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Mornin all biggrin.gif

Well gettin fed up wae aw this rain, decided it was time to head for a warmer climate, so got the holiday brochure out and made a snap decision. So come october am off tae sunny spain for a 8 day break. Got a wee jaunt tae blackpool next momth for 4 days , but ah need sunshine before the cold spell starts rolleyes.gif Viva Espagna
Betty, what "glug glug" rain. It's just a wee shower that's lasted for three days. You go and get stuck right intae the sangria and get yourself a wee tan. laugh.gif
You go girl! cool.gif
This rain is miserable, I got soak this morning going tae see ma wee grandson in for his first day at school. The rain didn't bother him he went away in happy as larry. He's feeling a bit short changed as they finished at 11.30. He phoned and said " sure this isn't my time to go home, sure it's 3 o'clock when I go home" I hope he's still as eager come September when he is in till 3pm. laugh.gif
wee mags
sorry I have not dropped by before now .but the heat here is awful and Iam off to the bliddy drs again ,I have that stupid cough again mad.gif
Mags moan up tae the Cottage an ah'll make ye a Caesar, ahv even goat the celery in the fridge..that'll cure yer cough pet laugh.gif

Heat wid noak ye oot up here annaw....but no complainin, waited a long time furrit this summer!

Ah must be slippin, could somebudy please tell me how ah goat hoodwinked intae bein up here masel wae four boys, a whole tank a waater they went through the day, coulda kilt them!
They've never been oot the waater either, sure keeps the waashin doon laugh.gif

Yo betty ma pals are in Barcelona the noo, they'd dinner sittin next tae Messi the night.....which means heehaw tae me...who's Messi? Ahm thinkin a footballer? Singer?

Ahm up here till Wed then drivin back doon, Max has the fitba on Wednesday night then geoffy finishes Thursday an we'll aw come back up an start the hoglidays...fingers crossed the weather keeps up an we don't get your puddles Cat an guys jist haud oan tae them, we've hud enuf rain this summer !!

Toodles the noo
Catherine, it's Lionel Messi, Argentine footballer who plays for Barcelona and is a bit of a genius (at footie that is). Looks like we are in for a week of pretty mixed weather here, that's light rain, heavy rain, showery rain etc etc. Just as well God made us waterproof eh laugh.gif

Hope you have a good break and the roads don't melt (like they do here if we get prolonged high temperatures) Great here though, all the kids are back to school again so it's safe to go out to the shops laugh.gif
Ash I asked Jake after I posted here last night.... himself and the other three jist looked at me an Jake said Mum try an stay wae the tour , cheeky gets!
They're in the waater the now skinnydippin....four barebumthebandits laugh.gif

Its been sunny, bitta thunder in the horizon.......if it gets closer they're oot the waater.
Ah swerr they cannae pass the kitchen, everytime it's mum ahm starvin, ah feel as if ahv goat a herda hoarses!

Sma weddin anniversarry the day.....whodathunkit fourteen year ago ahd be up here masel wae four dingbats laugh.gif
Four boys, just think, wan mair an yi' wid have yi' ain bar o'chocolate, yi' would just have to work out who was laughin' n who was greetin' laugh.gif You're obviously very brave, I think I would a lion tamers whip and chair with me rolleyes.gif
Pity ah didnae huv a sick bag wae me Ash........ten minutes oantae the last leg coming hame on the 401....voice pipes up fae the back......Excuse me Catherine {in the wee English voice cos Wills English} yes pet?.....I think Im going to vomit......NAW YER NO PET ah screamed ............windaes doon, A/C blastin afore ye could say winkie ....Ah looked in ma mirror an the ither three are aw hedgin tae their ain sides wae shock horror an revulsion written aw ower them, ah jist wish ah coulda turnt roon an taken a picture!
Naturally no a good combo, takin pictures backwards when yer drivin oan the motorway gaun forwards , so ah didnae bother laugh.gif

That's us hame for the night, Max is away tae his game an ahm huvin a brekk....daen aw the towels tae take back up wae us the morra night, plus ah'll pack for us for the rest of the four sqweelin weans efter three days laugh.gif
QUOTE (Catherine @ 19th Aug 2009, 11:37pm) * four sqweelin weans efter three days

I hope that was not literally laugh.gif Although we have no kids our car has a convex mirror that gives a great view of the rear seats. We always have to warn rear seat passengers just in case rolleyes.gif
Aye God warned us about the plagues, we've had the lice (so the school nurse said), flies (well midgies), darkness (it's Scotland!!) thunder and hail (it's still Scotland) and now, thanks tae Java, the worst of aw, a plague of Asda's laugh.gif They're everywhere, I think I would rather have the frogs unsure.gif
A belated but well meant happy anniversary to you and Geoff Catherine and may you see many more together,
Holiday plans aw done an dusted First blackpool then santa ponsa then hame fur santa claus rolleyes.gif

if yir happy an yi know it clap yir hauns biggrin.gif
Hoping for another good day like yesterday, nothing like sunshine to keep you smiling rolleyes.gif
QUOTE (betty2 @ 26th Aug 2009, 06:36am) *
Hoping for another good day like yesterday, nothing like sunshine to keep you smiling rolleyes.gif

