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See mum,s still with you catherine, ENJOY you only get one mother in a lifetime

Poor Isobel dont worry am sure all will turn out for you in the end [ah feel it in ma watter]

Mags you cairry oan plantin , never know whit might spring up rolleyes.gif

Haw Cat wherr are you yi never asked fur leave o absence, mind yir note fae yir mammyon yir return rolleyes.gif
Just dropped in to say hello and let you all know I,m still around rolleyes.gif but not getting on here much , a lot taking up my time elsewhere As a family we have had a lot to deal with recently, but now its time to move on as best we can.
wee mags
betty save up for next year and you can come over here and we will have another wee meet wink.gif
Betty's away the day is she no? Viva Las Vegas will no know whits hit it laugh.gif

We're off tae see Barry Manilow the night mags......Mum Chookie and I, gaun fur wur dinner furst........absolutely SCORCHIN here annaw!

Wunner whit he'll sing furst ......cannae wait laugh.gif
wee mags
A bet its [ I write the Songs ] or not ha ha biggrin.gif give it lalldy when he sings { Copacabana } and I wil put on my cd and sing along
Enjoy Catherine ,I wish I was with you . Hey Betty if you read this before you leave, don't you be going mad in Las Vegas I expect you to come home with some winnings.
Well Barry wis spot on an brilliant the night mags.......Isobel there wis a sperr seat in front of us ye coulda been in that Chookie is awa hame tae dream aboot the Copacabana mags, ah think she thinks she'll be in Barrys arms laugh.gif
What a performer he is, the place wis oan it's toes which is no very usual for a Toronto audience.
Loved him !
There wis a guy an his wife ahint us, Barry's his hero so he said......ah jist wish Geoff hud been there tae hear that wan, he'll be in hysterics the morra when we tell him laugh.gif

Night night everyone.
Oh Catherine you should have called me would have been there in a heart beat. A wonder in Cookie is still in la la land. I can just see her swooning away there. Glad you all enjoyed it.
Am no away yet , not until the 18th which is another week and a bit. I,m all ready for the off had to laugh at my g.daughter she asked if she could come as my carer, biggrin.gif had to decline her offer and tell her no-one under 21 can book into the hotels on the strip, did,nt know that but its to do with gambling laws. It states that on my booking form for the hotel. strictly adults over 21. My kind of holiday [nae weans] rolleyes.gif

Catherine see you,ve been out on the town also "Barry Manilow" eh

An mags next year noo that could be a date let me think on that one.

Got the hospital on wednesday to see the orthopaedic guy about my knee, let him try and tell me ah canny fly an ah,ll huv his guts for garters lol Should be ok tho my own GP doesnt see a problem there.

this is where I.ll be staying
A once in a lfetime trip should be done with style rolleyes.gif
Whit ur ye daeing up at this time in the mornin' Betty? I have just wakened at 3.15 a.m. after about an hour and a half's sleep [pains in my hips] so thought I would come on the Boards to see if it would make me tired enough to get back to sleep but no joy. Hope you get some shut-eye.
Had a sleep earlier mhg, so came on here tae see if ony other insomniacs were on rolleyes.gif mind you its that quiet here feart tae make too much noise for fear o wakin them up rolleyes.gif

Any luck at the bingo recently
mornin folks. Jist back fae ma hols cool.gif A week in sunny Spain wi ma in-laws jist the thing tae make ye pine fur yer work laugh.gif Weather good, food good, company iffy bit ah hid plenty of books.
Vegas eh Madam Betty no there's a place ah wid love tae see. Yer quite right dae it in style girl.
Well I'll pop back later tae hiv a wee look at the boards an see wit everybody's been uptae. Wit a nosey parker I am.
Nice tae huv yi back wae us [ah wis pinin fur yi] rolleyes.gif Good food and weather 2oota 3 no bad Cat but as long as the sun is shinin it makes for happy folk

Be as nosey as yi want tae be its a wummin,s perogative. Off tae dae a wee bit researchin on the net got interested in the old est chapels in glasgow. Done St Mary,s in calton, a lot o history there noo ah,m oan St Alphonsus
Betty many a good wee night a had at St Marys dancing. A remember the old canon used to present you with a picture if you were getting married.
Whats the name of the place you are staying at in Las Vegas, looks just fab.
Anybody want a cuppa tea? huh.gif
wee mags
well we are waiting for the new granwean not until wed now dr said .betty I hope you have agreat time ,Isobel I think its called New York , no sure so am gonnae look it up rolleyes.gif Java ,Iwill have a wee cuppa
Isobel the renovation work that has been done at st Mary,s is phenomenal and still going on , there is talk that the hall you speak of where the dancing was held is to be made into a museum.It is the second oldest church in glasgow the cathedral being the oldest..Its structure remains the same but I believe there is still work going on in the gallwery.

