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Full Version: Severiano Ballesteros
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wee davy
I'm sure it was seve who finally enticed me onto the golf course, to play for the first time since I used to caddie for my uncle, all over Scotland. He certainly was becoming a child protege, around the same time as I was lugging my uncle's clubs around the place (it wiz great when he finally did purchase a trolley lol).

But I am in no doubt - the thing which attracted me back to the game - was seve's flamboyance, his sheer adventurism on a golf course (seldom seemingly playing the hole he was on - yet STILL coming in at the end of a round, under par!)
He could play from a car park - garden shed - or off of the Empire State Building. Such consumate talent.

Spain and The world is diminished today.

A fine ambassador for his sport - and he will be particularly missed in Scotland.

God rest his soul,
wee davy
So sad to see such a great player and ambassador for his sport die so young.He was the epitome of a true professional who endeared himself to all,golf fan or otherwise.
R.I.P.Adios and vaya con dios,Sevvy.
RIP Seve. A fantastic player and a fine ambassador for the game.

It came as a great shock to me this morning, as I was completely unaware of his illness, which went back to 2008. I think he really opened up the game to Europeans and he seemed a thoroughly likeable man, as well as a very talented golfer.
Glasgow Girl
Eternal Rest. So sad. Seemed such a nice man.
So sad to learn of Severiano Ballesteros passing this morning,,
Crewsy Fixer
Im not a golfer, but I always like to watch the Majors on the telly, and have watched some classic moments over the years, I remember "Seve" putting another winner at the last and lifts his cap and gives a short bow to the cheering masses, A Gentleman

I dont believe in RIPs, but would like to think that when one "Seve" goes another is born.

A salute to Seve.
Aye we've lost some great sportsmen this last week or so crewsy Seve ,Henry Cooper, and fae fitbaw Eddie Turnbull,and Willie O'Neill ,poor Seve didnae live as long as the others alas its hard tae imagin a big strapping guy like that cut doon so early ,just as weel you don't know whit lies ahead in life.

Weel its time tae sign aff av been waiting fer 2 o'clock wee manny fights Shane Mosley on sky sports 1 .
I always remember him as being the handsone golfer , was shocked to hear he died ,
penny dainty
Saddened to learn of his passing , i remember my Dad watching him play , very sad.
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