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wee mags
Hi betty I jist stopped by for a fast cuppa and a wee biscuit would be nice,got a couple of things tae dae the day, so I cannae stop for long,I have to get some mare paint but cannae say it out loud for the Yank goes bonkers when the word paint is mentioned,its awe that rias fault she wanted me to hiv a weemeet here in the USA so noo am getting things done ,for the meet,I hope your getting set tae come a cannae wait tae meet yae. wink.gif
aye Mags blame me, yi know yi jist waanted the painting dun so yoo telt the yank oh oh we're huvin cumpny need tae paint, aye Mags says the yank yer on hen whit room , aw the rooms yi said, aye Mags yer a smart wan hen , cin huv wan o' they fern cakes therr need a cuppa real bad, cin yi slip sumthin in it fur me need that anaw.
Ahm aw excited.....Oor Joannes jist phoned me fae Madison Sqerr Gardens wherr they're at the Rod Stewart concert...'An ye werr it well' wis blastin, couldnae hear them other than jist a big HIYA at the beginnin.....
Ma bags are kinda packed an ahm kinda ready tae go, furst time ever leavin the boys behind in six years, oan the wan haun ahm so lookin forward tae oan the ither it's get me oan an aff that plane so's ah kin breath....Cannae wait tae see ma big sister, ah feel like a wean so ah dae laugh.gif
wee mags
catherine I hope you and geoff have a good time everthing will be alright ,jist you wait and see, I went with mike and his mom to visit his aunt the day and his cousin made a bliddy thing called Death by Chocloate ,my god you wid die fae it ,so as we were leavin she says here take this and gives us a big dob of it ,and I said to her ,well if a die its your fault !!bit whit a way tae die mmmmmmmmmm wink.gif
Catherine you enjoy your well deserved break with Geoff an gia joan a hug fae me Its up to you New York New york and give my regards to broadway rolleyes.gif
aye oan yi go hen and you gie New York the time of their life huv yersel a rerr terr catherine, and yoo watch oot fur them subways dae the taxi thing if there's nae mair than five but its gonnae be nice so walking is the thing cannae miss aw they shoaps if yer walking hahaha, rite near the gardens is an irish pub/resteurant heard food is pretty good there,

East side, West side
Awe aroon the toon
Went oor Catherine'n'Geoff
Singing London Bridge is fawin' doon
Oh look at the hoarse an' carriage
Can we puleeze take a ride
Says Catherine to her honey,
Of course mah pet,cos your mah Easter Bunny
So off they go wi glass in hand
and Catherine pullin'aff the cork
singing at the top of her voice

Go for it Catherine,Enjoy!! Enjoy !! the weans will be awright Say Hi to Joanne and John fae me. biggrin.gif
wee mags
haw betty hiv yae seen Marion yet? or has she no got to see you yet? I bet shes a way oot hivin a good time ,I hope shes awe right,and no sick,maybe she cannae get tae a computer any way while am here a wee cuppa wid be nice thank you wink.gif
wee mags
ma phone jist wrang and the wee voice says
hi ya mags were enjoying the day ,
and noo were goingoot fur the night , and guess whit ave nae brought a pair of tights,
no tae worry says the queen
all pit oan a pair of jeans
so their off tae chinatown for dinner
so off goes Catherine, Geoff and Juanann,
their pals and Juananns man
so if yaes hear of a disaster in Chinatown, New York City
it oor Catherine and and her gang or should a say clan,
I think she getting moo goo gia pan
she says tell everyone hello ,sorry hen I hiv tae go!!! biggrin.gif
wee mags
haw betty I see its yer birthday,adn so I jist thought I wid stop for a wee minute tae sing the daft happy birthday song tae yae so if anyone wants tae join in come oan
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to betty
Happy birthday to you and many more biggrin.gif
fae me and the yank
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday DEAR BETTY
Happy Birthday to you!!
Have a fabulous day betty ENJOY ENJOY !! biggrin.gif

Had a brilliant time in New York guys, thanks for aw the lovely messages here...ahv no been on since ah goat back cos ah cannae keep ma eyes open!!
Busy busy, everything wis brilliant, we never stopped fae we goat aff the plane tae we goat back oan it.....LOVED IT!
Hi Catherine .While since i popped in here.I see you were in New York.Glad you enjoyed yourself.Happy birthday Betty.Take care all. Isobel
Wishing you a happy birthday and best wishes for this day,
I nearly missed this moment, so I'm glad I got to say,
That I wish you all you wish yourself, and hope this day was nice
and hope you got good presents regardless of their price.

For they do say it's the thought that counts and this is why I write
to let you see I thought of you on this very special night.

