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Ahd like tae intraduce ma song an it's sung tae dydl dum dee dum dee dum dee, dydl dum dee dum dee daw..

The snaw's gaun past ma windae
At a hunner miles an hoor
Ahv jist put oan the kettle
That'll waarm us up fur sure
The fiyer's lookin cheery
An the company is braw
So lets puul up the carpet
Puul the cherrs an aff we go... laugh.gif
Good one Catherine, mon we'll sing a hot song! Like.....Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy......Here comes the sun......La la la la.....Here comes the sun......who am I kiddin' another big snowflake just flew by! How many weeks till June? ..... huh.gif
wee mags
toooo many melody and as fur you marion it wisnae in ma hoose yae were swinging fae the chandelier, and a dont hiv a dining room ya ehiv tae eat in ma kitchen ,so Bob if a wis you I wid check oot her tales shes been telling yae son cool.gif
oh the yanks are comin
the yanks are coming
the yanks are comin over here
over here over there
every where
the yanks are comin
they,r always bummin
so hide yer wumin
??????????????I remember the older folks singing this at the sing songs
Sorry Mags I thought it wis your Yank! mellow.gif......I think this is a job for Miss Marple. wonder if her wrinkly tights are ready?!!!
Calickin the fing ers...
FEVER!!! brrrrumbum
In the mornin, fever when ye haud me tight
FEVER !!!! brrrrumbum, in the evenin
An fever aw tharroooo athe niyyyett!!
Zat a bit hoatter fur ye's? laugh.gif
Marion Dougan
Awwwww Mags, Senior momement ye dinna hae a dining room, it;s that room af yer kitchen. Or did Mike take me tae his other families hooose???
aye here we go agin bliddy snaw aw ower the place but nae ice except whits under the snaw that froze awready, here's your special betty w/onions sing song yi waant hey wait till ah pit sum mair coal opan the fire its cauld enuf oot therr tae freeze a witches t*t no ah wisnae talking aboot you Marion jist a wee cleshay yoo know hen
Between Fever and other folks hooses, where ur we?
Who's hoose wur ye in? And who's yank wis it? Are ye warmer noo Catherine? I'm a lot better! Except fur these two don't know who's hoose they were in!! huh.gif Wis it definately a yank Marion?
Ria, your sensible..who's hoose wur they in? And who's Yank wis it? dry.gif
wee mags
a bet she wissnae here ataw jist telt Bob that tae make him jealous bit hes like mike it didnae bother him Melody Marion thinks that when I wis in Canada she wis here or thats the tale she is tellin rolleyes.gif
Aye Mags , but are ye sure ye never left the hoose , even fur a wee minute???? huh.gif
Oh the crystal chandaleer lights up
The wumman oan the wa'
It sure looks like oor Marion
A wee bit darker
A bit mare tall

It also could be oor Mags
Goin gently aff her heid
Lets jist hope the dam fans
No been turnt tae very high speed laugh.gif
wee mags
here you lassie I hate tae burst yer baw
but its no mags on the wa
for you say the shadows tall
thats no me am awfae small
as for the chandelier were in the name of godhiv yae seen wan
thats up in the ceiling attached tae a fan
the wee crystals wid clack if you turned on
and the next thing yae know they wid be awe gone
so once again off we go
as marion says "it wissnae so " cool.gif
Fish suppers an chandeleers where else wid yi get thae two the gither , ONLY in here Snawin here finally and bloody cauld am no budgin oot the door the day, so lets get the fire stoked up an aw gether roon an tell ghost stories.
melody pit the kettle oan
wee mags hus baked a scone
marion's jist came in the door
ria's moanin hur feet ur sore
marg hus bagged the biggest cherr
betty's shoutin "thats no ferr
marions sprawled oot oan the flerr
singin who the hell waants TEA rolleyes.gif
wee mags
hi there betty its little old me
am just stoppin by for a wee cuppa tea
I just looked oot the windae and wit dae a see awe the snaw awe oor the trees
snaw tae the left snaw tae the right,
no a bit o green in sight,
so am gonnae make some toast and tea
so dear betty stay in an keep Hot
for going oot yir not
so tell lee tae get the kettle on
for oot wae his lassie hes no gaon wink.gif
ah wis here and gess what not
the bliddy tea wisnae hot
so melody git aff yer bum
heat up the tea, so ah cin huv sum
marion she's gone off, aw dressed like a toff
and catherine, sits and smiles
at aw the daftness here
whilst Ria is chugging doon a beer
ladykate and rena, talking up a storm
and poor kaz running aboot
trying to keep them aw warm
marg walks in wi robbie oan her airm
oh look who jist walked in
its oor fearn
Marion Dougan
Ahhhhm back noo ye hear
Help me kerry in the beer
Andy bought it don't ye know
He aye likes tae steal the show

Marion's hingin oan his erm
Git oot ma bloody road Fearn
Ria's drinkin a bloody beer
Thinking that Andra is a queer ha ha ha

