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Full Version: Beside The Seaside ...
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Paddy goes out to a building contract in the middle east and books the very next flight home.
"If this is the sand, Oi'm not waitin' for the cement." laugh.gif

Where's the cement?

Enjoy. biggrin.gif
wee davy
Breathtaking, TEE.

I knew there would be a Saudi one in there lol

The last one I think is in the middle east, also - maybe Israel?

The Libya ones are really poignant (had trub with the spelling there lol)

A veritable treat, THEE - thanks.
(BP down to manageable levels laugh.gif )
Don't think it's Israel Davy - nae sodjers anywhere. wink.gif
Thats a big beach!

The wife and I ( in the front line ) biggrin.gif
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