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Klitschko defeats Haye on points.
I saw this fight live on TV, it was a flop more ways than one, David Haye kept stumbling and falling into Klitschko, and eventually Klitschko got points deducted for supposedly pushing down on Hayes to the canvas.
Sure glad I got it free on HBO for it was a terrible dull fight!
Hubert, these hyped up fights are often disappointing so I wouldn"t dream of paying for them.

I watched Fight Night on ESPN and saw 3 good fights for free.

July 23
Golden Boy-HBO

WBA & IBF Light Welterweight Unification
Zab Judah vs Amir Khan

I will watch this fight free then on HBO!

That Haye/Klitschko in the UK they had Haye favourite, dont know what the odds were but I bet the bookies did great.
Naturally Klitschko was favourite over here but I'm glad I couldn't find anyone who'd take a bet with me 'cos my money would have been on Haye.
Where was the "Hayemaker"?
How come Klitschko wasn't slippin' an' a slidin' all over the ring?
Now the brothers have all the belts worth havin'.
I really thought Haye would have gone all out to take Klitschko's belts since he had three on the table against Haye's single belt ... especially after Haye's hype leading up to the fight - after 2 years fartin' about.
Very disappointed.
Hi Hubert and Jeep this had all the makings o a stinker fae the word go.

Big man hauf decent boxer stiff jab heard aboot his vaunted right haun could rhyme aff a dozen heaves who hit harder than him .

Other guy a fancy dan wie a big mooth who did he ever fight? nobodys, fer alas this is the way the heavyweight division has gone since the end of the last decade and beyond .

What weighed it up fer me two guys fighting fer the heavyweight cham'ship and a total of 4 different belts meaning 4 different men can hold the title at one time ,not fergetting the big mans bro who also has a belt ,my god whit is it aw aboot ,this farce is carried doon tae straw weight ,its aw aboot greed you wanna make big bucks advertise yer fight as a world cham'ship event it draws the suckers mad.gif in.

This perr o impostors went throught the motions last night, Haye had only wan gear in his arsenal that was reverse i watched him come doon the aisle singing his heed aff but his eyes told a different story ,bit like whistling in the dark.

So big guy wie a decent jab and weight , reach , and height advantage subdued a guy wie the heart o ah mouse.

Efter aw the bluster this blowhard this Davy boy wis exposed as a shrinking violet ,in my years o followin my fav sport i have heard many excuses fer defeat ,dislocated shoulder Sonny Liston a man who had grown old over night yep troops this can happen yer punch resistance ,yer reflexes can say by by aw at the wan time .

Torn muscles can happen twisted ankle yep can happen ,broken wee toe jasus wept at the age o thirteen i broke my wee toe in the gym caught it on a wallbar strut but efter a couple o days the pain had subsided nae sweat.

This guy threw the towel in afore the fight it wis plain tae see,how aboot Terry Downes nose hanging aff who went on tae stop wan o my idols Cowboy Mccormack,how aboot Chic Calderwood who wance caused this auld guy 14 day detention fer sticking up fer him who fought the full 10 rounds wie a shattered nose in the process probably drinking at least a pint o his ain blood ,how about a shellshocked Nigel Benn brutally sent tae the canvass time and agin tae rally and defeat Gerald Mc Clellan wie tragic results ,how aboot My idol Muhammed Ali whos was decked with a broken jaw twice and still finished those fights on his feet .
An how aboot Chuck Wepner who fought the legend ALI and sustained brutal punishment fer 15 rounds even deckin ALI IN THE 9 TH this guy was also cruelly beatin by two o the games most brutal punchers Liston 10 and Forman 3 this guy never knew whit surrender meant .

I had a broken toe Hayemaker there a laugh ,ach mibbies he's right the sun wisnae shining ''Olde ADAGE '' whines,naw son you shoudda went wie dorothy in the wizard o oz lookin fer a heart.

My god this farce musta sent my sport back a few million light years

Judah v Khan another mismatch an an other pey day fer Khan ,Khanny believe what the modern boxing fan accepts as a bon fida fight ach thers iwies my wee library

o real fights that i look on fae time tae time.

