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Thanks for the help GG.

Well now.

It appears that Don Jr has implicated chump and his entire group by making public his incriminating eMail Stream.

A republican Senator has used the words “collusion” and “treason” on national television over junior’s eMail communications and meeting with russians.

This is indictable and punishable by a stiff prison sentence.

Previously denying russian contacts is perjury and is punishable too if not downright lying to america and the world.

Whether the newly appointed FBI Chief Wray has the ‘nads to bring charges to bear, is yet to be seen.

I hope investigator Bob Mueller has now had his eyes well and truly opened over these last revelations.

We all suspected there was fake news but the source of it now seems to come from the chump gang.

Anyway, by jumping in with both feet in an attempt to declare transparency, Junior has confirmed that he is at least as stupid as his father.

Implicating, Kushner and Manafort in the process, Junior seems largely unaware that he could end up in jail and taking others with him.

Hopefully, that will be the final outcome.

Oh and today, chump spews out more spin and misinformation that vlad the shirtless actually wanted
Clinton to win. What utter bullpoo.

There are no depths to which chump will sink to in order to prolong america and the world’s agony.

The G20 Meeting recently was re-titled to G19+1 at which chump was prettymuch ostracised and ignored.

Wonder if he’s undergoing therapy for that?

Oh the times, they are a changin’.

To quote Junior;

“I love it.”
Deserting the ship......

Rumour has it that the Attorney General is having ruptions with the WH and may yet take to his own gnome-sized lifeboat.

Sean Spicer, the inarticulate, stumbling WH Spokesperson has quit and has been replaced by Huckabee Sanders who is now queen bee(atch) as WH Spokesperson.
Spicer decided to quit over chump’s hiring of Anthony Scaramucci, a Hedge Fund Manager and previous critic of
Dumold Chump, whom he once referred to as ‘a Hack’ but has since been brainwashed into believing in ‘chump the messiah’. He is now the WH Communications Director believe it or not. Previous experience in politics is not a pre-qualification for WH Appointment these days, it appears. He’s also been at odds with Reince Priebus who is now
his boss. Must be a hot time at the WH Fur-flying Factory these days.

Also abandoning the WH Ship is the outside legal spokesperson. Perhaps they collectively sense that USS WH is starting to settle too much below the waterline for comfort.

Meanwhile, Bob Mueller, Special Investigator, is likely to start opening chump’s financial records and has subpoena’d
chump Jr to testify in front of the Senate Committee next Monday.

How does the orange blob take all this you might ask?

Well, chump being chump, directs his WH dogs-of-war to dredge up any and all dirt on Mueller and his investigative team, the reason for which as yet, we can only guess at.

Suppression, bribery, blackmail or coercion perhaps may spring to mind based on previous tactics.


In closing, I wonder how much Anthony Scaramucci’s brainwashing cost before accepting the CD appointment? Probably wasn’t a pre-condition so could have had it paid for under Obamacare.

Yet Obamacare lives still, despite chump’s efforts to kill it. By repealing it and not replacing it, chump will remove an evenmore staggering 36 million americans from being able to afford and receive healthcare and insurance.
He (chump) will never give up until all previous efforts of Obama are repealed and wiped off the statute books.
Summoning yet again, republican delegates by motor coach to the WH, to tonguelash and browbeat them into doing something about his continued healthcare plan FAILING and him looking bad, very bad. Tremendous.
THAT’S really how petty he is.

Questions to ask...

Has Spicer been legally gagged from speaking out about the chump administration (or lack of it)?
Will we see Spicer go work for chump’s cause by joining a chump-sympathetic news bureau?
Will there be a book deal in the offing?

Stay tuned.

Well ExPOW , I am hoping that the trump administration
abandons ship sooner than later ,
but I would not bet on it.
chump will hang on until the bitter (and it will be) end and so will most of the sycophants with him.

Scaramucci, nicknamed "The Mooch" has threatened to fire everybody unless the leaks stop.
(maybe he should caution messrs Kislyak, shirtless vlad and others into the bargain.
Oh wait....wasn't Kislyak recalled to mother country?)

