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Full Version: Did You Live In Easterhouse 1960's
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Hi i would love to hear from anyone who lived in auchinlea rd 1960's.I lived at no 26 in the bottom flat We were a big family name of BURNS,my ma was called jessie dad frank I'm christine there was 8 of us. i can remember some of the familys in our close the strangs, the cottors douglas family who had a daughter marion we were good friends well most of the time lol the breens the hollywoods also lived in the close My family moved to london when i was 12yrs old i went to garthamloch secondary school for a short while I now live with my own family in leeds my parents have both passed away do you remember us?
Crissy, I don't know your family but your name amused me as my mum's maiden name was Burns and her Christian name was, Christina.
My mum, Christina Curran nee Burns had eight children and she had a sister Jessie Burns. smile.gif
My mum's family the Burns, were from Kilsyth.
crissyb there is a site called Raised in Easterhouse and proud of it, you might find something there. We lived in Errogie Street and Duntarvie Rd during that period, Funnily enough there was a boy in my class called Frank Burns and he lived in Easterhouse. That was St Pauls
Hi beth i have an older brother called frank burns cant remember which school he went to he's in his 60's now
Hi heather we have quite a few things in common its uncanny my mum jessie had a sister called christine thanks for your reply.
criccyb I am 62 and it is a good chance if he was catholic, he is the guy who went to school with me. I posted a fotie on Friends reunited but if you think this might be your brother I will re-post here
Hi Beth no my brother wasn't catholic and he is a bit older than you. never mind might eventually find someone who knew the burns's thanks anyway.
Does anybody remember the Hutton family from Easterhouse. I was friendly with Cathy in the 60s.
My mum's family lived there They were Murphy although I' m sure she said number 14 We are trying to trace a friend of my uncle William called Tam Ferguson.
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