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Full Version: Cally House School Near Dumfries
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I found the following great video while researching another topic. I thought it might be helpful to give it its own topic.

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Does anyone know anything about this residential school for Glasgow schoolchildren evacuated tot he south of Scotland during World War Two? Anyone know a relative or friend who attended the school?

A look at Cally House, a wartime evacuation school established by the Glasgow Education Authority in Gatehouse-of-Fleet. Cally House was wartime evacuation school in Galloway and was Britain's first local authority co-educational boarding school for senior pupils.

I found the following story from Billy Murray, who was a Glasgow school kid evacuated to Cally House in Kirkcudbrightshire in 1939.

On the 2nd September 1939 I was evacuated from Glasgow and placed in a farm on the Solway Firth. At the beginning of November 1939 I was moved to become a residential pupil in Cally House school. The school was orignally owned by a brewery family and was taken over jointly by the education authorities of Glasgow and Kircudbrightshire to house the evacuees from Glasgow. It was a mixed school of two hundred pupils, equal numbers of boys and girls, at the time I was 14 years old. The school was well equiped for all our needs, it had it's own Chapel, medical wing and kitchen facilities. In addition there were good sporting facililtes available at the local farm and over the next four years our teams competed with the local schools. Almost all the school teachers were residential and they provided us with an excellent education during difficult times.

At the age of seventeen whilst still in school I joined the local Home Guard, as did about fifteen others from the school. One of the maths teachers was the local Platoon Commander for the Home Guard, the Gym teacher was a Company Commander for the Home Guard. The Home Guard was often called out to fight the heath fires in the hills behind Gatehouse. On occasions we were called out to search for enemy aircraft that may have crashed in the area, often the aircraft would be burnt out and we never found any enemy survivors.

In April 1943 I left Cally House school to join the army.

Hi All....I was there October 1950..Cant remember if it was for two weeks or four..Reset my Qually there to..There was a fast flowing river at the side and when we hiked to the top of the nearest hill the view was terrific..Jist a sea of snow capped mountains..Great memories.. biggrin.gif
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