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Full Version: 9/11 Anniversary: 10 Years On
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It's been almost 10 years since the tragic events in America on 11 September 2001 when terrorists hijacked four aircraft and murdered almost 3,000 innocent civilians.

What are your memories of that day? Where were you when you first heard the news? How did 9/11 affect you?

What are your thoughts today looking back on a day that changed the world?

I was at work and first heard the news from a colleague. We were then rushing to look at a tv or listen to the radio. The first crash left me feeling that it was some horrific accident the second crash made me instantly think that it was an attack like a Star Wars thing. Sounds daft now I know but I simply felt that American was invincible for some reason. Later, as we watched the coverage on television we all sat and stared dumbstruck by the enormity of it all. How could there be such immense loss of life? Who did this? What would happen next? The amazing bravery of the firefighters and doctors and nurses who fled to the scene in an attempt to save what lives they could. The terrifying shock and confusion of those poor people on the streets.

I still think of that day as a day like no other that I had lived through.

As to what who actually carried out that carnage? I still don't know.
Dave Grieve
I was at home working in the garden when my wife called me to have have a look just after the first plane hit, all through the rest of that day I was expecting the announcment that it was some new hollywood blockbuster that was being shown.
Surreal, as if it was just another Independence Day type film
We only found out about it when our son dropped by with our g'son after school, they told us to switch on the TV as New York had been attacked.
We could not believe what we were seeing and we were all worried as although my sister and her family live in New Jersey, her son-in-law worked for Morgan Stanley in New York.

It took a long time for us to get through to America on the phone and my bro-in-law said they had no news about his son-in -law and his daughter who had two young children was in a terrible state.

Her husband got home very late that night as the trains were off and he got the Ferry from New York to New Jersey.
He said he was late that morning and missed his usual train and when the train got into New York it was not allowed to stop at it's usual station but moved further on down the line before letting everyone off. Only then did he find out about the Towers being attacked.

He was one of the lucky one's as Morgan Stanley was based in one of the Towers and a lot of the staff were killed.
Hank Green
I was at home in Vancouver, BC and actually watching TV as the planes hit the Towers and subsequently mesmerized when the buildings collapsed. I thought that I had tuned into a Movie channel. We tried to call our friends in New York but their line was buzzing but they later called us to let it be known that they were alright. My next concern was to check on the flight for my wife and daughter who were booked to fly to Molakaii in the Hawaiian Islands on the 15th but everything was in limbo as we could understand. All US bound air traffic was being rerouted to Canadian airports. The News media were having field days providing information and misinformation yet on the 15th the girls were able to fly on Alaskan Airlines, Vancouver to San Fancisco and then on to Maui and ulimately to Molakaii, so it was truly amazing how well the airlines responded. I was surprised when they phoned to tell me that life on the beaches was going as always. Living this close to the US we are inundated with their news channels and accompanying paranoia, but this one was real.
To be honest I really don't want to look back.

I got away from work early that day and was listening to the radio on the bus. A news report said that there had been an accident in New York and a plane had crashed into a building. But the time I got off the bus there were pictures being shown on the televisions in shop windows. A group of us stood and we still thought we were watching a tragic accident. I phoned a relative, who was at home watching, and it was starting to emerge that the whole event had more sinister origins. I really just could not contemplate that this was being done deliberately.

When I got home, the news of the other attacks was filtering through and I remember thinking that life was never going to be the same again. Right there on the screen, a disaster being played out in front of us, the loss, the suffering and the emotional pain.

Then, as now, I wondered why those with hatred and intolerance in their hearts seem to dictate how life is for the rest of us.
am seriously confused, it's bad enough trying to remember it is 11th September and not 9th November but according to my calender it is 9th September today, am I missing something, I know I am because television and radio full of it this morning
help please, on what day did it really happen
Its a day i will never forget.just finished work that day and was watching sky news
My Uss New York Hat.A ship Built From Steel at The World Trade Center
I'm an American who was visiting a dear friend in florence, Italy that day. We were sitting in his kitchen when his family called and said, "Tell Bill to turn on the television. Something terrible is happening in America." Together we watched the burning Tower and then gasped as the plane hit the second tower.

That night at dinner with other Italian friends, they said that this act would mean war. I remarked "Who will we go to war with?" and they said not to worry, America would find someone to blame. Shortly thereafter, Bush did. He declared war by lying to the American people about WMDs, guilty parties, and threats of nuclear attack.