I,m staying at hotel new york new york, looks real classy my daughter stayed there last year and she recommended it.

Mags let us know when Sarah has her baby, another wee gran wean fur yi tae spoil rotten.
wee mags
hes here all 8lb 12ozs of him wub.gif I forgot to ask what they were calling him as it was a wee bit nervewracking listening to all the names ,me I hope they stuck with IAN wink.gif
Congratulations Mags!!!!! I can feel your excitement from here! wub.gif
Aw delighted for you all Mags, God bless all 8lbs 12 ozs of him. Love to you all. wub.gif Well done Sarah.
Oh Mags thats just great congratulations to you and the family. Cant wait to see a wee picture of him.
Hi Mags>>>Fantastic news! Thrilled for you having another grandson, Didn't your daughter do well! The little one ain't so little, good birth weight. Congratulations all biggrin.gif

Congratulations Mags, another wee boy. wub.gif Great start in life with a weight like that. I hope they call him Ian, love the name. Post a pic as soon as you can, eh? smile.gif
wee mags
thank you all for the good wishes I will pass them on to the new mom and dad
I just posted a photo of him in the Gallery wub.gif
Mags ahm jist in......whit a BIG BEAUTIFUL BOY, and Andrew's that chuffed we go wae the Brothers laugh.gif

Oh ye's must be thrilled, Congratulations pet to you and Mike, bet Sarah's jist glad it's aw ower laugh.gif
Congratulation,s mags and Mike on the birth of youre grandson, Mags he looks adorable you must be thrilled to bits, give my love to Sarah
Finally got the verdict on my knee problem at long last.
After my visit to the hospital yestwerday which only took about 30mins. was told I need a plastic kneecap replacement, did,nt take them long to see what my problem was, but thankfully my joints are healthy so I wont need a full knee replacement. There is a 4 month max. waiting list but could be done within that time. So its off to vegas for me with a peace of mind and I,ll think about it when I get back. Its amszing only about 5 minutes in an x[ray room straight out to see the results then informed of what is needing done, all of this was done and dusted in 30 minutes. My faith in our NHS has been restored

For the past two years I have been taking Glucosamine tablets and this I think can contribute to the fact my joints are healthy, now I have the same in patch form, this I recommend to anyone suffering from osteoathritis. Its worked for me The kneecap problem I believe was caused by the fact that all my working days were spent on my feet, and dammed hard work at that

Keelie its surgery after all for me sad.gif
I'm glad you've got the diagnosis on your knee, Betty, and only need the kneecap replaced. My friend here has had both knees replaced, a year apart, she is doing well now but it took a long time. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long after your Vegas trip to have it done as I'm sure you will decide to have the surgery.

So now it's off to Vegas and the fabulous strip. Hope you win lots!!!!! biggrin.gif
Glad to hear ye got yer results Betty ye can go off tae vegas wi peace o' mind now.
Congratulations to Mag's wub.gif With all these cards Betty's windae ledge will be full in no time.
Hey Betty you said you could feel it in your watter that everything would be ok for me. Well you were right My dress arrived had it fitted ,I only need about a yard of the bottom, me just a wee shortie . any way so far so good. Glad to hear the good news about your knee, One of the girl at swimming is having that same think done this morning. Just go away and enjoy Vegas ,god a wish I was coming with you . Looks a really nice resort. Isobel
Enjoy your trip Betty, much luck on the slots! And 4 months wait time, that is no time at all to wait. If you were here, it would probably be a year! And once it's done, you'll feel great.
Thars me all set for the off on wednesday. ohhhh am getting excited noo the adrenilin is flowing. Had a pm from hubert he is going to meet up with me in vegas , that will be nice another member for me to meet.

Today its a final check on the suitcase then its just the wee bits n nbobs to get done..

Cat tho the ledge is full o cards disnae mean its no tae get dusted, cin ah trust you to keep this hoose in order tae ah get back.

Monday an tuesday gonny be real busy so will see you all when I get back

Hey las vegas the devil gave us to you
night after night watching the wheels go round
Hey las vegas there,s nothing can save us from you
One of these days I,m gonna v turn it around rolleyes.gif
Have a great time Betty...and if yer suitcase feels heavier than it should be, don't worry attaw...ah'll no crease yer spangly dresses....biggrin.gif
biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Isobel in aw the excitement furgoat tae answer you.

