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Pleased to see you did something about your knee Betty, let us know the reults of the X-ray, you know we're always thinking about you.

Kettle's on, soup stirred and I've buttered some buns, great for a wee snack. smile.gif
keelie gal
Morning all Betty good to see you back ye were missed and we were getting worried glad you got the knee looked at Betty and i hope the Xrays come back good kep ma fingers crossed for you ,Bet you cant wait for wee Caleb's christening on sunday dont forget to post a wee pic of him biggrin.gif
Hi ladies nice tae know ah,m missed rolleyes.gif must be ma charissma buttered scones an tea soynds like the nicest wat tae spend an afternoon.

Phone rang therr but did,nt get to it on time so if it wis you jimmyd am in was half expecting you tae call me sgain. Have a nice day folks
keelie gal
Hello Ladies, how's things biggrin.gif sitting here masel so if anyone fancy's a wee blether come right in ,made some butter shortbread and some homemade cherry pie so help yerselfs telly is crap tonite no much on might go and watch a wee dvd till somebody pops in as i dont want tae get stuck in to the pie just yet biggrin.gif
Chap Chap Chap! ( me knockin' oan the door!) Excuse me Missus, but ah've a wee note here for some wummin' that frequents this establishment. Ah'm no sure whit its aboot since ah didnae read ma deliveries but apparently ah've tae gie it wi' a person whose favourie colour is green, Ah'll leave it wi' yeez, ah'm sure ye'll get it tae the right person.
Naw ah'm awright ah don't need a tip, (haun' straight oot open fisted!) AW! Ta very much missus, ah'll put this tanner tae good use wub.gif
keelie gal
Ochh nae bother mister i will make sure oor betty gets this parcel pronto and betty wid insist ye took the tanner fer yer troubles have a nice day mister laugh.gif
wink.gif ?????????????????????? dry.gif

Huv ah missed summit here?
Jist thought ah wid drap aff this news clip oan George Clooney furr a the green yin java, that's aw Betty.
Hi RonD jist thought ah hud missed somethin durin ma absence, Howzit gawn wae yi anyhow?. Canny get oan much these days , an its hellish tryin tae keep track o whits whit rolleyes.gif

Mind yi no a loat happening
in fact ah,d even dare tae say its pretty borin, That.ll be me in bother again rolleyes.gif
Well its way past ma bedtime so nitey nite. wink.gif think am talkin tae masel here , there wis a time oan here when yi saw members oan yi aye took the time tae say hello, well may yi aw huv a good day . See thats bein friendly
Hi Betty ,
Just a quick hello ,I was off to my bed an hour ago .I've got some aches and pains .I took a couple of Tylenol so they should help .Maybe I'll bake tomorrow .
If I drop in I'll bring something nice .
biggrin.gif ... friendly right back at ye Betty.....biggrin.gif

Thanks ever so much for the picture that no jist the most handsome man oan the planet the noo....oh gies a scone afore ah swoon....hope ye feel better soon Jakka
wee mags
Hi everyone Ihope your feeling better Jakka ,this getting auld is for the burds so it is ,I had an awful cough, and had to go back to the Dr today got an X Ray, and guess whit? I have pnuemonia
so I now have a stonger med so I hope it clears up soon the Dr says at least ten days ,I have not been able to get a good nights sleep and I have a hrd time getting up stairs ,as I get out of breath easy ,
but no tae worry am on the mending road ,Betty you must be getting ready for the Christening ,I hope all goes well wink.gif

