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laugh.gif hi all merry xmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you aw still here in Georgia and met up wi bunty yesterday had a lunch and spent time going roon the antique shaops hhud a great day wi her then we took her home and she sowed us her "wee but"n"ben lovely it was and hersel a very nice lady very friendly she hit it off wi mah daughter , met her daughter also suzyq so ah'll gess ah'll be talking to u aw next year.
Melody, I know you are reading the posts although you are not up to typing. So take good care of yourself and keep warm. I had the great pleasure of meeting Gemini yesterday along with her daughter and granddaughter and having them meet Suzyq and her two kids who then headed off home. Lots of hugs all around. We met in Marietta Square, had lunch, and browsed the antique stores - heaven not to have weans traipsin aroon. There is an Australian bakery on the square. He's doing a good business among the yanks but, lordy, he had no idea what Gemini was talking aboot when she asked him if he sold iron brew. I was sad to say goodbye to them after they dropped me off at my wee but'nben. Hope to meet up again with them next time Gemini visits her Georgia family. My best wishes to all you dear friends on the GG Boards for this coming year. wub.gif
I want to wish all you lovely people a HAPPY NEW YEAR may the year 2004 be good for you we've had lots of good times this past year ,and what about all those meet ups which followed on from that great day in july rolleyes.gif at midnight I'll be in the chat to raise my glass to each and everyone of you CHEERS

Oh Betty the mooths watterin here,thinking of that steak pie.No be long noo tae the Bells eh!. biggrin.gif
Did ah hear "steak pie"? Can ah get a wee bit? Huvnae had a steak pie in years and years. Any ginger wine tae go wi' it? biggrin.gif
we're almost there an buleeve me am there awreadyCHEERS rolleyes.gif
Hope I am your first fit Betty,heres ma bottle and ma black bun,an can ah hiv a big cuddle fey ye!! rolleyes.gif
jimmy a happy new year we are aw missin u in the chat
HAPPY NEW YEAR BETTY!! biggrin.gif
HAPPY NEW YEAR to my two deare friends jimmy an catherine jimmy i raise mt glas to wish you awrra best fae glesca toon catherine you get yir @rse ower tae the chat
Happy New Year, betty...have a drink ooto ma bottle...
here ye go
aye, right noo...where's the music??
aaah, the Proclaimers:)

must be near Glesga square:)smile.gif
biggrin.gif Happy New Year, Betty! Enjoyed the steak pie. Ahve goat some shortbread and treacle scones that ah can bring ower this afternoon. Nae ginger wine left, but there's plenty o' other bottles lying aboot here. Did that JimmyD have a good wee paddle? An' where was Catherine off tae that she wis puttin' oan nail polish and lipstick?
The HAM SOUP, was surely the best Betty, and from me tae yae, If anyone deserves the best of years, or anything that life has tae offer.... then my Pal, ye surely deserve the BEST !!!! MAY YOUR GOD GO WITH YOU !! We all luv ye here on the GG Betty!!!! and lang may ye reign Hen !!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Nice to see everyone stepping into Betty's in the new year,I've not meet a better lot of folks lets make a habit of meeting like last night and not wait for a special occasion.................and Jimmy's your first foot Betty that should bring you luck.
Archie Millar
Put the kettle oan a waant a cup-a-tea ---the bloody hoose his been cauld the last few days --a've hud tae settle fur a pint :
Nice youse a' back --a few o' youse a hivnae spoken tae fur a wee while but a hope we cin a' get together again this year
Betty an Melody a hope yir feelin' better --the bloody flu ragin' doon here
Melody must've had it right bad no to have been in for so long...if ahyones talkin to her wish her aw the best, will ye?
Archie, ah dunno if this flu yer talkin about's the one we had in oor winter but if it wis, it's no nice attaw!
Did ye no a' get yer flu jabs? They gae them free to certain sections of the community, dae they no?
Make shair ye've had it
Marion Dougan
Happy New Year everyone. Hud a very quiet Hogmany, toasted ye aw at 7pm wie ice water!!! went tae bed at 10:30pm afore the bells.... aye ... ye guessed it, Marion and Wee Boabby celebrated oan Tuesday, noo it wisnae a senior moment.. it wis pure bloody greed, we new it wisnae tae Wed. bit the neighbours came uwer Teusad, forget it, we were blasted. A couldnae av took a drink tae save my life. A thought aboot yes aw, gled you aw hud a great time in chat. Ma wee cousin cawed me fae Bishopbrigggs, a lovely surprise, Catherine you will remember a went tae her caravan at loch lomond, it burned doon five weeks ago, the first weekend they didnae go therr, insurance pied up goat a new wan so all is well. Anywey she wis shocked her big cousin wis sober, at 2 mins after new years scottish time, am aye pie eyed ha ha ha well Haydan is coming today to have xmas with us, so a wee gless o bubbly an watch wit were dain, love ye lots and lots ma freens
Happy new year all,Long time since a had a cup of tea with you Betty. Just so much going on right now.E-mailed Catherine and wee Mags they will fill you in. Hope to get back in soon for a real chat.
Happy New Year from Chester Betty wishing everyone on the GG Boards a Safe Healthy 2004

