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Full Version: ' Get Out Of Jail ' Card.
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Burglar freed by human rights to look after his children threatened headmistress

I read about this interesting Human Rights case last weekend. A burgler was freed because he'd too many kids and no one to watch over them . Probably only went burglering to support them; I suppose.
Nice to know we have such rights these days ...
"Well, Your Honour, I have these two cats and one, Charlie, pees on computers and fings and nobody'll look after him if I'm inside and don't animals have Human Rights too, sir?" rolleyes.gif

By Andy Dolan

The burglar let out of jail because it breached his family’s human rights has a history of aggressive behaviour, it emerged yesterday.

Wayne Bishop, 33, left a headmistress fearing for her own and her pupils’ safety after storming in to his son’s school and threatening to smash up ‘every car in the car park’ in a row over a bracelet.

A court heard the father of five – who was released a month into his fourth jail term on Friday following the Appeal Court’s astonishing judgment – went berserk after head Dora Wood confiscated the jewellery from his five-year-old son.
Bishop with his children after his release. He admitted using threatening words or behaviour

Bishop with his children after his release. He admitted using threatening words or behaviour

Bishop had been called to the school in October 2008 to discuss why his son repeatedly wore the bracelet in defiance of school rules. But Bishop blocked the school drive with his car and told Miss Wood: ‘I’m going to do you over.’

Nottingham magistrates heard Bishop began swearing at the headmistress in her office, adding: ‘I’m not sticking to the rules. My son’s not sticking to the rules.’

Bishop repeated the threats several times before heading into a corridor, still swearing, where a number of children were standing. During the 25-minute incident, Bishop again refused to move his car, saying: ‘The feds won’t be able to get in.’

The former warehouse assistant was arrested at Portland School in Bilborough, Nottingham, and later admitted using threatening words or behaviour.

He was given 100 hours of community service and ordered to be monitored by the probation service for a year. He was also told to pay 50 compensation to Miss Wood.

The head, 57, yesterday said it would be ‘inappropriate to comment’ on the Appeal Court’s judgment in relation to Bishop.

But a source close to the school said she was aware of the circumstances surrounding his early release and added: ‘Dora thinks the judges have had the wool pulled over their eyes. He was extremely aggressive and intimidating when she had that unfortunate encounter with him.’

Last month Bishop was sentenced to eight months in jail after admitting burglary and dangerous driving in relation to a break-in at Mansfield Rugby Club last September.

But he was released on Friday after Mr Justice Maddison and Mr Justice Sweeney agreed that imprisoning him was not in the ‘best interests’ of his children, and ordered the sentence to be suspended. He must also obey a 10pm-6am curfew.

The case is thought to be the first time Article 8 of the Human Rights Act – repeatedly used by foreign criminals to avoid deportation from the UK – has been used to let a prisoner walk free from jail.

Critics said thousands more may try to use Article 8, which guarantees the right to respect for a private and family life, as a ‘get out of jail’ card.

Bishop’s five children with ex-partner Tracey York, 30, were looked after by his sister, a single parent of seven, during the week because Miss York, who had the children at weekends, worked shifts.

He said his wife, Sandra, 36, was never considered as a possible carer for the children because she has four children of her own. Bishop, of Clifton, Nottingham, has convictions for nine offences – including two for using threatening words or behaviour – and has been sentenced to prison on four occasions.

When asked about the Portland School incident yesterday, he said his behaviour had been ‘out of character’, but claimed that by restraining his son to remove the bracelet, the teacher involved had been guilty of assault.

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Merr proof, if it were needed, that the world's gaun loony. Ah thought ah'd heard it aw, but this decision definitely takes the cake fur sheer, unadulterated stupidity.
Human Rights Laws have to be tightened up or changed to stop people abusing them as they do. If this doesn't happen and happen soon, the whole system will become a joke. mad.gif Mary
Which of the Articles or Protocols do you suggest be changed or tightened up?Far from this person abusing the law he is merely applying it to his particular set of circumstances.
Crewsy Fixer
I remember I had a book, I gave it to someone who would make better use of it, It was by Lord Lester and David Panick, well known human rights lawyers and was about the new ECHR Commisson on Human Rights, I read what I could as a layman and thought, this will mess everything up. was I right, too right I was right.

Inhumans have rights too in Human rights.
QUOTE (Jupiter @ 30th May 2011, 10:23pm) *
... Far from this person abusing the law he is merely applying it to his particular set of circumstances.
Which leg are you pullin', Joop? biggrin.gif
An ex-cop who's tellin' us that a caught-in-the-act thief is not abusing the law but applying it to his particular set of circumstances ie. he's a single parent with 5 kids.
Who baby sits for him when he's breakin' and enterin' Joop?
Are you really an ex-cop or are you havin' us on? rolleyes.gif
Bin Article 8 to start with then get rid of the rest.

How many indigenous honest British has the Human rights Bill served a purpose for??? It's criminals, Asylum Seekers and Immigrants who gain from it. mad.gif
THH Im not pulling anyones leg,merely stating what goes on.Now Im not for a minute suggesting the criminal concerned is au fait with the Articles and Protocols,(well perhaps he has read up on it in his cell)
I think its more probable he has contacted a lawyer who has then started the process and we see the result.Unedifying, I would suggest but as long as you have laws you will have people interpreting them and looking for possible loop-holes.
I'm curious as to why his kids were not taken into care. I agree Jupiter that some smart alec lawyer has advised him of his Human Rights but surely the judges and other administrators involved have the equal right to use common sense and tell them where to get off. Mary
Likewise,Mary.I thought the social services would have stepped in but this just illustrates how a law/article/protocol can be interpreted in a way which may well not have been the original raison d`etre.
Support Article 8
If situations like this are the outcome of supporting Article 8, I for 1 wont support it. Mary
Article 8 can be used even if you stay in jail:-
Prisoner allowed to father a child from jail because of 'human right to a family life'

Criminal's artificial insemination is being paid for by NHS

Ministers fear decision will damage faith in prison system

A further five applications are still being considered

The decision was based on the prisoner’s ‘right to family life’ under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.