oops I forgot I pulled a muscle while I was coughin g
Thanks for the concern lassies .Took a wee tumble, and right now look like a black watch kilt . tongue.gif
Nothing broke so I'll be fine in a couple of days .
Mags you take care of yourself ,whit will the weans dae withoot ye ???
Betty ,hope you are all ready for the big day .Did you make a Christening Piece?Who remembers them ??
Don't feel like cooking or making stuff so I'll just take it easy for a couple of days and I'll be just fine .Say a wee blessing for me for the wean Betty .
keelie gal
Hello All Jakka glad to hear you are feeling better just take it easy pal,and you Mags hope yer back to your ole self very soon ,Betty have a great day at wee Caleb's christening and i hope ye have the weather up there for it today well i hope the rain stays off at least for you all ,aye Jakka i remember the christening piece is that the one where you would put the money in the middle and give it to a boy or girl ? well just had my brekkie and im waiting for John to finish work then its off for a wee stroll down the common seeing as its a nice day here to nice to sit in the house thats fer sure well iam away fer a wee scoot roon the boards so i will catch you all later biggrin.gif
I wiz aboot six or seven an' noticed a crowd ootside the McKinstry's hoose, so bein' nosey ah stood tae watch whit wiz happening. Oot came Mrs. McKinstry, wi' a wee bundle wrapped in a white woolen shawl. So bein' the polite wee man ah opened the gate fur her and the baabee. Next thing ah knew she haun's me a wee parcel. Ah says ta very much. A bunch o' them gets in a taxi an' away they go. Ah wiz dyin' tae know whit wiz in the parcel so ah opened it up. There wiz two digestive biscuits buttered the gither.Well ah wiz chuffed! Hauf way through it ah bit intae somethin' hard an' there wiz a tanner. Talk aboot chuffed again!! Ma lucky day. jings. diz it get any better? Later oan the big sister of the McKinstrys explained that it wiz a Christenin' piece and since she hud a new sister then the piece wiz tae go tae the first wee boy oan the wey tae the Christenin' an' it happened tae be me. It was a lovely memory, but when you think, one: I could have choked on the tanner and two: Nowadays the thought that dirty tanner in the middle of the buttered biscuit makes me cringe huh.gif smile.gif
Have you lot been on the drink or somethin'?? Ye's are aw fallin' apart, nae wonder we canny get a good blether in here these days. Mags get the Yank tae make ye beef tea. Jakka stop workin' so hard and get a rest tae yersel. Betty you content yersel, nae mer galavantin' aboot they shoaps wi that sore knee. Oh ah'm exhausted noo wi aw that doctorin', ah'll need a wee rest masel noo. laugh.gif
Ron it didae kill ye that tanner did it? It was good for buildin' up yer resistance. laugh.gif

Dr Melody. Dae ye's want a panel line?
Thank goodness yer here Melody tae take ower. rolleyes.gif
Ah don't know whit ye's wid dae withoot me Ron. laugh.gif
It's awfy quiet in here the night. Jimmy dae ye no want yer seat at the fire as usual? C'mon ah'll nip doon an get ye a fish supper an ye can sing me a wee song at the fireside. smile.gif Oh you'll no be allowed fish suppers oan yer health kick, ah'll get ye......... a couple o' picked onions, an the Sunday gossip papers. C'mon.
Anybody else comin' in? Hurray up ah'm takin' orders for the chippy.
keelie gal
Aye me Melody i will have a Fish supper please with a pickle and extra vinagar please and a can o irn bru if yer still taking orders laugh.gif
Of course ye can Keelie smile.gif , well this place is really going to the dogs, only wan taker fur a fish supper? Where's aw the Glaswegians? laugh.gif
Can ah huv a single fish and a panel line please laugh.gif
Comin' up. laugh.gif
At long last we,ve goat a doctor in the hoose biggrin.gif an who better fur the joab than Melody. Understaunin nature an aye goat a sympathetic ear, she,s the best wan fur the joab.

Christening went well it was a lovely day and enjoyed by all who attended, its nice when family gets the gither on these occassions.

Hope both mags an jakka are feelin better, take care ladies , an dae whit the dr tells yi., as fur me ah,ve goat the physiotherapist this afternoon , this knee is still playin up.
keelie gal
Morning folks its a coffee fer me then off to work ,Betty those physio's are sure good the woman who i see for my hand is great even if she does leave me aching afterwards you sure can feel the benifit so good luck with it today glad you all had a really lovely day at the christening yesterday there's nowt better than getting all the family together eh biggrin.gif
Physio just screened me today, still waiting on x ray results, BUT he did give me a stick to help take the strain of my leg, [wisnae too happy wae that] huh.gif but I,ll give it a try to see how it goes, its only temporary until its decided if I will need surgewry or not.

