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Reading two internet papers today The Scotsman and The Times its my usual concern around this time approaching the January signing players window, very little will happen.
Lennon is mentioning a striker and defender are needed or words to that affect, how often do Celtic fail to sign good quality players, I aint holding my breath once again at this time.
Another thing he Lenny has been heard saying that Brown can lead the charge, well to me that is very scary, having watched Brown since he came to Celtic I havnt seen any in his game that would tell me Brown could lead anything in regards to fitba. rolleyes.gif
Hi companero me tae, this guy gies me the impression he wid need a guide dug tae get him hame . As fer quality player's the oirish owner him o the billions salted awie in some ex nuclear vault mile's unner ground, rabbit's aboot his family an him an his family's love fer celtic yep an he sure's show's it buying players that ye would ah got fer nufkin doon the auld Bridget market, and why not he wis wace heard tae say in his defence it's paddy's market begorrah by fer noo huebert luv yoo babe. laugh.gif tongue.gif
"this guy gies me the impression he wid need a guide dug tae get him hame". biggrin.gif
Right away thats funny cannae stop laughin!
Neil Lennon has NOT got a decent regular team arranged and for me the reality is, even IF and its a big IF he got two stars into the team, I still feel he will struggle.
Anyhoo its no January yet, we shall see!
Merry Christmas auldbutcher, I might no be religious but its a good time of year!
Jasus religion huebert lead tae mair slaughter since the beginning o time ,Rome wie its gods an false idols saw the Christian's as ah threat they in turn persecuted the jew's etc etc ,the tribe's o south America offered human sacrifices up tae there sun god serpent god ,and noo we hiv a demented sect o the muslim religion wanting tae kill aw an sundry right up tae the followin sutterday if you isnae ah believer ,Allah wie the noo, hope Dermot funny name his ah Christmas Carol experience bein visited by celik managers past and mends his wies ,see's him sell as a young man who wis spurned by a celtic managers daughter and was frugal tae every manager since, Chas Dickens am sorry am ah plagiarist ponce rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif
I was listening to an interview Lenny was getting in the BBC site, he was happy with the team saying numerous things, one being we created many chances but did not take them in the game.
Goodness bloody gracious in the game he says, does he no remember Celtic have been doing that in many games this season, yes being the better team in possesion percentage wise and more or less dominating the game, but ffs Lenny scoring goals is part of the process in games for good results, why the hell cant you do something about that?
Nope sports fans I aint buying the bullshite that its the players, the problem lies with THOSE running the team and club, and that includes Lenny and Co not just the BOARD!

HUBERT as usual yer on the money that is mair or less my statement tae an auld timoloy i met this morn when getting my papers ,the team is third Reich who bought them ? lennie whit was it he said judge me on my ain team ,sorry len ,i sentence you tae five years breed an water .
If Celtic lose the Rangers game do you think Lennon will keep his job.?
QUOTE (irrie @ 24th Dec 2010, 02:58am) *
If Celtic lose the Rangers game do you think Lennon will keep his job.?

If you mean will he be fired right after that game, my answer would be no, Celtic lost the last game they played and he didnt lose his job!
Evening Times.
"Boydy wont be new bhoy"

Kris Boyd is on the way out at Middlesborough after only six months
Ronnie Cully
24 Dec 2010

Well I am glad of that nothing to do with his goal scoring prowess or fitba period, but he sure is an oddball that guy!
Mornin huebert merry Christmas see yer still getting pelters on the auld firm thread ,i left a wee wind up message biggrin.gif ,noo here a thing i have had a few meals at Ibrox and iwies found every thing tae first class have benn in the rangers club on numerous occasions played pool wie workmates the pool table's in there have royal blue cover's ain't that funny.

