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Full Version: Where In Glasgow Are You From?
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Some of you know my last name is Dempsey. My older siblings lived in a tenement in the country, it was there becasue of a defunct coal mine.
It was near the Forth & Clyde canal in a place callled Mavis Valley. About a quarter mile from Mavis Valley was Woodside Terrace better known locally as the Big Pit. Sadly, that area is now under a tip. Mavis Valley was between Bishopbriggs and Lambhill. Six months prior to my birth in 1948 the family moved a scheme in Auchinairn, we lived there for ten years until at various stages the family emigrated to Canada. My older brother was visiting the area a few years back and decided to knock on the door. The fellow was gracious and upon chatting my brother found out the name of the occupant was named "Dempsie" unsure.gif
Rond,my sister stayed in auchinairn for a few years, beech road just across
the road from a school.her childrens grandparents still live in auchinairn.
was that not strange,the people living in your old house had the same name as yourself.
Whether it was a long time ago, a short time ago, you're still there, you miss it, etc. Please tell the boards whereabouts in Glasgow you came from originally and maybe even a wee bit about the place.

QUOTE (Conni @ 29th Jul 2003, 07:02 AM) *
Also meant to mention that I went to Our Lady & St. Frances school in Charlotte St and would love to hear from anyone else who went there !

my mum went to charlotte street her name was helen mcdermott then
We moved from the Gorbals to Castlemilk in 1958. We all now live in Australia. My sister and I were home for a visit and went up to Castlemilk. We took our video camera and filmed our close and zoomed in on the verandah of our old flat. A few months later my mother was home and she went up to Castlemilk too. She took photographs of the close and the back. Two years later my youngest sister, her Australian husband and her sister-in-law were all in the UK for a vist. They went up to Castlemilk. My brother-in-law has the video camera on. My sister is giving a commentary with her best posh voice "oh! isn't everything lovely" etc. Anyway, the new tennant in our flat came out on the verandah. My sister says (in her posh accent) "hello there, why don't you wave? This movie will go back to Australia with us". The woman says (in her Glesga accent) "ur yoo wan ai they Kelly lassies"? "Why yes says my sister". "Whit de ye think this is? A f--*** monument? F**^^ aff and take yer camera wai ye".

My sister was mortified in front of her husband and sister-in-law. When my mother, my other sister and I all saw the footage, we went into hysterics. I don't know what was funnier, my sister's reaction, her posh voice or just what the woman said.

Ah Glesga, ah luv it.
Oh I am still laughing at that one May.When I went back to Ruchazie a nice young man came out and was anxious to know why I was taking pictures ,when I told him i used to live there he could not have been nicer.
mibbe the folk in Ruchazie are nicer than some in Castlemilk Isobel laugh.gif

My husband comes from the East End. He went into a local pub with his video camera. There was a mass exodus out the back door. He turned to his brother and said "whit's happened?'. "ye moron" said the brother " get rid ae the camera, they probably aw think ye're fae the social".
annie laurie
Hello May,

That was so funny, the tears were running down my face, laughing
You discribed it very well I could just picture your Sister trying so hard to be nice and polite as well

As you said only in Glesga eh?
Luv it as well

Whenever you feel down just watch that Video,
Robert Downie
I was born in July/1944 at the Millbrae Road Nursing Home, in Shawlands. My Mum, Dad, & Brother Tom & I lived at 1057, Pollokshaws Rd., until we went to Southern Rhodesia from 1948 - 1950.
Then, on our return we lived in Shettleston, Kilmacolm, Pollok, & then at 5, Mossview Quadrant, right beside the Moss Heights Flats in Cardonald.
Attended various Schools, including Mosspark Primary, Albert Road Academy / Pollokshields Academy, & finally Bellahouston Academy.
My Dad taught at Allen Glens School, until we emigrated in 1963 to Pugwash, Nova Scotia. I then moved on to Ottawa briefly, & finally settled in Toronto in Dec./ 1965.
In 1967 I joined Canada Immigration [ & also Married Jean ] until I left in 1987, to become a self-employed Canadian Immigration Consultant. Now live & work in Oakville, Ontario, & we have 3 x Sons, & 3 x Grandsons.