Jist anither wee hiccup in the circle of life fur me, no the end o the world, yi cin get quite nice walking aids if necessary. biggrin.gif Anither wee fashion item fur me tae think aboot.
Just think what you can do with that walking stick Betty if someone gets in your way give them a poke or a whack round the knees if they get in front of you in line for a bargain. I'm not saying you should be agressive but sometimes............................. laugh.gif
rolleyes.gif Aye Elma think ah could find many handy uses for this new fashion item o mine

My daughter said when she saw it "thank god yi didnae huv that years ago ma" biggrin.gif
Time to go beddybyes rolleyes.gif stay good
Missed you by an hour Betty and it seems everyone's left already. I hope the therapist can help you with your knee - and soon. I wasn't too happy about using a cane either and I'm still not but I have to admit it can be a big help when the streets are icy. Take care Betty.
Good Night Betty ,I'm just going to make up some breakfast pizza .I'll leave them in the fridge and whoever is in first in the morning can pop them in the oven .I just love the smell of bacon cooking .Goodnight All I'm off to bed .
Oh Betty ah've always fancied a walking stick ye'll look that grand. smile.gif Can ah get a wee shot? Ye can swagger through they shoaps an kid on yer a dancin' teacher an stamp it oan the floor when somebody annoys ye. wub.gif

Jakka gaunni gies wan o they pizza fur ma play piece?

Ooops Mornin' all.
Melody ,hope you got your bacon and egg pizza .My crowd love when I make them for breakfast .
Had a nice quiet day today .I didn't have to go out .It snowed off and on all day so it was nice just to stay at home and relax.
Betty I hope your knee is feeling better .
I'm off to bed now ,goodnight all ,sleep tight .
Ah never did get a pizza Jakka. sad.gif Mornin' all. smile.gif
Well ah only had three...em...definately only wan....they wur aw still there when ah left...

Mornin' Everybody biggrin.gif
Afternoon all, waitin tae get chauffered tae the supermarket, things no too bad the cane is helpin me . Its amazin just how much.

Noo that am headin fur the supermarket , god help the wan that gets in ma road rolleyes.gif This is the trial run fur hopalong betty biggrin.gif

Lee [g/son] says " dont push yir luck up here or am leavin yi" he,s ma chauffer so ah better behave masel[ that,ll be a first] lol
Go Betty Go.......... laugh.gif
keelie gal
Aye Betty im sure ye will find lots of good uses fer yer cane laugh.gif lets hope nae body jumps in front of you in the queue or they will know all aboot it
Betty ,you can get some really fancy canes you know .Make a fashion statement .You never know you might start a new trend .
Hi Keelie ,how are you hen .?
Going for a nice long soak and then bed .I'm still pretty bruised and sore so I've been taking things very easy .I can't help but laugh when I think of the sight I must have looked going arse over teakettle off the treadmill laugh.gif .My lassies and I have had a good giggle .Mind you I wasn't laughing when it happened .I cried like a big wean when I got up to the flat .
Goodnight all ,sleep tight .
keelie gal
Hello Jakka im fine thanks how's yerself hope you are feeling better biggrin.gif Well folks started my driving lessons this week i was dead nervous at first but once i got started i really did enjoy it ,well apart from a big lorry pulling out behind me and i nearly had a fit laugh.gif a wee slight hic up got my next lesson booked and im determined to get my self on the road only wish now i had done it years ago but as they say its never too late to start well must finish my cuppa and get ready fer work so catch you all later x
Afternoon all Jakka have checked out the latest in ladies walking canes, some really fashionable ones on show so made the phone call , got a very nice lady who was most helpful, so made the order and should be in possession of my trendy cane by tomorrow. Its no vanity wae me as a member pointed out to me because thats someone full of their own ego, its just that I take pride in how I look and this I do with dignity, sure ah dae catherine biggrin.gif

Keelie good luck wae the drivin lessons go with it girl you can do it.