Anywies the wife and i have enjoyed the hospitality sunday's were good wee dance and every thing cool,who widdda i hiv liked tae hae my foto taken wie weel when younger Willie WOODBURN or big GEORDIE Young, later on Wee Willie Henderson ,or Davie Cooper ,doe's that make me a peyed up member o the gers fan club . rolleyes.gif
QUOTE (irrie @ 24th Dec 2010, 01:58am) *
If Celtic lose the Rangers game do you think Lennon will keep his job.?

I think so, I hope we don't lose it but time will tell. Sad the cold weather has gave Rangers a break and the chance for their injured to recover, that could be the biggest result for them but then maybe we'll get the chance to gel this team together.
Merry Christmas auldbutcher.
Yes still getting pelters in the old firm thread, then I noticed another novice comes on to tell the GG members whit tae dae and no come to this thread! LMAO laugh.gif
I have been in a Rangers club before in Toronto Missisauga years ago, right away I recognised quite a few and had a great time.
I also coached the very first Toronto Celtic club team in Toronto the year after I played for them in 1966.
Was in the Clydebank Masonic club near the Dalmuir bridge with old pals and met guys and an auld supervisor I had when I was an apprentice in Singers, and had a good time, late 70s or early 80s!
Cannae wait for the game on the 2nd of January, thats if its still on?
QUOTE (weeshuggie @ 25th Dec 2010, 01:37pm) *
I think so, I hope we don't lose it but time will tell. Sad the cold weather has gave Rangers a break and the chance for their injured to recover, that could be the biggest result for them but then maybe we'll get the chance to gel this team together.

The way both teams are organised I would regard a win for Celtic a wee miracle, even a draw wont do us anygood.
You use the word gel, last year many said this and it didnae happen, Lenny has had the team awe season, and that goes back to preseason games and for me there is nae sign of it on any horizon, so my question on the word gel what year do you suppose this could happen, and do you think Lenny is capable of doing this?
Merry Christmas weeshuggie!
Well Hubert it is Christmas Day and I am living in hope Santa will deliver my dream. When I'm finished wae the 18 year old blond nymphomaniac I'll also be hoping for Celtic to deliver that wee miracle next week along wae two good results before hand. Always look on the bright side of life..... If we get beat ah'll get pished for a fortnight to forget it all. Merry Christmas to you Hubert and everyone else on the boards no matter what your persuasion may be. HAIL HAIL!
I read this in The Scotsman this morning my time.
"Neil Lennon in little doubt of the importance of Scott Brown".
Published Date: 26 December 2010
By Andrew Smith
The way its going I am having little doubt about Neil Lennons lack of ability in handling the Celtic squad and team.
Celtic 2 St Johnstone 0.
It took the two Koreans Ki and Cha to consecutively score both goals in injury time, it was another one of those games where Celtic dominated play yet there is no bite up front.
Murphy started and once again he was very inefective so also was Samaras, aint that a surprise, Stokes came on and showed much better fitba, because he has fitba where others up front dont, and that includes the poacher Hooper in my opinion.
For me Paddy McCourt was MOTM.
Forster 7
Cha 6.5
Rogne 6.5
Majstorovic 6.5
Izzaguirre 6.5
McGinn 5.5
Brown 6
Ki 7
McCourt 7.5
Murphy 5
SamaraS 5
Subject: Ljungberg poised to join Celtc Today at 6:43 pm,19528,12874_6615295,00.html

Freddie Ljungberg will arrive in Glasgow on Sunday evening to hold talks with Celtic after manager Neil Lennon was made aware of a possible deal in November.

Former Arsenal and West Ham man Ljungberg has made no secret of the fact that he wants to return to Britain having left MLS side Chicago Fire, who he joined in the summer.

The Swede's agency are therefore understood to have contacted several clubs and Lennon has confirmed that Celtic were approached 'three of four weeks ago'.

Lennon is now looking to complete a deal as he prepares for Monday's Asian Cup-enforced departures of South Korea duo Cha Du-Ri and Ki Sung-yueng, who scored injury-time goals to beat St Johnstone on Boxing Day.