Would like to hear from any old buddies at (
Robert [Bob] Downie
I lived in the Gallagate then moved to a new scheme called Ruchazie and from there I moved to Coatbridge and from there I moved to Fife where I am now. biggrin.gif
penny dainty
So yer a wee Fifer noo Slimer ?Welcome to the boards mate.
I`m no a wee Fifer according to the Fifers laugh.gif every time I open ma gub they say....Oh! your from the west? rolleyes.gif

and thanks fer the welcome by the way.
According to my Birth Certificate I was born in Glasgow Maternity Hospital on 8/2/1950. At that stage parents lived in 47 Nethan Streeet in Govan but later moved to 25 Fruin Street in Possilpark and then, around 1955-56, to 17 Airgold Drive in Drumchapel.

Went to St Sixtus school, starting at the Annexe on Ledmore Drive then to the 'big school' on Kinfauns Drive and then back to another Annexe on Airgold Drive, opposite Camus Place School.

Remember lots of names from street and school in Drumchapel, but have sadly lost contact with the 'Oordrum' site which gave me my first contact with Drumchapel when I decided to explore my Glasgow Past !

Moved to Austtralia in 1960 and have spent the years from 1970 teaching throughout New South Wales. Now living in Lake Macquarie are, near Newcastle in New South Wales, and hoping to hear from a few contacts from those days in Glasgow.

Love to see some replies in Glasgow Guide in the future !

Tom Brown
Did you know the Murray's 25 Fruin Street Tombro? smile.gif
laugh.gif Hi Ramie welcome to the boards hope you enjoy them laugh.gif
QUOTE (jannymac @ 28th Jul 2003, 08:45 PM) *
Lived in Pollokshaws, from 1953 - 1957, then Shawlands Cross from 1957 - 1964, then moved to Thornliebank from 1964 till present day, stayed here in various parts of Thornliebank from 1964

Nice to meet another 'Queery'

I was born in Pollokshaws, Tracy Street and lived in Nitshill, Pinmore St, then Priesthill, Lunderston Drive. A Pollok man born and bred.
QUOTE (GG @ 29th Jul 2003, 10:45 AM) *
Posted by jessiemac

Born 1931 s/side, moved to househillwood pollok to the country side, small housing scheme then,, hardly any shops, one little wooden school, for all greeds,such fun bluebell woods & ancient crookston castle to explore, belonged to mary queen of scots husbands family Lennox, we thought the caretaker was mary queen of scots granny!she wiped our skint knees,,there was black hills, a brick work, very dangerous, we played & stole the coal if possible,also the red hills& darnley, & near barrhead a great dam to swim & glenifer braes, we'd climb & rolled down, these were all" away for the day" adventures, mum made pieces & bottles of water.. we walked far past farms, 4 farms in our area, the farmers sold my family fresh eggs, butter, the wife came selling homemade scones, pancakes& buttermilk ,also hay for hen huts, war declared, we start to keep hens,for food & eggs. Going towards city there was 2 golf courses, must have been for the wealthy!! Then we were evacuated to castle douglas to a farm so my whole family went to safety, back home again we go through , war & live in our anderson air raid shelter most of the time, terrible!! then the housing scheme grows& we get archie millar& gibbson Ol'coot & many other wonderful neighbours, wed 1955 live Oatlands, back to H/Hwood,1964, then Santa Monica CA,1976 still there cool.gif

My granny lived on Househillwood Road, opposite the school. I remember the Dams in the fields behind Nitshill on the way to Barrhead and the farm. I don't remember the war cos I was only -13 then. Wasn't born til 1959. The golf courses are on the Barrhead Road going to 'The Shaws.' Pollok Golf Course on the left and on the right Cowglen if I remember right.

Happy days eh?
QUOTE (stratson @ 10th Jan 2008, 11:50 PM) *
Did you know the Murray's 25 Fruin Street Tombro? smile.gif

Sorry 'stratson', I don't have too many memories of my time in Fruin Street as I was only a bairn at the time. I do remember we lived on the ground floor but, after returning home from my Granny's in Anderston (obviously a Saturday Night) to find some b****** had broken in and stolen the money from the gas/electricity meter, I think we ended up moving upstairs.

