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keelie gal
Awww that talk o gypsy cremes and nae body has stuck the kettle oan yet .ochh nae bother i will attend to the teapot you just keep working oan that tan betty and talk aboot fish suppers will it will be the night thats wit we are all having fer tea and its on me so its fish suppers all round biggrin.gif
Ah cannae get ma flight oot tae ra morra so if your gettin the fish suppers keelie I'll bring the Irn Bru. biggrin.gif
If Betty wins at the bingo we might jist be oan the babycham's laugh.gif
keelie gal
Oh Irn bru Cat ye have fair put me in the mood for a glass now got some smirnoff that would go nice wi it aswell biggrin.gif Betty have ye shouted House yet ?
Nae luck ladies mibby its the morra fur a win. Fish suppers an irn bru, sounds fine by me ,, noo that dash o smirnoff that sounds even better rolleyes.gif

Boots called me earlier on she,s hoping to have a new computer soon sends best wishes to you all . Boy she,s havin a rough time healthwise.

Am goin tae bed noo busy day the morra biggrin.gif

nite nite
Night night betty......lovely tae see ye biggrin.gif

Ahm jist munchin intae ma second piece a Friday night Pizza......Tikka Masala based, lovely biggrin.gif
Okay Betty, my cruel side says, he has two legs, two arms, a large bank account and a faulty pace maker. Yep, that might do the trick. LOL. Jaybe
wee mags
whit is marsala pizza ?? as for betty I bet she went tae the forge and on her wae hame she stopped at the Bingo , wink.gif
Mags instead of Pizza sauce or tomatoe based, it's curry laugh.gif
Thoroughly enjoyed it, ahm no a great Pizza haun but ahd three pieces laugh.gif
wee mags
you never cease to amaze me ,but am sure Geoff says that awe the time biggrin.gif
Aye, well he kinda says somethin like that mags , ah think you mean it in a nicer way laugh.gif

Whits new the day wae everyone?
We've the Moll an Noah for the weekend, they're away the noo wae Geoff tae Max's fitba practise. Geoff an Molly are makin the dinner the night, she's aw excited aboot gaun fur the messages wae Uncle Buck later.
Ahm awa tae start oan the back deck, sun is oot.

Mum flies in the morra an Karen flies in an hoor later......D an R pick up the Moll an Noah early afternoon, quick chinje an remake of the beds, Nana gets here....dinner oan.....then Karen an two friends here...dinner that'll be the end a Mothers Day laugh.gif
Catherine tell mum I was asking for her , how long is she staying?.

Mags you know me so well , aye ah dropped in tae bingo but nae luck.

Jaybee think ah,ll jist stey the wey ah am, free and single, that wey ah dont need tae share ma bingo winnins wae onybody rolleyes.gif dont think ah could go back tae huvin somebody takin ower ma remote for rhe telly biggrin.gif
Hi friends, finally got a new computer tonightand it's nice tobe back in touch. I now have a voice activated programme but before I can use it I have to lean how to operate it. It should make things easier for me. It wasw nice talking toyou Betty but I was really sorry to hear you are still waiting for your appointment with the orthopedeic surgeon. I do hope you hear something soon.
keelie gal
Hello Folks ,had an early night last night was in bed by 8.30 cant remember the last time i was ever in bed that early never mind a saturday night but the sun wis just too much for me as i fell asleep in the garden reading a book and got burnt ...OOOps that will teach me ,well sunday morning and im all bright eyed and bush tailed so its off out today for a pub lunch too hot tae cook and a stroll down the beach where its nice and breezy ,Boots great to see your back online and got your computer sorted out now as we have missed you pal , Betty if your off to the bingo today i hope ye have better luck will keep our fingers crossed for you biggrin.gif
wee mags
well betty it s a nice bright sunny day here, so I am off for the day nae cooking as its mothers day here, and the kids are taking me out for dinner well the whole Amato clan is going, we are going to the place where Sarah had her wedding its such a nice place next time yer here and if you stay with us we will yae
www.cobbs mill try to take a peek if you can
Good tae see yo up an runnin boots, enjoyed oor wee chat the other night. Keelie an mags you two by the sound of it are in for a good day , wish ah could join yi. Me ah spent the day in hell,s kitchen [ Lee,s room] an that kept me busy noo am goin tar sit an watch a dv biggrin.gif d
keelie gal
Morning folks just popping in quick as its back to work for me today ,Knee is so much better and healed nicely so looking forward to going back to work and seeing the lassies well folks will pop in later hope you all have a good day biggrin.gif
Uch Keelie it's a shame tae go tae work in this lovely weather intit? Ah've jist finished packing fur ma holidays. Paw, maw an' the weans ur gonnie hit Majorca oan Saturday (we'll be like The Broons laugh.gif ) We're meeting other pals o'er there tae celebtrate ma 60th birthday. Ah'm really looking forward tae spending lots o' time wi' ma 3 wee granweans. biggrin.gif Right whit aboot a nice cool drink tae relax us in this hot weather? Ah'm in the holiday mood so ah've made a big jug o' Sangria , ah even put strewberries in's yersels! Betty are you still shoppin' fur yer trip tae Vegas?
Abelated Good Morning folks. Off to Dr's Enjoy yersels"The Broon" family.