Happy Birthday, have a great day. Many Happy Returns of the Day! smile.gif
Happy Birthday oor Betty,I know I am a wee bit late,.but I actually put a post in yesterday,an hell knows where it went to .Now seeing as I cannae actually sit an hiv a drink wi ye,I set a place for you at my table,and you and I had a reer terr toasting your birthday,see I was with you in spirit..... biggrin.gif
Happy birthday Betty. Boy I am behind in the news I must say. Didn't even know Catherine was going to New York. Hope you had a swell time Catherine. And how was Joanne and John?
Marion Dougan
Hi guys, a think a fum ma wey baack, whit a problem this thing has been, onywey am oan a think
biggrin.gif Hi Betty, hope you had a fabulous day hen. Haven't been on here for donkey's ages so have got a lot to catch up on.
Marion Dougan
Betty happy belated birthday. I need your email address, lost everything went the comp. wis doon
Okay, Friday Folder day at the school an yer wummin here is headin fur Jake's class tae help oot.
How tae survive 28 weans between 5 an 6 an no a word a english spoken? Easy....Jist keep yer glaiket look oan an smile laugh.gif
wee mags
lookin glackit ??nae problem fur you lassie ha ha biggrin.gif
Don't furget the smile noo Mags laugh.gif
Back an ah survived, mare tae the point so did the weans.
Snaws meltin nicely, though dreicht wet rainy day here....cannae believe it's Friday again.
Whits everyones plans fur the weekend? Kettles oan, cuppa tea's winkin...ah'll put an extra bag in 'case ye's appear...
Well and ma lodger are going to Carlisle tomorrow (that's in England) taking ma bro-in-laws car doon tae get seviced....forever the good samaritan me ay!!

So ah'll have a wee wander aroon the big city and then back hame tae watch Scotland playing rugby (on second thoughts ah might no hurry back fur the rugby sad.gif ) no daein sae good there ur we.

Sunday has tae be the day o' rest though, efter awe that's why Sundays were made is it no???
Hey pal how ye doin wink.gif That auld telapathic magics at it again, wis jist thinkin aboot ye.
Ah thoat mercedes benz came tae yer door wae pick up an delivery, or is it the auld rolls yer takin in fur is deid fae the feet up here eh...Boys are finally able to go oot an play oan their bikes so ahv wan eye oot the back while ahm daen this, ye should see the water at the bottom of the garden noo the snaws melted, ye'd think ahd put in a swimmin pool bi cripes!!
Tis awfy quiet Catherine, and Rolls or bentley am afraid just a wee family saloon.

Tell ye what wis a lovely day here the day...sun shining and a wee hint o' warmth.........even hud the windae's open.

La La La spring is in the air (or is it summer next????)

Nice tae see the kids oot playing, snaw or no snaw, they'll still find plenty tae do...........did ye huv a nice trip???
hi ya Kaz, it was indeed a lovely day here and a wee bit warm even ---imagine!! Great to see you on here again! Hello Catherine and everyone! It's awfy quiet! sad.gif
Hiya Melody......shame aboot awe these people wi' snaw aye wink.gif

Hi Catherine, what about mention a Bentley and ah say naw a wee family motor....well oan the way here tae drop off thur car ma bro-in-law stoaps fur the pumps a bliddy auld couple in a BENTLEY reversed intae that is cosmic.......a wee bit o' the white witch
Hi Kaz long time no parly biggrin.gif great day here in merr weys than wan he he its awfy quiet gettin in here wherr ur aw the regulars who used tae drop in missin y/all lets be hearin fae yi.
Got a new member tae ma family a wee west highland terrier cawd Ben he's gorgeous luv him tae bits cheers
Archie Millar
Hi Cameron nice to hear from you again might see you in a few months at the next "meet"
Betty yiv gote yirself a wee dug? ---Good! they're very loyal---a've got wan he's called Dougal he's five year old an' he's sittin' at ma feet the noo---but, hi kin be a cantangerous bugger at times ,he knows his ain mind
Aw archie he's lovely mine's is 10 yrs old got him from a family friend who was,nt able to look after him anymore and he's so affectionate plus its gettin me up aff ma &se so am gettin much needed excarcise also biggrin.gif
Aww Betty, that was real kind of you to take your friends wee dog. It must be hard for a dog to change households at such an age,but then I imagine you are spoiling him,her? rotten.You do become attached to them real quick, and as you say,they have their needs. Enjoy your new found friend Betty. Archie she is a wee darlin. Does she accompany you when you pass around yer tinny at the pub? tongue.gif Rena
Hiya Betty and Archie, nice tae huv a dog, I think there very theraputic (spelling???) and if it gets ye off yer Bahookie Betty then awe the better ay!

Oor boss at work brings in her wee dog, a wee scotty, so it's became oor kinda mascot, it's even got it's own internal E-mail address.

