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Full Version: Health And Safety Gone Wrong
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A sad case of Health and Safety gone mad.

Left to die by health and safety fanatics: Fire chiefs wouldn't use winch to save mother trapped in mine shaft... because it was only for its own staff

A coroner yesterday issued a damning verdict on rulebook-obsessed fire chiefs who ordered colleagues not to rescue a dying woman trapped down a mine shaft.

Lawyer Alison Hume could have survived if rank and file firefighters at the scene had been allowed to do their job and bring her out, said Sheriff Desmond Leslie.

But fire crews refused to use a winch to pull her to safety because its policy was only to use the rescue equipment to save its own staff.

...In his findings, the sheriff (Sheriff Desmond Leslie) said the firefighters at the scene fell into ‘two conflicting camps’.

‘There were those rank and file firefighters who were eager to effect a rescue and to adapt, or customise their equipment to conduct a rescue; and there were the incident commanders…whose caution dictated that the rescue should be conducted in rigid compliance with the procedures.’

He said a rescue could have been achieved with ‘some imagination, flexibility and adaptability’ and ruled there was latitude for those even within Strathclyde Fire and Rescue’s strict health and safety procedures.

A paramedic on the scene was ‘effectively ignored’ once Mr Stewart took charge, the sheriff said, ‘despite the potential value of his advice and skill’.

The sheriff also criticised Mr Stewart’s failure to recognise the urgency of a rescue, noting the firefighter had told the inquiry ‘there was not a huge concern about the time’.

He said: ‘It was clear, or ought to have been clear, to everyone in attendance at the locus that the passage of time would be a critical factor in determining Mrs Hume’s survival.’

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wee davy
Sadly, there have been too many cases like this in recent years.

Unfortunately, a culture has arisen where everybody thinks 'you cannot do this/that because of elf & safety'. Its simply not true.
Health & Safety, has always been/and IS about GUIDLINES.

Guidelines - not 'thou shalt not'.

In every area - from education to belly dancing (don't know why I picked it as an example lol) - there has developed a disease - 'I'd better comply with the health & safety advice - or we'll be sued for millions'.

Yet another person loses their life, through people abrigating their common sense responsibilities. If they only realised, most courts in the land would COMMEND them for taking the CORRECT and APPROPRIATE action. (Which Health & Safety actually encourages people to do)

Without it, there would be many more, unnecessary deaths and injuries.

I do wish people would just have a bit more 'gumshun' these days. Fear, instilled by the prolitariate, has damaged our working practices, and has caused massive overspend, on trivia.

The government has pledged to put things right rolleyes.gif
I think the person in charge should have been sacked for not doing his duty, pure and simple. If the present 'health and safety' law does not encompass saving life then it should be scrapped!
Rab, I agree with all you said there.

When I first heard of this accident, I could not believe that those Fire Chief's acted with such stupidity.

It's a pity the firemen who wanted to help the women did not over rule their chief's. They were probably worried in case they would be sacked.
QUOTE (wee davy @ 17th Nov 2011, 05:21pm) *
. . . .I do wish people would just have a bit more 'gumshun' these days. Fear, instilled by the prolitariate, has damaged our working practices, and has caused massive overspend, on trivia. . . . .

Ah'm a bit mystified here, wee davy. How dis the proletariat inspire fear aboot Health and Safety practices?
wee davy
oops - sorry benny

instilled by the prolitariate
should be IN

I knew what I wanted to say lol ohmy.gif
Davy, stop using Daily Mail's proof readers. laugh.gif laugh.gif
TOMI! I am SO glad to hear you say that! wink.gif
Tragic. This is just another very sad example of how these penpushing chancers who get to management positions dont have a clue. Instead of promoting on ability to do the job what we get is a network of powder puff commanders who have been on the right courses but who are quite obviously not up to the job. God help us if we ever have to really go to war again and this is the kind of individual who we have to rely on??
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