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Got up this mornin snaw, went back fur another hour , goat up again rain, an aw the snaw washt away. huh.gif Typical glesca wearher, headed off tae bingo , did ah win "naw" back poorer than when ah went. But enjoyed the game and the patter rolleyes.gif . Dont know aboot the rest o yis, but this comp. is runnin awfy slow an am no a patient wummin. Will look in later
Hi Betty ,glad you mentioned your PC was slow .I just changed servers and didn't know if it was them or just my PC.I was just about to phone them about their service .I'll wait a few days and see how things go .
I brought in some nice hot pies and peas .Anybody fancy one ??? .I'm gonny start without you .Betty do you have any HP sauce???
I think I just heard a coalman shouting .I'll see if I can get him to drop a bag for us .A big blaze up the lum is just what we need on a day like this .
Ok guys just a quick drop by to say cheerio thanks for all the good wishes in the weather site. Honest I will think about you when i'm sipping ma long cool drink on the beach.Be good nooo dont be getting up to anything out of hand while am away.Oh Jakka felt sorry for you reading that you had to go out yesterday, hope all went well.Its like a winter wonderland here. Beautiful to look out at and see all the trees covered with snow.But gee if only somehow I could wave a wand and remove it all from the driveway. See you all in three weeks. Good luck at the bingo Betty.
Abig roarin fire, pie an peas wae plenty o vinegar. You,ll get the hp oan the topshelf jakka. Put anither lump o coal oan , love tae see the blaze o a coal fire. Isobel enjoy youre holiday [ lucky you]. While youre gettin a tan , me an jakka will be gettin tartan legs sittin at this fire rolleyes.gif
glasgow lass
Aye ah'll be there to betty and jakka sounds jist what aha need the day, two pies please and can aha have the oot siders, a'll bring the cream puffs and home made apple tarts , got some hot custard to ,,, hope aha can keep it warm for yooz , but we can always heat it up at bettys place.
glasgow lass
laugh.gif Isobel I hope that you have a lovely time om your vacation, jist think, nae merr snaw tongue.gif
Hi you lot ,I hope I do get fireside tartan ,it'll hide the veins laugh.gif .
Begining to see through the snow .I'm glad I don't hiv' tae go oot till Monday .Scary ride in the taxie's yesterday .At one point I thought these drivers probably had never seen snow or freezing rain never mind driven in it .Me and my darlin' just sat in the rear seat ,belts on and holding hands saying a wee prayer we'de make it home safe and sound . laugh.gif
GL I'll have one of your custard tarts .That and a wee cup of tea will just hit the spot .The pies and peas went down a treat so something sweet will just top things off .
Betty, just saw the pictures of Caleb and he is absolutely gorgeous. Haven't been on this
page for a few days so am just catching up. Your son looks as proud as punch. Enjoy!
Here Jakka ye probably werr a lot safer than ye thoat in that Taxi considerin about hauf the Taxi Drivers in Toronto are Qualified Doctors an jist cannae afford the Canadian Medical Exams to practise in the country.
Ah think the other hauf are Engineers...they could probably build us a hoose oan the side laugh.gif
Stay where ye are though pet, if it's no snaw then it's thae puddles that ye don't know are there till ye put the foot doon an end up wae waater haufway up yer leg!

Wunner who's gettin up wae the Caleb boy the night, wee darlin biggrin.gif
Shirley Ann had to go back to hospital yesterday, post natal day care. Her blood pressure is sky high .Arrangements have been made for a midwife to check on her at home on a daily basis.. Shirley ann has 3 sisters who are helping out with Caleb, who is doing great.

The pie n peas went doon well Jakka , is there ony custard tarts left?
Thats the boy in fae the dancin , so noo ah cin rest easy, canny sleep till ah know he,s home safe n sound. No matter what age you still worry aboot them. rolleyes.gif Gonny try and get some sleep good nite all zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Night Betty, time you went to your bed. I just had another wee go at the driveway to get rid of the snow----my neighbour is a wonderful person but he actually mounds the snow at equal height on both sides of his driveway, as far as I am concerned just getting the darned stuff off is good enough.
Quiet oan here off tae watch telly huh.gif Boards missin friendly faces
wee mags
hi everyone I jist stoped in for a minute tae say hello it freezing here as well but nae snow yae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! laugh.gif
I too just popped in checking messages have sent yhje address mags byeeeeeeeeeeeeee
glasgow lass
Hi betty the photies of the baby were jist great, hope they are aw doing well. smile.gif
Hi Betty ,I hope Shirley Anne's BP came down .Poor lassie's been through the mill .
Hope there's only blue skies ahead for all of you .
Hi guys,
Jist wis ower at Winnie's therr...watched the Canadien/ NYR game earlier....cripes mags how come we went fae 3 nil tae 5/3 for the Yankees ? Great game mind you.
'Course Jakes aw chuffed cos he's goat Jimmy's New York Rangers Jaiket laugh.gif

Bucklin doon here, weans chicken wings doonsterrs an faithers oan the rack wae the spice...personally ahm lookin furra guid book laugh.gif
Well I finally got in here but it's takn me three hours and noo you're aw awa an ah wiz lookin forward tae a wee chat. Guess I'll just have tae be patient. I'll make a wee cuppa an sit awhile just in case soeone comes by. Congrats Betty on the arrival of Caleb. I haven't found his picture yet but I'll go looking once I finish my tea.

