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Full Version: Tory Dictatorship
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I just heard something that set my alarm bells a ringing.

Seems like due to the recent rammies we have had, Cameron is using this as an excuse to order an enquiry into disrupting Socail Media, Cameron has to go wan better than Murdoch not being content with evesdropping, lets go wan further and really bugger it up for everyone.

Is this yet another feeble excuse to erode more of our civil liberties or is it justified? How would you feel having your media service disrupted due to a few slopehieded malcreants?

The UK has suffered 50 years of moral and social decline due to the inactions / actions of asuccessive useless administrations.

Is it no time to rid ourselves of the PC yoke and instill some morals and values or is the genie oot the bottle?
I think this might be a case of being seen to be doing something. Social Media is the Jungle Telegraph of the age we live in. (I nearly said Smoke Signals but that might be a tad inappropriate right now rolleyes.gif ).
Can't see this happening.
But I would like to see an end to all this PC rubbish.
Seen to do something, how about these political eegits putting some order back in home and in particular schools, addressing the cause not the after effects might be a better remedy than vain and hollow threats to pull the plug on media. If they did that imagine the upcry, wan step beyond....

The more intelligent strain of neds, the wans wi 2 brain cells know how to make a stealth comms device using only wet string and twa yoghurt pots, shhesssh.

Itsa almost like we have a lost generation and christ help their kids if this decline continues.

Gone tae the dugs is an understatement, I think the dugs have departed the premises in search of better.
Dave Grieve
The problem is there is no alternative, the far right parties in the UK are to extreme in their retoric to capture the voters in numbers enough to make a change.

We have similiar legislation coming through here but its not to stop any rabble rousing by the press but more to stop them investigating goverment corruption,
If its not in the public interest any fourth tier goverment official will be able to stop the press publishing the story.
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