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Sorry to hear you had pnuemonia Mags, is very debilitatin', take care of yourself, those g/weans need you fightin' fit.

How good to see you back Boots, just seems like yesterday you were sitting opposite me.

Wish we had spoken and got to know each other better. smile.gif
keelie gal
Hope you feel better soon mags ,sorry i missed you Boots hope all is well with you wub.gif
Sorry to hear you have been sick Mags, look after yourself and take it easy, it's not worth trying to hurry things along. wub.gif
Here ,is there any tea going ??.My tongues hingin' oot .
Had a busy day ,I bought two new light fixturres for my kitchen .Brave me got the old ones down only to see I'd need to paint the ceiling !!!!.It took two coats .Finally got the first of the lights up and love it however had lots of problems doing the second .I finally gave up .I'll get someone in to do it for me .All my helpers live out of town and it's hard for them to come and do stuff for us .I usually depend on my son in law but his back is out .Grand son has to wait for leave .It's a three hour drive for my son to get here and then three back .My neighbor said her grandson is a bit of a handyman and she'll ask him to come over and help .
Tomorrow I'll have to tackle the floor .Once I got the new light lit I saw all the drips of paint on it .I was to tired to do it tonight so I'll just have to go down and clean it tomorrow .It's ceramic to the paint should just scrape off .
Good night all .Mags ,take things easy .The weans need their Gran .
Anybody know where Betty is ?
I just called in to say I luv you,se
Just dropped in to say hello
Been reading up on all the news
So glad to see you all kept the room on the go

Have been busy and have,nt had the time to sit at the comp. Knee is acting up somrthing awful , and my walking is very limited, but not keeping me in, when I,m not getting chauffered I take taxis. Take merr than a dodgy knee tae keep me in

Mags sorry about cutting short the phone call , tried phoning you back but there was a problem getting through.
keelie gal
Hello Betty good to see you popped in and glad you are ok hope yer knee gets better soon we missed ye biggrin.gif
Glad to see your in missus .I thought you had met a stunner and eloped !!!!!!!!!!
sorry to hear your knee is still bothering you.
Does a wee perty no sound like a good idea ??? .I left a wee cerry oot under the sink the last time I came in .I've made a ton of shephers Pies ,I'll mix up a batch of my Knock out punch and I'll make some shrimp,crab meat dip .I've got a ton of wee sweet nibbles for those with a sweet tooth .
Where is Angela Chick ?? did she go on the same trip as you Betty ?? Melody I'm sure you will start the ball rolling with a song .What about :What'll I do without you "
Anybody up for "The pride of Erin "Maybe we should be singing some Irish songs ,it's nearly St Patricks day Danny Boy is too sad ,what about the Irish Washer Woman?
Oh! her washing was known to the whole of the country .La La La ????
Woke me up this mornin an I heard a joyful song
From the throats of many Irishmen a 100 thousand strong
Sure it was the Hibernian brigade
Lining up for to start the big parade
So ah fetched me sunday bonnet an the flag ah love so well
An ah bought meself a shamrock just to wear in me lapel
Dont you know that today march 17
Its a day for the wearin o the green

Happy St Patrick,s Day
Noo trhat ah,ve goat ma greeting in , lets get intae that cairry oot, an drown the shamrock

