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Tori G
Hi everyone, wow the house does look clean, I think next time your visiting Jakka you should put your feet up, I'll put a big pot of coffee on as maybe you might need it especially if you've got a hang over, and I brought a big box of choccy's, different ones for everyone (quality street) no squabbling over them now, laugh.gif

I'll get the duster out whilst I'm here, and dust all the rooms. Better make it spicknspan, as its oor Catherine's birthday too, oh before I forget, a crate of Babychams in the pantry with some in the fridge, Ice bucket, in there aswell ready for some celebrating,...thats the way ahuh ahuh alike it lol. "Enjoy Enjoy !!.
wee mags
jakka am gonnae buy some Apple blossems from Trader Joes , my son said they are good sellers .I will let you know
We don't have Trader Joe's here Mags .I just make my own .Sometimes I put caramel in them and sometimes raisins it depends what I've got on hand .
I made a batch of bark and it's so good I could eat the lot myself .I've got my daughter and grand daughter coming this afternoon and Sara can take it with her .Needless to say I'll have had a few nibbles tongue.gif . Lovely bright day here but bitterly cold .
Hi Tori ,good to see you in here .Can I have the big purple sweetie that's in the Quality Street ?.That's my favorite .
Ah think ah'll stay here furra ain hoose is a tip.
Therrs skates an boots an hats, gloves shoes you name it at the front door, no a jaiket hung up, it's like a workoot tryin tae get past it aw!
Why don't ah jist pick it up ye's ask?........Cos ahm NO GAUNNI, Jist read them aw the riot act an noo ahm headin fur a nice bath an it better be cleart when ah come back doon laugh.gif

Jakka yer soundin like yer aul self again pet, back oan track an dishin up the yummees, sounds lovely.
Tori go easy oan the Babychams so's we kin aw huv a wee frombwa....wish somebudy hud telt me tae go easy oan the frombwa masel last night mind you laugh.gif

Mags how wis the Apple Blossoms?
Ladies great tae see you aw in the hoose. an jakka bakin away like mad. Noo ah dont waant tae seem ignorant but whit is appleblossoms, ah know its flooers in wan sense o the word. But yi aw seem tae enjoy them so much, ah,ll need tae get a taste.. They sound delicous.

Wis at the bingo the day nae luck wink.gif ah,ve goat a new hobby, bought masel a wii an am oan a keep fit plus course. Its great keeps the body an the mind fae gettin stale. Its very popular here , you should see me daen the hula hoop oan it . There are so many different aerobic exercises its a healthy and enjoyable wat to to keep trim.

Wance again ladies its great tae see aw the [am no gonny say [auld] instead cheery familiar faces an readin the posts is entertainin. Aye youse ur a grand lot. An jakka good tae see you back on form,

Keepin cauld here so keep the home fire burnin an the cheery chatter comin
I'm off to Florida at the begining of March so I'm off to buy a bathing suit.Yuk!!!!. The shape I'm now in I think I might need to buy the Good Year Blimp laugh.gif.Never mind the shape, the peely wally legs are enough to put anybody aff.My daughter told me not to expect to look like Ursula Andress walking out of the ocean ,after all she is probably as old as me now and would look in about the same shape !!!!!. wink.gif I figure up at the lake we are so private that nobody will even notice me .
I've got the knitting needles out again ,I'm going to be a great granny once more .This time it's twins !!!!.Say a wee prayer for the babies .One is a good bit smaller than the other so will have a wee fight before it's even born .We're all over the moon here .We think they are due in August .Ultra sound on Tuesday ,so we will know more after that is done .
Betty ,Apple Blossoms are just apples in pastry but the pastry is wrapped around in strips .
Mags says she can buy them ,so maybe you can check Marks &Spencer .
Florida in march twins in august great jakka. An dont worry about how you look its how you feel that counts . I,ve seen aw shapes n sizes in swimwear "who cares" Try fake tan to start you off thats what ah dae it not only makes you look good but you will like the effect

