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Full Version: Where In Glasgow Are You From?
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Whether it was a long time ago, a short time ago, you're still there, you miss it, etc. Please tell the boards whereabouts in Glasgow you came from originally and maybe even a wee bit about the place.

wee mags
I came from Maryhill, Guthrie street to be exact,I left in oct 1958,came to find fame and fotune ,but guess whit a found?nae fortune,and ma fame is four weans awe grownup biggrin.gif
Lived in Pollokshaws, from 1953 - 1957, then Shawlands Cross from 1957 - 1964, then moved to Thornliebank from 1964 till present day, stayed here in various parts of Thornliebank from 1964
maggie wilkie
born possilpark 1952 .lived maryhill then drumchapel now live knightswood
George Muir
Born 1936 in Sussex Street, off Paisley Road West near the toll and Gray Dunns Biscuits. Started off married life at 97 Shields Road. Came to Canada in 1968.
Born springbank st maryhill,at queens cross.Then family moved to easterhouse.Didnt see of much of easterhouse as all my pals were still in maryhill.Worked at installing lifts and travelled all over doing that from inverness to london, belfast and newcastle being my favourite places.Came to canada in 67 and lived in ottawa ever since. lovely city ,great place to live. Also a jags supporter having grown up right next to firhill and my uncle,bobby henderson played goal for them ....thats you up to date .....andra
Born in Rotton Roe Hospital
Raised in Dennistoun
Moved to Ruchazie around 1954
Came to Canada in 1973
Still here dry.gif
Born 41 Adamswell Street, Springburn
Moved to Possilpark when I was seven
Emigrated to Rochester, New York, USA in 1948
Moved to Fairfield, Connecticut in 1960
Raised seven children. most of them living in other states
Hello all.........Born in South Side 1932. Lived at 147 Moffat St until about 1946, moved to Edinburgh and came to Canada 1956. Now live in beautiful Victoria, B.C.
Also meant to mention that I went to Our Lady & St. Frances school in Charlotte St and would love to hear from anyone else who went there !
Born Neilsland Oval, Old Pollok 1944.
Moved to Potterhill Rd Pollok 1947.
Married 1966, moved to Whitburn West Lothian.
Left for Australia 1970. Still here.

Stuart Macfarlane. Wifes name Jean.

Invented in Brigton in 1938
Dragged to Priesthill kicking an screamin in1947
went St Rabs and then St Mary's Sec Calton
Transported to Aust in 1961
Still here an lovin it !! tongue.gif biggrin.gif
Posted by jessiemac

Born 1931 s/side, moved to househillwood pollok to the country side, small housing scheme then,, hardly any shops, one little wooden school, for all greeds,such fun bluebell woods & ancient crookston castle to explore, belonged to mary queen of scots husbands family Lennox, we thought the caretaker was mary queen of scots granny!she wiped our skint knees,,there was black hills, a brick work, very dangerous, we played & stole the coal if possible,also the red hills& darnley, & near barrhead a great dam to swim & glenifer braes, we'd climb & rolled down, these were all" away for the day" adventures, mum made pieces & bottles of water.. we walked far past farms, 4 farms in our area, the farmers sold my family fresh eggs, butter, the wife came selling homemade scones, pancakes& buttermilk ,also hay for hen huts, war declared, we start to keep hens,for food & eggs. Going towards city there was 2 golf courses, must have been for the wealthy!! Then we were evacuated to castle douglas to a farm so my whole family went to safety, back home again we go through , war & live in our anderson air raid shelter most of the time, terrible!! then the housing scheme grows& we get archie millar& gibbson Ol'coot & many other wonderful neighbours, wed 1955 live Oatlands, back to H/Hwood,1964, then Santa Monica CA,1976 still there cool.gif
)Born in Shawlands lived there till I got married. Loved Ice Skating in winter at Crossmyloof Ice Rink and dancing in summer when they lifted the ice. On Sundays after church used to go to Leons Cafe for a double Nougat and meet with friends. Can still hear Tram Cars rattling along by Shawlands Cross . Left Scotland and lived in England for seven years before coming to Brisbane Australia where I have lived now for 36 years but the call of your roots is always at the back of your mind and boards like this one rekindle happy memories.
born in southern general one parent came from drumoyne other one still missing he once lived in paisley road west with a renee ewing was/is an electrical engineer in his 50s 60s had dark hair with slight stutter plump any info would be great thanks james smile.gif
I too spent some time growing up in Shawlands, and yes I remember the Ice Rink very well, Leons cafe, Waverley cinema and going there on a Saturday morning to the "minors", Im sure it cost 6d to get in, also the Queens Park, and the Embassy and Elephant cinemas.
born in southern lived drumoyne and paisley road west you dont know any thomsons from preisthill a james thomson? any info would be great thanks james
Grew up in Pollokshaws 1951-1962 moved to Govanhill emigrated to Canada 1969 went to Sir John Maxwells(Wee Pollok) then Shawlands Academy Worked for Shinwells Curzon Shirts in Torrisdale st then the Merchant Navy before moving to Cobourg Ontario Canada smile.gif
Born 50, Golspie Street Govan, moved to corpy house in Cardonald. Married childhood sweetheart 1954 and emigrated to the Land of Oz 1969 with the wife and five bairns.
born in Pollokshaws, 1953, moved to Shawlands in 1957 and stayed there until 1964, moved to Thornliebank in 1964 and still live near the area.
Born in Kinning Park - Paisley Road West - 1946. Actually I was born in the Southern General. Went to Lambhill St. School both Primary and Secondary. Worked in R.A. Peacock & Sons, Ibrox '61 - '64.
Got married in 1964, moved to England in 1967 - four of my children live in Suffolk, one in London and I moved to Saudi Arabia for work in 1991 - still here. Just bought a flat in Glasgow for my retirement in 2006. Looking forward to coming back to my roots!!
Peter Kelly
Born in Oakbank Hospital and from then on, "lived?" at 23 Airdrie St, Cowcaddens until 1961 when, my life was changed forever.