He said: "Ljungberg is coming in tonight. It is not a trial or anything like that. It's so that we can have a look at him and he can look at us.

"We were contacted three or four weeks ago. I don't think he is over the hill. I think he is 34 but he has always kept himself in good condition.

"He had a horrendous time with injuries at West Ham but in the last 18 months he has played a lot of games in America.

"You don't lose the quality, he might be missing an edge but we will see how he is.


"He has been a quality player for a long time, he is vastly experienced and again, it's just an opportunity that might be there for us.

"Johan Mjallby helped. Ljungberg's agency contacted us and Johan had a chat with him.

"He is keen to come and he wants to play in Europe again.

"He is a big name but that doesn't concern me as such, it is the quality he can bring to the club and if it is there we will pursue it."

Since I retired and got the PC in 2000, and with the extra TV coverage I pay for, Freddie Ljungberg has been a big favourite of mine, I used to admire his ability and drive at Arsenal, sure would like to see him at Celtic, he is class!
Complete disaster, West Ham were conned when signing him, he was an utter flop. God help us if this is our so called saviour, he is done, kaput, shot to bits. Wenger knew what he was doing getting shot of him.

I will be over the moon to be proved wrong but I doubt it
QUOTE (weeshuggie @ 26th Dec 2010, 10:36pm) *
Complete disaster, West Ham were conned when signing him, he was an utter flop. God help us if this is our so called saviour, he is done, kaput, shot to bits. Wenger knew what he was doing getting shot of him.

I will be over the moon to be proved wrong but I doubt it

Needless to say I dont agree with you, I suggest you look up his background stats over the years.
If he signs I am confident you will be proven wrong!
Hubert I hope come April you are decrying me for being a complete numpty in talking about Freddie. I just know West Ham copped a wrong un when they bought him.
This is from wikipedia.
West Ham United
On 23 July 2007, after nine years at Arsenal, Ljungberg joined London rivals West Ham United on a four-year contract, making West Ham United only the third professional club in Ljungberg's career.[16] Ljungberg made his West Ham United debut on the opening day of the 2007/2008 Premier League season, in West Ham's 0-2 home defeat by Manchester City on 11 August, a game in which he was also captain. After seven months at the club, Ljungberg finally scored his first goal for West Ham in the home match against Birmingham City on 9 February 2008, putting West Ham up 1-0 , with the game finishing 1-1.[17] Ljungberg also scored away at Sunderland a month later in a 1-2 defeat, being his final goal for the club.[18]

In his last game of the season, Newcastle United defender Steven Taylor accidentally landed on top of him while trying to jump over him, breaking his ribs. The injury sidelined Ljungberg for the rest of the season.[19] In May, it was reported that Ljungberg was offered 3m to tear up his contract. This was quickly dismissed by both Ljungberg's agents, Claes Elefalk and Scott Duxbury, West Ham's chief executive.[20]

In June 2008, Ljungberg retired from the Swedish National team stating, "The simple fact is the physical strain of playing on the national team and in club football for such a long time has finally taken its toll. And that is why I have decided to concentrate on playing for West Ham United and that is where my focus will be."[21]

Following the start of training camp, Ljungberg was nowhere to be seen. Many speculated a transfer was in the works despite Elefalk's claims that Ljungberg was to return. Days later, Ljungberg agreed to terminate his contract only after one year into the four year deal for a sum of 6 million. Ljungberg stated afterward, "I gave my all at West Ham and enjoyed my time there but the decision is the best for the both of us. Now, I will take my time to consider my football future."[22] This marked the end of Ljungberg's illustrious career in the Premier League.

I fail to see anything here that would prompt you to say they copped a wrong un.
However its your opinion and I certainly dont agree, neither does his resume or CV,
Yes he is up in age, but other players who are have done well in later years.
Hell he might not get signed but I hope he does.
Days later, Ljungberg agreed to terminate his contract only after one year into the four year deal for a sum of 6 million.