Notice how the mooch echoes every physical move of the blob of his life?
What a turnaround that man has had since being appointed and it amazes me what such a person will do to get a paycheck and power.
Previously and publicly naming his now boss (chum) as a political hack and the CEO of the Queen County Bullies Club, from the mooch's
mouth directly that the sun now shines out of the blob's posterior and can do no wrong.
Since being in the job since Monday, he's only contradicted chump a couple of times and has issued his own fake news by being ill-informed,
has contradicted 'current policy' so I wonder how long he'll last.
I was struck by the mooch's initial speech to the media wherein he got several words wrong and mispronounced some others.
There's good communications directing for you.

Notice how the blob turns an address to the boy scouts of America into a campaign speech and how
parents of said scouts are outraged by their exposure to the blob's vitriolic attacks on whatever is currently
displeasing him?
Notice how the blob attacks garden gnome and once golden boy soon-to-be-former AG J. Beauregard Sessions
for having the audacity to recuse himself by law from the russian investigations?
Labelling the AG as 'beleagured', it is chump who's doing the beleaguering here.

Now that pence has tipped the vote to proceed with the healthcare debate, you'll hear chump crowing that he's winning.

Lastly, Kushner stated that he has always been forthcoming in declaring his financial interests.
Pity he forgot about declaring some $10.6 Million and his prized art collection into the bargain.

Events todate.

War declared between the mooch and his boss, Priebus.
Mooch accused Priebus of leaking mooch’s personal finance records when in fact
personal finance records are public property. Any excuse to discredit is being used.

chump loves and encourages this in-fighting.

The mooch, given to invective and anglosaxon invective is right up chump’s (back)alley in more ways than one.

Priebus sacked and replaced by new Chief of Staff Kelly who being an ex-marine has the guts you might think to take the mooch outside for ‘a brief discussion’ on etiquette when and if necessary.

In essence, the mooch is just another thug in the WH and when his star rises above that of chump,
look out for another firing.

chump has been warned that if he fires 8th dwarf, the current AG, there will be hell to pay and this by his own party too.

Meanwhile, chump’s fourth attempt at repealing, modifying or changing Obamacare has failed AGAIN.

Hey dumold! Don’t you get it?

Boy Scouts of america issued a terse note to chump although not daring to name him that his recent political
spin address at the Jamboree was inappropriate. I guess they’re not that happy with #45.

The ban on transgender in the U.S. military was solely generated by the hateful orange blob/bigot himself as The Pentagon was not consulted nor involved in generating that hateful order.

By escalating sanctions against russia over, get this, soviet interference in the presidential election, the WH has even yet failed to realise they’ve just admitted that vlad the shirtless and his pals were actually involved.

I.Q. as a prerequisite for qualification as a WH Staffer is not apparently an actual requirement for office.

Trump unfit for office .
Not only is chump unfit for office but Scaramucci "The Mooch" is too.

The mooch got canned today and I think that newly appointed Chief Of Staff put the boots to him as soon as he (Gen J. Kelly) was sworn in.

The foulmouthed frog-faced braggart is out.

Somebody's got guts in the WH after all.

'Semper Fi' John.

I'm thinking ExPow
that Semper Fidelis should also apply
to Trump , he could do with some lessons . biggrin.gif
By way of diverting attention from collusion issues,
chump is now venting his ire on Kim-il-YumYum.

If hostilities break out, it will be chump's last-ditch attempt to hold onto the reins of power and thwart those who
would have him impeached.

The ultimate diversion.

Sacrificing the peace of the world and all humanity in it over keeping control is a non sequitor for him.

He's much too stupid to let Peking arbitrate and settle Yu-Yum's hash.

Gawd help us all.
I'm afraid you may be right ExPOW. unsure.gif
Trump's evangelical adviser suggests NFL kneelers would be shot in the head in North Korea
Pastor says 'for President Trump this is not about race'

Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Dallas and a member of the US President's informal evangelical advisory council, said NFL players who take a knee in protest during the national anthem should thank God they don't have to worry about being shot in the head "like they would be in North Korea."

