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Full Version: The Latest Good Idea From The Uk Government.
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Is this a good idea? .

Mind yer language now, it's a family board. laugh.gif
Can´t wait to start work again. I have booked the first available flight with Ryanair. We will probably stay with our daughter, as she only has 4 kids . We should be able to sleep in shifts though. Should be lots of vacancies for a man of my calibre and age, especially in North Lanarkshire. biggrin.gif
Just when I was startin' to enjoy masel'. tongue.gif rolleyes.gif
Alex MacPhee
I'm not sure I buy the idea that pensioners living in bigger houses are contributing to the housing shortage. If they've bought their homes with their own hard cash, they've contributing to house building and employment. Selling off council housing and preventing local authorities from using the revenues for housing purposes has arguably been the major contributor to lack of affordable housing, and that was Mr Cameron's party's policy.

I remember reading recently about an African family in one of the London Boroughs, finally getting an 8 apartment house from the local authority.
The Council defended their decision, but stated they were worried at losing such a valuable property from their stock, (worth 2.8million).
My question is this......why the F*** has a council lying empty such a property that could be sold to relieve ratepayers....?
Perhaps if the 'secret files on Housing Stocks' were finally opened-up we would all see just how much local councils are hiding assets....for whatever reason...!
I've already phoned my mother and told her that she's to 'get on her bike'! There is just no need for her to be sitting around just because she's nearly 80 and worked 55 years, she tells me since she was 13. Phoey!! Once she gets a joab, there will be a major discussion of what to do with that 2 bedroom house she has!! She was brought up in a single-end, so a nice studio apartment for her would be just the ticket! rolleyes.gif
Alex, you got that right. It was selling off Council House's that has led to the Housing shortage.

Jings we better watch out as we have two spare bedrooms, the Council might make us take in single men and their wives
Thats was one of my mum's sayings when her and my dad were left in a five apartment house when all the family got married and they could not get a move to a smaller house for love nor money.

Our house was never a Council House, it is in a wee Private Estate, but we will sell it to the Council if they give us a nice wee house in a Senior Citizen Complex. biggrin.gif
Like many other Glaswegians I was raised in a council house.My parents could never have afforded a house.However thanks to my parents getting that great house we have moved on and moved up and got chances that many of you got.My sister and I along with most of my family and friends now own their own homes, and are having all the things my parents wanted for us.

My thoughts are build more good council homes ,but put some thought into it and make sure proper communities are planned.Give the less fortunate the chances we all had.But make sure the folks who do get a house looks after it.

Start building some decent housing in their own area's that seniors would like to move into.

It was in my opinion a big mistake to sell all the council flats, and if my memory serves me right ,they were sold very cheaply. Those who had a council house in a good area did OK for themselves.
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