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Full Version: Us Presidential Election
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As I type the TV is reporting the results of the polls. My reason for writing is that I find that there is a great reluctance among people to discuss whom they will vote for in the presidential election. Is this only true of the U.S.?
Not us we have had a Kerry/Edwards sign on my car for over a month, it's a bumper sticker, not on the bumper in the back window, we don't like permanent stickers on our car, we also usually have the yard signs.
I find it interesting that in predominatly Black area's there's a problem with voters whose voter registration's were not recorded, this stinks of the Bush/Florida situation, what are they doing, spreading what they did in Florida 4 years ago throughout the country.

I didn't vote at all this year. Hubby did.

Am I lame for not doing it? Maybe. But I have a theory. It's all rigged, the cheeze whizes are gonna put who they want in there no matter what little hole I punch on my card.

Does this put a gag on me? Will some people say, "Well Barb, you didn't vote, you have no right to complain if you don't like your Pres?"

I truely think the people lost their voice many years ago and reading the Constitution makes me weep because we are right back to the place our forefathers ran from.
Oh you better run afore bunty an August pick thersels up aff the flerr Barbara ...quick....while they're still in shock laugh.gif

Seriously,I tend to keep it to myself bunty, Geoff and I agree to disagree on Politics, but I'm right an he's wrong..he jist disnae listen to me so why bother.
One day he'll see the light God love him. Until then I'll argue a blackcraw white.
Thanks, August, for your comments. I drove into one of the many new sub divisions and every other house had a Bush/Cheney sticker. Didn't surprise me that he won Georgia. After all, this is the bible belt and he calls himself a born again Christian.
Catherine, when I lived in Scotland we had friends our own age over on a Sunday night and we would argie bargie about everything, politics and Home Rule for Scotland being a favorite. It was during the war and my mother's main concern, poor soul, was that she couldn't offer a cup of tea - rations, ye know. Although I ddn't like the format of these presidential debates, they told us a lot about the two men. John Kerry thinks on his feet and George Bush relies on what is written for him. And, by the way, who was minding the store while Bush was flying all over the country on Air Force One, which, incidentally is paid for with our money?
I am rooting for John Kerry as are many other Canadians. It boggles my mind how the American public does not get it. They are led like sheep by the Bush administration. Around the world Bush is disliked. I know he will be re-elected. The next four years will be rough. Americans wake up please!
Catherine is right I'm ashamed of you.

Aaaawwww shucks August don't be ashamed of me.

I'll give you a little example of where our vote went in this county a few years ago. On the ballot was the reversal of a car tax fee. The people passed it and then we were told that a judge dismissed it entirely saying it was not worded correctly.

What the people wanted and voted for was thrown in the toilet. Kinda takes all the fun out of voting.

I do appreciate everyones right to vote tho.

I'm thinking I meant the Declaration of Indepenence rather than the Consitution. We were to memorize the first part in high school. I'd almost forgotten.

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

Didn't make all that much sense when I was 17, but it does now.

August ............ wub.gif
August, although it looks like our choice wont be in the White House, I for one am proud of John Kerry. We had an intelligent, articulate man speak for us. He would have made a good leader.
What a strange Glasgow board . The U.S. elections ? Who cares . American politics are so bland . No leader with any type of p-ersonality . Neither one of them is fit to be president of one of their high schools , let alone their country . It is truly amazing that in a country of over 300,000,000 people the best they could come up with is two mediocre men of little talent and plenty of money .
Marion Dougan
Itsforu..... Alias?????? come on own up, yev'e bin here afore. Stop knocking the USA. WE HAVE ENOUGH O YER KIND OAN HERE, FIND ANOTHER BOARD mad.gif
Itsforu......your a rude pig mad.gif but hey, that's ok.

This is a wonderfull chat board with many interests, nationalities and basically just a grand group of people.
Resurrecting an old post not contributed to since 2004 but early this morning we witnessed the American Presidential elections and it’s being heralded as ‘a landslide victory’ for Donald Trump.

Trump wants to build a wall between Mexico and the US, he also wants to prevent Muslims from entering the US and he intends to repeal ‘Obamacare’ along with jailing Hilary Clinton over her apparent ‘email scandal’.

It appears that politics has taken a strange turn in the world we live, as opinion polls rarely seem to reflect the actual views of the electorate.

Do you think that Trump will make a good President?
What would itsforyou make of this ? ( Post in 2004)
My sister who has lived in America for 50 years said Trump could cause the 3rd World War.
She also said he is the type to press the Nuclear button.

I don't know who she finally voted for as she did not want either Candidate as President.
I think the Americn voter just voted their country out of American Democracy and into Authoritariansim

The United States of America is now the Divided States of Trumpland .
tottie ann
Time will tell how much he can change things in the USA all i can say is let him blow his TRUMPET for the time being
QUOTE (tottie ann @ 9th Nov 2016, 07:56pm) *
Time will tell how much he can change things in the USA all i can say is let him blow his TRUMPET for the time being

Scroll down .

Meanwhile tottie ann , the Canadian emigration Web site
crashed today due to the enquires from Americans regarding moving
to Canada because they don't want to live in America
with trump as president.

Come to think of it, there are probably lots of Canadians who don't want to
live any longer in Canada because Trump is now president of the USA.

Any suggestions , biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
My cousin who lives in West Virginia tells me that local folk are still walking around stunned at the result.
BTW my cousins name is Hillary! yes.gif
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