Well I suppose it will keep the dust down rolleyes.gif
biggrin.gif well said ashfield biggrin.gif let a smilr be your umbrella

Tori G
Hi Betty its been awhile agaaaaain in here for me, glad you got some sunshine, its great to have when its been raining for weeks, same over here at the moment, cant wait for spring to truly spring with the sunshine.

I ran out of coke so I thought id check here first lol, a wee bit parched. Hmm coke an sangria, wonder does that taste any goodz?...dont worry Betty an everyone I'll clean the kitchen whilst im in there, oh and I'll leave some Butterscotch snaps for anyone who wants yersels.

Catherine hope your car's awe clean now after the chunder episode, phewie, not a good smell if you miss some, then again you could swap cars with Geoff ah suppose wink.gif , and hope you had a great anniversary!

Seeya all better go an bring the washin in, boo hoo, the clouds are back. sad.gif
Hi there Betty, How yu doin? Things are starting to get back to what a would call normal here ,after a midioka summer( not as good as usual) Just could not depend on the weather this year. We have had the last 19 days without rain so maybe that has kinda made up for the rest . I am enjoying it anyway .Long may it last.The nights are starting to get cooler all the trees are changing colour .Quite beautiful. The lucky ones are starting to close their cottages.That's when you realize its all over for another year.To all my Aussie friends you are just heading into your summer ENJOY....To the rest of you , get the winter boots out, heavy jackets and hats, oh and don't forget the snow blowers .
Hi folks been a busy wummin these past few weeks noo ah,m off tae blackpool fur a well earned break tae chill out rolleyes.gif

An ah dont care if the sun dont shine
Ah,ll find plentry ways tae spend ma time :
Haven't been in for a while .Just wanted to say that although I don't come in very often I think about you all .We will close things up here at the lake on Oct 9th and I'll do my best to pop in more often .I've left some cream buns in the press .Not baking much these days .
Hope you have a great time in blackpool Betty and Isobel ,I'll talk to you soon .
Och Betty we might at last hiv had the chance tae meet but my trip tae blackpool's this weekend wiz called off due to sick husband sad.gif
Had a lovely time , tho my hotel was in blackpool, the trip consisted of bus tours to Fleetwood, Clevely which are next door to blackpool, then the next day we went to Kendall and Lake Windermere which was lovely then on the 4th day we went to Southport [a shoppers paradise] rolleyes.gif We had good weather good company and I thorouighly enjoyed it all. Now preparing myself for Spain fly out on the 22nd october for a 8 day subshine break. Just love this life at the moment I believe in living for the day . cos you never know what tomorrow will bring

CHEERS rolleyes.gif
Tori G
QUOTE (betty2 @ 29th Sep 2009, 05:12pm) *
Just love this life at the moment I believe in living for the day . cos you never know what tomorrow will bring

CHEERS rolleyes.gif

A Great sentiment, Betty, so true! Your holiday sounded lovely, and going to spain, wow I hope you take some photo's of the majestic (and some quite unusual) buildings when your'e there, was just watching a show on tv about spain, I'd love to get there one day!
Well Betty I wish I was coming to Spain with you . Its been years since I was last there.Where in SPAIN do the Brits go now. Do they do the all inclusive holiday's like we are able to get here?It would be nice to go back .Enjoy , well I know you will you always know how to have a good time.
So how do ye do it betty?....Jist empty the claes oot the case oan the flerr an waash dry an iron an fill the case up again?

Heard ye's had a ball laugh.gif

Geoffs away up tae North York Hospital wae Jake...he fell at school on his elbow an there's a bone that's lookin awfy annoyed stickin oot!

Naturally ah wis jist finishin paintin ma front steps when the phone call came fae school, downed tools an raced up an by the time we goat back the rain hud came oan an ma steps are a mess!!
Ever get wan of those days? laugh.gif
Heck no, Catherin, the lassie jist beetles up the toon and gets new duds fae her Bingo winnings
wink.gif Go for it Betty.

