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Full Version: Doomsday Clock
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The doomsday clock has been moved one minute closer to midnight.

Do you agree with this or should it have been moved closer, or turned back?
Give me a minute to work it out.
I think its a fair comment by the clock people especially when you look at what might happen over Iran.... I see another scientist was assassinated there this week. Also you have to think about whats going to happen from all the bankers greed that is causing so many people so much misery because I dont think anything good is going to come of that personally. Even when you think about the EU looks like splitting and then what will happen when countries go back to just looking after their own interests. We know how that ended before in Europe.... TWICE!!
laugh.gif but only a minute, Joop.
Mind you, a half decent Hypernova in the local galactic neighbourhood of; say, 1000 lightyears and we'll be wishing daft Arabs wi' nuclear weapons was all we had to worry about. Those ol' gamma rays take no prisoners. rolleyes.gif
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