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Full Version: Glasgow In 1949.
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Here is an excellent film about postwar Glasgow City Planning. The film shows the dirty old city I grew up in and will bring memories to many over-50s on here. So good I watched it 3 times!
Well Rab, that was a good start to the City Planning. When did they get it finished? tongue.gif laugh.gif
whit happened tae it
A wis there at the time, canny remember if oanything wis done aboot it. Mind ye the Luftwaffe hud some input intae it jist before A' wis born. wacko.gif
This may sound a bit dumb but how did any of you play Rab's video? wub.gif
Thanks Rab, that was really interesting.


wee davy
You may need your settings updated/looking at Chrissie

The thing I found fascinating about this wee film - wiz the model of the City Centre - it looked like something straight oot ai Buck Rogers 25th Century!

They planners must've been avid readers LOL laugh.gif

Ah could've dun better oan the back ai ma jotter!
While it's good to see such films preserved, it's bad that they can't be downloaded for personal use, but have to be bought. I can go to and download many public information files, mostly American but some British, for free. I can understand that copyright restrictions may prevent this with some of the films at Scottish Screen Archives, but many of the films will be in the Public Domain and should be accessible to download for free, if they are part of our national heritage.
I entirely agree Benny - pure greed! Similarly, to have to pay to download your ancestry, which is in the public domain, seems totally wrong to me. mad.gif
QUOTE (Chrissie @ 28th May 2011, 05:26am) *
This may sound a bit dumb but how did any of you play Rab's video? wub.gif

Chrissie, I assume you clicked on the link? Then click the central white triangle - voila! If you want full-frame, click the symbol which has four arrows.
Terrific Rab. Thanks for posting it
smile.gif jeep
Hi Rab, that was interesting and I can remember much of it including the single end with 4 of us living in it
Great to see that very few of the high rise shown for the city centre were ever built
Perhaps todays planners should watch these old films and not make the same mistakes or promise what cant be delivered
Having said that I still love Glasgow
Bye for now, norrie
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