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Congratulations to Mum and Dad and especially to you Betty. wub.gif Isn't it great when it's all over and now you can relax. Hope everything is going well for the wee guy, let us know his name as soon as you can eh? Now I'm all excited too smile.gif
Brilliant, a boy. Just wonderful news Betty, Many Congratulations to you all. I'm just delighted here. wub.gif smile.gif Your prayers were answered pal.

It's infectious excitement Elma sure it is.
Congratulations Betty on your new wee grandson. What are they going to call him? It is such an
exciting time when a new grandchild is born - there is nothing to beat it.
Congratulations Betty, that's lovely news....biggrin.gif
Caleb John came into the world at 4.16am this morning weighing 7llbs 3oz, Noo am gonny try an get a sleep before visiting time rolleyes.gif Both mother & baby doing well wub.gif
Aw brilliant well done Betty, go and get a well earned rest now. wub.gif Congratulations again.
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz biggrin.gif
Mind let us know if they want a babysitter Betty....ah'll be dead careful, ah promise...
Congratulations on the birth of Caleb John what a happy time for this family glad everything went well smile.gif smile.gif
Angela Chick
Congratulations Betty thats wonderful news wub.gif and to the proud mum and dad. Love to you all.

Welcome to the world Caleb John. wub.gif

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Wonderful News, Congratulations Betty and a big to welcome 'Burn's Baby' Caleb John (wonder if he'll have your skill for poetry Betty biggrin.gif )

Our grandchild is due today but so far no news so doesn't look like it's going to be a 'Burn's Baby' after all.
Thanks to all who posted good wishes, This birth is a very special occasion for my family wub.gif

Georgia hope to hear good news from you soon wub.gif
Congrats to all the family. Nice names too, both Biblical names. Caleb means "bold" while John means "God is gracious". Welcome too Caleb John wub.gif
keelie gal
Congratulations Betty thats great news a new wee grandson to spoil eh! Welcome to the world Caleb John he was a good birth weight eh Betty glad to hear Mother and Baby Caleb are both doing well now you can go wet the baby's head noo Betty wub.gif
Congratulations to all, glad all went well and that you have another wee gran wean to spoil. Welcome Caleb John. GB
Great news Betty ,
You got your wish .Great to hear they are both doing well .Congratulations to Mum and Dad and BEST WISHES for a great future for the wee lad .
Congratulations betty.........wonderful news biggrin.gif
Give our love to Shirley Anne an Paul, Joanne's already been in and told me tae send ye congratulations too. xxxx
What a lovely name annaw, have a lovely cuddle when ye get tae the Hospital Granny laugh.gif
Congratulations Betty, and to all the family, wonderful news, just what you wanted a wee boy!!
a star is shining a wee bit brighter today! You'll have to cut down on bingo in case you are called to baby sit wub.gif You'll still be shoppin but now it will be Mothercare!!! Enjoy!!
I have passed on all good wishesmto Paul. I wont be going to the hospital till tomorrow, and then I,ll give Caleb a big hug from all qwellwishers

Was,nt sure about the name , it knocked me a bit when I heard it. Knew it was biblical , learned that from the film 7 brides for 7 brothers . where they were all given biblical names, thanks Ron for the info on the meaning of both names.

As most of you know why this is so special a day for our family , I have been on cloud 9 sionce seeing the joy on my son,s face . A sight I have,nt seen in over a year. And from info given me by catherines sister [via catherine] my daughter in law is also smiling , again first time in over a year.

Yes a star is shining brightly in the heavens and I know Jennifer is looking down and smiling also biggrin.gif

Off now for dinner and a celebration with familythen I,ll give Caleb a big hug from all qwellwishers
Wonder how Betty's getting on with all the celebrations? Such good news. smile.gif Wonder if the snow figures have aw melted? That was like old times last night in here, good fun. smile.gif
The snow figures are still there....slightly different shape tae whit they startit, but then aren't we aw...laugh.gif

Ah wonder if we'll get a turn at the babysittin....
Aye she'll let us babysit ah mean she knows we're aw sensible and sober. Sure she does?? laugh.gif

Have ye got yer blow torch at the ready Java, in case anybody else wants their statue done the night?
Hearty Congratulations Betty, brought a lump to my throat, am so happy for you and your family.

Caleb John, may he be blessed with Long Life and Good Health!
Oh Stratson, the very wan ah wis lookin' furr.....whit size'a ballet shoes wid ye be? How many layers oan a tutu wid be good fur ye?

And don't think ah've furgoat ye said ah could babysit wee Zak....laugh.gif
They'll no let us we've been talkin' blow torches again. unsure.gif
see....ah knew ah'd blow it....laugh.gif laugh.gif
laugh.gif We'll need tae take up somethin' safer before they'll let us ah think. unsure.gif
I know I don't come in to Betty's room , but just heard the news and wanted to add my wishes on the birth of the beautiful wee boy,

Congratulations to Betty and her family , I am sure he is a joy to all of you after the past year or so .