And to day, I still regret never having had the thrill of experiencing "High tea at La Scala" and, still live in hope that some day, somewhere around this ever shrinking globe, someone reading this note, will have had experienced the exicitment of munching little cakes and scones and sipping tea while sitting at a small round table with a tiny light on it and smugly, watching Qua Vadis on the movie screen. And, when remembering the muffled sound of a tea spoon politely stirring the two lumps of sugar in the tea in a bone china teacup, be willing to share their treasured moment with us.

Let Glasgow Flourish

See ya,

Peter Kelly
Born in the Southern General in 1949. Lived on Burghead Drive until I was four when I moved to Gauldry Avenue in Cardonald. Attended Mosspark Primary and Bellahouston Academy. I remember playing in the cemetry just behind Lourdes convent, also having so much fun running around in the big field. The field is all gone as years ago they built a college there. Also used to play down by the River Cart with ma big brother. Left Glasgow in 1972 for Andalucia where I taught in a bilingual school. Later, moved to Virginia, then back to Spain, then once again moved to the U.S. where I still reside.
pollok lass
Hello I am from lyoncross Rd in Pollokcame to Canada 1966.I lived near the 50 bus terminal just down from the shops i worked in Hawkhead Hospital,Ella Harris
Steak Lorne
>This is your life theme tune<

" Steak Lorne, this is youuuur life !! "

" You where born at an early age .... " laugh.gif

Born in Howat street Govan 1970, moved to Govanhill when i was 6, moved to Toryglen when i was 11, stayed there, left Glasgow at around 27, travelled the world, now living just outside Bristol, in a small coastal town called Weston super Mare