I do remember we had a cat called Sheila and also the 'leathering' I got from my Dad after becoming involved in a swearing competition with another kid from our close. I think his name was David or Davey ! I also vaguely remember an alleyway or tunnel to the right of our close that led to some vacant ground behind the tenements and that was also where local teenagers would do their 'winchin' !

wee tricia
Hi Isobel, were in Ruchazie did you live, my husband moved from Dennistoun in 1957 to ruchazie Bankend street stayed ther until we married in 73.his surnmane is Mullen
Tombro, I remember your mother, a stout built lady, also a "bairn", no doubt yourself. You were next door to my brother Jack,& his wife Anne , both deceased. Oldest child Jacky and sister Janice would be bairns then. All their family now reside in Bishopbriggs and Springburn.
Four of my brothers went to Australia 1952. One of their daughter's teaches in N.S.W., biggrin.gif
wee rosie
QUOTE (nachonovo @ 16th Dec 2006, 12:25 PM) *
Hi i was born in househillwood ,Glasgow in 1966 then moved to Nitshill then to Milton then to possil then to Helensburgh and now I'm in London . househillwood was a great place to grow up through the seventies and eighties a very close community until drugs came and ravaged the whole area. So hello to any of the old friends from househillwood and Nitshill if you were there in the seventies and eighties you will surely know ME and my family. so hello and Hope you all had a great life and may it only get better.

Hi i grew up in househillwood in the 70s and 80s i thought it was brilliant growing up their until as you said it was ruined by the drugs and that . i got out of the place when i was 18. came to london as much as i had a brill childhood their i havent looked back. Anyway i probably know you i knew everyone their. my family where from hartstone road. Hello anyway
QUOTE (wee rosie @ 14th Jan 2008, 12:14 AM) *
Hi i grew up in househillwood in the 70s and 80s i thought it was brilliant growing up their until as you said it was ruined by the drugs and that . i got out of the place when i was 18. came to london as much as i had a brill childhood their i havent looked back. Anyway i probably know you i knew everyone their. my family where from hartstone road. Hello anyway

My granny lived in Househillwood Road and we lived in Lunderston Drive. I used to know the Murrays from Hartston. Did you know the Penders from Househillwood Road?
Come from Menock Road -my old man wanted to be from kings park i think but to be honest this was croftfoot bordering the chateau de lait. We lived in the first western heritable house just after the bus stop opposite ashcroft. I loved it around there -2 mins from the park -five mins from Robbs cafe -deliverd cream around croftfoot for a while as a cream boy -we lived upstairs and it wasnt until i was falling in love with the downstairs neighbour [schoolboy crush] that i realised how much noise our dog made -was in their house one day and somebody rang our doorbell -the commotion was deafening -barking and running around [not the neighbour, our dog!!] - i was so embarressed, i had to leave pronto -

Latterly moved to Mount Florida, Cumming Drive[what a name] just above the woodpecker tearoom and now live in Cumbernauld having flirted with uddingston on the way

I can't confirm or deny your memories of Fruin Street and I wouldn't even think of trying to.

We lived at Fruin Street for about five years as far as I can guess and moved from there to Drumchapel. In 1960 we emigrated to Australia.

Mum and Dad (Peggy and Joe) are now dead but my older brother (Joe as well) is still living in Sydney.

That I'm still living is a bonus in this world and I'll just keep looking and looking on the Internet for more memories of my past !


This note is for Martin. I went to the beginning of this topic (2003). Was this after the crash and we were starting all over? I wonder how many of the original GG members are still posting?