It is my belief that Cheney and Bush, Wolfowicz and Rumsfeld, all planned the terrorist act on 9-11, and lied continuously to the American people and the people of the world about who, why, what caused this attack. I believe these evil men who ran our country did this for personal gain and profit, and I think that they are traitors and should be brought to court and tried for treason. I believe these men caused explosives to be planted in the twin towers of the World Trade Center and that they are directly responsible for the deaths of all who perished on September 11, 2001, a date, like Pearl Harbor's December 7, 1941, which will live in infamy.

I do not have any evidence to substantiate my beliefs, but I only wish that these men be tried by a jury of impartial Americans. Then and only then can the matter be put to rest.

It is interesting to see the false ads on TV wherein Bush declares his feelings at that time. His attempts to reconstruct his atrocious image are pathetic and typical of a lying killer who seeks absolution without admitting his murderous acts. He is beyond loathsome.
I was teaching then. The children had gone and the cleaner came into the class and said, "Susanne, you'll have to put on the TV. I was just coming out of the house when I heard a plane had crashed into the World Trade Centre in New York. It's awful!"
We called for the rest of the staff to come and we all watched in total disbelief at what was happening. By now the second plane had hit. It was like watching a film. You couldn't comprehend that this was real life.
We both watched as the horror unfolded. As everybody knows, it got worse.
I am not ashamed to say that I watch the programmes that are on all week. Watching it again, as well as hearing all the things that were never told before, I still can't fathom what could possibly make "people" do what those terrorists did. I have still to watch the programme about the plane that was forced down by those brave, brave passengers. I think it will be harrowing.
God bless al who were involved in that awful day.
I agree with the picture above that says, "Never forget".
I will always remember that morning. I was drilling a large diameter hole on the outside of my kitchen wall for a vent, some 7 feet off the ground, when the drill 'kicked back' with such force that it dislocated one of my fingers and crushed the bones in another. This was around 9.15am. I drove to the local hospital and by the time I was dealt with and plastered up I drove home in agony feeling very sorry for myself. By this time it was some hours later than New York time as I sat down to my lunch to see the awful state of the first tower and as I watched, the plane hit the second tower. As I watched these pictures, stunned, I thought little of my injury when I saw what horrors were enacted onscreen. My son is a firefighter and as I watched those heroes going INTO the towers to rescue others, I knew many of them were doomed. My injury never healed properly and I still have constant pain to remind me of that terrible day which we will never forget, and those innocents who perished for a sinful cause.
I hoped that we could quietly remember the anniversary without the awful pictures being repeated as we do not need reminding, but the media will not allow this.
Iain croftS
I object to the way that this question was formulated. The attacks of September 11, 2001, were not "tragic events". They were premeditated atrocities. Saying that 3,000 "innocent civilians" were killed implies that there were "guilty military or government personnel" whom you think would have been legitimate targets. Do not forget that one of the planes was crashed into the Pentagon. The people who died there were just as "innocent" as those at the World Trade Center or on the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers struck back against the hijackers who were aiming for the White House.

Before the atrocities of September 11, 2001, like many people enjoying the benefits of Western civilization, I could be disdainful of American brashness. The attacks opened my eyes to the fact that there is a much greater evil in the world than that, and it is directed against all of us.

Several colleagues of mine died in the attacks. I honour the memory of them all. Since this is a Glasgow discussion board, I will single out Colin McArthur, who was born in Glasgow. He had a great sense of humour and a zest for life. He beat two life-threatening illnesses. He deserved a better outcome.

Conspiracy theories usually remain just that. I doubt if anyone is going to be tried because of your or other´s beliefs.

Welcome to the boards - you sure are a slow unpacker. unsure.gif
I just could'nt get a grasp of what I was seeing on the TV screen that day, I was waiting to be served in the bank ,when I saw the plane hit the buildings, I thought it was a movie as did others and then one of the tellers said that the world trade centre had just been attacked , it was just unbelievable and at the same time I was thinking , " who / what is next " anyway, I immediately came home and watched the TV most of that day which I believe was a Tuesday.
I had been out for a walk and on returning to the house my wife said in a very agitated voice "Come and see this on the tele." On looking I thought I was watching one of those disaster films but I very quickly realized I was looking at a real horror show. My very first thought was of the personal feelings of all those people who had lost their lives and of those who knew they had no chance of escaping from the holocaust. I simply couldn't believe what I was witnessing.
In the evening the monthly meeting of Glasgow Presbytery was held as arranged and the Moderator's prayer at the start of the meeting was so moving and heartfelt. I don't anyone there that night could possibly have concentrated on anything else than the suffering experienced by our friends across the ocean.
Tom Kinvig
I was at home on that particular day and was watching Sky News as the horror unfolded bit by bit.

