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Full Version: Over-zealous Software
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wee davy
This really tickled my fancy, today wink.gif

Virgin Software

I do hope we don't use the same one, GG
wee davy
LOL Thanks Martin - that just made my year laugh.gif
You might want to tell the members rolleyes.gif

I wonder if An*logy 'breaks' it, too? hahahahaha
Davy, think I might have posted this before..........a few years ago the Fire and Rescue services were doing carols to raise money for charity. The words of the popular ones were sent round the stations by email, unfortunately not all of the words for "Ding, Dong, Merrily on High" passed the censor ohmy.gif
Yes, the software can be a bit erratic sometimes, but it can prove useful. Luckily, for the boards, I'm here ready to step in and add even more zeal when the software sensors aren't zealous enough! wink.gif

I remember having trouble with "p*ker" on this board. I must have edited the post a half dozen times to no avail.
game of game of poker? ... I didn't write that! wacko.gif
Took me a while before the penny dropped. laugh.gif

I remember that but still haven't quite worked it out !

Would you please care to explain to an a**l retentive ?

Tombro laugh.gif laugh.gif
I'm not sure now but I think there was a time when you could p*ke people on facebook ... and they called that a social network. Not very sociable at all. tongue.gif
wee davy
I think you still can, TEE - although don't ask me how lol
Excessively social if you ask me laugh.gif
Alex MacPhee
Reminds me of that old joke that was doing the rounds when I was a boy (you might need to be able to remember the TyPhoo Tea advert) ... 'If TyPhoo put the T in Britain, who put the <cough> in Scunthorpe?'
Heres my friends big cock. (Just testing) laugh.gif
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Success!! biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Alex MacPhee @ 21st Dec 2011, 03:50pm) *
... who put the <cough> in Scunthorpe?'

Must have been me, Alex. That's where I shot myself in the eye. laugh.gif
I was immediately clocked out ... to record the time of the accident ... while my mate got 2 hours overtime for rushing me to Scunny hospital. rolleyes.gif
wee davy
Thats scary, THEE - I injured my own eye in 1981/2, by stabbing it with an instrument screw driver, during the Falklands Campaign (no, not hand to hand combat with an 'Argie' lol just 16hr shifts). Somebody told me once I could claim for a war pension laugh.gif ohmy.gif I said 'dont be daft, man' "its probably in my records now - NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY WITH SHARP IMPLEMENTS

We must hive the same jeans hahahaha

They really should never hiv let us play wi' such dangerous items!
With me Davy it was a rivet head which sheared when I struck it, inadvertantly, with a ball-peen hammer. Hit me bulls-eye and knocked me out.
Left me with double vision in that eye ... plays havock when looking at the stars through my telescopes but - I get to see more of Mary. biggrin.gif
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