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Full Version: Centre Street School
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jock kerr
Hi anyone out there that went to centre street primary school between 1960 and 1966?

I stayed at the fire station across the road and went around with Matt Hooper, Andrew Mccance, Robert Brady, Jamie Mcqaurrie, Andrew Mcconnel to name but a few.

Do you remember Mrs Sclomka the German headteacher and Mr Pollock the janny?

Used to go to the Bedford cinema every Saturday afternoon.

It would be good to hear from anyone who was in my class or stayed in the fire station or around about it

Other names that come to mind are Catherine, Ann and Billy Mcfarlane, Daniel and Elizabeth Kemmet, George Gerbex, Kevin Sweeney, Samuel Mclean, Ian Mclean.

cheers Jocko.
I was at centre street school in the early sixties and lived at 52 Nelson Street was pals with Gordon Mccance and David Kerr who both lived in the fire station.
*Robert keenan*
Hi I went to centre St school from 1959 to 1966, remember the fire station well, I palled with Matt hooper, had a pal Jim Kerr? I think, I stayed in Nelson Street.
Sally kean
Hi I went to Centre street school but before 1960. Probably started around 1953. Miss Schlomka was there then. Also I remember Miss McFeat. Loved my time there. We lived at 66 Nelson Street. Now live in Australia. Was sad to see it was no longer there. Sally (Hughes) Kean.
Katherine Finlayso
Hullo, ....I went to centre street school 1963 to 1966, Miss Schlock used to take the class to the swimming baths and she taught me how to swim, I used to live in West Street at that time, other people I remember who also went to Centre Street school where, ...Marine Muldoon, Penny Angus, Hilda Mckay, Janet Kerr , Tam Kerr, Robert Buchanan, Senga and Jamie Mcmillan, Robbie Finlayson (Musie),....if anyone who went to Centre Street school around 1963 to 1966 and has the school class photos of the pupils, could you please please post them I would love to find myself and old pals, Thank You. 😊👍
Guest Helen Taylor
Hi, I am related to Miss Schlomka that some of you mention! My maiden name was Schlomka. My great great grandfather and her great grandfather were brothers! My father knew her grandfather. Unfortunately I never met her though we lived in Edinburgh but I now know her nephew, Clemens Schlomka very well. He lives in Germany. I have been researching our Family Tree. Clemens has lots of information and memorabilia about his Aunt Katy and came to visit her in her latter years. She lived in Bearsden. She had a brother (also called Clemens) who was also brought over from Germany as a child but disappeared in the 1920s and I can find no trace of him. Miss Schlomka began her teaching career at Jordanhill School in 1926.
Guest Liz Brown
Hi there....I went to Centre St school for primary 1 and 2 in 1965 - 66, and then we moved away to Easterhouse. I remember the head teacher, and Miss McFeat...!
I also think I remember the Finlayson family....I think our families were friends. My parents were Alex and Janet Brown, and I am Elizabeth Brown. We lived at 128 West St. I'd love a photo of that street...! Anyone have any idea where I might find one...?
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