Wee Mags posted the web site for the lovely town she lives in. This was nostalgic for me because I often visited Norwalk. It is two towns over from Fairfield and located on Long Island Sound.
This is the official site of Georgetown . I have lived here since 1975. Beautiful little town .
Hi Wee Tricia I lived at 5 Claypotts Road.I knew a family from Bank end Street their name was Corrigan.Does that ring any bells.The mother was Bessy, she was very friendly with my mother/
born 1966 belvidere hospital then brought up in maryhill springbank st queens x then maryhill rd facing eastpark home then craigmont st maryhill then at age 9 in 74 moved to gilhill st gilshochill till 99 and then blairdardie were i am today my mother moved to fingal st in 99 after 25 yrs in gilhill st
QUOTE (DOLKIN @ 8th Feb 2008, 01:52 AM) *
born 1966 belvidere hospital then brought up in maryhill springbank st queens x then maryhill rd facing eastpark home then craigmont st maryhill then at age 9 in 74 moved to gilhill st gilshochill till 99 and then blairdardie were i am today my mother moved to fingal st in 99 after 25 yrs in gilhill st

I had a couple of friends that lived in Fingal street it was a good street to,Alice & Billy Little he was an ambulance attendant at stobhill & she was a manager for the maryhill coop.
wee tricia
sorry Isobel Corrigan dose'nt ring any bells names he remembers are the Stenhouse's, McGinnagle's, Kennedy's they all lived at number 35 Bankend Street. The Stenhouse's moved to Rutherglen.
John McLaughlin
QUOTE (May @ 4th Oct 2004, 11:32 AM) *
I was born in Lennoxcastle Hospital in 1950. We live in Caledonia Rd until 1955 when we moved to Ballater St. I attended St Lukes school. We then moved to Downcraig Rd Castlemilk in 1958. There were lots of fields and we thought we were in the country. There was a farm at the edn of Downcraig Rd and I remember running home to tell ma mammy "guess where milk comes from, and it's no the dairy?"
I got married in 1968 (36 years ago tomorrow) and moved to Calder St in Govanhill. We moved to Australia in 1970 and still live in Sydney. We have 2 sons and 5 grandchildrem with #6 due in January. My husband comes from Barrowfield and lived there from 1945 until we got married.

I was born in Lennoxcastle Hospital in 1953. It is a myster to me why. My parents lived in Scotstoun, so how I came to be born in Lennoxtown remains unclear. I now live in Cornwall in the South West of England and have done since 1982. As both my parents are now dead I would love to know why my mother was sen almost the other side of the country to have me.
Hi All, born at 321 Caledonia rd in 1959 family moved to easterhouse (struie st ) 1961 stayed there until 1970 moved to gallowgate (rock bank st ) and then moved back to easterhouse in 1972 (denmilne st ), i stayed there until 1976 were i moved to southern england were i managed to find work (only for 6mths )when i got back to easterhouse i couldn't settle so went back down to england and i'm still here,
My parents moved to baillieston 79 i think ( still there today ) i used to go home a lot at first , but i haven't been back since 1993, most of the family have moved to differant parts of scotland and some moved to canada, i still find myself thinking about glasgow (as you do ) and keep saying i will go home , but living next to the sea most of my family tend to come to me for holidays, but hopefully i'll get back home soon.
Born in Possilpark, lived on Mansion St. off Balmore Rd. Now in Ontario, Canada still miss Scotland!!
hi,i was born in edinburgh (sorry) and moved to garrioch rd. maryhill when i was a few months old.lived there 20 years.i was fond of the la scala cinema,but never saw anyone taking tea on the bacony. i always wanted to ,but never felt brave enough! (peter) live in the highlands now,but always think of glasgow.
QUOTE (Peter Kelly @ 29th Jul 2003, 11:54 AM) *
Born in Oakbank Hospital and from then on, "lived?" at 23 Airdrie St, Cowcaddens until 1961 when, my life was changed forever.

And to day, I still regret never having had the thrill of experiencing "High tea at La Scala" and, still live in hope that some day, somewhere around this ever shrinking globe, someone reading this note, will have had experienced the exicitment of munching little cakes and scones and sipping tea while sitting at a small round table with a tiny light on it and smugly, watching Qua Vadis on the movie screen. And, when remembering the muffled sound of a tea spoon politely stirring the two lumps of sugar in the tea in a bone china teacup, be willing to share their treasured moment with us.