Jakka ma gless is waitin fur some o that knockout punch rolleyes.gif
Well Betty ,give me your glass ,I'll pour you the first glass from this batch .bet your singing before you finish it .
OH, Mary this London's a wonderful sight ,where the people are workin' by day and by night lalala,or maybe ,Over in Killarney ,many years ago ,I've sung this tae ma weans ,grand weans and this coming weekend I'll sing it tae my great grand weans .Hope I remember all the words
Well I hope you have some pals drop in to celebrate St Patrick's day ,me I'm off tae bed.goodnight all ,
Cheers ,happy St Patrick's Day ,
keelie gal
Well Jakka and Betty i will join you both with a wee glass or two seeing as its St Patricks day,i have brought some bun and a bottle of baileys to get us started lets get all the lassies together and have a wee sing song biggrin.gif
When irish eyes are smiling
sure its like a morn in may
In the lilt of irish laughter
you can hear the angels say
When irish hearts are happy
All the world seems bright an gay
But when irish eyes are smiling
Sure it steals youre heart away
Sorry friends cant hang around got visitors coming , have a nice day
keelie gal
Och thats a lovely song Betty sure it is wub.gif Have a good St Particks Day
If youre irish come into the parlour
There,s a welcome there for you
And if youre name is Timothy Mick or Pat
So long as you come from Ireland there,s a welcome on the mat
And if you come from the mountains of Moran or kilarneys lakes so blue
We,ll sing you a song and make a fuss
Where ever you are if youre one of us
If youre irish this is the place for you
keelie gal
Bravo biggrin.gif
Haven't been visiting you for a while, hope you are all well and enjoying your special day. I would love a wee bitty of whit your pourin....Jaybee
wee mags
I had a wee chat with Betty today ,shes feeling better ,but no too happy that she has to use a cane ,I told her ach well yae can hit a wee ned if he annoys you ,and then she comes out with "Mags I have fallen three times Already, and am no gonnae fall again ,the last man who fell down three times was crucified " wink.gif ,I hope I have not offened anyone its just a wee joke
keelie gal
laugh.gif That sounds like Betty always seeing the funny side of things ,mags i had to laugh at the bit you said betty can hit a wee ned with her cane laugh.gif
I laughed out loud at the bit about the man falling down three times. laugh.gif Trust Betty to see the funny side of something that could get other people down. Good on you Betty, you go girl wub.gif
Am sure therrs nae offence taken mags, its glesca humour an this is a glesca site,

The thing aboot oor wee mads she is wan lady who has never forgotten her roots , this is what I admire her for.. The first time I met her it was a coupla years ago , she came into the hotel in conneticutt where a few of us gg members were staying, and when she spoke you wid huv thought she had jist stepped oot o her memmy,s close in maryhill, an that wis her efter bein in the usa fur nigh oan 45 years. Hope yir lookin efter yirsel mags an takin things that bit merr easy xxxxxx
wee mags
wee mags
Ta betty I jist finished ma Corn Beef and Cabbage ,John made it ,hes the one who done the cooking at ma wee meet wink.gif
See you had two helpings Mags........ tongue.gif must have been good laugh.gif
Thanks Mags, my wee joke just fell flat on it's face!!!!!!!! laugh.gif
wee mags
naw it didnae Elma I took it aff laugh.gif I didnae want folks tae think i had real lost it
Well nags ah see you enjoyed youre dinner , how did the parade go?. I had a lovely day did my duty to the shamrock, with some friends. And a good time was had by all rolleyes.gif

Iremember John,s cooking very well had the pleasure of trying and enjoying it, give him my best regards
Off tae bed now , its been a long day. All 24 hours of it yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Good to see you back Betty .Hope your knee gets better soon .I'm off to bed now .I started walking again and I get up early and get it done before I have my breakfast .
Good night all .
keelie gal
Morning all , Bitter cold day here today weather reports say we are to expect snowfall on Easter weekend unsure.gif very strange weather indeed Ochh well its a good job i havnae packed away the winter woolies just yet eh! Mags corn beef and cabbage sounds lovely it has fair put me in the mood for some now looks like we will be having that for our dinner tonite ,well folks its time to finish my coffee and head oot fer work Ive got the hat n scarf n gloves at the ready biggrin.gif
Enjoy youre day friends, biggrin.gif
Jakka still waiting for appointment to see specialist, walking is getting very limited for me, think its a knee replacement for me ugh But have been advised that if this be the case then go for it. "It,ll make a new woman of you" well thats fine by me always on the look out for a better quality of life. Waiting for my lift going out visiting, dont know what I,d do without faithful friends, they really look after me, never left to sit about