last time i was back "hame" was in April, for my wee girl's 8th Birthday. I do miss the place
oor mery
G'day all smile.gif I was born in Castlemilk, Bogany Terrace...lived there until ah was 6. Ah can still remember the bluebell woods at the end of the street...magical smile.gif Moved to Possil (Stoneyhurst Street) in 1963 and left for Australia in '69 when ah was 12. Ah reckon ah'll be in Marvellous Melbourne for eternity noo....and loving it. Have great childhood memories though.... and one day ah'll get off this big island and go back for a visit!!
biggrin.gif An a g'day to you Mary welcome on board I still live in the dear green place (eastend) an luv it tae bits . You'll enjoy on here their the best o tartan
cheers fae glesca betty2
Archie Millar
Born in the workmans dwellings in Bridgeton--moved to Cowglen Rd Househillwood in 1938-lived next close to Old Coot (Duncan Gibson)-moved to Carnwadric in 1948,then to Colinslie Rd old Pollok when we got married then to Hereford with my firm in 1961
Born and brought up in Gilshockhill/Maryhill went to a school up there then went toEastpark secondary. Finished my apprentiseship as a electrician got married lived at Kirkland st Maryhill. Went to the army for my national service got demmod, moved to Carradale st in Partick then moved to Ontario/Canada smile.gif
Born Penilee 1947,...moved tae Elderpark St Govan in 67 ...on to Priesthill (Muirshiel Cres)...about 1970 ..(but don't quote me)..then moved to my wife's home town Hartlepool,shortly afterwards, hung the monkey and moved to lancashire in 1978..where we are today,our four daughters and eleven grandchildren all live in the same area .... Life is what you make it ..I've had a great time.. wink.gif
Was born in the Glasgow Maternity in Nov 27th 1938, raised in Clydebank, went to Toronto in 59, came to the States in Jan 67, been here ever since!
Served an apprenticeship at Singers Clydebank, 54 through 59.
born in Shettleston then moved to Carntyne, 1958 saw me moving to the States and been here ever since smile.gif
wee anne
biggrin.gif born in sydney st in the calton left there when i was 12'moved to Ruchazie'left Ruchazie at 21 to come to canada been here 36yrs but go home every 2 yrs and love it everytime.
peter harte
born in the suffering general govan 1934.12 years later moved to south pollok
lived there throughout my teen years into my early twentys then moved back to the govan area got married moved to golspie st govan then on to toronto canada lived here just over 40 years.served my time as a welder.served2 years in the royal sigs was 1year in kenya in you know as much as i do PH
Born in 310 Carntyne Road, lived there for 16 years, moved to Parkhead, then Shettleston, attended St Marks Schools, moved to New Zealand 1972, spent two years in Australia, and now live back in Wellington, New Zealand.
biggrin.gif Hi Anne Harrison ( Maclean) don't know where I was born but I think I went to Priesthill when I was 2. Lived in Priesthill Rd untill I got married in "65" then moved to Allison St in Crosshill, then to Kenmuir st in Pollokshields, then moved to Livingston, Cameron Way & then Barclay Way, then we moved to Perth Australia in "82" and have been here ever since and have never been back to Glasgow, love it here but love all the stories on this site. Anne
Born 1944 in Rottenrow Maternity
Lived until I was 8 in Sandyfauld Street, Gorbals then moved to Barlanark. Went to St. Bridget's in Baillieston then to Charlotte Stree. Left Glasgow in 1964 went to U.S. for a year then to came here to Canada in 1965. Still here.
Born while living in Alice St. Oatlands Glasgow 1962
Then to Househillwood Glasgow in 1964-1976
Lived in Santa Monica Ca 1976-1990
Living in Scottsdale AZ 1990 until present
I don't rmbr the Ailce St house but have many memories of househillwood. I never thought I could love the desert so much, but I do! Been back to Glasgow a few times & I love it
Marion Dougan
Born at the Mosshouse in 1944. Moved to Easterhouse 1961 a think] dry.gif Came to the States in 1969. Have two sons, Jim and Craig, one Grandaughter Haydan 10 yrs. old. My hubby Bob was born in Maryhill, went to N. K. At present in Charlotte N.C.
Iwas born in Stobhill hospital a long time ago tongue.gif came to Canada as a baby lived in the same place til I married and since then have lived in 14 different places since across Canada and once in Germany.Now retired and settled in a home for 10 years. I canna believe I'm no packing up and moving as it seemed that all I've done. wink.gif
Born off Victoria Road, Queen's Park. Moved to Eglinton Toll (Maxwell Road). Attended Pollokshields
S.S. School. Left for Canada 1959. Still go back for fact, organised a school reunion
which will take place in September '03.
Still miss the old Green Place, the fish suppers, the mountains just up the road......but especially
the people.
Awrabest, Glesga!!
Born off Victoria Road, Queen's Park. Moved to Eglinton Toll (Maxwell Road). Attended Pollokshields
S.S. School. Left for Canada 1959. Still go back for fact, organised a school reunion
which will take place in September '03.
Still miss the old Green Place, the fish suppers, the mountains just up the road......but especially
the people.
Awrabest, Glesga!!
Born 1943...Parker street Whiteinch...Parker street made way for the tunnel and the family then moved to Drumchapel..Kinfauns Drive.
Another move this time to Knightswood..Atholstane Drive.
Married 1966 an lived for five years ....Waverley Gardens Shawlands.
Now living Neilston.... Fieldview cottage, Kirkton road.
Fieldview cottage
Margaret P
Born in Cowcaddens 26 Sawmillfield st 1943 moved to Priesthill in 1952 42 Shilton dr left for OZ in may 1961 still hear Adelaide South Australia smile.gif
I was born in Denniston in 1956 lived in Barmulloch, then moved on to the following places,
Springburn, Maryhill, Provanmill and then back to Barmulloch.
Then moved down south to sunny St Neots in 1973 and have been here ever since. I went to North Kelvinside Secondary and Albert Secondary, anyone else go to the N.K. or the big Albert?
Hi all been a while since I was here and found I had to reregister, anyway I was born in Rolland St. maryhill then we moved to Grove street in the cowcaddens,then I got married and lived on Dobbies loan also cowcaddens the rest of the family (ma and da and sisters and brothers) all moved to possilpark and I moved to Drumchapel with my ane weans then onto Croftfoot before I emigrated to America where I now live. looking forward to getting to know everyone
Hi tutu welcome to the GGBB lets be hearin more from you we like to extend a friendly welcome to our new members biggrin.gif
Lived on Prince Edward Street near Queen's Park left in 1957 for Canada.
Attended Cuthbertson Street School

Noticed Deana's post - we lived in same area.
Arrived in the front bedroom, Lennoxtown in 1962, at seven in the mornin...Wis the wan an only time tae date ahv been early fur onythin laugh.gif Mums still lives in the same hoose! Came to Canada in '87, love it, still love goin home anaw biggrin.gif
I spent the happiest years of my life in Glasgow when I was doing my training at the Royal 65-69.
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