And they didn't cop a wrong un. 6 million Hubert and how many games and goals. I never knew it was so bad. 100% a wrong un and we can't afford to get stiffed like that.

West Ham were desperate to get shot of him, we should avoid him like the plague. I hope we bodyswerve him.
Shuggie yer right on the biz ,Wright, man u's Keanne ,an how many merr in recent years have we had tae put up wie ,Garvenson another shithawk ,all down tae desmond and money pincher's afore him on board. say what you like were up shi*t creek wie oot a paddle ,yer gonna buy ? buy up market ,ye canny afford it don't piss aboot in the basement.

The trouble goes back tae the advent o t.v ,and big bucks, which in turn fostered big wage's ,which in turn foisted the foreign imports ,which in turn killed the system where by every team had a team o reserve's maistly scots who if you remember ,played every week when the big team were awie ,the young guys got tae play wie full team members thus enhance n there technical
abbility ,ach gie me the good auld days .
Well I agree with those you mention in your post ab as not cutting it, however Chris Sutton didnae make it at Chelsea and did well at Celtic, wee Moravcik was 34 I believe and did well, and weeshuggie Ljungberg had broken ribs in his last game at West Ham and as you mention he got 6 million on leaving, thats verygood business.
I dont watch the MSL here in the States so I dont know how Ljungberg played but he was here a year and a half and played around 50 games, thats no bad.
Another player I heard a number of years ago was a flop, and granted Rangers paid far too much for him, and I argued with Rangers fans too, Flo was no flop he I believe was the SPL top scorer when he was at Rangers?
Anyhoo we shall see, Celtic may not offer Ljungberg a deal, I hope they do!
The Evening Times mention Celtic are looking at Toronto City captain Dwayne De Rosario, 32 years old.
Henrik Larsson told his old friend Freddie Ljungberg to forget any concerns about the quality of the SPL - and seize the chance of playing for Celtic.
The 33-year-old former Arsenal star trained with Neil Lennon's team yesterday ahead of talks over a potential deal.
Ljungberg is a free agent after leaving MLS side Chicago Fire and is thought to have other options south of the border.
Larsson, however, has urged him to take up any offer from Celtic.
The Parkhead legend admits the SPL standard is not as high as during his seven years of rampant scoring between 1997 and 2004. Yet, he still believes Celtic can provide the perfect platform for his former Sweden team-mate.
'The Scottish league is not as good as it was,' said Larsson, now manager of Landskrona in his homeland.
'But Fredrik wants to play in Europe again and if he gets the chance to play for Celtic, he should just take it - because it is still a very, very big club.
'It gets a little "ifs and buts", but if Fredrik is in as good shape as he says he is, then he will be a really big asset for Celtic.
'If he is close to his former quality then he would be a good player for any team.
'Fredrik has been a world player, with experience from the English league. He knows what's required...
'That's why I don't think it should be any problem to fit in to Scotland.'
Meanwhile, Ljungberg was last night backed to be 'something special' if he joins Celtic, after an impressive first training session.
Parkhead defender Jos Hooiveld worked alongside the 75-cap Swede at Lennoxtown yesterday and later insisted that Ljungberg retained the skills that made him a hero over nine years at Arsenal.

