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Full Version: Change In The Weather
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ohmy.gif This terrible weather has got me thinking , are we going in the wrong direction by cleaning up the planet, i wrote a thread about a climate change meeting i had , about how we can all help the planet , with one example being saving on electricity, but as someone who has been on the planet for more than sixty odd years , i can clearly remember that in my younger days the scientists were stating that the industrial revolution had polluted us that bad, that we were heading for an ice age , they were still proffessing this as late as the 70s, now if you listen to the people of the green ilk they will assure you , yes we must stop the harmful emmisions in fact they are so sure they remind me of the people of religion who have the same confidence in what they tell us, but all i can see, as a poor unintelligent auld guy is that the more we clean up the worse the weather gets, is there anybody out there who thinks the same as me , in our discussion please be open minded and if you have any thoughts different of the scientists of to-day then lets hear it
Enrique , Last week on the weather channel , they where saying that
the earth is more polluted today than it ever was during the industrial
revolution , also it takes 100 years for pollution to dissipate from
the atmosphere , so I guess because we keep polluting , we will never
have clean air .
I did read sometime ago that scientists have known all about the
dangers of pollution as far back as the 1940s .

Who knows ,, Maybe that is the main reason for the space programs
to find more planets for mankind to destroy .
in the name of progress and of course wealth .
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