Well ah think we,re gettin a visitor so behave yirsels an show her a real inmasel welcome her name is Allison she,s new to the board an like us all at the start feelin her way around. Got s nice pm from her so ah,ve invited her in fur tea an a chat, so jakka mibby somethin special in the oven ehhhhhhhh rolleyes.gif An ah dont mean a bun biggrin.gif

wee mags
I had a good laugh when John brought home the apple blossems .they were just like the ones I make and call apple dumplins biggrin.gif is that no a good yin
Mags ,I usually try and make mine with Phylo pastry so it gets nice and crunchy ,
Betty I'll make a batch of millionairs shortbread and I'll do some bark .Mind you I better not eat any of it but it's sooooo good.Bought the bathing suit .Looked better than I thought I would but would look even better five or ten pounds lighter .
Jakka I,m sure on you your costume looks great
So no need fur worryin aboot the weight
A fuller figure in a cossie looks good
Those lbs an ounces can be carved like wood
And fashioned into a fine figure o a wummin
Am talkin fae experience so iyi know am no bummin rolleyes.gif

Mags apple blossoms sure sound great
But sorry to say its a treat that ah,ve never ate
So wae some luck in Markies ah.,, find
Apple blossoms are upmost in ma mind biggrin.gif
But wance ye eat them
Yer Wii will complain
Betty yer weights up
Ye'v done it again laugh.gif

Oor Max is in bed
Wae a cough an the cold
If he only hud listened
When his mammy hud told
Ye need yer jaicket, yer hat an yer mitts
But Naw wid he listen? noo it's the pits laugh.gif

Daen well on the Wii fit plus plan
Am layin aff trears as long as ah can
But noo,n,again ah cin hiv a wee treat
An catherine you,ll notice next time we meet biggrin.gif

Burnin the fat is nae easy task
Will power an patiemce is aw that ,s ask,t
So 22 years ago ah gied up the fags
An in this new venture am no gonny lag rolleyes.gif

Ah well back tae the exercise board
On here tonight with a heavy heart .The smaller of the wee babies didn't make it .They could only hear one heart beat today .Talk soon JAKKA
Ocht Jakka Im sorry to read this pet. xxxxxx
wee mags
sorry jakka sad.gif
So sorry to hear that Jakka
So sad to read that Jakka. Take care pal. wub.gif
Oh Jakka, I'm so sorry to hear that wub.gif
Very sad and sorry to hear that, Jakka. sad.gif
Thanks pals .We've got over the initial shock and can only think things happen for a reason .The other baby seems to be doing OK so that's a blessing .My grandson is taking it bad as he was in training in California and couldn't be with Ashley but he's arriving back in Canada tomorrow and they can be together on Monday .He has to report back to base before he can get his leave pass .
Had a chat with Boots tonight and she's doing OK .
Jakka was saddened to read about the baby.

jakka so sorry to read about the baby and my prayers go out to the surving one God Bless.
Tori G
Jakka just read this, so sorry to hear one of the twins didnt make it, love to Ashley, your grandson, and everyone. wub.gif Take care xoxo
wee mags
just stopped by to say Hi!!!
is gonnae snow so they say
its gonnae last awe the day
no my idea of a good thing
ach well I will just listen to Susan Boyle sing wub.gif
Lightly snowing here as well Mags .They say it will last all night and into tomorrow .We've been lucky this winter and didn't get all that much snow .I made some pineapple tarts and left them in the press .Hope you enjoy them .
wee mags
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM good noo am gonnae put the kettle on
I canny believe how quiet this wee hoose is .Even the mice are shakin' their heeds .(Nae crumbs )
I've been bakin' my heart oot and naebody in tae eat it .I've left a tin full of Bark in the press and if that doesn't get everybody into the mood for goodies I don't know what else to do .The apple blossoms went stale and fustie 'cause naebody came in to eat then .WHERE IS EVERYONE? sad.gif
Oh Jakka, I came in quietly but I didn't have time to dust so I took a couple of the apple blossoms and went out again. I did give the fire a wee poke before I left. The blossoms were great..... biggrin.gif
I don't know why it's so quiet Jakka. I notice that in a lot of our old haunts on the boards, I suppose when we see no responses to posts we all get fed up trying. sad.gif A lot old the original posters seem not to post anymore. sad.gif
wee mags
well this auld poster is trying to get back on again but takin care of these two is nae fun ,but a love it
QUOTE (Melody @ 15th Feb 2010, 08:41am) *
I don't know why it's so quiet Jakka. I notice that in a lot of our old haunts on the boards, I suppose when we see no responses to posts we all get fed up trying. sad.gif A lot old the original posters seem not to post anymore.