P, s Henry Cooper cursed wie tissue paper eyebrows ' i know aw aboot them '' this was a guy who would beg tae go on when the ref interceded on his behalf yep back when it was the Noble Art ,god bless aw the auld real fighters . biggrin.gif
Great post ab, I am not up on boxing but I said to the wife after it was over that Haye had retired before the fight even started.
The fight as I said was a flop, and strangely enough thats what Haye was doing in the ring flopping all over the place, never in the annals of boxing have I seen anything of that carryon before.
About the betting and the odds, it was a guy on HBO that said Haye was the favourite in the UK.
They both I think agreed on equal payout, millions!
cool.gif boxing only produces 'Fannies' now, seems that they get started too easy, and unlike the older boxers from the 50's to the 80's, they don't have to fight their way out of severe poverty and/or ghetto living.
Seems to me that too many 'professional athletes' are covering their backs with 'violin stories about sore backs, sprained ankles or suspiciously 'broken' toes'.
Murray must have been gutted when Nadal beat him to the punch by declaring injury before their match, thus preventing Murray from the standard 'excuse'.
Professional gamblers must be 'boaking' at Haye's statement about his 'broken toe'......after the match, and after they had laid odds on a possible victory for Haye.....the whole thing stinks to the high heavens....!
QUOTE (auldbutcher @ 3rd Jul 2011, 05:41pm) *
... how aboot My idol Muhammed Ali whos was decked with a broken jaw twice and still finished those fights on his feet .
... god bless aw the auld real fighters .

While I was watchin' this "Fight of The Century" rolleyes.gif I kept thinkin' back to Ali, Frazier and Foreman and "The Rumble in The Jungle" and "The Thriller in Manilla" and wonderin' Where have all the fighters gone? ... Long time passin'
When you think that Germany's Last Great was Axel Schultz rolleyes.gif laugh.gif
I yer right t.h.h. noticed ye were weel up on the subject your wee post aboot Axel Schultz got me thinking back tae a great German middleweight Gustav 'bubbi or wis it bubba Schultz guy took up the geme in the 50's funny thing was he never boxed as an amateur took tae the geme like a duck tae water ,or auld butch tae the whusky '' .

Won the European chamship in the late 50's beating Frenchman Chas Humez an held it intae the 60's good looking guy did a bit in show biz at a later date ,never a world champion but a good yin never the less ,don't quote me on this but i think he fought at heavyweight wance.

His career was shelved fer a few year when he was diagnosed wie t.b,but overcame this disease an carried on some man eh .

In closing canny ferget Big Karl Mildenberger southpaw heavyweight great fighter at close quarters where he did serious damage contested the heavyweight chamship agin Muhammid Ali and went 12 rounds afore getting stopped he too held the European Heavyweight chamship so two great fighters aw fae Germany funny thing is I'm surprised there hasnae been a lot more outstanding boxers given the make up o this nation. smile.gif
I thought Henry Maske was a good boxer in that he was also respected as a "gentleman" of the ring but a real never-say-die boxer who had my full respect over here was Arthur Abraham ... another one who fought to win with a broken jaw.
Another German boxer, he died a rich man at 99 years old.

Maximillian Adolph Otto Siegfried Schmeling (September 28, 1905 – February 2, 2005) was a world champion heavyweight fighter from Germany whose two fights with Joe Louis transcended boxing and became worldwide political events because of their racial and international importance.

After rising to the top of the heavyweight ranks, Schmeling fought a famous non-title fight with the previously undefeated Louis in 1936, knocking the 22-year-old African-American fighter down in the fourth round and finishing him off in the twelfth. Schmeling's title and image were used as a propaganda tool by Adolf Hitler to demonstrate Aryan supremacy. However, despite his associations with Nazism, after the Second World War it was revealed that Schmeling had risked his own life to save the lives of two Jewish children in 1938.

When Louis later won the title, a rematch was scheduled for 1938; a bout that caught the imagination of the world as a contest between the Nazi philosophy of racial superiority and the American value of egalitarianism. Louis knocked out Schmeling in the first round.

Schmeling served as a German paratrooper during World War II and resumed his career when the war ended. He fought until 1948 before retiring, becoming and remaining a personal friend of Louis, his former nemesis. Besides being a top heavyweight of his era, he remains a symbol of both the former intense enmity and the later friendship between Germany and the United States.
My god av died an went tae heaven two follow ups fae guys who know whit there on aboot ,Abraham is a good strong puncher should have stayed at middle but moved up tae super middle in effect in the auld days he wid be a middleweight fighting at lightheavy near enough the auld maxim still stands a good big un will iwies beat a good wee wan ,''oops sorry MannyPacquiao who is a modern version o the great Henry Armstrong ' an sadly fer Arthur in his case that proved tae be true.