Celtic also hold an interest in Aston Villa centre-back Richard Dunne, while Canada international Dwayne de Rosario and Guillermo Molins of Malmo have emerged as further midfield options.
Ljungberg, however, could be their first signing of the January transfer window.
Hooiveld claimed that the Swede had made an instant impression as he seeks to convince manager Neil Lennon to hand him a contract - and a possible old firm debut on Sunday.
'Yes, he was in very good shape,' said Hooiveld.
'Surprisingly good. We want players who can contribute something extra to the team and right now the coaches are looking at Freddie.
'He can give this team something special.'..................
The Celtic starting eleven for todays game against Motherwell.
Wilson Rogne Majstorovic Izzy
Forrest Brown Ledley McCourt
Kapo Stokes
Well the New Year game will be without Brown I guess, although I dont want him to get a red card, it will be no loss to Celtic in my opinion.
Lennon needs to sign Ljungberg and De Rosario and start them right away, hell its impossible for them to be any worse than some of the ones attempting to play fitba for Celtic.
What a bloody shambles once again,
Paddy McCourt scored the only goal in the game and even he overdid his dribbling yet he was MOTM. what does that tell you? Bloody shocking!
I am going to phone Ripley`s Believe It or Not, because I am looking forward to the New Year game!
Celtic should have been 2 or 3 ahead in the first half. I don't think Well had a shot at goal in the entire match. The ref was a total clown.
Many baffling decisions, but apart from the sending off, a couple stand out.
Izzi shepherds the ball out for a goal kick. Lasley clatters him from behind, the ref books him......and awards Well a corner!
A few minutes later, Lasley deliberately handballs. Ref awards the free kick, but chickens out of giving Lasley his second (should have been automatic) yellow.

The honest mistakes continue. huh.gif
Wonder who the HONEST referee is for Sunday?
Who cares anymore? sad.gif
Watch this wee sequence of events. Baffling, to say the least.

View My Video

Hubert i just called tae say i luv you an a mean it fae the bottom o my heart wub.gif ,p.s Stevie Wonder is just aff the phone something aboot plagiarize ,sounds nasty i'll get the doctor tae check me oot the morra. laugh.gif
Phew, what happened, another Neil Lennon hodge podge team took the field and the outcome was a very welcome and deserved win.
The enigma Samaras prior to his first well played and controlled goal had one good move a flick header for McCourt who almost scored Samaras was ineffective before that, then he gets tripped in the box and scores the penalty, so good for you Samaras!
Forster 7
Wilson 6
Rogne 6.5
Majstorovic 6.5
Izzaguirre 7
Forrest 5.5
Kayal 7 MOTM
Ledley 6.5
Mulgrew 6.5
McCourt 6.5
SamaraS 7

Referee 6.5
Rangers 6
Hi hubert happy new year phew ah thought you had been nobbled nice tae hear fae you and yes it was a lovely feeling 2.0 efter aw the things that wis gonna happen tae us there were scores o 3.nil etc getting bartered aboot but we prevailed .

You know pal fae midfield right through tae the defence we were a cpmpact unit and i think this really boils doon tae a solid midfield and i wid be in nae rush tae reintroduce broon ledley an kayal controlled aggression oops visitors ,anywies welcome back Huebert you were missed ,yer auld china butch
Got to agree wae Kayal, mom, but Ledley also gave wan of his better performances. In fact it was like a completely different team, Sammy wae confidence, a midfield wae bite and imagination and a defence that defended, will the real Glasgow Celtic please stand up.

Surprised me too, I thought Rangers would score in the first 20 mins. I was glad to go in 0-0 at half time, to be honest. Broonie wasn't missed at all, and I wouldn't automatically put him straight back into the team. mellow.gif
Best game in a long time and without Brown, I would see how it goes without him Kayal seems capable of breaking down and attacking without resorting to getting caught in the headlights taking a player out, he does it more innocently without the scenes and will stay on the park longer.
Got to rush this post taking the wife to the airport she is going up to Seattle.
Thanks auldbutcher for the welcome and a Happy New Year to you too!
I would have no problem with Brown on the bench and cannae wait for Ljungberg to show, Lenny has a chance to form a strong steady regular first team, its up to him, players in or on form in a given game should get to stay, eg. I would have no problem with Samaras up the middle again, until he starts to fart around because he is very capable of that.
The game was no classic and the first half was not good both teams were a bit physical nae goals nae fitba so to speak, Rangers with a very slight edge, however Celtic were the better team in the second half and decerved the win!
Berwick Rangers in the cup at the weekend, coincidently my brother in law from East Lothian was here in Vegas in the summer, and another guy and his wife were here I took them to a few places too, he claims he works for Berwick Rangers his name is Alistair Davey, I think that was his name?
Well that's the last we'll hear fae you for a while if you hiv just got shot of the missus. You'll be on the razzle celebrating the double, gubbing the huns and a break fae the wife, sounds like a lottery win tae me.

