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Full Version: Moose Loose In The Hoose
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dry.gif wifie found this the other day,its a new type of shoe polisher ,now a nest fer meeces ,thinkin mibbe members might like tae compose a wee poem ?

a'hll start wie a cuppla verses

Oh wee hairless moosie
yer maw made a nest
in whit ah shine mah shoes wie
if ah wring yer neck
wid yie excuse me ?

c'mon the poets on here make
the bard proud laugh.gif
It cleaned aw of yer shoes in the hoose
Noo it's hame tae a tiny wee moose
His Wife and weans live there tae
But whit can Ye dae?
Wi Durty brogues and the laces that's loose?

Ye can say that Yer plight's self inflicted
And that moose and His tribe need evicted
Would it be rodenticide
If Ye threw them in the Clyde
And dae time in Bar-l if convicted?

very guid TX4 laugh.gif lmao
sorry wombat me and meeces dont get on
i dont like there feeces
they drop them here and there
those horrid little meeces
the have nae hair
but when a pair
they make hay and mair meeces
and guess what mair horrid little feeces

for feeces read faeces poo lol
Dave Grieve
On holiday one year in Durban and saw a huge cockroach scuttling aross the floor towards us.

I tried not to bring attention to it but my mother in-law who was here on holiday spotted it and giving one almighty screech jumped up on the couch shouting "its a moose a moose" laugh.gif

I dont know what scared her most when she found out it was not a moose but a cockroach.

They can get to BIG sizes in Durban as Beth could vouch for.
How could ye wring the neck o a wee moose that's nested in yer shoe polisher? It's obviously taken a shine tae ye. biggrin.gif

Wee cheeky, gallus, hairless moosie,
Whit are ye daein in Wombat's hoosie?
Ye've built a nest in his shoe cleaner,
An that's no fair.
Ye've made him glower, ye've made him meaner.
Flit tae a chair.
guid wan benny laugh.gif
rolleyes.gif herry mutt caught a wee moose the day played wie it fer ages. unsure.gif
THE END unsure.gif
Jist like Nero watchin the lions devour the Christians, only he didnae take photies. rolleyes.gif
Moosie, moosie, just watch for the trap
Ah know yir desperate for any wee scrap
Don’t take the bait, if yi’ please
Somethin’ no’ right about that cheese
Oops, …fancy, a game o’ snap rolleyes.gif
Ah'm killin' maself laughin' lot are mental... laugh.gif
Ah'm no laughin' Wombat ye need tae stop fraternisin' wi mice yer scarin' me. ohmy.gif ohmy.gif
Wee puzzle here Wombat. unsure.gif
Whit ur aw yer cats dae'n ? rolleyes.gif
Did y' no' have aboot 15 at the last coont? laugh.gif
rolleyes.gif eleven T HEE, only got 2 now ,gave others away ,never had a problem wie mice,bought some big rolls of straw lately think some mice travelled here in it ,havny sighted any since yesterday. smile.gif
QUOTE (benny @ 3rd Nov 2011, 12:58am) *
Jist like Nero watchin the lions devour the Christians, only he didnae take photies. rolleyes.gif

rolleyes.gif the mutt didny devour it benny it droont in saliva ,he wis sookin it tongue.gif

wombat thats ahorrid thought "sookin" it to death yuk clean the dogs teeth or does he have none yuk huh.gif huh.gif huh.gif
Moosie, moosie, in yer shoe polished hame,
There's no' many mice could say the same,
A lovely wee nest for a' yer weans,
A wee bit comfort for a' yer pains
Just settling down there and lookit!"
Ye died a death by getting drookit!

That's what you call "polishing thing off".
QUOTE (kenb @ 4th Nov 2011, 01:55am) *
wombat thats a horrid thought "sookin" it to death yuk

laugh.gif I could think of worse ways tae go. laugh.gif
A wee Furless Mouse
A wee furless mouse
Born in wombat’s house
Hidden in quick shine pad
Covered by poetry gab
GO unnoticed until now?
The cats not aroused
They didn’t come to browse
On the increasing mice population
And dogs that don’t sleep like logs
Many sounds get noisy mention
But mice never came to their attention
Not even smells or squeaks
Or trails of mice dung-reek
Expose wee mouse’s heap
Till the quick shine polish shoes – ado
Requiring a pull on a draw then detection
Two big mice leaped out really freaked out
Ma wombat got a surprise
When recovered took a closer peep
A wee blind naked mouse lay fast asleep.
Sorry wee furless mouse for spoiling your protection
And for rejection
But now our house is in correction.
rolleyes.gif poem was by ma wombat
We wouldn't have guessed Wombat. tongue.gif laugh.gif
unsure.gif i saw a mouse yesterday T HEE it made a face like this laugh.gif
laugh.gif Joey, you should be on the stage laugh.gif
(Not the one Wombat should be on ... tongue.gif )
wells fargo rolleyes.gif
Dave Grieve
Not so much problems of a moose loose as a nosy snake, friend of my daughter in Natal was busy working on his computer when he looked up and saw this snake next to him having a good nosy, at first he thought it might be a BOOMSLANG (tree snake) highly venomous but eventually decided because of the shape of its nose that it was a common Natal grass snake (no fangs not poisonous)

He opened the curtains and shooed it out of the window where it sat sunbathing for a while before disappearing into the grass.

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Met this guy on the mountain last Thursday, called a Blindschleiche (blind creeper) over here but just your common or garden slow worm.
She's really a legless lizard ... you'll probably have seen a few o' them aroon George Square at the weekend tongue.gif
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