I hope I can meet up with all my old friends soon.
keelie gal
Well hello Boots xxx great to see you online wit a lovely wee suprise just sent you a wee pm to say how much we have all been missing its a big shout fae betty's room china and sending that wi lots o love im gonna put oot the red carpet fer ye doll and some nice wee blue ribbands fer i know thats the kinda welcome oor betty n Jakka and the rest o the gang wid want
fer ye ,but i can always fly doon tae greggs and get ye a wee strawberry tart or a flies graveyard but best of all ye will get a rerr wee cuppa tea and a good blether hen we have missed ye xxxxx wub.gif
Hi boots ah wis oan earlier but no a friendly face in sight , so telly got the vote. The weans pics are oan page 702 on this thread.

Jakka things are looking better for Shirley Ann saw her today and she,s a bit brighter. Latest discussion is the christening, think that,ll be within the next few weeks. Another excuse for me to go shoppin wub.gif
I'm so pleased to hear Shirley Ann is doing better, Betty, it must be a relief to both you and Paul, she'll have to take it easy for a while.

Oh Betty, a new outfit and a hat for the Christening, eh?? Didn't think you needed an excuse to go shopping, but this one is special. smile.gif

Great to see Boots popping in, we have missed her, hope she gets back in again soon.
Morning all have a nice day biggrin.gif
wee mags
good morning all ,jist stopped in to say Hi ,Iam having ma wee grandson the day so there goes wee mags .he is getting to be such a wee boy now .oops I have to go I hear a wee voice sayin "Granma Where are you?",catch up later wink.gif
Good Afternoon Everybody biggrin.gif

Board is still awfy slow for me so ah hope ah'm no missin' anythin' important...laugh.gif

Lovely wee surprise there....hope that means you and family are back to better health Boots...
Boards ,s awfy slow fur me too too slow ohmy.gif
glasgow lass
laugh.gif Java the only thing that youve missed is me complaining about how slow the doards are,,so nothing special hen tongue.gif
Just checking in here before I hit the hay .Boots if you come in again ,I'm sorry I missed you .I've started another table cloth so get quite engrossed in my stitching .
Betty ,I was glad to hear Shirley Anne is feeling a bit better .It must be hard for her wanting to devote her time to wee Caleb and not being able to .Hope she continues to get better and everything can go ahead for the Christening .
I'll no stay for a cuppa ,I've had a long and busy day so I'll just say goodnight to you all .
And I,ll just say good afternoon too busy to stay also
keelie gal
Hello all boards are still awfull so eh sad.gif takes forever to put a wee post in eh! Betty is that you away shopping for your christening outfit ? well i have stuck the kettle oan so anyone fancy a wee cuppa come right in the fires on full blast and the homemade cheese scones are baking in the oven and they smell delish just wit ye need on a miserable day like this eh wink.gif
hi betty, iam a new commer to this and i am finding it hard to use it right. everytime i try it comes back unsuccseful. i am hoping i have got it right this time with a bit of luck ,you are right the weather is terriable, but hears hoping it will not be long till the good old summer time. that sounds like a que for a song
keelie gal
Welcome to the boards corrigan keep at it it takes a wee while to get used to it but once you do there will be no stopping you as there's nothing to it ,its just finding yer way about now ye have found bettys room feel free to pop in anytime fer a wee blether biggrin.gif
Welcome corrigan always a welcome mat an a cuppa tea waitin fur all who pass through here. Cosy chattin anaw you,ll find when they aw drop in. Enjoy the boards therrs aye plenty goin oan oan GG.

ps when yir first in yi put the kettle oan rolleyes.gif
just to brighten things up
Off tae slumberland zzzzzzzzzz
Welcome to these boards Corrigan .As Betty says first in puts the kettle on .She forgot to tell you ,you'll have to take your turn of the stairs .Bucket and pipe clay are under the sink .
There's usually a nice wee treat in the press and the Provident man comes about seven on Fridays .Come on in ,make yourself at home ,hope your a wee bit daft it helps on here sometimes .Off tae ma bed ,Good night all .
keelie gal
Morning All woke up today and it's a lovely dry sunny day no rain or gale force winds YooHooo biggrin.gif so im having my porrige then its off out for a nice walk into town fer a wee scoot around the shops see if i can spot any bargains but will be taking ma brolly with me just incase wink.gif
Keelie, while you are in town, can you look for some nice wee cream cakes for our cuppa? Oh I wish we still had City Bakeries but Gregs are good too. Let me see, how about some pineapple cakes? Got my teeth watering here, could sure go one right now. Jaybee

QUOTE (keelie gal @ 6th Feb 2008, 09:41 AM) *
Morning All woke up today and it's a lovely dry sunny day no rain or gale force winds YooHooo biggrin.gif so im having my porrige then its off out for a nice walk into town fer a wee scoot around the shops see if i can spot any bargains but will be taking ma brolly with me just incase wink.gif
Mornin all....Never mind the pineapple cakes Jaybee, go see if ye kin fun me a nose coat cos ma nose is aw skint here wae blawin it
Folk are takin wan look at me an givin it the totally groass ooeth look.