Looks like you have "wan o they days" with your son getting injured, Sorry to hear that, I tried to post a sad smilie but got told off about having too many, will I never learn?? Hope all is well. Let us know. I guess it's back to square one with the steps. I started the procedure to close the pool today, cleaning up the apples rose hips and leaves that are falling constantly (whose idea was it to plant an apple tree on each side of the pool, oh wait a minute, that would be me----moving on) In getting the apples cleaned up I got stung by a wasp, not once but about 7 times, now I am really ticked off. This is my second bout of stings this year, I was stung by an Africanised bee in Dallas and I was not impressed. So here we go again. I must have become much sweeter lately (aye right). Anytime y'all want to jump in and tell me that is the answer is OK with me. Big smilie there plus a huge wink.
I think the North York is the best of the best, all my kids were born there and when Brooke decided to have their first (and our first grandchild, wish we had more smilies but just picture a whole bunch of dancing people) she forwent Markham Stoufville and will have our GRANDSON born at North York. HRH and I are just off the wall happy. I thought that none of them would ever get around to it. Roll on Feb.

By the way Catherine, if you have a spare minute, the wood around the eves on the second floor needs a dab of paint, I can't stand heights, as you know, any chances????? (Watch your language there girl, you are a lady of the very first water.) smile.gif Betty have a great time. Miss you lately. GB
Lookin out at thias dreech dull mornin here in glesca toon, its depressin huh.gif But then look at ma case sittin in the coarner wae aw my sunshine gear almost packed an am smilim again biggrin.gif

I wont let the sun go down on me
Cos ah know how tae enjoy masel y/see
And as long as there.s breath in me
The sun will never go down on mexxxx

Aye catherine we sure had a ball now am off tae meet up with your mum for tesday lunch. an mibby plan anither wee break in the new year lol lol lol
Your my kinda a gal Betty biggrin.gif

Just a quick hello my work and my family are keepin me run off ma feet so I don't get tae pop in as often as I'd like. Ah wish ah could run off tae Spain as well.

Never mind, one day................
Thanks GB....Jakes fine, chipped his Elbow Bone and is in the cast for 2/6 weeks. The Staff were great an he's got an appointment at the Fracture Clinic for next Tuesday.

The Novelty lasted a day, first he thought it wis great an noo he hates it and is goin about like the Askit drip wae self pity laugh.gif

Ah nearly took ye up on yer paintin request, but the wind blew me aff the ladder !!
Cripes don't know about your side a town but ah got back fae Loblaws there an hud tae belt oot the back an grab ma deck umbrella afore it flew ower the fence an intae ma neighbours. laugh.gif

You an me both CAT.....Ah jist feel Autumn has came too soon, ah need a bit mare heat afore ahm ready furrit.
Yes Isobel "All Inclusive" consisting of free transport from my home to the airport, then transport laid on again on arrival in spain from airport to hotel, which includes full board, inlimited drinks and snacks holiday rep on hand then return journey same again transport to airport on arrival back in glasgow free transport right to my front door. Disnae come much better than that biggrin.gif also holiday insurance included also. And all this for a good price, ah know a bargain when ah see wan rolleyes.gif

Here,s a photo of Santa Ponsa which is on the island of Majorca
Sounds and looks lovely Betty. When did you say you are going? laugh.gif Have a wonderful time. wub.gif
22nd october Elma only 10 days to go, an am up n away biggrin.gif And I will have a lovely time friend I,m going with is great company, somebody as daft as masel should be a fun time

Noo am at an age when ah take things a bit slower
But still game fur a laugh an still a get up n goer
Ah,ll be chillin oot by the pool durin the day
But at night ah,ll find plenty tae dae
Bars galore all around the bay
An fae wan end tae the ither ah,ll make ma way
At ma age its fashionable tae be cool
But come the next day ah,ll be back chillin oot by the pool rolleyes.gif

Angela Chick
Hiya Ladies,

Long time no type biggrin.gif like Jakka said i dont come in much either but your in my thoughts. Just got back from Jamaica we went to Montego Bay it was wonderful. Cocktails,Reggae Music, sunshine and the Carribbean sea you just cant beat it. wub.gif Betty i hope you have a great time in Spain as i know you will lol.

Take care all.

Angela, lovely to see you back in here, we missed you. Sounds like you had a terrific holiday expect you have a super tan biggrin.gif

C'mon start posting again...... how's Mark?
HELLO Angela nice tae see yi back in here biggrin.gif Well this time the morra ah,ll be up up n away. flying out to spain at 00.05, bags aw paked aw the necessaries safely in place just got the hairdresser in the mornin an am reasdy fur the off.

Elma Mark,s as good lookin as ever wub.gif
wee mags
I hope you have a good time ,but knowing you ,you will
safe trip betty wink.gif
Thanks mags all set for the off rolleyes.gif Nothing better than leavin this dull weather behind and headin for sunny shores. Weather over there is lookin pretty good a little rain but not enough to dishearten me rolleyes.gif Am gonny hiv masel a ball no matter what.

All around me here at home there is coughin an spluttrin folk wae caulds, so no bein wan fur doom n gloom am outte here lol lol lol
Have a great time if ye need tae be telt that laugh.gif
Ah wis in Campistilla years ago, ah think it wis five miles fae Palma. That's what ah miss about livin over here, ye don't get the chance to travel to different European joints as much, by the time ye get yer fare hame ye cannae dae the rest......but one day, ah live in hope.