Jakka hope youre awright efter yir wee mishap guess aw that hurt wis yir pride rolleyes.gif

Saw the doctor this mornin results from xray show that I may need a knee replacement so waiting for appointment to see orthopaedic specialist, but am no in a hurry fur that , nothin is gonny stop me fae goin tae las vegas in june so that will have to go on hold
Gaun yersel betty....I think that's fabulous and sucha positive outlook.
Gies a description of the Cane, no the Kane....ah know that wan laugh.gif

Keelie keep at it pet. Ah mind ma first lesson was along fae the boyfriends house {at the time} in Anniesland...Youngs Drivin school....ah think ah put years oan the poor man in the first hoor.
He took me doon an oan the roundabout at Yoker....cripes ah couldnae get aff it an went roon an roon aboot eighteen times..two of us were near throwin up anna wis crosseyed!
Course ah couldnae move for laughin at the end of one does....but ah think he wis a nervous wreck laugh.gif
Wis three years over here before I sat the test again and never looked back {which Geoff says is somethin ah should do occasionally now ah think of it..wunner whit he means?}

Jakka ahm away tae read back, whit happened? Ye fell aff a Treadmill?

Meant to say lovely to see ye Boots xxxx
You had me going there Catherine, I can just see you going round and round that roundabout. Ask Chookie about the Toronto Airport round-a-bout, or maybe you shouldn't, I still want to be her friend!!!!! tongue.gif laugh.gif
keelie gal
Hello Catherine im in stitches here laughing thinking about you going around that roundabout aoot 18 times laugh.gif that probably the kinda thing i would do aswell i havnae tackled a roundabout yet but no doubht he will have it on the cards for me next time and i will be laughing thinking of you ,well folks its Friday im looking forward to this weekend got alot on so should be an interesting weekend ,up early today its my day off so i have Blossom comming round ,gonna walk into town with her and get Euro's for my son's trip to Barcelona he leaves on sunday so im gonna treat him to some extra Euros so he can treat himself out there,he only asked if he could take my good camera with him ....aye that will be right so its a trip to boots for a disposable one for him wink.gif
Guest Isobel *
Hi all is me Isobel. Back from the beautiful Caribbean. Don't have my password waiting to hear back from Martin. Be talking to you all soon. I can see I have lots to catch up on.
Here I am in here again and the fire near oot .Where is everybody?.I brought a wee cerry oot .I thought we could have a wee sing song .I'll put the kettle on and make up the fire and maybe somebody else will come in .If ah fall asleep in the chair ,jist give me a shake .Fires lovely ,my eyes are drooping ,think I'll just have a wee snooze . sleep.gif
Here Jakka, wake up and help me put up the birthday decorations before Betty comes in! I've got a banner, balloons and flowers with a big cake filled with chocolate and cream. I put a little table in the corner for cards and any pressies anyone wants to leave for when Betty comes in. Oh I'll just open up this bottle of red to help us unwind while we're decorating.
hi jakka im dolkin im from maryhill glasgow staying in glasgow still just noticed ur from scarborough in ontario ive been there isnt there a golf range in scarborough could be wrong been to kitchener also i have family in guelph and also played golf in maryhill next geulph
Hi Dolkin,
Welcome to the boards .You've come to the right spot to meet new friends .
I have lived in Scarborough for just over forty years .We do have a couple of driving ranges and at least four or five public golf courses plus a couple of private ones .You'll have to come back and try a couple .
Tammy ,I've got some nice streamers and I picked up some nice flowers .I brought the makings for my" Knock Out Punch "so we can all have fun after that .I've got a new recipe for white chocolate fudge so I'll whip up a batch of that .The place looks great .I'm glad I caught the coal man .The bunker was empty .
Happy Birthday Betty ,Many Happy Returns .
cheers Jakka
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