Well ma watter isnae oafen wrang so ah knew everything would turn oot aw right fur yi. Bet you,ll look a real bobby dazzler in that dress
keelie gal
Hello Betty sorry i havent been in for a wee while but i have been run off my feet the last few weeks i dont know where all the time has gone to be honest ,im so glad you got your Xray and you know what's needed to be done im sure thats put your mind at rest for your holiday ,funny thing is betty my John's mum has been told she needs the exact same as yourself and as she says it canny come quick enough for her she's been told she will be in mid july,im just hoping your knee is not playing you up too much as i know your off to the bright lights soon and know how much you have been looking forward to this ,not long now eh have you done all your shopping for your holiday stuff ? Mags thats great about your new grandson congratulations mags a new wee bundle of joy to love and cherish how lovely ,well folks going for a meal today with my parents so i better get my skates on but will pop in later to catch up with you all x
Betty did how did ye know that dustin wis ma speciality ! Not long now, the countdown is on ah jist wish ye could fit me in yer case. Am no very tall but ah think the weight wid be a problem ah widnae like tae think of the excess biggrin.gif
Isobel ye must be like me if yer a we shorty but they say the best things come in small packages. Ah used tae say thie all the time till some smarty replied "so does poison" the cheek laugh.gif Ye'll need tae get some pics on the gallery.
I'll pop back later got to go and get the stairs done before Betty goes.
Wont be long now Betty . Jim and I met a couple at the stag and doe Saturday night and they were just home from Vegas.Guess what they stayed in the same place .Had a smashing time.Even won some money, don't know how much , no doubt they spent plenty.
wee mags
Good luck betty I hope you hit the Jackpot wink.gif
Hi Betty,

Tomorrow's the big day biggrin.gif Enjoy every minute of Vegas.....ah'll be watchin' oot fur the headlines in the Daily Record 'Glesga Wummin Strikes Gold in Vegas!!!' laugh.gif
Viva Las Vegas biggrin.gif Hiv ye no found room in yer case yet Betty? Ye could pick me up on the way tae the airport. wink.gif
Bags aw packed ready tae go herr lookin good naiks gettin done the night, then its

Too bad you cant fly up to Canada and visit way cookie Catherine Maureen Anne Jakka and I , us lot are always up for a good wee night.Who knows maybe we could have got a few more.
C'mon Isobel, she could visit the west more easily....... laugh.gif We have trips to Vegas from Vancouver for $299 fare and 3 night accommodation. tongue.gif Don't know what it is for fare only.
Shoosh no fightin lassies if Betty comes up trumps at the casino she'll be able tae visit both biggrin.gif
Have a great time pal but mind yer road hame. wub.gif Take care of yourself. wub.gif
In the words of the wonderful, wonderful Matt McGinn and for Betty.

I'll be down to collect you for the bingo, Betty,
Rendezvous in the Gallowgate,
Mind, Betty, don't be late
We've got to be there before the crowd starts queuing.
Remember when we get there, Betty,
We're gonnie be trying for the big snowball,
But whether it's win or lose,
We'll have a damn good feed of the booze,
Tomorrow night at the South Side Bingo Ball.

You and I were nearly winning last time, Betty,
If it hadn't been for Maggie McGill,
Wouldn't yon one make you ill?
Seven hundred and twenty two smackers.
Hasn't spoken to a neighbour since then
After tapping them for seventeen years
Ah but, mind you, there's one thing nice,
Lightning never strikes the same place twice,
So we will have a chance at the South Side Bingo Ball.

We'll be catching the bus to the bingo, Betty,
We will alight at the Gorbals Cross,
Pie and peas with tomato sauce,
Till we can lay our hands on that snowball.
Then we'll be heading for the taxi, Betty,
To the Rogano wi' yer ten bob tip,
And when they ask us what we want,
We'll say pour us oot yer creme du mint
Tomorrow night at the South Side Bingo Ball.

Ye know...ah wis jist thinkin...ah wouldny have a clue how tae play the bandits they huv these that nudge this, hold that, double yer money, dae yer ironin......gie me a wee wan arm thing any knew where ye wur wi three cherries...laugh.gif
laugh.gif Oh that's aboot ma level as well Java. Ah don't know whit ah'm supposed tae be daein' wi these new fangled ones, or what ah'm lookin for. Ah jist liked the three cherry wans in Blackpool and ye won a packet o' Rowntrees fruit gums. It was the 1950's right enough. laugh.gif
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