Be good tae see ye again Archie, I intend to make the next meet, so seeya then.
och Archie adorable he is ah huvnae saw betty's wee dug yet but ah know he is gonnae be just as adorable as yours, Kaz so nice to see you posting again I shud talk huvnae been oan here in a wee while whit meet ur you two gaun tae is the wan that Marg set up. Archie how you feeling these days ah no Betty was so upset that she missed you when you were in glasgow, ok folks catcha later. wink.gif
Archie Millar
Hi everywan-been hivin' trouble wi this bloody thing

Had ma phone an' been charged 139 for an IPS No got on to the phone co --they said it wis ma server's fault---got on to them nae luck!--The upshot wis they buggered aboot an the next thing a cuuldnae get on the internet . Its taken me since yesterday mornin' on the phone tae get back on an' a still payin' 28 a month a got a bill fur 139 bugger it!!
Started ma treatment this morning in Cheltenham another next week---its gonnie be murder goin' there next week--its gold cup week an' the roads wull be chaotic-
Its no your day Archie, but good luck with your treatment pal,
These machines are a miracle when they are working, otherwise a nightmare, and trying to get hold of people on the phone is even worse, wish it was press button B to get your money back! laugh.gif
Don't you worry about the traffic Archie just get yourself there safely and do well with your treatment. All the Best. Take Care
Good luck wae the treatment Archie I'll have a candle burning for you
Marion Dougan
Good luck Archie, drive carefull!!
good luck Archie will be thinking of you and just drive carefully, and like betty ah'll huv a wee candle lit and wee prayer in mah heart.
God Bless wub.gif
Hope the treatment goes well for ye Archie, thinkin of ye pal. You too Norah, jist keep yer lovely smile an he'll no grump too much oan the drive wink.gif

Sittin in the chat like a haddy the noo....but naw....ah'll be awright talkin tae masel, dae it aw the time....naw sit wherr ye's are...really....ah'll be awright {drrrrip drrrrip..}
senga c
hi folks at hame and afar, ive just joined, so i,ll probably make a mess of this ive been reading all the e mails you all sound a good sort im from paisley but i stayed in peat road with the mcareavey s (my grandparents) i remember being fascinated that you could get a daily record down at the bundy and that you could get rolls as well i remember going to mackies and martins.
Welcome to you Senga, have fun! smile.gif
Welcome senga this is the place wherr we aw sit doon an natter away ower a cuppa tea (or summit stroanger) rolleyes.gif so jist draw a cherr up an gie us yir patter. Where ur yi steyin noo? Paisley wis wance a great haunt o mine way back in the 50's when ah thought ah wis Sonia Henie (tae the younger members o the board she wis a famous ice skater who made a rew films)
wee mags
naw betty you couldnae hiv been Sonia Henie,cause ma pal Irene said she wis biggrin.gif
Hi Senga, or is it Agnes... biggrin.gif I once new a Senga who worked in the nursing home my mother was in,at Bridgeton Glasgow. I always found the name Senga to be soo sort of oriental,till of course one of the attendants in the home,with the usual Scots humour,said. "Aye, and wee Agnes there will be oor the moon tae learn she looks oriental,wid ye no hen". Welcome aboard Senga....Rena
That must huv bin how ah never made it big time mags rolleyes.gif but let me cairry oan dreamin.Hi tae you Rena huvnae heard fae you much this past while but we'll catch up in conneticut this june lookin forward tae meetin up wae you again cheers

betty fae glesca an still here
Hi Senga, Welcome to the boards....shift ower an get the kettle oan hen tongue.gif
Cauld an snawy Toronto here, jist back fae the routine mammogram, nuthin quite like leavin ye waitin fur an hoor ower yer appointment time tae sit an dwell oan whit's comin y'no!
Back in the hoose, waashin's oan, beds are chinjed an waitin fur the troops returnin wae ma bacon cheeseburger an hunners a chips....purely non fat wans of course.
Hows Ben likin the hoose betty? He's awfy comfy lookin therr....Rena, yer gettin tae be like the Scarlet Pimpernel, is yer computer fixed properly yet?
Let's try fur the night night in Canada so here's hopin fur peace perfect peace fae the munsters up the sterrs.
Right, where's the coffee?
ah've got a box of shortbread that ah baked yesterday...there ye go...up there beside the blue ribbands and the tunnock's caramel wafers:)
wee mags
Hi Mary thanks for the biscuits,and where hiv you been for so long I thought you didnae like us here wink.gif
WELCOME Senga tae betty's wee hoose, noo its aw no tea an' bikkies here as betty dis expect us tae chip in wi the cleaning yi know haw Mary huvnae heard frae yi in long time awfy good shoartbreed hen didja see onybody else comin' doon the road. Aye I hear there Catherine hud mine dun a week ago as ah caw it went fur mah yearly tickle laugh.gif but good report aw roon.
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