RIP to all of the poor innocent people who lost their lives that day.
W Eversley
On the day of September 11th.. 2001 (Known as 9/11) I was in The Family History Library at Hyde Park Chapel Exhibition Road On South Kensington in London. I was undertaking some Family History Research work for a builder and his wife from London. I phoned him up from The FHL (Family History Librar) at Hyde Park Chapel to ask about his Wife's surname?

He replies in a very agitated way by saying (almost shouting at me down the phone)
"Get To A TV Jock, Quickly", Go on Hurry up he was saying, The American Sisters at Hyde Park Chapel are there to assist members if the Public, so I decided to seek their advice and ask for the use of a TV if they has one available? I heard the builder say over the phone that a plane had crashed into The World Trade Centre on New York?

Well that just had to be the worst of accidents? Then as I was going to ask about the TV He said another Plane had crashed into the Pentagon!! No Accident Now, Too much to be a coincidence.

W Eversley.
Babette, the American's write the date's different from us, they put the month first then the day.

I remember when my sister first went to America I was getting confused with the date on the letters.
I was contracting in a local firm building centre lathes when I noticed that all my German colleagues were assembled around a radio at the top end of the workshop. One hailed me to join them,
"The Ami's have finally got their own back", was one of the statements directed at me as I approached the crowd. I listened to the radio report and just knew that this was no accident. I called the German guy a Fotze ... that's the German C-word ... then clocked out to go home and watch the assault on CNN.
Yesterday an English friend here told me that he was now totally convinced that the conspiracy theories are no longer theories but proven fact of other involvement and watching a 4 hour documentary last night on TV led me to think that those who follow this belief may indeed have every right to feel the way the do.
There are still many questions which require truthful answers from government officials; that is clear, and although the killing of Osama bin Laden brought a moment of joy to my heart, it was still not a closure.
Technically those towers - and building 7 - should never have collapsed in the manner in which they did and the basement fires should not have still been burning 8 weeks later.
The shock of that day will always stay with me and regular reminders of that carnage keep the seriousness of the evil perpetrators; and the sadness of their acts, alive for the younger generations.
The; for such a scenario, ill-equiped fire fighters, consisting in many cases of whole families, will always remain as heroes to me.
thanks heather but is it today or 11th that is the anniversary?
Babette, it's the 11th
I was a government manager in downtown Toronto. We were across the street from the highest building in downtown Toronto. A lot of our staff were crying and obviously not a lot of work was getting done.

We could see from our windows that a lot of the buildings closeby were being evacuated and the folk were going home in at 11 in th morning. All of our managers had an emergency meeting. Our security chief said that he saw no risk to Toronto. I pointed out that all we knew at that time was that terrorists were attacking various buildings in the USA hundreds of miles frorm Toronto. All planes were being diverted to Canada and none were landing in the States. We were the closest large Canadian city to New York. Who knows maybe Toronto would be the next attack and we are next door to a huge high rise.

I said that we should send our staff home as a safety issue and no one work was going to get done anyway. My colleagues agreed and we sent all of our staff home. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but at the time of attack we did not have that advantage

It was a horrible day in world history.
I play golf at Port Glasgow Golf Club. Earlier in the week I played the first round (18 holes) of a two-round Final of our Club's 'match play singles competition'. I lost the last three holes, to go into the second round 3 down.

The second round was on the afternoon of 11th September 2001.

I watched the horrific scenes at the 'Twin Towers' on TV sets in work, before going up to play my second round.

By the third hole I had lost another two holes to go five down, fifteen to play. As i walked to the 4th Tee, I said to myself, "what am i so uptight about, a silly golf game, in comparison to, what was being estimated that day as tens of thousands of potential deaths." From that point on I stopped concerning myself about my position that day, and thought about the (potential tens of thousands who may have died).

From that change of temperment, losing the tension I was feeling at the time, my game changed, and i went on to win the competition that day.