Noo tae ah guy who was a hero not only inside o the ring but ootside it to.

Max Schmeling hero in every wie, despite Hitlers cajoling this man refused tae join the Nazi party good cleanliving guy ''an here i gotta thank Hubert'' cos i never knew he rescued two Jewish kids harbored them and got them oota the hell that was Germany if you wee a member o the Jewish race ,man think o there plight there Gypsy like existence through the century's meant they had nae homeland tae be repatriated tae my god they were at the mercy of every wan and this hero put his heed on the block tae liberate them .

Was a good boxer wie a great right haun was robbed o his title in a match wie Jack Sharkey weel you go tae america tae defend yer title and lose on a miscalculation o justice its the same auld story that has been repeated through the ages since then .

He won a trade agreement wie coca cola tae be the main distributor in the years efter the war in Germany forged a lasting friendship wie Joe Louis an was said tae have helped the big man oot when he was chased by the tax revenue fer dept incurred from his many big purses ,this was a disgrace fer big joe gave many purses fae fights an exhibitions tae the U.S government tae help the war effort.

So troops we have a great human being humanitarian in every wie ,his nationality was German who gives a stuff like i iwies say it aint aboot yer nationality,or ye religion fer that matter its aboot what beats in yer heart and in yer mind how you conduct yersel in moments o crisis and in yer love fer yer fellow human being.
Being fitba daft I was never really into boxing or any other sport much although its a great sport.
When a boy I remember comments made by my dad or other adults vague as they may be, some things stick in my mind on certain fights gone by.
One that comes to mind and I am not sure if this was the way it was, but I heard the Bruce Woodcock got hammered or belted by Lee Savold, something like Savold knew how to hit down with a punch on the face therefor cutting and opening up a gash on Woodcock, I am sure ab could tell us if some boxers were good or really bad, LoL, at hitting down with punches?
I get info on the web, its good reading, again heres stuff.

Woodcock began his career in 1942, winning all of his first 20 bouts, all by stoppage. This set him up for his first title bout. In July 1945, at White Hart Lane, Tottenham, Woodcock defeated the current champion Jack London to take the British and Empire heavyweight tiles. Woodcock won by a knockout in round six after having London down three times in that round.

Woodcock won his next 4 bouts, including wins over Al Delaney and Bert Gilroy, before suffering his first loss by TKO at the hands of the vastly more experienced and world rated Tami Mauriello.

He bounced back impressively from this by defeating Freddie Mills and Gus Lesnevich either side of winning the European Title from Paul Albert Renet. Woodcock went on to win his next 3 fights, including a successful defence of his European Title before suffering his second loss.

At Harringay in 1947 Woodcock earned a reputation for bravery when he fought Joe Baksi. He was floored 3 times in the first round and twice in the second and yet tried to come back before the referee stopped it in the seventh.

Again, Woodcock bounced back in impressive fashion, scoring wins over world rated opponents such as Lee Oma and Lee Savold, followed by a win over talented Johnny Ralph for the British Empire Title (now known as Commonwealth Title)

On June 2, 1949, Woodcock again beat Freddie Mills for the vacant British and European and Empire heavyweight titles by a KO in round 14.

Upon the retirement of World heavyweight champion Joe Louis, on June 6, 1950, the British promoter Jack Solomons matched Woodcock with American Lee Savold (who Woodcock had previously beaten) for the vacant world title at White City before over 50,000 spectators. This was done under the auspices of the British Boxing Board of Control and recognised throughout Europe and the Commonwealth but not in the USA. In the event, a 15 round contest, Woodcock's left eye sustained a bad cut, and the fight was stopped in the fourth round.

Woodcock was to fight just once more, on 14th November 1950. In this bout he lost his British and Empire Titles to Jack Gardner by an 11th round TKO.

Woodcock was known as a skilled and aggressive boxer with a good punch, however his face was vulnerable as the result of reopened cuts sustained through many bouts, and he was small for a heavyweight, putting him at a disadvantage on occasion. Nevertheless, he was a top contender and Britain's best and bravest heavyweight hope in the second half of the nineteen
Dave Grieve
My dad was a boxing man and although i wasnt really into the sport. prefering fiba, sometime a fighter would catch my attention. the one I could never understand that didnt turn profesional was Dick McTaggart. whenever i asked my dad why he stayed amature all he would tell me is that he would never make it as a Pro.
Perhaps somebody could give me their opinion?
Hi dave Dick was a ring general worked behind a stiff southpaw jab,his style was made tae measure fer the amateur geme it was only 3 rounds ,would he have made it as a pro, fae a long shot mibbies Brit champion but the fly in the ointment was Dave Charnley rugged two fisted guy who had stopped Dick in wan round as an amateur .

