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Full Version: Goodnight Sir Fred
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Seems like a spare Knighthood up for grabs fowks. Tomi NOW is the time to strike!

See here:~~~

Goodwin - Unknighted!

Rejoice, a little poetic justice, at last. Oh how the mighty falleth biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Too true Rabbie.

If the ordinary man / woman made such a hash of their job they would be sacked, no big bonus and no big pay off for them.
Fred has fallen due to his commercial failure.On the other hand Gordon Brown as Chancellor between 1999 and 2002 sold off 60% of Britains Gold reserves at rock bottom prices,another commercial decision.That loss makes Freds look like sweetie money.
What really hacked me off was that in addition to selling the family gold Brown also raided pension pots.I only found out by reading about it in the Sunday Times.It cost me plenty,took it right out of my pocket and I didnt even know his hand had been in it.
I don't expect Brown to be getting a knighthood soon, then again, if a hauf witted incompetent oaf like two jags Prescott can get in the big hoose I guess there is hope even for us minions, then again not being well endowed in some department might aid your access to that hallowed arena.
This entire attack by the libdem luvvies and the media aided by the people who armed the thieves, good old Wooden top Milliband will only create more trouble for the City.

Labour set up the bankers with their new rules and my god didn't people like Mandelson get rich on the back of such grand larceny. Now labour want the world to change the rules so they might look at though they give a damn.
The world and it's uncle seen the idiocy foisted on us by a morally bankrupt bunch of left wing parasites. Now the same parasites have been evicted they are on the other side trying to blame everyone but themselves.

And while the great onus is on people having to work longer because of the bankers, your Gordon Brown robbed the pensions funds of the country in a manner that made Robert Maxwell look like a penny pickpoket.

Brown cost the pension funds in excess of 100 billion. There is one big difference with the banks and the pension funds, the country will get it's money back from the bank bailouts, they won't ever get a penny back from Brown's thieving of the pension funds.

Goodwin loses his knighthood, that will do nothing for anyone except give THH a foot in the door and even if he was blootered oot his heid every night and day he couldn't cost the country anything like goodwin and broon

Poor Fred, he has to live on a Pension of 350 thousand a year. How on earth will the poor soul manage, especially as he has now lost his title. mad.gif

My heart bleeds for him. Aye right. laugh.gif
Ah'm kinda reluctant tae champion the former Sir Fred, but ah think he's been unfairly treated as far as the knighthood goes. Whit aboot aw the other party hacks who made a dug's dinner of it - will they hiv their titles rescinded as well? Whit aboot Lord Archer fur instance? A convicted perjurer - on the same level as oor auld pal Tommy Sheridan - but still wan of the nobility.
Ah think this withdrawal of Fred's "honour" is a sop tae public opinion, nothin merr. Cameron is unwillin tae dae anythin aboot the obscene financial gains, so he comes up wi this ploy tae assuage the ordinary punter's thirst fur vengeance.
Alex MacPhee
QUOTE (benny @ 31st Jan 2012, 11:48pm) *
Ah'm kinda reluctant tae champion the former Sir Fred, but ah think he's been unfairly treated as far as the knighthood goes.

There are those who should have lost honours and didn't, but that's not going to cause me to shed a lonely tear for this man, who's quite properly stripped of the honour given to him for 'success' in a field in which he oversaw a catastrophic collapse. Compared to the rest of us, it's likely to be the only impact of it he suffers himself.

You have to see this as a political assassination as only the really nice guys get knighthoods and Sir Robert Mugabe surely has moral grounds to object to his forfeiture, is that really a word?
Ah mean, Zimbabwe is surely no more than an African 'Dale Farm'

If the truth be told Goodwin deserves shot for overseeing the RBS debacle but how many politicians had set themself up for life on the back of this.

Hestor was not part of this scenario, he is the responsible front for turning the bank round and if he does so he is entitled to be wedged up for it, not for himself but for the British taxpayer who own 83% of the bank.