“When it comes to how we should deal with evil doers, the Bible, in the book of Romans, is very clear: God has endowed rulers full power to use whatever means necessary - including war - to stop evil,” he said.

“In the case of North Korea, God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong-un.”

Can't help wonder about good ol' down home christian principles

Ah might no' be at hame but, hey, Ah'm flying the Saltire in my German garden along with the Lion Rampant. tongue.gif

I think the biggest threat these days to world peace is not North Korea, but the good ole US of A because I think Trump is a dangerous man, and I also think he has surrounded himself with people 'advisors' who are yes men.
I was asked only the other day Carmella on an other topic if I wasn't a bit concerned with the rise of the new Neo Neo Nazi Party (it's like the Young Young Toi intit?) the Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) who've just won a seat in the German Parliament ... if that's no democratic whit is? rolleyes.gif
My immediate thought was ... Concerned aboot they bampots wi' 1 (wan) seat in a parliament when the good ol' US of A has an eejit as Commander-in-Chief wi a pocket full o' Nuclear Codes and he's havin' a "Ma wullie's bigger than yoor wullie" stand off wi' a Supreme Korean Eejit who's his mirror image an' Ah should worry aboot a haunfi' o' Neo-Neo-Nazis wi'pea-shooters in their pockets? ...

Click to view attachment

Aye,right ... as Alfred E. Newman said ...

Click to view attachment

I thought we'd come to a pretty pass back when a rich National Guardsman known as Dubya was CiC and only desperately wanted to make his daddy proud of him with his "Mision Completed" banner.
Now we have a rich numpty golfer, son a Scottish immigrant mammy, who simply must make his own ego proud of him.

In the words of Roger Waters ...
What God wants, God gets ... God help us all.
I said on here (somewhere) a while back that Trump has a huge ego, apparently he is a 'nice' man and very courteous, until you go against him or don't agree with his views, then you are firmly put in your place.

Someone like that to be CIC is a very dangerous person to be in charge, and I still maintain, he was voted in by people who simply did not want Hilary Clinton.
QUOTE (carmella @ 27th Sep 2017, 10:21pm) *
I said on here (somewhere) a while back that Trump has a huge ego, apparently he is a 'nice' man and very courteous, until you go against him or don't agree with his views, then you are firmly put in your place.

Someone like that to be CIC is a very dangerous person to be in charge, and I still maintain, he was voted in by people who simply did not want Hilary Clinton.

I'm not so sure about the american people not wanting Hilary
but I do think that having a newcomer to politics would finally
give the american people ,' in their mind , " a hero who would
put their needs first and foremost ' so Trump got the vote ,and
so far the only needs he puts first are his own .

My own personal thought on this pathetic excuse for a world leader
is that he should be fired from that position NOW, he is incompetent
and a more dangerous menace to world peace than North Korea .

It's all Puert Rico's fault anyway rolleyes.gif ...
If Puerto Rico had become the 51st state in 1998, the world would be unrecognisably different today. By population it would have seven electoral college votes. Assuming it gave them to Al Gore in 2000, he’d have beaten George W Bush 273-271. No war in Iraq, no domino effect from that, the US leading the global rearguard against climate change, and there would almost certainly be no President Donald J Trump.

Click to view attachment

A dependency is entitled to depend on the mother country’s help. The clue is there, cunningly hidden, in 'dependency'

I would like you to clarify something. In your post #363 you said,

"I was asked only the other day Carmella on another topic if I wasn't a bit concerned with the rise of the new Neo Neo Nazi Party".

I trust it wasn't me you were referring to? Your response to my post on the other topic gives me the impression it is me you are referring to.

My post made no reference to Neo Nazis.

This is what I said:

Hello Tomi

... Excuse me, but shouldn't you be more concerned about what is happening in Germany, the country you live in? I believe that since the results of the German election were announced, it has highlighted a resurgence in Nationalism .