The case follows that of burglar Wayne Bishop who was let out of jail last week so he could look after his children, using the same article.

Last night one Tory MP said that the combined impact of the two cases raised the prospect of criminals fathering children from behind bars simply to demand they be let out.

Philip Davies said it could amount to a ‘human rights get out of jail free card’.

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These human rights charters have their origin in the European court or in the United Nations. none or very little is subject to the sovereign laws of the countries where they are applied. The European parliament is answerable to no one, its legislation is held up to no scrutiny and yet it governs, through the faceless bureaucrats in Brussels, with limitless salaries and a multitudes of scams, who will tell you how to run your society.
No country could get these impositions past their own parliaments. This is the Napoleonic dictatorship longed for by the fascist mafioso of Europe. As for the united nations, apart from the OECD, it is a morass of mendicant parasite dictatorships who could not find democracy in an on line dictionary.
What about my Human Right to be protected from crime and criminals. mad.gif Mary
QUOTE (mlconnelly @ 30th May 2011, 10:51pm) *
Human Rights Laws have to be tightened up or changed to stop people abusing them as they do. If this doesn't happen and happen soon, the whole system will become a joke. mad.gif Mary

Become, yer being too kind lass.

Mary, it's just a open circus mismanaged by a despicable shower of claim and blame culture vultures and other assorted buffoons all; selfish, materialist capitalistic swinage on the make for a few easy pennies out of other peoples misfortune.

I eat these sheets fur breakfast, despite their posh shiny suits, ties, affected accents and limp wristed soggy handshakes. It's a unpleasant start to the day. Yet, quite fun after a few swallies to kill the taste.

Common dug wit is so oot o' fashion with these wasters, but it's a constant, albeit a slight variable in my world. <grins> Well now't is perfect.

Sometimes I view this this world as fairly jiggered, mainly due the actions of Politically Correct <oxymoron> eegits and the simpering lickspittling sycophants that feed off them. Now how come a bunch of wastrels have such an adverse effect?

Humanity has more than likely had it's best days for a few millennium or until at least we get away from dependency fossil fuel and make kids use their dwindling legs and find oot where school is without a irradiating their gray stuff using GPS apps and utilizing Darling Mummies new ultra shiny never been aff road aff roader.
A shining specimen that's worth more than the whole o' Glasgea and that's shes has got no clue how witsoeffer how to get the effer outta o' 4 wheel drive when doing a 110mph on the Motorway.

Ah despair, haha

Right, now for my next project.

A trip to the fridge... will have to plan that very carefully.
This has nothing to do with human rights, society's rights or criminal rights. This is about administrators keeping themselves in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. That and assisting their friends in the legal fraternity.
I think the Human Rights Charter was originally intended for oppressed peoples or political prisoners and not for serious criminals who by dint of their chosen ways might have relinquished the right to anything more than a reasonably comfortable bed and at least one warm meal a day.
When serial murders, rapists or child molesters start demanding their rights, the people who fight their cases should be thrown in alongside them.
No need for the cat-o'-nine-tails (the cat that you need room to swing) but incarceration should not be R&R for criminals and "Get Out of Jail Free" cards should only apply to the game of Monopoly where they belong.
Jim D
I must admit that I followed that trial of Nat Fraser and i thought straight away that the story of the rings in the bathroom appearing and disappearing was going to lead to a wrong conviction on appeal. We Alex Salmond can shout all he likes about english interference, they judges stuck by the human rights legislation and kicked the case out.
If they take the case to the European Court of Human Rights they would get the same result. Disclosure is a massive pothole that wil affect loads of cases. Thankfully, Strathclyde have been preparing for it for years nad make full disclosure of every document and its source.
I dont often agree with Alex Salmond but in this case I do. English courts should have no say in what goes on in Scottish courts, our laws are different. And lets face it, if this situation was reversed, do you honestly think the English judicial service would tolerate interference from Scotland? I think not. Mary
Mind you we saw what the english government did to the farce of the "Law of Scotland" when it forced the release of a murdering terrorist, hailed in his G-D fosaken country as a hero by the manic dictator, made a guest of HMG, who ordered it in the first place. He certainly had his human rights upheld by the Scottish "Law Lords"
Wesley Snipes could have done with the European Union's interpretation of Article 8 on Human Rights

... on CNN's Larry King (he was) asked if he was scared to go to jail ...
'I think any man would be nervous,' Snipes said. 'Given the length of time that they are suggesting that I be away from my family, away from my profession, away from my ability to provide for my family and for those who have depended upon me to contribute to society... I think anyone would be nervous about that.'

His new home for the next three years ...
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... but he'll miss the kids.

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More than 100 foreign criminals presently in custody,illegal aliens and failed asylum seekers have in the past year used article 8 quoting their right to a private and family life and have been totally successful in their appeals thus thwarting government moves to get them out of the country.
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