So that terrible day, now known as 9/11, has mixed feelings for me.
wee davy
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Its now 10 years on,
at last, Osama's gone.
But memories, of such a day,
will never be, that far away

For brother, and sister,
and mother too,
the pain and anguish,
we have not but a clue

Its for those
who are left behind,
my thoughts return,
to bear in mind

Lives were changed,
blighted, darkened,
never to be set free

They may forgive,
but will never forget,
the devastation caused,
with no regret

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(A bird's eye view of how the ground zero
monument will look when finished)

God give them all Peace
I was at work and was going home for lunch at the time, I watched it all unfold in front of me on the tv, I didn't want to go back to work, had never witnessed anything as shocking as that before.

One day I hope to go to New York and pay my respects, my thoughts are with everyone who lost someone that day and also with the rescuers who are dying as a result of working at Ground Zero.

God Bless them all!!
9/11 here in Glasgow was a lovely sunny day. As usual I was at my Allotment in New Victoria Gardens. . My friend Eve was also there that day, We had been having a chat on the pathway between our gardens when Eves' son came up towards his Mum saying, A plane has crashed into the Twin Towers in N.Y. ,,,Behind him my son arrived, he had been in Pollok shopping and had heard it on the car radio.
As his sister ( my daughter) reside in N.J he wanted me to go home and watch T.V. Got in the car and was home in 10 mins, Watched T.V. and saw and heard the devastation.
Phoned my daughter, could not get her. Just prayed she and my g/kids were safe and wept for all who got caught up in this disaster. you could see and sense the fear all must have been feeling.

I lived through the W.W.2,was a young girl and had never seen the likes even in pictures.

How could we ever forget 9/11,,,,,,,?
It is an event that changed history no doubt about it but what should be remembered is the devastated families it left behind. It is one of those terrible events that you will always remember where you were at that time. I was at home looking after an ill family member, I can remember the shock and dis-belief that this could happen and eventually an anger at what had happened. All I can hope is that nothing similar happens again and we must all be vigilant towards that aim.
I was in Hospital .and i never want to remember that day, .we must move on , huh.gif
glasgow lass
I remember it was a beautiful warm sunny day on 9/11 ten years ago. At that time my home was in the process of being renovated so I had workres in and out that morning, a worker said to me Lass did you see what has happened in New York, as he had been listening to his radio in another part of my house. We put the T.V on and thats when we saw that the first plane had already hit the tower then the second plane came around and hit the other building. It was hard to grasp the reality of what was going on for the first few minutes tho, I saw a T.V show the other night about some of the people who took part in the rescue and in the cleaning up of the downed buildings, these rescuers had no protective masks during these days and many have become seriously ill due to the poison in the air of that day and the days that followed , some are dying from cancer. God Bless the USA. wub.gif
I was working that day, so no radio, one man came in & told us that a plane had hit the tower, I thought it must be a small plane maybe a wing clipped it I pray that the pilot is ok, then he said a 2nd plane hit I thought that people just love to exaggerate, but once I heard of the Pentagon I immediately left the building and by the time I got home the towers had fallen, I screamed, left ran to church and a priest had a Mass starting I thought that it was because of the attack actually planned for the Seniors start of the year, but we all prayed for the rescuers, as the mass continued so many gathered in the church, where are they all now, too busy, thinking that we do not need to pray for peace, when we should be on our knees daily.
I was in New York State north of New York City. I was leaving the motel where i had been staying when the news came on. I remember saying that something similar had happened to the empire state building years ago. Then the second plane hit and it was realized this was something horrific.. I watched for a while but when i went outside the silence was unbelievable. America came to a standstill. The shock took a while to set in but when it did it was total,surreal and so sad.
I had got out of bed just before 2pm (night shift worker) had a coffee, turned on the tv to check the football news on teletext. One of the news story headlines said "Plane hits world trade centre" thinking it was a small single engine plane i thought that's terrible i hope it just clipped the building and no one was hurt, then went on to check the footy news. It was about ten minutes later a friend phoned to ask me if i was watching the news, which i wasn't as i was listening to a cd as i prepared to go for a shower, as i stood and watched the images (as the second tower had just been struck minutes before) i couldn't really take in the enormity of what i was witnessing, a short time later the news of the Pentagon being hit, and the reports of another hijacked plane (UA flight 93) being hunted, i remember thinking " i,m still asleep". Then about fifteen minutes later the south tower collapsed, that and the sight of office workers leaping to their deaths, then with the collapse of the north tower i just sat stunned, it was as though my brain couldn't handle what my eyes were seeing. It is a day none of us will ever forget. This is not the day for the conspiracy theory nutters to come on and post their bilge. By the way it was about 8pm before i finally had my shower.
*wee jimmie*
Remembered-sadly, I saw all on my friends television as it unfolded-shocking.