Angela lovely to see ye, ahv flown intae Montego a few times, hud a few Red Stripes then tallyhoed ower tae Silver Sands an plonked ma derrierry oan the beach......sgorgeous sure it is laugh.gif
Angela Chick
Hi Ladies,

Aye Catherine Mark had a few Red Stripes laugh.gif , am no keen on any beer its tasteless to me. I prefer the Cocktails nobody does them the way they do in the Carribbean. biggrin.gif
Tori G
Hi everyone, holidays holidays is this where all the rich ggrs come to talk laugh.gif Well pass a few pounds and dollars my way then I can come and visit you all soon, lol.

Ok Betty did you rig the bingo numbers or have you made it big with your pen-woman-ship, ha ha,... and Angela have you won the lotto or do get to sit in that big truck with Mark going in and out of countries through the chunnel,....some people got all the luck...
Seriously now I wish everyone great times holidaying.
Well Catherine we can only dream at the moment...right?
Me...working ma wee butt aff and getting naewhere quick...hmmmf, back to dreaming for me lol.

Take care all and Betty have yer sel a real bonny time enjoy enjoy.

Ps Angela good to see you popping in for a wee chat. Oh, an Happy Birthday Girl.
Noo that am back in this drecch wintry weather, havin left the sunshine behind in spain, am lookin at brochures fur the comin year, Tori there,s nae poakets in shrouds so am enjoyin life tae the full its whit ah wis born fur biggrin.gif
This travellin lark is real good fun, meetin lovely people an enjoyin their good company, as you well know catherine ah cin board a bus an come aff it wae a new pal rolleyes.gif

Angela nice tae see yi poppin in fur tea an a blether. Noo its back tae the drawin board fur me too Tori, an by that ah mean bingo daen no too bad there either
Betty a don't come in this bit much...its a wee bit but a was interested in where u were in Spain.A love Majorca....when my granda was around we were in Pollensa every summer,man I just love the island....u ever take the train up to Soller or go along from Santa Ponsa to Andratx...we used to go there on a Sunday for lunch....lasted about 4 hrs under umbrellas on the main street......I learned to windsurf in Mallorca and I still love the mum and dad have a wee place now in Menorca and on a clear day we can see the Tramontana mountains in Mallorca.I was out just about a month ago for a the weather was fantastic and even though the town was closing down for the winter I had a geat few you a always find coming home is pretty dreich a miss the sun for a few days but then a just get thinking like Arnie A'll be back (soon) ...Got to work a load of hours to pay for my next trip but its worth it.....
Hi Ross was in santa ponsa from the 21st to the 29th october stayed at the pionero hotel , had a great time, you,re very lucky to have kin with property there I,m sure its beautiful biggrin.gif
Hi. you guys.

Even we "Spaniards" go to Mallorca. We went late September- cheapo flight 10 euros return-5 nights half board in a lovely wee hotel in Cala d'Or 69 euros each. Ye cannae whackit!

We have been all over the beautiful island since our honeymoon there in 1972.. Lots of people still think it is all beach and disco.
Haw betty great tae ''see'' ye here again, did ye bring me a stick ah rock frae that place ye wur tongue.gif
Mornin kaneman wan full brekkie comin up, an yir stick o fock is beside yir plate rolleyes.gif m this is a growin man here an naebody bothered tae feed him in ma absence. Tuck in pal its the full monty fur you
Ah kin hae the breakie...whits a "fock" is that the stick a ROCK yae brought meh fae majorka, or whit tongue.gif maebee a stick a ''fock'' is frae blackpool...
tongue.gif lol sorry pal hut the wrang key could,ve been worse hud a hut anither wrang key. That would,ve upset a few members ah,m sure rolleyes.gif Meant ROCK Its whit ah caw huvin a senior moment, [better than a tropical wan] every lady of mature stature has senior moments, the latter is reserved for those not having reached full maturity. Hope this explains .

Did yi enjoy yir brekkie??????????/
ah did, ah kin always rely oan yergoodsel tae keep meh fed oan these pages, thanks, cool.gif ahm in hidin fae that lennox ah think shes beelin whi me, it wis aw cos ah couldnae find mah glessis honest.............. wub.gif shes been tellin wee lies aboot her age anat, ah started tae think 'she' couldabeen a 'he' its an easy mistake tae make frae this distance ahn mah bad eyes. thanks fir the stick a 'fock' tae.
Haw Betty ahm starvin inyer neglectin mae, wheraryehidin, cool.gif naebuddie here is makin mah brekkie!!!!Okay its late hows aboot a wee fish supperinat, ahll bring it tae your place.. get the Irn Bru oan ice
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