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Full Version: Are Neutrino's Good For You?
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wee davy
The CERN team have decided to redo their recent experiment, where they appeared to rebuke Einstein's E=MC squared

I'm not thoroughly convinced we know exactly what were getting ourselves into, here. We MIGHT just meet ourselves coming back.

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Too Many Neutrino's ?


It was Enrico Fermi who developed a more complete theory of neutrino interactions and who coined the term neutrino for these particles. A group of researchers discovered the neutrino in 1956, a finding which later earned them the 1995 Nobel Prize in Physics.

There are actually three types of neutrino: electron neutrino, muon neutrino, and tau neutrino. These names come from the their "partner particle" under the Standard Model of particle physics. The muon neutrino was discovered in 1962 (and earned a Nobel Prize in 1988, 7 years before the earlier discovery of the electron neutrino earned one.)

I hav'nt a clue Davy , it would be easier for me to learn , Double Dutch
Ah thocht they wur yon things ma wife pits in her coffee instead o´sugar. unsure.gif
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Oh Mummy, what have they done to you??
Dunno about them being good or bad for you but due to thier pokey size they don't interact with matter that much.

After a few wee swallies try to invisage the size of an atom including the outer electrons orbital "shell" being equivalent to the solar system, nuetrinos measure up to aboot to the size of a squash baw, so the chances of it smacking into anything are pretty remote.

Like politicians heads, matter is mostly empty space, come to think of it space is mostly empty space.

Nice wee picture of The THH there, just shows wit a few years as RAF line swine does to ye. tongue.gif
Before the Large Hadron Collider was switched on at CERN, there were all sorts of dire predictions about the end of the world, or even the universe, because of the possible creation of weird particles, or mini black holes. None of the problems have materialised - so far; even if they did, we would probably never know anything abouit it - we wid aw be deid in a flash. But, what I find comical are the assurances given by the CERN boffins that there was nothing to worry about, it was all perfectly safe and they could be trusted to get it right. Noo, they're sayin they cannae even trust their ain results. biggrin.gif
wee davy
Exactly,, benny - and on tap ai that - they desperately want somebody to explain it awe!

C'mon GGDB - lets get oor heids the gither lol laugh.gif

I can feel a group Nobel Prize comin' on
Ah can feel a sore heid comin' on Davy. laugh.gif
QUOTE (Rabbie @ 29th Oct 2011, 08:26pm) *
Nice wee picture of The THH there, just shows wit a few years as RAF line swine does to ye. tongue.gif

I wish ma teeth had held oot that weel. biggrin.gif laugh.gif
QUOTE (wee davy @ 29th Oct 2011, 10:36pm) *
Exactly,, benny - and on tap ai that - they desperately want somebody to explain it awe!

I'd love to be able to explain it aw tae yae Davy, God love yea, lad, but in a way that I know, or trust, you'd could accept, so, let's use the God Moves in Mysterious Ways His Miracles to Perform concept.
You don't have to understand.
Just have blind faith and belief in the scientists who really are doing God's Work and using their God-Given brains to unravel the secrets He locked up in the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge
They are your real priests Davy.
Imagine God gave an infinitely immense universe tae a bunch creatures who got stuck at the monkey stage?
God didn't want that Davy ... He want's his priests to use the old grey matter Davy.
I'll bet He was cheezed off wi' the ones who were runnin' the priesthood and burnin' the real priests; the scientists. rolleyes.gif
wee davy

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This seemed like the most appropriate/convenient place to pop this in.

I think it has a rather amusing seasonal attraction, for MOST us?

Now I wonder who the three men could be? lol
At an estimated cost of 6.4 billion dollars (thats government figures so multiply by 10) they better find something.

Don't know why they don't just ask that guy with the mad hair on eggheads, he knows everything!
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