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Full Version: What Will You Do With Your Hour
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Across north america clocks will be turned back one hour. this will give you an extra hour in your day.What will you do with this hour.? If you believe that bankers and ceo's should be arrested and NOT peaceful protesters then why not join your local protest for one hour. Not too late for you folk in the UK to go and give your hour to help stop greed and corruption. See you there
But the hour is won going from 3am back to 2am. Will you spend that hour helping protestors?
Our clocks went back last Sunday Morning. Mary took a week off work to get her inner clock back in rhythm. She takes a week holiday twice a year; when the clocks go forward and later when they go back.
This Monday morning when I went to pick up Bonnie the dog to take her walkies they told me she'd been going daft for the past hour.
I had 10 o'clock but Bonnie had 11 ... no one told her the clocks had gone back an hour.
Now I understand Mary that much better. tongue.gif biggrin.gif
What a good suggestion Andy. However I am babysitting my grandson Saturday night and believe me I am happy to be having that extra hour in my bed. rolleyes.gif
We had ours on Sunday and I have to say that I just stayed in bed!!

I did tidy the garden later so I wasnae lazy all day!!
I'll just look at my old clock and say "Aw' good,it's right again"...took a year but it's OK noo'
QUOTE (TeeHeeHee @ 3rd Nov 2011, 04:04pm) *
... Mary took a week off work to get her inner clock back in rhythm.

No she didn't. rolleyes.gif
She only does that in the early part of the year when they "steal" the hour from her.
This week's holiday was just coincidently at this time ... too much overtime building up rolleyes.gif
"How long have you known me?"
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