When I used the term Nationalism I meant in the sense that many Germans were now concerned about the future of Germany. Hence many Germans had expressed their concerns regarding Angel Merkel's policy of opening the doors to People from the Middle East and beyond, by means of the ballot box.

Expressing concern for the future of one's country does not make you a Nazi.

Sorry for going off topic, but TeeHeeHee brought it up.

Danny Harris

QUOTE (DannyH @ 28th Sep 2017, 12:41pm) *
... Sorry for going off topic, but TeeHeeHee brought it up.

Danny Harris

Aye, it's fine Danny, don't let it bother you. rolleyes.gif

I think that my reference to the AfD being the ...
... new Neo Neo Nazi Party ... cool.gif ..

might easily have been seen as tongue-in-cheek regarding your ...
... it has highlighted a resurgence in Nationalism ...

... as one might be excused for wondering which other Nationalism might be of a concern to Germany when it occurs with such an implied resurgence. unsure.gif

But there you go.

But do try not to turn this topic into a long-winded he-said-she-said-you said-and I said- feature too. Danny.
Let's see if we can keep it simple and spiced with a wee bit of humour if that's OK. wink.gif
There is a documentary tonight on ITV AT 7.30PM "Trump vs North Korea: Could War Happen?"

I am hurrying to finish what I'm in the middle of to watch this - I think it will be interesting, though Tomi will not be able to see it, depending on what type of telly he has. I don't mean what make and model, Free sat, satellite or digital thingymaboab.
Unfortunately Carmella, or maybe not, we just have the bog-standard cable Kabel TV down in this corner of the world.
So with something like 62 channels of khahi to choose from we have everything we could need ... except what we might want rolleyes.gif
But as Sir Mick told us in song, you can't always get that tongue.gif
OK, I suppose I could dish out for Satellite or settle for Smart or opt for OTT but I'm cool with Cable biggrin.gif
Having said that, I would like to watch that show you mentioned out of interest.

I was laid back on the Rhein today with Bonnie and my Kindle and the only others sharing that lovely wee pure sand covered river-bank were a young father and his two wee lassies who were frollicking about at the water's edge enjoying a 25° heat that left Spain with 35° before it reached us. (All part of our wonderful democratic open border Euro system cool.gif )
One child was in her knickers and the other was skinny dipping. both were maybe around four years old and screeching and giggling as only such wee lassies can.

My thoughts went immediately to the two prize eejits hoging the limelight on the World Stage right now.

If I could have taken a picture, not very PC these days I know,of these Mädchen at play and sent copies to the Eejit in Chief and The Supreme Eejit and asked them both, "What About Us?" I wonder what either might have thought ... before binning the Bilder (photos)

The pastor of First Baptist, Dallas, Robert Jeffress, stated that God has endowed rulers full power to use whatever means necessary - including war - to stop evil but how does he know that God might not maybe see Trump as a right evil bostert and is using young Kim to excercise whatever means neccesary to stop that evil?
When I was deeply involved in Bible Study in my younger years I learned pretty damn quick that one could never assume to know God: He didn't like that and he saw everything on a different time scale anyway.

Of course I dispute the existance of such a diety today; and with every right as the Roman Catholic Church disputed the existance of our old Keltic and pagan Gods and Godesses (especially our Godesses - rolls eyes -) So I am also within my rights to despute the God-given endowment of such full powers as stated by the Right Reverend Robert to use whatever means neccessary and in their fervour prevent innocent wee lassies from dipping their wee toes in the Rhein this time next week or the week after that.

We've lived through all this Us & Them scheit before during the Cold War ... I thought that we'd maybe come to our senses now; which most of us probably had till Trump Time came along.

Click to view attachment

"What About Us?"
That's an innocent and happy picture of the lassies, at that age life is not complex, they are lucky not to see the world through older, and perhaps suspicious eyes and thoughts.