Keelie, take it easy wae yer knee hen, don't be staunin' aw day. Catch ye aw later. biggrin.gif
Stratson, I hope everything goes well for you at the doctors. Take care XXX
Hope all goes well for you at the dr,s stratson, keelie dont overdo things , [am still waitin] Avril Mjorca wullnae know whits hit it when the broon clan hit its sunny shores cool.gif
As fur me dont know whit tae get up tae the day but nae doubt ah,ll think o somethin an it wont be bingo. You folks must think ah spend aw ma sperr time therr , huvnae been up the sauchiehall st end o the toon fur a while mibby gie that a go.

Have a great day, by the way therrs nae sunshine here the day
At long last finally got an appoibntment for the GRI. Here,s hopin keelie its not a knee replacement thats needed. Hopefully something can be done before I go on holiday , but wont hold my breath on that one huh.gif
wee mags
glad you finally got your appointment betty,its been a cauld and windy day here today,
but noo am gonna sit here and browse through the site
keelie gal
Hi Betty here's hoping its not a knee replacement as you say but your knee problem sounds so simalar to mine so i reckon you will have the same treatment as myself i will be keeping my fingers crossed for you ,really glad you got the appointment and im hoping they can get you in and tidy up your knee before yer hols here's hoping wink.gif
Betty hows the stairs? Am hivin cocktails in the pub the noo but I'll gee them a wee run er later, keep ye aff that dodgy knee. wink.gif
Keelie nothing will be done before my holiday, I,m having a consultation re, my knee. Had to take the bull by the horns myself I phoned the GRI and asked if it was possible for me to see someone as the pain was getting unbearable , so got an appointment for the 11th june , 7 days before I go on holiday.

Off to bed now nite nite all
Hope they sort the knee out before you go to Vagas .
Unpacked but still really busy here .I've no had time to make anything so I just stopped at the City Bakeries and picked up some cream horns .
I'll pop in again in a couple of days ,Nite Nite All .
Goodnight Jakka, Good Mornin' Everybody biggrin.gif

Wid it be considered bad form tae have a cream horn furr breakfast? Ah'll kid oan ah'm Danish...huh.gif
Sounds good to me Java, I'll join you and I take my coffee black, thank you tongue.gif
Morning (Evening) Elma....jist as well ye want it black, there's nae milk...huh.gif laugh.gif
Good morning all.
Wits gon oan Ogers these day are gettin awfey posh wid ye no say gon aw Danish oan us. unsure.gif
Wits wrang wae good auld glesga ogers breakfast of a nice roll an sausage wi broon sauce washed doon wae a swig of Iron Bru. tongue.gif
Ah know ah cannae spelll Irn Bru mabe ah jist need ma coffee. rolleyes.gif
wee mags
Hi everyone hows tthings today? I went out to get some flowers for my hanging baskets and other wee odds and ends ,I planted few .its raining so maybe I can catch up tomorrow wink.gif
wee mags
its still raining here today .agloomy and dreary dayso i made some totttie scones for tomorrow wink.gif
Could ye pass them ower's tomorra here....biggrin.gif

Bit cloudy and grey here, summer didny last long, did it? biggrin.gif
Och java, don't say that it's the end of oor summer, am off on Monday fur a few days, hiv packed
light clothing,bikini an' eveyfing. rolleyes.gif
Ocht ye know full well the sun shines wherever you are Stratson...biggrin.gif wub.gif
Hope Stratsons comin ower here then Java, it's awfy grey lookin oot ma windae.
Howevaaar........geoffs took the boys up tae the Cottage fur the weekend, so ma ain personal suns like a wee shiny penny the noo laugh.gif

Off this afternoon tae see My Fair Lady, then roon the coarner fur wur dinner at Chookie's, wunner whit we're gettin.
Ah think ah told ye's mums here on holiday the noo.
Poor sowels got a right head cold, she's alergic tae perfume an aw it takes is for her tae sit next tae someone wae it on an the allergy starts.
Hopefully she'll feela bit better the day, nuthin worse when yer oan yer holidays an ye take that stuffy heid an sore throat.