Its been great being with you all I love readung all the posts at first I just read them now I join in
Thank you all
Jimmy hope you stayed Sober
I right you say

All the best to one and all
Chester England
Origanaly Pollockshaws then Barrhead wub.gif
Hi Joan,Like the new Nick.Funny thing I used tae live in Carlibar Rd,efter a got merrierd.Jist thought I wid throw that in lol biggrin.gif
Betty , do you need help now taking down the decorations , I've packed mine up for another year put the kettle on and we'll give you a hand.I'll make some biscuits here. smile.gif
decorations doon already??
it's no 12th night yet!
the three kings havenae visited yet!

if there's ony tea gauin ah'll have wan though:)
ohmy.gif surely no yet Mary.. here pass us yer cup.. dae ye want wan o they bits o shortbread that's left or cherry cake or fruit cake or would you like a piece an jam.. hurry up it's freezin' here..would ye prefer a plate o soup? I'm no takin' the decorations doon yet anyhow!
The soup sounds lovely, hen:)

THEN we can have the tea and cherry cake...nice and light efter aw that heavy Christmas cake!
here..ah've got a nicew ee crochettef knee rug..pit that oan while ah get the things ready fur ye
Mary yer a pal.. that sounds brilliant.. are you lot roastin' there? It's bloomin' freezin' here.
Mary , I always have my decorations down this early , most around here have them down boxing day...............Great seeing you back on the board Melody , maybe we'll get a wee chat in. smile.gif
Thanks Marg.
Archie Millar
A've jist hud ma soup--home made Scotch Broth---yi know the kind wi everything it---it wis that thick you could staun oan it
"She" made it yesterday,a like it better the second day --sorry but there's naen left so's wan o' youse wull hiv tae go oot an get a ham bone ur some flank mutton an make some mer
Archie scotch broth sounds good , I've homemade chicken soup cooking now......... cold here today and a wee flurry in the air ...............roger's got the cold again second time this winter ..................not a good sign.
Oh yer back up an at it Melody, that's great. Happy New Year pet !Ahv hardly been oan the last few days wae havin company etc....Actually woke up at six this mornin an thoat ah'll jist slip quietly doon the sterrs an huv a wee hoor tae masel, get some emails done an see the board y'no....NO TAE BE!! Yer man Max heard me so ahd tae take him back up tae bed an lo an behold mammy woke up at quarter to eleven therr laugh.gif
Beds are aw made up an upsterrs tidied, ah kin hear them aw in the basement clearin up so ahm no gaun therr either!
Big walks in order this afternoon, or it's Babar the elephants troosers fur me....
Archie, is that.." She" ...of ..." She who must be obeyed".. you better watch it or that'll be the last of that brilliant soup that you'll get! laugh.gif
Happy New Year Catherine,enjoy your walk.
LOL..haw, betty, c'mere and see this...yer wee hoose ahsnae been sae busy for ages!!

kettles oan, glesses are sparklin, the smell of soup's tantalising everybody.
Ah'm jist waiting for that loaf tae cool doon a wee bit afore ah slice it up.

maybe when Catherine gets back fae her walk, eh?