Charnley went on tae fight fer the world light weight chamship agin the talented 'old bones Brown ''he fought him twice being stopped through a bad cut eye decision in the first fight ,and being robbed o the title in the second wan think it was Harringay arena when Joe Brown was awarded a fight where Dave had hounded and punished him fer 15 rounds.

Me i liked Dick but the strain o the pro geme widda been too much fer him i.e the in fighting was never something Dick mastered .

And p.s the scottish boxing board o control treated him disdainfully in my opinion never found a place fer a true master o his craft in there set up .
Dave Grieve
Thanks OB, better explanaition than mah Da ever gave me.
I watched this fight on TV, and at least half way through I would have said Acosta is by far the better boxer and will win at least on points, was I wrong.
In the end Rios won convincingly, yet he maybe relentless which he is, he didnae look that good as an overall boxer that I could see!

Associated Press

Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011 | 11:06 p.m.

Rios beats Acosta
Brandon Rios knocked out Miguel Acosta in the 10th round with a flurry of punches near his opponent’s corner to win the WBA lightweight title on Saturday night at the Palms.

Rios landed several blows without seeing any defense before finally crumpling Acosta with a right cross at 1:14 of the tenth round. The Venezuelan’s corner men immediately reached through the ropes to support him as referee Joe Cortez stopped the fight.

“I told my dad when I was a child that I wanted to be a world champion,” Rios said after he was hoisted onto the shoulders of his cornermen. “Now look at me!”

Rios (27-0-1, 20 KOs) has won nine straight since fighting to a draw against Manuel Perez in October 2008. Acosta (28-4-2) lost for the first time in 20 fights.

Acosta was actually leading the fight through the first few rounds, quicker to the punch and stringing together combinations. Rios had trouble finding his range until the sixth round, when a sharp jab put Acosta down on the canvas for the first time in the fight.

“I was hurt early. He hit me with some good shots,” Rios said. “He is a powerful fighter, but I never quit and stuck in there. I’m a real warrior.”

Rios didn’t let up after the sixth round, putting Acosta down against in the eighth with a left hook, before unloading on him in the 10th round and finally ending the fight.

“I’m very sad and disappointed because I truly thought I would win,” Acosta said. “Rios is very strong and I prepared for that but his power surprised me.”
Aye I watched that wan Huebert some finish, reminded me o Floyd Pattersons K.o o Ingemar Johannson ,he sparkled him and the big man went doo like sive he was shot oot cold and lo and be hold wan o his feet wis twitchin fae side tae side.

Which brings me tae another story Ricky Hatton has decided agin a come back ,great news cos fer a while i worried fer him after the wey wee Manny P STIFFENED HIM it wis like an execution ,Ricky was a silly man efter every fight he lead a life o debauchery drinking and over eating the he would go on a strict diet afore his next fight I was just surprised he lasted so long.

Wee bit news fer you Brandon Rios fights the night agin a guy called Urbano Antillion both hard men both in yer face guys both got 20 kayo's on there record and tae add tae the spice Antillion has insulted Rios's missus ,this guy Rio's is a nut job and he is promising savage retribution ,it takes place in Carson California's Home Depot Centre be sure an catch it ,late night fer me the night ,by fer noo amigo.
Boxing is a corrupt "sport".
So too is football, horse-racing, snooker, track events, Tour de France, FI ... need I go on? rolleyes.gif wink.gif
QUOTE (Mathieson @ 9th Jul 2011, 06:16pm) *
Boxing is a corrupt "sport".

What planet are you from, so is fitba all over the world, fixed games and people being indicted all over the place! LoL
Of course lets NOT forget Scotland and the majority running fitba there, rampantly favouring Rangers all these decades, that is also corruption..
My opinion only of course but I also can't help feeling heart sorry for the poor young guys who stand bloody, bruised and bewildered at the end of the bout while the mob, including numerous fat cats howl, jeer and generally bay for blood in the background. Some "sport".
Ach i suppose you were a member o a lassie's hockey team, and as fer young guys staunin bruised and bewildered naw they staun pround o there accomplishments and the harder the fight the mair respect fer yer opponent ,i always gied my opponent a big hug efter a hard fight full o respect fer his power an tenacity , I hated the fancy dans who jabbed and ran and used tae hang on fer dear life when i went close an started unloading tae the body.