I know how it feels, I was going to start an Apathy Club, but I just canny be bothered laugh.gif
wee mags
mere snow the day ,thats two days of snow it sarted yeserday and its still going ,its supposed to end soon ,[no soon enough for me ] biggrin.gif
I think it's time we had a wee party .I'll clean the stairs and polish the brass and God help Mankie Frankies weans if they durty them .I think I'll make them some toffee apples and make them promise to be good before I let them have any .What will I make for us ?????.What about Peach Raspberry Phylo Pie ? and a big bowl of punch .We'll get some cans in incase some of the guys drap in .My I'll have a busy day tomorrow .
Tori G
Party who said Party, lol cannae resist a party. Hi Jakka wub.gif and everywan, dae you want me to make some decorations,...I'll put the kettle oan whilst im at it and stoke the fire,...ah thought there was some coloured sticky paper here somewhere. Canny find the decorations annawe, but ah found the duster, oh well, dusting it is then, and crank up the music, someone say Susan Boyle,... I dream a la la la la la. Achoo Achoo, sure was dusty around here. Now isnt that better dust and cobwebs gone, tea sure tastes nice, well better go and buy a new party dress. laugh.gif
Hi there pals cin a join the party.I don't visit as much as a used to, felt like a needed a wee break, but nice to talk to you all . Jakka am so sorry to hear about the baby.I have been spending a lot of time with my daughter ,she had her year off on mat leave. Now she is back working, and we are looking forward to the young daughter having her year off in a few months. Busy time but I love it.Will be popping in soon to catch up with all of you .
On the 19th jakka suggested a party noo that wiz ma cue fur a shoppin trip. Noo that ah,ve shed a few inches anither wxcuse fur somethin new so whens the DO cos am reasdy n waitin biggrin.gif
Well ,I think the party will have to wait for me .I'm off to the US tomorrow to spend a day with my wee great grand daughters and then on to Florida .
We got a right scare .Our Mum to be was driving home from work on Friday and her car got sideswiped ,rolled over and ended up upside down in a ditch .The drunk driver who hit her had run a red light .Lucky for us another motorist blocked the bu$#er in and called the police .He was taken away in hand-cuffs .They had to cut Ashley out of the car .She's been in hospital since .They think the baby is OK .They said if anything was going to go wrong it would happen in two or three days so we've just passed the third .Please all keep you fingers crossed ,we couldn't bear to lose another wee mite .
Oh Jakka, what a terrible thing to happen, My thoughts are with you and your girl and wean. Will remember you in my prayers.
The trauma could have started early labour.
Hope your trip goes well smile.gif

Jakka enjoy your wee break will be thinking of you and hoping Ashley and family are all fine after that terrible accident.
What a terrible thing to happen to Ashley, Jakka, I hope everything is well with her and the baby. Enjoy your wee holiday and we'll party when you get back home. biggrin.gif
Marion Niven Dougan
What a horrible thing to happen. The family are in my prayers Jakka
Jakka what a terrible thing to happen but thankfully all is well for the baby and pregnant mum. My prayers are with you all

Also ladies Angelachic is going through a very distressing time just now and if you can spare a thought and a prayer for her and her partner Mark, who has just gone through major surgery which thankfully was successful but he still has a long way to go for recovery. Angela if you do have the time to read this I hope you dont mind me posting this, but being such a well liked member on here I,m sure your friends will want to offer their support at this distressing time . Will talk to you soon betty xxxx

keep your chin up

Betty I'm so sad to hear that I'll drop Angela a pm. Hopefully things will improve for them soon.
Such a lovely girl Angela.
Angeala, so very sorry to hear of Mark's illness. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

All will be well, you have the faith and the Love to get through this. Hang in there.. Bless.x
Spoke to Angela last night Mark is doing well after his op. I,ll leave it up to Angela to give details [if she cares to]. She is totally wrecked at the moment but with the help of god and his angels she.ll get through it for both her and Mark.
So sorry tae hear such good folk are havin' a tough time. Ah hope there's better times ahead for all. smile.gif
Haven't been on for a while and so sorry to hear about Angela's troubles. My thoughts and prayers are with Angela and Mark. Much too young to have such worries. Hi to all my friends far and near. Jaybee
Jakka, hope this finds mum and baby well. This will be a tough wee yin seein that it has to fight even before born. My thoughts are with you and your family too... I usually come in here to Betty's place for a pick me up. Not tonight, such sad stories. Hope all stays well. Jaybee
I am just finding out about Jakka's grandchild and daughter , my hope is eveyone will come out of this well and with filing colours.

Also I hope that Angela's Mark get well fast, best to them also at this time .
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