Anither day in dodge here, snaw up tae ma shooders an ahm jist aboot tae go an shovel ma front door steps....AGAIN!!!!!
Ye get right fed up in the winter sure ye do.

No tae worry, Geoffs lovin his new job, took Max oot last night an got him a new perra boots.
Wee sowel came in yesterday an his feet wur soaked, an here wis he no two sizes bigger when ah goat him measured....cripes mother of the year NOT here, felt terrible so ah did an not once did the wee thing complain....thoat he wis walkin a bit funny the last wee while mind you laugh.gif

Made me think mind you when we were drivin home, there ah wis, 70 dollars lighter in the poaket, and it made me realise jist how we get the next thing now wae nae waitin.
My memory tells me when we were gettin any kind of clothes or shoes that it was always a planned trip, sometimes weeks tae go afore the big day.
Nae wunner weans nowadays don't really get the Anticipation about things....yet....if Max hud been me he'da been walkin aboot wae wet feet fur a that's no right either....yet.....ah cannae minda walkin aboot wae wet feet either for any length of time...y'no!

It's a hard wan right enuf laugh.gif
Been a lovely day here , sunshine an huvnae needed the heatin oan yet. Done trhe trolley dash , so supplies are in once more. Jaybee dont frighten corrigan away yet we;ll brekk her in lightly re. the sterrs. rolleyes.gif See melody an Angela still absent huh.gif
keelie gal
Well ladies had a great wee day oot shopping bagged a few bargains aswell,mainly ones for my wee blossom i canny walk past a baby shop now without buying something for her rolleyes.gif but i did get my self a lovely emarald green jacket and matching shoes so im happy went into markies and bought a cumberland pie and lemon cheesecake fer oor tea tonite so its quick and easy just the veg tae peel so its a doddle walked for hours today so gonna go and put my feet up after dinner and take it easy as i bought myself a good new book so i canny wait to get ma nose into it its called sadie and its about a lassie growing up in the east end of glasgow in the swinging sixties its a true life story so its ma kinda book biggrin.gif
Keelie that sounds like my kind of day, enjoy it laugh.gif Must look out for that book sounds good to me.

As usual making my late night call , before retiring for the night, Did,nt make bingo tonight athritis acting up something awful. So rested up and try to get out tomorrow. Hi melody missed you , but understand rolleyes.gif
So long farewell I bid you all adieu
Going to shut these eyes so blue wub.gif
Oh betty, it wizny me that mentioned the stairs, honest....but she can take ma turn any time she likes....wanted to go to bingo today but it is a blizzard here anaw Catherine. Maybe some of our Aussie friends will take a loan of our winter for a wee while. Day ye think? Naw, there no daft. Jaybee
Morning all .Bright sunshine this morning .Tons of snow around .Don't have to go out till later this afternoon so maybe the streets will be clear by then .
I could murder a cup-a tea .I brought some bacon rolls in ,couldn'ae pass the wee shop when I smelled the bacon .There's enough for everybody .Oh! lovely a big roarin' fire a good cup of tea and a lovely bacon roll .I'm gonny sit back and enjoy this .
Afternoon ladies, still cold here but dry, .Athritis is playin up somethin awful, never even made the hairdresser thevday. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Jakka ah cin smell they bacon rolls fae here , keep me wan rolleyes.gif

Apoligies tae you jaybee, must huv goat mixed up , but corrigan never came back , wonder if she,s goat loast , we,ll keep the home fire burnin fur her .
Hope it won't be long till you get some ease Betty .It drags you down ,sure it does ?.
Well we got dumped on with snow again .Sure has been a bad month and we're only a week into it .Just as well I live in the condo and don't have to shovel it .I've got chocolate Digestive biscuits and I'm going to make a nice milky coffee .Anybody want to join me ?.I'll put the milk on low till I see if anybody comes in .
Don't know what's going on with my PC .My cursor is jumping all over the place .Maybe it's telling me it's time I was in my bed .Good night ladies .
keelie gal
Jakka that wee cursor jumping all over yer screen was telling ye tae get some shut eye laugh.gif well ladies it was my first day back at work today and i cannot begin to tell you how good it felt to be back and judging by the tips i got today i was missed by my regular clients ,my boss took me for a nice wee pub lunch as a welcome back which was nice she tells me that so many folk kept asking after me and when i was comming back ,after we got back from lunch she called me in to the office and passed me a large gift bag it was from my regulars over xmas who had dropped them into the salon for me so its feb and im opening xmas gifts lol ....guess wit wine and choccies just wit i needed seeing as all the stuff left over from xmas is now long gone and with valentines comming up i always do a dinner party for my china's so they will come in handy ,people keep asking me does it feel weird to be back after 10 weeks off ...naw i say it feels great biggrin.gif
Jist goes tae show what a nice foot print you leave oan the world Keelie. Ye jist don't know yer bein' nice, you jist urr!!! wub.gif
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