I like the Rhine, have been a few times with a friend of mine, she and I did a lot together but she died very suddenly last year - just found sitting 'asleep' in her chair. When I go that's how I want it to be.

Unfortunately, a lot of people will listen to the Pastor. I lived and worked in Dallas, and you know that is right in the heart of the Bible belt - a funny place America, all sorts of stuff goes on for such a 'religiously motivated' country with gawd feerin' folks, yet some of the most murderous and debauched individuals - go figure - I blame religion laugh.gif

I have Freeview, I don't have cable or satellite, so I get enough of what I need, but I like political programmes, debates. I bet that's evident.
That's a stock picture (Getty-images) of any two children at play on any river in any country being led by any leader with any amount of sense.
I used it to show that carefree innocence which falls victim of collateral damage incurred when ...
Two Tribes Go To War ...


Click to view attachment

I figured that one out Tomi from the 'Getty images' haha, but as you point out, it was a good picture to post because of what it really stands for.

Can you watch the ITV player online? If you can click on this - Tonight:

that's the link to the half hour docu Trump and North Korea.
Thanks Carmella.
Just tried it and thought Ah was in wi' a shout until Ah got a dissy wi' ma post code. rolleyes.gif
Maybe there's a special service for overseas viewers ... or none at all unsure.gif
I'll find out after they reply to my eMail tongue.gif
I hope it's a positive outcome, as there have been many good programmes on that I think would be of interest to some who don't live here. I watch tv, but I also stream a lot because I can watch on my computer screen, so I enjoy it.

I see that Trump is off on a trip to Asia
next week , probably trying to drum
up support should he send America into
war with North Korea , meanwhile he is
preaching protectionism at home .
I guess he does't want to fight a war alone .
They don't look like the baddies when it's a Coaltion of Allies

After the POTUS gets through this lot ...

Click to view attachment

... he is left with Question #8 :-

8. If France doesn't come in (again) to we revert once more to Freedom Fries ?

QUOTE (TeeHeeHee @ 29th Sep 2017, 02:47pm) *
They don't look like the baddies when it's a Coaltion of Allies

After the POTUS gets through this lot ...

... he is left with Question #8 :-

8. If France doesn't come in (again) to we revert once more to Freedom Fries ?


I doesn't matter , French Fries / Freedom Fries
all taste the same , even if they get burnt .
rolleyes.gif French fries. invented in belgium yes.gif
QUOTE (wombat @ 29th Sep 2017, 10:02pm) *
rolleyes.gif French fries. invented in belgium yes.gif

Yeah, and still the best!
QUOTE (bilbo.s @ 29th Sep 2017, 08:17pm) *
Yeah, and still the best!

In Belgium , do they ask for Belgian Fries or French Fries

just wondering , unsure.gif
Do they speak French in Belgium ? unsure.gif
Just askin'

Yes ,even a wee bit German . smile.gif

QUOTE (TeeHeeHee @ 30th Sep 2017, 01:36am) *
Do they speak French in Belgium ? unsure.gif
Just askin'

French in some areas, Flemish in others, both in Brussels.
QUOTE (angel @ 30th Sep 2017, 01:25am) *
In Belgium , do they ask for Belgian Fries or French Fries

just wondering , unsure.gif

They just ask for frites.
QUOTE (bilbo.s @ 30th Sep 2017, 07:44am) *
French in some areas, Flemish in others, both in Brussels.

Ah knew that, Ah wis only kiddin' tongue.gif
There's a place in Switzerland where every written word is English; and where it is mostly spoken in preference to to four national languages; German, French, Italian and Rätoromanische, or Rumantschs as the natives who live at the source of the Rhein call it.
There's a coconut for anyone who can tell me where this place is biggrin.gif
This topic is 'Replying to Danald Trump'? Just asking.

Danny Harris
Zurich, I'm thinking?
Tomorrow, the unsealing of Bob Mueller's sanctioned opening charges in the Russian Interference of the Presidential Election begins.

Bob will probably zero in on the little fish first then use their testimony to reach further up the food chain.

