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Full Version: Ministry Of Silly Ideas?
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wee davy
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Oliver Letwin Land

In my adult years, I have lost count of the number quango's, politician's madcap schemes, etc which have beset the ordinary Joe.

Having just read about this less well publicised one, of the present government's, I thought I'd start up a thread for us to have a wee moan about some pearlers.

Just think of some of the one's which have made you seethe in recent years.
Is this the same Cass Sunstein?
Reputation precedes it seems.
wee davy
Just been trawling the BIT report - what a gas!!
Thanks for the link to the book, TEE - but no thanks!! laugh.gif

(and yes, ... its the very same Sunstein rolleyes.gif )

Another cracker in there, is 'you will be encouraged to repeat the time and date of your appointment when asked to do so, by the person making it'. I kid you not.
Hence making it less likely for you to miss said appointment???
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