Hyping it down over buttons is like hitting yourself with a beer bottle, it will do you no good at all. The break even point was attained last year but the suicide vests went on and dragged the share price right back down.

Goodwin, take his honour, his house, his money and throw him in the street, Hestor is the workhorse, give the guy a chance, you'll find out in the next couple of weeks if it works.
The view from the Financial Times:
Fred Goodwin joins a list of characters ranging from Anthony Blunt and Lester Piggott to Nicolae Ceausescu who have been stripped of an honour.

In the past two decades, 35 people have had honours removed, usually after committing a crime or having been censured or struck off by a regulatory authority.

In joining the list – which also includes Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwean president – Mr Goodwin may feel hard done by given the number of other knights and peers in the banking sector whose reputations were tarnished during the credit crunch.

They include Sir Tom McKillop, former chairman of Royal Bank of Scotland; Sir Victor Blank, former chairman of Lloyds; and Lord Stevenson of Coddenham, former chairman of HBOS. ...

Full story here:

Incidentally, Lord Stevenson of Coddenham was one of the original board members of the quango Culture and Sport Glasgow. He was appointed by former Glasgow City Council leader Stephen Purcell.

Ex-Sir Fred is lucky he did'nt export the business to China

Former Beijing airport boss executed in China

BEIJING — Leaders of China’s elite state industries are renowned for their power, influence, and — in several recent cases — corruption. Increasingly, they are paying the price.

On Friday, the former head of the company that runs airports in Beijing and more than 30 other Chinese cities was put to death after the People’s Supreme Court upheld his sentence in a $16 million bribery and embezzlement case.

Li Peiying’s execution came two days after word emerged that the head of China’s nuclear power program was under investigation for alleged corruption. Just last month, the former chairman of China’s second-biggest oil company, Sinopec, was also convicted of taking $29 million in bribes and given a suspended death sentence.

The heads of state-owned enterprises “possess power and money, making it easy to give rise to corruption,” Wang Yukai of the China National School of Administration was quoted Friday in the Communist Party newspaper Global Times as saying.

Maybe he could be extradited?
As good as this is would be, why stop at Goodwin and just stripping titles, there is a whole barrel of stinking fish out there. How about docking thier pensions. Hit these greedy bastages where it truly hurts, like they have hurt others, in thier pockets.

Still, I feel it is little more than a witchhunt / smokescreen by this sleazeball government to distract attention away from thier own stinking mess and curry favour with the public.

This sorry affair devalues the whole honours system, as here it would appear that the real reason for fred getting the shred is for some pathetic political point scoring. No amount of smartie points will ever make this sham of a coilition creditable.

Don't you just love to hate these sleaze buckets that pose as politicians?!
QUOTE (Rabbie @ 31st Jan 2012, 06:12pm) *
Seems like a spare Knighthood up for grabs fowks. Tomi NOW is the time to strike!

Aw Rabbie, I've been Bombed too often. tongue.gif
But now we know ... It's not only the Good Lord who giveth and taketh away. wink.gif
Can I get wan for Service tae Dugs (beyond the call of duty etc.)? Ah mean, is the dug gonnae drop me in it later? laugh.gif
red rooster - post Today, 09:01am
Post #10

... and given a suspended death sentence

Is that a bit like a Hanging? laugh.gif
Alex MacPhee
QUOTE (red rooster @ 1st Feb 2012, 10:01am) *
Ex-Sir Fred is lucky he did'nt export the business to China.

Slightly tangentially, this gives pause to think about the death penalty's effectiveness. You'd think that, if it were a deterrent, it would work best in cases not connected with spur-of-the-moment sitations, where people have committed a capital offence out of anger or temporary insanity. But here, the cases are calculated and with no real defence of the likes of provocation. So if the death penalty is not a deterrent here, when will it ever be a deterrent?

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