So, it begins.

Oh would it were day.

By the way, the general public are never ever told the real reasons why 'things' tend to unfold.

The 'meeting' between Manafort, Kushner, Chump Jr and the Russians was not over Russian children being adopted into American
society but this.....

Under Obama, America emplaced a law that froze russian assets and expelled russian 'diplomats'.
It is called the Kinitsky Law.
Due to a number of outrageous attacks of soviet agents in the US and other countries against their own national dissidents
and whistleblowers(resulting in death) and the blatant russian disregard and chronic lack of human rights,
the Kinitsky Law was enacted.

Messrs Kushner, Manafort and Chump Jr were approached by the russians who offered to interfere in
Hilary Clinton's Election Campaign IF chump's administration would,
when 'elected', repeal the Kinitsky Law.

It (that meeting) was never about adoption.
It was never about giving the dirt on HC.

So that history is set straight.
Strokes tend to play havoc with things like memory so I'll offer a slight correction
to the above post;

The Law that the commies want America to repeal is named after
the dissident that vlad the shirtless' sanctioned and approved and his thugs murdered.

His name was Magnitsky not Kinitsky (as previously reported).

Mea culpa.

Meanwhile.....back at the ranch, insignificant 'coffee boy' Mr Papadope(ulous) is singing like a canary
to the Mueller Investigation over the 'NO COLLUSION' lies that the large corpulent orange fat one
currently maintains.

In years to come America will have a lot to live down.
First post of 2018.

Today (Jan3rd) the dismissed "man who would be king", Steve Bannon entered a blood fued with the orange oaf.
Claiming that the meeting with the Russians over 'orphan adoption', Hillary Clinton dirt, Magnitsky Repeal and the
hacking of the electoral process (make up your own mind what it was all about), Bannon now claims
the meeting was really about money laundering.

The brouhaha that ensued between Bannon and an infuriated chump is yet another diversion perhaps but will hopefully
expose Kushner's collusion and it is hoped he'll (Kushner) crack and sing like a canary.

Bannon goes on to describe that meeting as treasonous in his about-to-be-published new book later this year.

chump, however, now declares that Bannon has lost his mind and is taking steps to discredit Bannon in every way possible.
chump's vindictiveness, vehemence and vitriol knows no bounds.

chump also had the temerity to have proclaimed that he has total and complete control of the Department Of Justice.
Say whaaaat?

What was that clause about presidential incompetence in the U.S. Constitution again?

Fuel for the fire?

Perhaps the growing calls for impeachment will gather some more momentum in the next few weeks.
We can only hope.

Meanwhile chump might take 5 minutes away from the golf course or hovering his fat little thumb over
the big huge working nuclear button on his desk and have a nice cup of
and take time to bless the good old United Shshshs.

You can't write this comedy any better.

Anyway folks, chump's 'administration' is unravelling faster.
A friend of mine sent this link,

I hope I have typed the link address probably. Guaranteed to make you laugh.

QUOTE (DannyH @ 26th Apr 2020, 10:58pm) *
A friend of mine sent this link,

I hope I have typed the link address probably. Guaranteed to make you laugh.


Just tried the above link. It didn’t work!

An easier way is go to Google and type in The Lion Tweets tonight.


PS it will be well worth the effort.
Click to view attachment
Seeing an image of Donald Trump stood outside of a church and holding a bible as if it should be believed and mean anything to anyone ...

Click to view attachment

... is akin to seeing an image of a heavily armed Gandhi and believing that too.
Click to view attachment

... it is easier to be strong than it is to be truly courageous.
Iain M Banks: Matter
This is a great thread, who started it tongue.gif

I think the plan for the bible is he's going to stick it down the back of his trousers, ala Whacko, to offset the pain of the skelping he's going to get yes.gif
Trump's defense secretary, Mark Esper, said he disagreed with his wish to use combat troops to impose or maintain order.
In short he said GFY Mr President. clap.gif
George Floyd could well be the nail in Trump's coffin.
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