As fer fat cats how aboot the the owners o Manu ,Man city ,Chelsea, etc,wis gonna include Rangers but the owner there is mair like some stray cat you wid pick up pit it unner yer erm and take it hame an gie it a saucer o milk ,hence the fact that wee sly Coisty canny meet the going price fer some o the third raters he has been trying tae buy.

P.s ever try yer haun at embroidery member an wear a thimble ,fer why in case you pricked yer finger and came aw ower unstaedy on yer feet at the sight o blud you take care noo . laugh.gif biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Mathieson @ 9th Jul 2011, 08:56pm) *
My opinion only of course but I also can't help feeling heart sorry for the poor young guys who stand bloody, bruised and bewildered at the end of the bout

It's refered to as The Noble Art of Self Defence. This means that two evenly matched boxers each in good physical condition have to try to break through each others' defence and may the best man win.
The bewilderment is usually a result of under-estimation of an opponent.
As AB says, some boxers believe that deep embraces are a good means of defence ... although tongue kissing might be difficult while wearing a gum shield. tongue.gif

How to Clinch

... to clinch you need to capture both of your opponent's arms under yours. In addition, you will want to put your head on his shoulder, hold him in tight and put as much weight as you can on him. This serves two purposes - first, it gives you a bit of rest and second, it makes him work harder

No mention of kissing there but Mike Tyson was famous for nibbling on an opponent's ear. laugh.gif
Taken from Sunday's Express.
MILLIONAIRE Rob Lloyd ended up in hospital with two broken ribs and a ruptured spleen after getting in the ring with a heavyweight boxing champ to raise funds for charity.

The property developer gave 40,000 to a Belfast boxing club after taking part in the Channel 4 programme Secret Millionaire two years ago.

So when the Cairn Lodge club needed more cash to build a state-of-the-art gym, the father of two agreed to a three-round bout with former Commonwealth Games light-heavyweight gold medal winner Courtney Fry, 36.

Last night as he recovered from his injuries at his home in Halkyn, Clwyd, Rob, 47, said: “I had done six months of training on fitness and technique and was keen to show my worth, but Courtney is a huge, impressive boxer and started getting really stuck in by the second round. I didn’t want him to hold back.

“I was keeping my gloves up because I really didn’t want my nose permanently splattered but that was just an open invitation to batter my stomach and ribs.

“By the end of round two I felt something ping in my rib-cage and it took the wind out of me. I knew I was in trouble but I was determined to see the three-round fight out.

“Afterwards I went straight to hospital.”

Rob’s wife Helen was at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Chester to cheer him on in his one-sided battle. Cairn Lodge club secretary Tom Dunn said: “We are very grateful to Rob for all he has done for us.”
No mention of kissing there but Mike Tyson was famous for nibbling on an opponent's ear.

You brought up some interesting facts there t.h.h. and sadly the ear nibbling was a get oot card by Tyson when the going got tough I.m afraid Tyson didnae get going, guys who fancy there chances agin boxers Stallone wance got a couple o ribs busted sparring wie Larry Holmes story goes he got a bit carried awie thought he wis really Rocky and then really did get carried oot tongue.gif wink.gif
QUOTE (TeeHeeHee @ 10th Jul 2011, 12:37am) *
It's refered to as The Noble Art of Self Defence. This means that two evenly matched boxers each in good physical condition have to try to break through each others' defence and may the best man win.

Come off it teeheehee, how often have you seen mismatches that have obviosuly been arranged purely for the financial betterment of some promoter or other? biggrin.gif
A've been definitely mismatched masel' a few times ... and no financial gain. rolleyes.gif laugh.gif
Last night's Showtime double-header lived up to the hype, with an action-packed, three-round war of a main event between Brandon Rios and Urbano Antillon, and a surprisingly one-sided upset of Kermit Cintron by Carlos Molina in the co-feature.

Rios vs Antillon

Rios: "We knew going in that whoever could take the best punch would win. Tonight I was faster and tougher for the couple of rounds we had. I had power in both hands."

Antillon: "That left hook caught me on the top of the head and it devastated me. I was never the same after the first knock down. Rios punches very hard. I just got caught and I was never able to recover."