Betty ,if you let Java Baby sit ,you might no get him back. biggrin.gif
Whit naw....ah wis gonna say knittin'...but maybe needles an stuff.....laugh.gif
Ah considered that masel even crochet but both involved sharp things. huh.gif Mibbe bouncy castles?
Or rocky horses? aboot rocky horses, that's a wean friendly typa thing....unless ye've a wean that's fearty horses.... unsure.gif
Angela Chick

If ever a couple deserved to smile again its your paul and shirleyann, wub.gif no doubt you will be wetting the wee fella's head tonight im very happy for all of you.

A dont think any of us would get a chance at babysitting this precious wee baby. laugh.gif
well definetly no melody or java for babysitting
Babysittin ?ladies want that in writin wub.gif slightly inebriated here , but happy. You have all been very kind in youre sentiments, and lennox you takin timr oot fae yir packin thanks, in return ah,ll try an order up calmer weather fur yir arrival.

Noo java an melody who.s the bouncy castle an rockin horse fur ? methinks you ladies are returnin to chidhood days. rolleyes.gif

Still a few glesses o wine left in the boattle so ah,ll sleep the night. Honestly I have had very little sleep in the past 24 hours, phone husnae stoapped ringin an ftiends calling in . Everyone has shared in this wonderful moment with us. It has certainly put this year off to a great start for all of us. The joy a baby can bring is a wonderful experience and no-one deserves it more than Paul and Shirley-ann. Thanks members my heart warms to you all and tonight you are all in my prayers
For You My Friends[size="4"][/size]
glasgow lass
biggrin.gif Hi betty sorry Im late with my congratulations and best wishes to you and your family,,Im delighted that you have a new joy in your life, a beautiful wee baby boy.
wee mags
Well Betty sorry I took so long to wish You and your family all good wishes, wub.gif Iam glad he is here safe and healthy and what a lovely name .
It's good tae hear good news, hope baby and maw dayin well. wink.gif

Oh, an Granny tae biggrin.gif
Good night folks am flat out , its been a long day, but an unforgettable one wub.gif
Good feeling in here again .Just took a wee baby to make us all reach out to each otherlike old times.
Long may it last .I've spent more time on the boards in the last couple of days than I've done in the past couple of months .
I'm just going to make some nice wee angel cakes and we can all have a wee glass to wet the baby's head .Maybe we can have a wee sing song .Toora loora loora . rolleyes.gif
What a lovely and unusual name Betty. May he have long life and happiness. I am sure he will with all the love surrounding him.
Angela Chick
Afternoon all,

Betty enjoy seeing Caleb John as im sure you will, wub.gif can just imagine you all falling in love with him.

Have a great weekend everyone. biggrin.gif
glasgow lass
Hi betty, the name Caleb is a popular name were I live, some of my friends have called their children Caleb, and another popular name for boys is Nathen,,aha think that they are both very nice names biggrin.gif Lass
Spent time today with my new g/son Caleb ,and he is a beaotiful adorable baby wub.gif And what a mop of black hair he has even has sideburns rolleyes.gif He is gorgeous
Shirley Ann,s blood count is low so they are staying in hospital for a few more days, hopefully by monday all should be well
Betty pal ,
have your feet touched earth yet ???.Love the name ,will he go by the full title or just Caleb ??
Can't wait till you post a picture of this very precious wean .
Hi Jakka he will be using just Caleb I think, oh jakka he,s gorgeous, I took a pic of him with my phone , but will need to ask Lee to put it on the board for me I,m no that clever. We have been celebratin since friday m and as you say I think Iam back on planet earth.. Shirley Annis having blood pumped into her , poor thing she looks drained, it was a long labour and then finally having to go to the theatre, Another few days in hospital will do her the world of good, she needs the rest.
If ah sit here much longer the papers will be poppin through the letterbox rolleyes.gif , Been spending time on here researching the name Caleb. Mhg I was,nt sure of it at first but now I agree it is a lovely name. Hebrew origin
Just noticed boots logged on . Welcome back hope this is a sign that things are getting better for you healthwise rolleyes.gif
That's funny Betty, when I logged in I saw Boots' name there and I thought, where can I send her a message. Of course in Betty's room where else. biggrin.gif

Hi Boots, lovely to see you back on board, hope thing are turning for the better for you, we have all missed you. wub.gif

Love the name Caleb Betty, he sounds a gorgeous baby, I love to see a newborn with a lot of hair, mine all had especially my daughter.
Mornin all Elma got a pm from boots she is a bit better, but after her absence she is and the changes on the board she is a little bewildered , but she,ll get there in the end. Its nice to see she is able to post again. Thanks for comments on the name.
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