Violence brings out the worst in people-the twin towers started the ugly war games series - 3,000 died and now 300,000 died - when will the sick stop killing - is christian conversation considered - OFF TRACK.

Please-teach-peace and not violence.

wee jimmie
I was in Oxford UK listening to the radio - suddenly realised I needed to see the TV - I went in the other room to tell my friend, said 'there's something going on in the US, I don't know what' and we were glued to it. Horrifying.

I wrote this then or the next day:

There’s a touch of science fiction to it.
In half your brain
it seems it’s just a disaster movie.
The towers are still there, really
the people are still alive
and everything goes on as before.

In the other half –
the full realisation
encapsulated in the fireman’s expletive
“………….Oh, shit!”
Everything must stop there.
it to
go on.
but it has

My bro-in-law's cousin works for the American Government in Washington.

He said he just happened to glance out the office window as a plane flew by and he thought it was very odd as the plane was flying very low.
He said he thought he was dreaming when he saw the plane fly right into the Pentagon building, he just could not believe what he had seen.
maise doats
I arrived in San Diego the day before 9/11 to visit my daughter and her american husband. It was 6.30am on 9/11 when I woke up to the phone ringing. It was my daughter's colleague from BA my daughter worked as supervisor of ground staff at San Diego airport) screaming down the phone for us to turn on the television. I turned it on just as the second tower was hit, my first thought was that it was World War 3 and I was glad I was with my daughter and not back home in Glasgow - selfish thought I know but she is my only child - I could not have lived without her if she had been on any of those flights.
The Callands Rebel
To those who say conspiracy theories are just that, you're perhaps aren't an American, and I guess you also think Oswald shot and killed JFK?

You probably believe WMD's by President Bush, too.

So, you must believe John Wilkes Booth shot and killed President Lincoln?

So, you must believe everything your Government tells You!

Well, I DON"T

Time to take the blinders off, smell the coffee, the truth is there, but you gotta
stop believing what you see, hear and read in the media and out of your government representations mouths.

My Country isn't in a 14 Trillion dollar debt, due to a bunch of "honest" politicians". so its not hard for us naysayers.

Come down out of your fantasy lands.

American Rebel and God Damn Proud of it.

Hi everybody, not long till the anniversary of 9/11. It seems not that long ago, memories are still fresh in my mind. I was on holiday with one of my girls, now all grown up. We went to Blackpool for a fun few days. We were walking along the Golden Mile and all seemed ghostly quiet, uncanny in a way. We stopped for a coffee and the guy was pulling down the shutters, we thought it a bit strange in fact rather odd for that time of day, especially in Blackpool. Neither of us spoke but still noticed the quietness. Our afternoon passed quickly and on return to the hotel we discovered the grim events of the day. We were overwhelmed when we heard and saw the footage on the telly. To date this overwhelming feeling of helplessness has never left me. This is a simple tribute to all who lost their lives and to all who were left behind. I send Reiki Blessings to one and all. Peace be with you x
I was home in Toronto, working on a book I was writing. The news was on in the background. The story came across the air. I could not believe I actually witinessed it but immediately remembered hearing someone making the identical threat a year or so earlier. Here it was...actually happening. My brother in Vancouver lost business contacts in the destruction but it did not otherwise affect me directly. My next book manuscript however, was based on the idea of terrorists invading North America and how they were finally captured. In time the book will be published as an eBook.

The time will come when all the world will be at peace but not in my lifetime as long as there is no balance in the quality and equality of life. It is where we have to go today and in the future to guarantee the world becomes a better place than what we came into.
Norman G
I was in my car when BBC radio announced that we may wish to turn on our TV screens as a 'light aircraft had crashed into the world trade centre in New York". I switched off and was out for the rest of the day. I was astounded when I learned what had happened and glad I didn't witness it live.

The deluded post about the 'conspiracy' by Bush and others beggars belief. They probably think the holocaust never happened.
I was on my way to work. I knew when they said that several planes where involved that it was a terrorist attack. Traveling back to Glasgow to visit my home country has been more traumatic since then but it hasn't stopped me and I will be there in a few weeks. I win! Better dead than not seeing Glasgow again!
I am preparing to move house. This afternoon, I was packing stuff from boxes in my attic and I found a copy of The Times dated 12 Sept.2001 showing the full report of the day before with the headline 'WAR ON AMERICA' I must have thought it worth keeping for posterity. I'm glad I did, as we must never forget mans inhumanity to man in the name of a so-called cause.
QUOTE (Norman G @ 9th Sep 2011, 07:33pm) *
... They probably think the holocaust never happened.

