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Full Version: Son's 50th B/day Party
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Tommy Kennedy

It was my son's 50th B/day party on Saturday. He thought it was only going to be afamily celebration dinner - BUT
(Above is him when he was 5)

My daughter had hired the 'Mark Twain Showboat' on the river Dee for the do.
Eldest G/daughter & G/son stayed at his house - I had his boys at my house. Told him we'd ring when we left- made sure all his friends were on board - rang, said come. G/kids blindfolded him, drove him to the boat, put a funny hat on him, up the gangway, removed blindfold. He was gobsmacked.
44 on board, some friends he'd hadn't seen for years
Tommy Kennedy

Tommy Kennedy

MY daughter and husband

Daughter had compiled an Album via Kodak to give to him - dozens of photos in it of all of his life
Brilliant photos, Tommy! Thanks for posting.

The book of photos must be priceless to him already. What a surprise he must of got when he opened his etes and saw so many friends and family.

Fab photographs Tommy. smile.gif Looks as though everyone had a great time. Grandchildren looking brilliant too. wub.gif
Thanks for sharing Tommy, looks like a great family occasion biggrin.gif

Hope you are keeping well smile.gif
Tommy Kennedy
I'm doing great, thanks, Ashfied - pulled one of the dolly birds at the party tongue.gif

Tommy Kennedy

Daughter made up similiar album for me on my 80th - dozens of photos of my life - from snotty nosed Glasgow slum kid thru Nantional service, Merchant Navy, Business life - all family life

I'm delighted to see you looking so well Tommy. smile.gif
Tommy by candle-light ... nae wonder the dolly birds can't keep away. laugh.gif
All the best, kid. wink.gif
glasgow lass
Im hurt Tommy seeing you wae another wummin, but a hope'y had a good time anyway biggrin.gif
Looked like a great time was had by all. Nice family you have there Tommy.
Ye're lookin good, Auldyin. Ah think that bird's probably mistkaken ye fur Paul Newman. biggrin.gif
Hi Tommy,

I'm looking for someone,to go Croc fighting ,and chasing the witches into the woods like the GOOG OLD DAYS what do yoy think; Are YOU FREE.
benny Posted 22nd Dec 2011, 10:18pm
Ye're lookin good, Auldyin. Ah think that bird's probably mistkaken ye fur Paul Newman.

nope benny this is the profile the ladies wanna see rolleyes.gif
smile.gif where have you been hiding uncle tommy?good to see you enjoying yourself, biggrin.gif
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