for the school last night (this he can now do b/cos he's free from hibs) detention wan week playin football fur the school the next??? Rough Justice ha ha
Laughing ma heid aff here Betty,typical of schools.Happened to me,at St Marys ,got caught stealing a loaf from the bakery ,think it was Milanda,was kicked oot the school on the Monday for a week ,goat a hidin fae ma Da. They were at the door on the Thursday,to see if I would be able, to play at Roseberry Park on the Friday.I was first choice goalie.Played and we won the cup,I saved a penalty and was the big more mention of the stolen loaf biggrin.gif Am with Lee she is a dish !!!!
since aw yoos are drinkin all have wan tae, voddie and irn bru fur me, please, laugh.gif
can a gatecrash and hav a wee hof as weel! wink.gif
Archie Millar
Noo watch whit yir bringin' oot o' that press Jimmie!! there's a boattle aboot that's supposed tae be Baileys---but it's bloody Brasso !!
Ah well, they done the crime noo they've got to do the time:)

Archie, there's nane o' that brasso drank it a'...d'ye no mind? Daft question! Of course ye cannae mind, ye werenae "wae" it for a while efterwards,were ye? LOL

Welcome, Grace, siddoon and we'll have a wee go at Jimmy's whisky liqueuer concoction, eh?

Ooooh, Jimmy!! This is rerr...can ah jist have anither wee yin?
No THAT wee, fur ony favour,,,,saves me coming nack aw the time if ye'd pit a decent 'wee' amount in there...aye a coupla inches wid be fine:)

this wee cheese platter that Melody got in last time she went shoppin's jist the dab...thanks, Betty and Melody.
The hospitality roon here's second tae none!
Ah think this hoose merits ***** whit say all of you? welcome Grace if yir foand o a wee swally well we dae it big time in here come,n,join us rolleyes.gif

betty2 still at hame
AAAAAAAAH Jimmy yoo telt me that wis bailleys yoo gied me nae wunner ah hud the runs omigosh mah insides must be really shinin' oooh jist luv they cheeses therr Melody they go doon well wi the bailleys is therr any mair, ah wis talking tae Marion an she says save sum fur her haw Archie how yi daen lad things looking up fur yi think aboot yi aw sheesh therr ah go again be right back laugh.gif
AAAAAAAAH Jimmy yoo telt me that wis bailleys yoo gied me nae wunner ah hud the runs omigosh mah insides must be really shinin' oooh jist luv they cheeses therr Melody they go doon well wi the bailleys is therr any mair, ah wis talking tae Marion an she says save sum fur her haw Archie how yi daen lad things looking up fur yi think aboot yi aw sheesh therr ah go again be right back laugh.gif JimmyD wait tiae ah git mah hauns oan yi
Marion Dougan
Hoi Ria, promises promises ... lolololololol
hoy Marion rolleyes.gif
Here girls, Catherine and I are goin' up the Campsies for the day dae ye want tae come? We've got pieces and wine and a Metro and no much else oh aye an ah've got nae shoes noo. C'mon it'll be a laugh, if ye've any pink specs bring them wi ye! laugh.gif Hus anybody got chinge fur the bus driver?
OWER HERE YOU LOT...UNNER THE WATERFAW!!....My this is a rerr wee spot Melody, naebudy'll find us an we kin watch the enemy approachin fur miles laugh.gif ...Pass ower the ginger hen, oh yer wee feets blue, here's a len a ma sperr soaks ah broat in ma back poaket, there ye nice an cosy noo...
Ohhhhhhhh thanks Catherine, that feels lovely and cosy noo, pass the pieces ah'm starvin, ah'm shattered efter jumpin' intae that 'coffin' ur you? laugh.gif
Ach nae probs pet, aw in a Ghurka's days work ...hoap skip an jump right in laugh.gif
Oh look, therrs smokey bacon crisps an aw, hey's a grrrreat day fur a pickanicka....Oh...who's that comin ower yon hill...set yer compass...ten tae two jist nautical a Sprinburn....Kin ye see them?...
Ahoy there matey, who goes there?? Friend or Foe? Only people wi sumbody else's soaks oan... an pieces oan jam ur allowed in here. Haud oan Catherine ....wan looks a wee bit unfriendly..ach it's awright it's only oor Archie a think...that tartan bunnet gied me a wee fright there.....but ah make oot his tinny..we're laughin'..he's goat bus fare hame.
Don't be scared Betty's only us.....huv ye goat sumbody else's soaks oan? If ye huvny ye'll need tae know the password....whit is again Catherine? laugh.gif
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