Funny you should say that.
Referring back to the English friend of mine who is so steeped in the conspiracy theory. His German girlfriend - my girlfriend's best mate - was telling me yesterday that he now doubts the authenticity of the holocaust.
I'm left to wonder what it is that makes a grown man's intelligence just up and leave him sometimes.
I've just watched on TV the film by Oliver Stone about the two P.A.P.D. policemen who were rescued from the rubble as survivors No.18 & No.19 out of only twenty in all. One of them underwent 23 operations in the first 5 hours of being brought out. Something like 380 firefighters died in trying to rescue others on that terrible day.
A member said she thought it was WW3. It might as well have been.
My recollection of that terrible day is that I was attending a union meeting in London with a number of my colleagues from around the UK. We were in the middle of a discussion when one of our number who had left the meeting to have a smoke came back and told us that it had been reported that 4 U.S airforce planes had been reported missing and that London, along with other major Western Cities had been put on a major security alert. We were told that all trains, tubes and airports had been closed. My immedite thought, as two of us were from Glasgow and one from Belfast, was how are we going to get home.
It was only at this point our meeting was brought to a close and we went through to the canteen to see those terrible scenes unfold on tv that the harsh reality began to sink in. As we sat in silence on the tube across London to Heathrow we wondered what we would encounter when we got there, whatever it was it would not compare to what those people in America were going through.
Now when I start to feel agitated at being held up at any airport I just think back to that terrible day and think, if only we were all as security concesious then.
Finally I agree to a point with an earlier poster in as much as we don't need the constant tv images as reminders, just like Lockerbie this is a day I will never forget and constant tv images I believe are insensative to those who survived and the families of those who perished. I sincerely hope never to witness another atrocity like either of these again.
QUOTE (Meeky @ 9th Sep 2011, 10:46pm) *
... I sincerely hope never to witness another atrocity like either of these again.

You, I and many more. But I've just seen this in the on-line Daily Mail.
The events of 9/11 were horrible and like most people throughout the world I feel for the victims and their families. However, terrible as the events were, I do not subscribe to 9/11 being the day that changed the world. This is an American perception. I was at school when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan. I will never forget my school teacher saying, "This was the day that changed the world".

The sad thing is that mankind has not learned any lessons since that first atomic bomb was dropped. Our solution to everything seems to be the use of violence. Millions of people have died throughout the years in order that we can live in freedom. What a waste of lives.
As everyone knows, it's virtually impossible to prevent terrorist attacks, even with massive security cover. As the IRA once boasted, "We only have to be lucky once, you have to be lucky all the time"

Looking at the photos of New York cops, they seem more like an army of occupation than a police force, but it still doesn't mean a determined, fanatical terrorist won't slink past their intense scrutiny to perpetrate another massacre.
I think the majority of people throughout the world feel deep sympathy for all of the people who lost their lives on 9/11, and also for their relatives and friends.

However, I don't agree that this was the day that changed the world. That is an American perception. I was at school when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan. I will never forget my teacher saying to the class, " This was the day that changed the world".

Since the beginning of mankind, violence seems to be the solution to everything. When events like 9/11 happen we forget that millions of people died on our behalf during two world wars. Millions of families were affected, and for what? I have heard people ask, "Should we still have rememberance day, the second world war finished in 1945"? It seems that with the passing of time, we forget the horrors of the past and just focus on the latest tragedy until the next one comes along.

My heart goes out to the victims of 9/11, but I will never forget those who died on my behalf in other conflicts.

Danny Harris

9/11 is my birthday, 10years ago I was in Scotland celebrating my 60th, with my late Mum who was turning 80yrs young the following day. We had a beautiful lunch with family members, returning home to the phone ringing, it was our eldest daughter calling from California. It was difficult to grasp what we were watching. My husband and I returned to Canada 3 days later. I have visited ground zero every year since, not on 9/11, but in July. I will never forget what happened that day, nor do I want to, agknowledging the anniversary serves as a reminder of the evil that exists outside my comfortable world. How lucky we are to live in a western society. I do not believe the conspiracy theories whatsoever, to do so would surely let the radicals off the hook.
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