Wow this was some fight from the first bell, it only lasted three rounds, but it was toe to toe, both boxers threw every punch in the book.
Molina in the first fight did good.
Brandon Rios does get hit a lot with his style but can he hit back and then some!
Watched last nights fight ward v abrahams ,sadly abrahams didnae turn up .

Wee titbit Alex Morrison Burns's manager wants Terr O 'connor taken oot o the judgement panel this ref for years has bent over backwards to give an English fighter every advantage be it when refereeing ,or when being used as a judge ,many a warning was handed out to a Scot fighter fer so called low blows ,many a scrap when the Scots man was getting the better inside was broken up fer why both were punching there was no one holding on .

These are the wee tricks that O'connor used and any wan who has done a wee bit would twig as to what was going on.

Three month ago Greenocks John Simpson was robbed of a close decision in a hard fought contest agin Steven Smith ,O,connor was one of the judges in the panel ,one judge scored it a draw ,one gave it too Smith by one round ,O'connor gave it too Smith by 6 rounds ,he was either incompetent or had an agenda .

This is par fer the course wie O'connor iver the years ,i'm hoping Morrison gets his wish and this creten is removed .

Will be watching this one ,still have my souvenir program fae Ricky's fight at Braehead c'mon Ricky dae Jockland proud son biggrin.gif wink.gif

Mosley loses title belts in divorce

Not only has Shane Mosley been on the losing end of his latest boxing matches, he is also losing the fight in the courtroom as well. Per TMZ Sports, Mosley’s ex-wife Jin Mosley will be awarded 3 championship belts as part of their divorce settlement. Ouch. Here are some details:

The settlement provides that ex-wife Jin “shall maintain custody and control of three championship belts for each of the respective parties’ three minor children.” Each of the kids get a belt when they turn 18.

And Jin will get half of Sugar Shane’s cut of profits from videotapes and DVDs of his big fights, including bouts with Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto and Fernando Vargas.

Since the divorce was filed in California and community property rules apply, Jin gets half of Sugar Shane’s fight purses during their marriage.

Shane Mosley won’t have to split the $3mil he pocketed for his sparring match fight with Manny Pacquiao as the fight took place after the 2009 split, so there’s a small silver lining to an overall disappointing judgement. Not to mention the 21-year-old bombshell Bella Gonzalez that Shane has bagged, so I think Shane is sleeping well. Or not at all, depending on how you look at it.
Sounds as if Shane traded her in fer a younger model ,a very expensive younger model ,shame taking hie belts.

Any wies its Ricky Burns the night Huebert the undercard has two great fights tae so a good night fer my fav sport.

I like Ricky pity he didnae carry a wee bit merr fire power ,in truth i think he wid come unstuck agin some o real hard men who lurk aboot at lightweight , Ricky is a big boy with a good frame but alas i iwies think he looks drawn an gaunt at super feather ,talk is he will move up tae lightweight ,were talking Juan Marquez,yer pal Brandon Rios,Huberto SOTO , tough guys and i wonders if Ricky wid survive in that company ,nae disrespect tae him but it wid be tough.

Still its jockland v Engerland i will be checking oot O'connor
's scorecard if it goes the distance. wink.gif
Whit a farce the wee guy Cooke alas is a cripple i take nae joy in saying this this on going injury o his is common knowledge ,I think the B.B.B OF CONTROL WANT TAE TAKE A HARD LOOK AT THEMSELVES HOW THIS GUY PASSED A MEDICAL IS BEYOND ME .

This in turn was a blow tae the Scottish fans who traveled doon there at great expense not counting admission money .

P.s the Murray ,Mitchell fight was a stonker master class boxing from Mitchell upset the odds on favorite ,he had wee Mcguiggen droolin aboot the fight and rightly so.
QUOTE (auldbutcher @ 18th Jul 2011, 06:44am) *
Whit a farce the wee guy Cooke alas is a cripple i take nae joy in saying this this on going injury o his is common knowledge ,I think the B.B.B OF CONTROL WANT TAE TAKE A HARD LOOK AT THEMSELVES HOW THIS GUY PASSED A MEDICAL IS BEYOND ME .

This in turn was a blow tae the Scottish fans who traveled doon there at great expense not counting admission money .

P.s the Murray ,Mitchell fight was a stonker master class boxing from Mitchell upset the odds on favorite ,he had wee Mcguiggen droolin aboot the fight and rightly so.