Come oan Melodeee
A huv tae go an pee
Intae the lavvie they did go
Who came oot wie Meloddee
Why it's the bugger Tommy Lee

A hud tae chinge yer name
A couldnae get it to rayme
A know it's Tommy Kennedee
Away an make a pot o tea
How's it always me........that kettle and me are the best o pals!!
Awright you lot jist enjoy yersels I'll make the tea....... I suppose....jist call me Cinders!! .....Right well whit's the Goss??
Can anybody make doughnuts?....That wid be good, nice hot ye get at the Barras...and ghost stories...right who's makin' the doughnuts??
Oh well nae doughnuts......c'moan sing up you lot in the cheap seats!! laugh.gif Huv yeez aw fell oot...not a soul talkin'!
Here Melody ahv goat a banana bread bakin awa therr in the cooker....weans are aw excited an ah kin guarantee ye it'll be rotten laugh.gif Therrs no wan of us no goat floor oan us, plus hauf the kitchen!!
Sun is shinin here, ma windaes ur manky....that could be a song haud oan...

The furst time, ever ah saw the sun
Ah thoat it's colour hud chaaaanged a a a anged...tae grey..
That banana bread sounds good tae me, better when the weans have helped to make it, I used to say to mine, right we're going to bake together, get them aw organised..and then tell them no tae to touch anything because they were makin' mess. It aw gets cast up tae me now, bad mother me! laugh.gif but there used to be flour in every crevice! Happy days!
And I've shrimp on a bed of rice coming up in the next half hour , no do-nuts here, but a lovely box of biscuits with chocolate on them smile.gif
Ding ding ding sing banana phone
Ding ding ding ding banana phoooone
Ahv goat this feelin, somwherr ahm reelin
Ma hert is seerin
An aw because it's gauni ring gauni ring laugh.gif ...Aw ye need tae be here...
Keep us a bit Catherine. Oh Marg, canny remember the last time I had a chocolate biscuit..I only eat banana loafs and doughnuts laugh.gif and that's only every hallocaplum Tuesday that lands oan a Wednesday!
Makin doughnuts well thats no me
ah'll help mel tae make the tea
draw the cherrs up nearer the heat
move ower marion tae ah heat ma feet
pit oot the light and watch the fire s glow
an lets furget aboot aw that snow
coory in, god they doughnuts ur rerr
an watch no trip ower marion she's back oan the flerr rolleyes.gif
Throw us ower some Marg, ahm desperately lookin fur back ups here....we're aboot tae dae the testin ahn moods are gaunni chinje, ah kin jist feel the vibes laugh.gif
Somebody will have to look after our newest member Gotey, poor wee sowel says 'no love no live'. He might be a rich sheik as well he's in Saudi Arabia, so there! That's a wee shame moan we'll talk tae him and make him feel welcome, I like him! I just picture masel on a camel, maybe he's looks like Lawrence of Arabia, och well a lassie can dream sure she can! laugh.gif Just kiddin' Gotey, enjoy!
Ahm sittin here tryin tae come up wae a song an ahm gettin as faur as a slow boat tae China....Whit's a desert song?

Oh here general consensus fur the banana breids in...Max jist turnt an said mum that's rotten, Jake said you make it a bit different from dad mum don't you..........Jist as weel ahm thick skinnt laugh.gif
Never mind Catherine, you can't win them all, jist buy one and kid on next time!! laugh.gif
I think I'll try to make doughnuts at the weekend....that'll be a laugh!! How do ye get the hole in them??
Ah do balieve that's a great big secret Melody, in fact it's wan of the reasons why ah cannae make them laugh.gif ...Weans oot the front in the snaw the noo....
Dae ye cut it oot first...?? Dae ye think??? Wee Mags is gonni come in a minute and tell us how daft we are!! laugh.gif you know how ye jist hear a voice sayin'......are ye daft or whit!!!
wee mags
melody when my mammy made doughnuts,
she used a large glass for the doughnut,and a wee shot glass for the center try it and the wee centers are delicous hot rolled in sugar wub.gif PS yir awe daft !!!!!!
Here betty didnae see ye therr pet....Ah'll hae wan a whit Marions drinkin pet.. laugh.gif
Mags, yer a culinary wizard so ye ur! But how dae a get the actual doughnut first of all?? I'll need to find a receipe! Oh Mags will I jist go tae the Barras and get them? Might be safer, than me and aw that hot oil!! rolleyes.gif
wee mags
when it comes tae cooking you and catherine should shake hands biggrin.gif
Ach Mags, we must be good at something, it's findin' oot whit it is that's the problem!! I'm away tae dream aboot sheiks and camels and doughnuts....good eh! Night Night pals!
Well I never heard of anyone not making doughnuts been years mind you trouble is if I made them I'd have to eat them and they'd go straight to the hips. Night Mel !
Melody - de ye think we shud send him this - cool.gif
Hoi Fearn ahm huvin wan fugly day here laugh.gif ..Killin masel at that website. Noo wis ah seein things or did Big Al no put a wee message oan fur me? Cripes ye need tae be quick aboot oor Martin eh...Aye hallo therr Martin, ah wis jist gaunni answer Al an aw {wis a right cloaky daggerishy type a message he put in eh?}..