Cant mind who asked about Angela, but she,s fine talk to her regularly,
keelie gal
Hi Betty next time you talk to Angela will ye tell her i was asking for her ,well folks im off to bed early night for me as im totally jiggered smile.gif
Am right at yer back Keelie, fallin' asleep ower this P.C. Mibbee ye'll be dreamin' o' buildin' a snowman oan Easter Sunday. Mind yer Easter Bunnett. laugh.gif Goodnight.
Good mornin all Will pass on youre message to Angela kg. Stratson thanks for the info.And to my good friend melody bet youre looking forward to the easter break enjoy the rest of the day
Thats ma tuppence worth in byeeeeeeeeee this ironon is goin away huh.gif
QUOTE (thebardau @ 31st Jul 2003, 03:07 AM) *
In the wee sma’ hours wi betty2.

Can we synchronise our watches, ‘cos oor time is no’ the same,
I’ll be yer virtual visitor when all the mob’s gone hame,
Mind they clean up after themselves - & we’ll hiv oorsels a ba’
Jist in time fur breakfast - & ah’ll be bringing it a’.

So put awa’ thon teapot, we’ll no’ get in that rut,
Cos tannin’s no that good for us, it tends tae rot yer gut,
Breakfast of champions, oor hearts will be singin
Wi’ health in the sma' hours, cos here’s whit ah'm bringin.

[unpacks, several thuds – vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco, coupla limes – where’s yer pepper & Worcesterhire sauce, betty?]

Ah yes, Bloody Mary, all the necessary vitamins, minerals & essential nutrients to sustain life!

Here’s tae us, wha’s like us, here’s tae oor health,
Long life, happiness, & aye enough wealth,
Glasgow’s no’ changed – does that rain EVER stop?
Here, let me pour again, jist anither wee drop,
Here’s mud in yer eye, lang may yer lum reek,
Ah’ve kept ye up, hen, ah’ll awa’, go to sleep.

Came acroos this posted by a very dear an treasured friend and member of bygone days. She was a star turn
keelie gal
Morning all just popping in to say hello hope yeese are all well , Great poem there Betty love the words biggrin.gif
keelie gal
Hello all biggrin.gif this hoose is awfull quiet where are yeese all oh i see the fires on full blast and ye have all fell asleep ,bingo is in hauf an hour so c'mon get up or we will miss it im feeling lucky tonite and might just get the national so i will head off and get the tickets aye and dont worry i will keep yer seats and get the drinks in laugh.gif dont ferget yer swizzles
wee mags
Aye betty she was indeed a wonderful woman
KG that poem was written by "The Bardau" way back in 2003 right after the old board crashed. She was a very special lady
Long past ma bedtime
Better get tae bed developing a stutter here sad.gif
keelie gal
Morning folks Betty that poem was lovely by the bardau,really nice words eh! well folks got wee blossom today so busy busy busy fer me we are just heading off to the shops for a wee bargain hunt as its too cold for the park today weather is getting bitter down here and they say its going to get worse for the weekend .....BBrrrrr where's spring laugh.gif
Spring is just around the corner kg
Too quiet oan here night night
Going to visit the wee ones for a couple of days so I hope you all have a lovely Easter .Save some chocolate for me .I made the white chocolate ,fruit'n nut fudge and it's as good as it sounds .
Good night all ,sleep tight .
I'm going to have to try and get here earlier - I missed you all again so I'll just say "Goodnight everyone and have a good trip Jakka. Oh and Happy Easter folks.
keelie gal
Happy Easter to you all sorry i missed you all Betty Jakka and Boots , i had the wee grandaughter yesterday and she fair wacked me oot so it was an early night for me last night only to be woke up at 2am with the howling winds and two cats having a sqaure go in my back garden i tell wit a racket cats make mad.gif the guy next door to us keeps pigeons so we always have a wee cleek of them hingin about and i must admit i dont like cats im a dug person ,mibbes time to get another wee dug tae keep them cats at bay anything fer a good nights kip laugh.gif
Jist get a peashooter....laugh.gif
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