Let Glasgow Flourish

See ya,

Peter Kelly

I too was born at Oakbank Hospital,(1962) lived in Cleveland Street then Buccleuch Street then W. Graham Street then Copland Place then Holmlea Road and now I am in Aberdeen. Still miss Glasgow as there is no place like home.
Well Weegie ,while I can't lay claim to having tea at "La Scala " I did sit in the balcony and was able to see "The Posh Folk " having their tea .My you did stir up some grey cells there .I was there with my intended ,fifty years ago .
Thanks for the memories .
Guest rita *
Born in Montrose, then to Bailieston, that is were I grew up, the best time of my life

welcome rita i know who you are, glad you found the sight, in case you're wondering its me ria
Hi Gemini,
I wonder if you can help me, I spotted one of your posts from a couple of years ago, it was about a song with the lines : a pal must be a pal forever
someone to share, each little care
may the one you love be always side you
if you need a friend I'll be there to guide you
cos a pal must be a pal forever
and you've found a pal in me.

I wondered if you had any info about the song ie: singer etc as its a song I'm trying to find for my sister in law.

I would be grateful for any info you could give me
you can email me at

Thanks for your time

Hi Dave sent you email but it came back but received your pm this a.m. sorry I couldnt be more helpful. smile.gif
Born on south side, West St 1946, moved to Springboig, then Canada in 1957
welcome sarasgran to the boards laugh.gif
Guest Steve *
Born in Waddle Street 1954 then moved tae the milk, fae there back doon tae the gorbals, (Norfolk Street) then tae Kinning Park (Seaward Street) opposite the bondie, when a wis aboot 14, went tae (wellll noo and again!) Our Lady & St Margarets, first joab wis wae Galloways the butchers,Paisley Road West, a message boy wae wan oa they big bikes wae a basket oan the front, many a sore pair a can tell you! a big 3 and 10 bob a week! then Robert Edwards the butchers in Admiral Street (1969) a massive 5 a week, moved tae his shoap in the gallogate..." The Tappit Hen" wit a time there...but thats a different story.... if you any o the above drap me a line will be great tae hear fae ye!
Lived in McKechnie St,Govan from 64 to 75 and then moved to Riverside in Govan.Moved away to England in 85.
ken ross-milligan
QUOTE (Isobel @ 29th Jul 2003, 03:04 AM) *
Born in Rotton Roe Hospital
Raised in Dennistoun
Moved to Ruchazie around 1954
Came to Canada in 1973
Still here dry.gif

hello isobel.
i lived in Ruchazie, left myself in 73 , went and joined the green machine, best move i ever made ,
i lived in dunnotter st , what about you ??
Graceie G

Whene I was about 11 we moved to the royston rd I lived there till 1973. thats

when we whent to Hamilton New Zealand ,Iam still here
Hi Ken I lived at 5 Claypotts Road. Then in 73 came to Canada been here ever since.I visited Ruchazie last July when I was home I could not believe all the changes my building had been taken down .Little block houses stood where I once lived. It actually looked much better I thought. Have you ever been back?
Hi, I was born and raised in Arden, went to St. Louise Primary, most of my pals went to Arden Primary. Arden was a great housing area with the shops only a stones throw away...Galbraiths, Cochrans (did I spell that right?) George's Newsagents and a few others and of course there was the "chipie", High shop, Wool shop and the Doctor's office and one must not forget the Pub wink.gif Most, if not all, are gone now. I moved to Pollokshaws in the early seventies, left Belarmine Sec in '73 and went to work in the Cohen's factory which was right accross the street from my high flat. Left Glasgow in '75 for New York and then Florida.....joined the US Air Force in '79 and 8 years later settled again in Florida...still here sweating my brains oot! I can't wait to fly into Glasgow this summer, am getting desperate for a sausage supper with pleanty 'o salt 'n vinegar. biggrin.gif
Lynn Robertson
Hiya born in lived in baillieston, age 3 moved to easterhouse then pollockshields road then age 5 to kelvinside then age 6 to kelvindale. age 21 moved to Luton and now residing in Toddington Junction 12 M1!
I dont remember much about baillieston, and all ma memories of easterhouse are of the smell of burning rubbish! pollockshields road a swan bit me over in the park when I tried to feed it grass (the legal kind) and kelvinside and kelvindale i love.
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