Aw cripes see whit ah mean???? Thanks fur puttin Als message intae ma pm boax Martin, ah'll jist ratreet wae a rid face YET AGAIN here...guffawguffawguffaw
QUOTE (Melody @ 28th Jan 2004, 03:26 PM)
I think I'll try to make doughnuts at the weekend....that'll be a laugh!! How do ye get the hole in them??

Maybe dating myself here but who cares - back in my 'Domestic Science' classes, (sent there because I skipped Latin once too often!), draped in a wrap-around white apron and under the eagle eye of a Miss Bird (honest! that was her name) we made donuts - the best I've ever tasted!

The dough - how was it made???????????

Anyway, you took a wee chunk of said dough, stuck yer finger through it, and wiggled it a bit tae mak the hole, and dropped it 'carrrefully' (the dough, stupid!) into the bubbling fat/oil.

Can still see and hear 'The Bird" prancing around behind us chanting "only three at a time girrrils - use the slotted spoon to turrrrrrn them - Fearrrn! yours are burning! Now!!!! scooooop them out - shake!!!! and toss them in the sugarrrrr!"(it was 'castor' of course!)

Miss Bird (all 4ft.10" of her) was the closest thing to 'perpetual motion' that I've ever seen!

....Gawd, those doughnuts were good!!!!!! Krispy Cremes are no hauf as good!!!!!
Aye Fearn, but whit's in them? How dae ye actually get the doughnut before ye put the hole in it?? Flour, milk, sugar, ? Whit else? How am I doin'??
Mags in another post you said something about 'Honour where honour is due', It brought to mind expressions of my two wonderful grannies, I would like to honour you for a wee minute, thanks for my receipe for doughnuts, it was a lovely thought and I appreciate it. Remind that yank what a lucky man he is!
och c'mon yoo lot yir wedding ring fur making the hole in the middle I used to own an ice cream shoppe but in the mornings we did the donut thing so let me tell yi ah will never ever make donuts again up at 4am just so's people cin huv a donut wie their coffee that wis hubby's idea mad.gif
Rai, is awright I'll gie ye a shout tae waken ye aboot 3.30am
Whit messages dae a huv tae get again, flour, buttermilk, sugar whit else again I forget whit mags told me!
QUOTE (Melody @ 29th Jan 2004, 01:05 PM)
Aye Fearn, but whit's in them? How dae ye actually get the doughnut before ye put the hole in it?? Flour, milk, sugar, ? Whit else? How am I doin'??

Och Melody - ye must be a PR person - when ye dinna ken, you anser the question wi a question!!!!!!! tongue.gif ah'll tell ye tho' ye need mair than flour,sugar an milk fur good doughnuts! Read on......Oh! a bottle cap maks a guid hole cutterooter!
Noo, here's 'doughnuts' tae you.............we'll ah git fat the gither! Bikini times months away!

Googled - couldn't believe it, recipes up the hoop!
Noo ahm in a real huff! Jist knew ye'd ah be talkin aboot me sniff,sniff,sniff and here ah wis daein ma best tae mak ye doughnuts - sniff,sniff,sniff - ah weel, ye canna please ah the folk aw the time sad.gif ahm enjoyin them an no worryin aboot wearin my yellow polka dot thingy - ha ha ha!
Ah wish you lot would stoap talkin aboot doughnuts. Ah love them but cannae huv them on account o the high cholesrol and diabeties. The only bit ah kin huv is the hole in the middle an that hasnae goat ony taste to it.
biggrin.gif Read this the other day. Ring a bell with anybody ?

Things my mother taught me.

Mum taught me to appreciate a job well done. "If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I've just finished cleaning."

Mum taught me religion. " You better pray that'll come out of the carpet"

Mum taught me time travel." If you don't straighten up,I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week"

Mum taught me logic. "Because I said so, that's why."

Mum taught me foresight. "Make sure you wear clean underwear
incase your involved in an accident.

Mum taught me irony. "Keep laughing and I'll give you something to cry about."

Mum taught me about the science of osmosis. "Shut your mouth and eat your supper."

Mum taught me about contortionism. "Will you look at the dirt on the back of your neck."

Mum taught me about stamina. " You'll sit there till all that spinach is finished."

Mum taught me about the weather. " It looks as though a tornado swept through your room."

Mum taught me how to solve physics problems. "If I yelled because I saw a meteor coming towards you.Would you listen then."

Mum taught me about hypocrisy. "If I've told once I've told you a million times. Don't exaggerate."

Mum taught me about envy. "There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don't have wonderful parents like you do."

Mum taught me about behaviour modifications. "Stop acting like your father."

And most of all, Mum taught me the circle of life. "I brought you into this world...and I can take you out."

I don't know about you but I can hear my mothers voice ringing in my ears.God rest her soul. Kate
That's brilliant Kate. laugh.gif
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