When I made the comment earlier that there were mismatches in boxing to suit certain agendas I was promptly put in my place, so how do the above observations square with....

"It's refered to as The Noble Art of Self Defence. This means that two evenly matched boxers each in good physical condition have to try to break through each others' defence and may the best man win."

They don't. As I said before, boxing is corrupt, and to the potential detriminent to young men's health I may add..
Yer a crafty devil Matty touche laugh.gif wink.gif
But then agin wan swally disnae make a bevy session ,don't think there was any betting coup made on this result ,and detriment to young men's health how aboot rugby fatalities and some young men paralyzed fer life aw contact sports have there measure o danger ,like I said afore accidents can happen even in the gentle art o embroidery biggrin.gif tongue.gif
Accidents in sport are always a risk and sportsmen understand that.
Setting out to pummel a young guy's head to a pulp is no accident in a boxing ring, and it's a hundred times worse when the opponent is so evidently not a match.
Should be banned in my opinion.
Amir Khan KO`d Zab Judah in the 5th round, Judah claiming he was hit by a low blow.
Well it was virtually no contest for me Khan didnae need to get out of 2nd gear.
Sure glad I didnae need to pay for that fight! LoL
Boxing appears to be doing it's best to write it's own death warrant.
BOXING - Amir Khan is determined to enter any showdown with Floyd Mayweather as an equal: "I'd fight anyone, I'd even fight Mayweather next. But when I fight him I want to be a big name. I don't just want to fight him as another opponent, I want to be on the same level as him. So when I do fight him it will be like when Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather fight - both of them as champions, not opponents."
QUOTE (mitchell @ 19th Jul 2011, 11:19pm) *
Should be banned in my opinion.

Let's ban bullfightin' first.
That's a sport where even if the opponent wins he finishes up on the BBQ.
I am constantly dismayed at humans who approve of one of their own being battered senseless, sometimes fatally, but are in an uproar at the ritual ( not sport) of the bullfight. I am not in favour of either, by the way, but I think some people have their priotities wrong. Please do not try to tell me about the " noble art of self.defence" , as most fight fans go to see blood and gore. Bullfighting is not a competition and the conclusion is usually foregone, but do not tell me either that there is no skill or bravery or danger involved.

If it came to a choice, I should rather watch a animal being killed than a fellow human suffer such punishment. By the way the corrida has already been banned in Catalunya, although it is doubtful if other regions will follow suit. I wish I could see some sign of boxing being banned.
Hi hubert didnae even watch the fight Khan a manufactured fighter built a reputation on has beens and never was beens ,like i said Judah was a shot fighter two year ago saw his comeback fight agin a journeyman fighter was trailing badly before stopping the guy with a lucky punch.

Notice you didnae mention the Tyson Fury fight Brit Heavyweight chamship this fight musta sent British boxing back 20 year ,Fury mentioned Klitchko my god has he got a death wish.
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If it came to a choice, I should rather watch a animal being killed than a fellow human suffer such punishment.

My daughter's step son was due to go into the ring for the first time. His opponent; winner of all his 5 fights, took one look at him at the weigh in and told his trainer. You can go in with him ... I'm not.
So Luke was awarded his first win without throwing a punch. He was dissapointed because he wanted to see if all his hard work and training had paid off.
His opponent made an unusual choice; even after having it explained that Luke hadn't had a proper fight before. But he had the choice.
The animals are ushered into the ring with no idea that pure torture and then death await them.
I woudn't wish that on anyone.
Give me the choice to enter the ring or not.
I get eMails from (Germany) for concerts and shows etc.. Didn't get this one tho' but, of all places, I found this on a Russian web site.
Just had to post it. tongue.gif laugh.gif

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The night Michael Watson's career was ended

Twenty years ago today he was on the verge of a world title – then it all went horribly wrong. Steve Bunce was ringside on a brutal night that changed boxing for ever.
wee davy
The last two rounds

Michael was probably the best World Boxing Champion we never had.

His survival was a miracle.
Watchin' that last minute in the 11th Davy, he didn't half whack that rope with his neck.
Also, reading the report by Bunce and how the specialist doctor, who'd been havin' a night out, couldn't get into the hospital for media and fans and as he searched for a back way in saw the old bag-lady exiting the basement door and used that before it closed on him.
An unbelievable, almost fatal, sequence of events which followed that uppercut from Eubanks.
A miracle indeed that Michael survived and went on to live his life like the champion he was and is.
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