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Full Version: Pc Rathband
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wee davy
Such a tragedy, of monumental proportion.

PC Rathband just reported found dead.

We owe ALL our policemen and women such a great deal.
When one pays the ultimate price, it reminds you how priceless they are.

May he rest in eternal peace.

If ever a soul deserves a place,...

wee davy
How a life can be ruined by a disturbed individual in a matter of seconds. R.I.P.
Such a sad ending for a Policeman who went through so much after being shot in the face.

PC David Rathband was just recently back from Australia after visiting his twin brother Darren who is a Policeman in Australia. His brother said he was very worried about David' state of mind.

RIP PC Rathband.
In a former existence I was a PC. One night I was conducting stop-checks on all cars moving in my country area (Sussex) after midnight. During the night a car was stolen about 2 miles from where I was working. The next morning a PC approached this car in Reading, Surrey, and was shot dead by the thieves. I never forgot how close I was to being the victim. This poor officer carried a terrible load, but now he is at peace.
Its a shame to read about this poor man. As you say Rab you just dont know what can happen. I think the signs were probably there that things were going wrong for the man but who knows what was going through his mind or what could have been done to help him.
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