betty good to see you became the sqweeky wheel pet.....only way tae get attention sometimes is tae demand it, especially healthwise.
Keep safe an win at Bingo is aw ye need tae think aboot for the next wee while biggrin.gif
Here meant tae ask....wherr ye gaun Stratson? biggrin.gif
Aw that's a pure shame....'magine bein' allergic tae she allergic tae flooers and stuff tae? huh.gif
Ah think so Java, ah wis jist sayin to her the other night there ah think ah;ll go to the Naturepath shop an see if they could recommed anythin....because of meds she cannae take anythin like cold remedies or sinus relief things.
Mind you mums like'd NEVER know she wisnae feelin well, she's that quiet aboot it.

laugh.gif laugh.gif
(Oh ah'm that glad ye put they smilies oan there or ah'd huv been forced tae dae it masel....laugh.gif)

Aw that's a sin so it is....ah hope ye find somethin that helps....if no, ah hear Alaska's lovely this time o' year...laugh.gif
Don't go therr.......she's only broat a light summer jaicket which is aw ma fault as it is laugh.gif

Ahv jist thoat, ahm sittin here laughin an mums upsterrs probably pittin the batteries in her ain zapper an ah'll be toast masel soon fur ma cheek laugh.gif
Tell her jist tae gie the signal if she wants hauners...she knows whit it is....mind it's awfy like the wan for a splash, so ah'm in a win win situation furra chinje...laugh.gif
laugh.gif laugh.gif

Here ahv been in the Record readin aw the Tributes to Tommy Burns.
What a lovely lovely man he was.
He certainly was....ah met him at a weddin wance...a real gent, he'll be sorely missed by many, many people...
Ocht java, ye dae say the sweetest things, yer a wee diamond so ye ur. biggrin.gif

Catherine, there surely must be summat ye can get fir yer Mammy's cauld. S'awful so it is, there's stuff fur allergies, in the name o' the wee man, they go tae the moon, surely the've thought o' summat fir allergies tae perfume an' stuff.. Am gaun tae Blackpool Catherine. Ma flyin' days are ower am afraid. Anyway a luv ma hotel a go tae, they are so good tae me when a go there. Ma nephew lives in E. Lancs, he comes and takes me tae his lovely cottage, looks intae the Ribble Valley, very rural place. Ye feel ye are somebody, ye know whit a mean. My Fair Lady is a great Show, enjoy yersel, am sure yer missin' Geoff and the boys? rolleyes.gif
Cold and wet here at the lake .I've had the fire going since we got here .
Ive not planted anything yet ,it's still pretty cool at night .
Lots of stuff to keep me busy inside .I'm in the middle of painting the kitchen cupboards .I just finished the second coat of primer and I'll do the top coat tomorrow .
Catherine there is a wee med for allergies . Hylands is the Homeopathic brand .It works really well .I can sympathize with your Mammy .I just walk into one of the stores in the Mall or get on an elevator with someone wearing perfume and I'll suffer all day .I have used the same perfume for over forty years because it doesn't bother me .
Who's brought something sweet to eat ?? .I've been so busy fixing things here I haven't had a chance to make anything ?
I've got a nice wee Raisin & Cinammon loaf Jakka, will that do?
Jakka, your cottage sounds like the little house in the prairie, sounds so homely and welcoming. Now if yer makin' a pot o' tea, would just go down fine with M,H,G,s Raisin and Cinammon bread. I buy it all the time as wee Zak loves it toasted simply oozing with butter.Yummy. Have a great summer. smile.gif
Stratson that sounds like jist the ticket, yer wee up comin holiday , ye say ye feel like somebody when yer there and are treated ye should be cos yer a wee darlin wae twinkly laughin eyes, beautiful skin and a great sense a humour.
You have a great time biggrin.gif
Jakka the thing is mums meds don't allow her to mix things with them, we have to go get her blood done here as it's been wonky at home lately, which messes up dosage etc and has to be monitored bi weekly at the know what I'm talking about I'm sure with what you have to deal with sometimes laugh.gif
Geoff phoned the day fae the Cottage, said it's baltic there anaw.
Naturally Max wis in the waater me he disnae take his dippin after me that's fur sure.
Lisa who opens for us said it was much better this year regardin the mice than last.
How did you find it?

We went to see My Fair Lady yesterday, wis a great show and the cast were marvellous.
Both my mum and dad were in a light Operatic Society so all our family love Musical shows.
Christopher Casanove played Mr Higgins, the guy Rex Harrison played in the movie with Audrey Hepburn being Eliza Doolittle.
He wis smashin..ah coulda danced aw night right enuf!
Then we went to Chookie's house for dinner, she'd made a lovely Salmon number waashed doon wae Champagne, and the conversation jist flowed aw night.
Thanks again Chookie, it's such an example of how we all click when we meet and no one is ever a stranger,jist friends we haven't yet met.
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