Now will the Rangers be as good as the Glasgow wans this weekend.
Larsson says Lennon is the right man for the job.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | Sport | Football

I am still not convinced yet about Lenny being the right man for the job, still aways to go this season, and the SPL title for Celtic could influence my opinion of Lenny!
The 2-0 win at Ibrox is not going be the answer yet for me, although it most certainly helps.
The Berwick Rangers football club website has a photo of the park covered in deep snow, they are asking for volunteers to go and clear the field.
I believe this game is on TV in Scotland but it might be off because of the snow and conditions.
Berwick Rangers 0 Celtic 2.
The game started at 7:30am my time and i had to be at my own game just after 8am so I saw the first goal and nothing after that.
What I saw was not verygood to say the least, sort of lack of cohesion and poor fitba, so I dont know if there was much improvement after that.
At the start I noticed Mulgrew being very fortunate not to get a penalty against him, also his play was poor, thought Samaras was lost once again, did he improve I wonder.
The commentator said a nice thing about young Forrest, yet it puzzled me, what he said was a winger can easier move inside against the defenders to beat them but to go up the wing and beat them with little space to do that takes talent or words to that affect, what puzzled me was Forrest had just lost the ball trying just that, so how the hell can that be cause for praise? Oh well!
I have noticed lately young Forrest getting high praises from Tic fans in other forums, yet I say his last two games prior to this one he was not that good.
We shall see as time goes on!
Hi folks wee gers did them selves proud in fact they should have had an early penalty ,as fer forrest Huebert he is just back fae injury that and plus the fact its a tight wee pitch not the best of venue's fer a winger tae impose him self , the boy has a ferr turn o pace and delivers a great final ball intae dangerous positions i tnink he will bloom ,wee lenny don't know how many times i have written him aff and he comes back and leaves me wie egg on my coupon, as in the gers geme where he beat the silver fox at his ain geme nae mean feat time will tell by fer noo china ra butch.
Yes ab that should have been a penalty for Berwick.
About Lenny he is winning games and that is good, with the two Koreans coming back and additions to the squad its up to Lenny to get a regular team starting in games and up till now he hasnt done that, that is something that Walter Smith does and it works for him!
Another thing I find scary is Lenny likes Scott (yellow and red card) Brown.
We shall see come the end of the season.
Neil Lennon gets 6 match touchline ban.
Have not read read details yet.
Goodness bloody gracious!
Celtic have issued a statement saying they are backing him in an appeal, they say the punishment is unprecedented for a first offence.

Rangers v Celtic in the Scottish cup, wonder who we will get in the next round laugh.gif
Ach its nae surprise is it payback time fae the s.f.a. ,supercilious ,fraternity o,assexits, thats the tick put in there place innit . rolleyes.gif ohmy.gif
Scott Brown to Liverpool! laugh.gif
If only, I wish!

Or scott broon sitting on his ass in the staun noo thats a cert. laugh.gif
Hi hubert same auld crap the board hums an haws at setting a price fer big Eric a proven goal scorer ,then fritter awie a fortune on a wee male model who is noo in his dottage .

Tonights helping o mince now hands the gers the driving seat agin ,i looked at the team line up the night and had a deep sense o foreboding and that proved tae be the case ,no strikers fit at the moment wee lennie fartin aboot wie male models ,the board as usual frugal tae the extreme there disnae seem tae be any kind o direction mapped oot tae take us forward i think the boards chucked it .

Like you say amigo its gonna be a longgggg longgggg season
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