Hurry up catherine!! LOL
Oh Mary hen go ahead, slice that cake up an get it tae hell oot betty's hoose afore ah get back....Ahm wan big walkin slice a cake!! laugh.gif Must admit though, thae "sparklin glesses" caught ma attention...might need a wee splash tae revive me efter the hike y'no!!
It's no a bliddy cake, wumman, it's a loaf o' breid jist oot the oven,..worse oan yer hips, ah can prove tae ye! LOL

ah'm pittin the fresh watter in the fridge fur ye noo,'ll be nice and cauld fur ye getting back (innocent smile)

Here, Melody, hide this nice wee aussie shiraz
Aw thanks Mary hen, that wis a great find in the shoaps eh...the Pinot Gris waater laugh.gif
Ye might notice the walks no started yit, wee monkeys huv noo raced past me an back upsterrs intae the beds ahv JIST MADE....killin thersels laughin....Cripes ah think we're the slowest hoose in the wurld sometimes...
Mary , I thought it was ghost stories your tellin in here ................. wink.gif sparkling glasses may soon get a wee splash in them what you serving?
Did anybody see Sandshoe Sanny? I thought a did..but a wisnae sure..a wiz runnin' too fast. A've no goat a breath noo! That wiz a laugh sure it wiz..
ROFL...who cares aboot hurryin?
yez are aw oan holiday, uren't yez?

see wance ye dae get oot fuir yer walk?
mind this............thull no be weans long, so make the most of being able tae walk faster than thum afore it's thaim walkin fast and tellin you tae hurry up:)
lol , I think we'd be better off in chat we'd no have to wait so long to post that 180 seconds is a killer ................. biggrin.gif
when melody's tellin stories anything can happen, aware!
be very aware!

ah thoat ah heard a sole floppin oan ma shoe when ah wis runnin there, melody but noo ah'mm soles are awright...d'ye hink?
dae ye??
I really hate that Mary.. Hurry up Mum!... Makes me mad! dry.gif
Aye well a mind when a used tae hiv tae carry you! No that it makes a bit o difference!
ROFL...ah havenae had that yet, Melody but ah might ask thum fur a cairry-coad if they start that oan me!

feart tae try...ah dont hink it's been 3 meens yet:(
Cripes Mary that wiz him the wan an only Sandshoe Sanny..right under the bed fur a wee while,,till he goes hame, wonder where he lives, might be Saltcoats cause he's always goat they sannies oan.
Is it the new year we are all wacko..............well not me I'm just along for the ride. laugh.gif between this and missing posta I'm lost.
ah wis feart it wid've been him, Melody:(

Whit'll he dae tae us?
dis he know betty stays here?

D'ye think Big Archie wid scare him off?

ooooh, whit wizzat??

*peekin oot dfae ablow the bed*

Catherine!!! Leave the wine alane!!
You speak fur yersel Marg.. I'm oan ma game here fur a change!
Wance ye get oan this wave length it's wan o wur wurly days
Mary.. get that heid back under this bed.. Betty'll have a fit if she thinks we've encouraged Sandshoe Sanny up here....Catherine keep that bottle fur emergencies... we might huv tae bribe Sandshoe Sanny wi that.. we'll get him back oan the train tae Saltcoats wi that. oh mammy daddy..ah'm scared and I'll need tae go to the toilet in a minute...somebody'll need tae come wi me. huh.gif
So, it's no the fever then, Melody?? LOL

or maybe gettin ower it's gaun tae yer heid:)

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