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Full Version: Scotland Manager Slated By Politically Correct Idiots
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This is the sad state the country has sunk to when a silly throwaway quip is used to attack a football manager.

SCOTLAND boss Craig Levein was blasted by disabled charities last night for making jibe about the blind during live commentary on a footy match.

Levein shocked listeners when he said West Ham's Zavon Hines tried to control the ball like "a blind man chasing a balloon".

Never heard such moronic drivel in all my life. Is he insulting someone, is he hell, he is explaining the actions of a football player who had a bad performance.

The bloody country has went bonkers when idiots are given media space to vent such utter nonsense. Christ we can't say a word about anything now. I thought this government promised to get shot of these people and let the real world people get back to normal.

Maybe I am wrong and everyone perceives this an an outrageous insult, maybe it's me that needs treatment. What do you think of it.

I was listening to that game, and heard him saying it. He very quickly corrected it by saying he meant to say a drunk man trying to catch a balloon, and in the background you could hear some of his fellow commentators laughing at it.
Aye the witch-hunt against Hugh Dallas has opened up a whole new can of worms and could send the PC brigade into a self-righteous frenzy. smile.gif
Keep tae the thread you, don't want you treating it like the great traveller Marco Polo of the political threads. This is aboot Craig and ah think it's mince.

Time tae kill aff this politically correct shite. I thought this was a classic and merits total disdain and contempt.
I jj yer a hunner % correct you canny open yer gob on many things ,though no a fan o Levein weel how cood i be numpty who sticks oot a team 8 .2 ,whit harm has he done ,christ they must be easy shocked in todays society ,me streakin the length o Argyle street noo that wid be shockin an no very pleasant tae look at .

Another thing that is doing my nut in is the way some Taliban so called cleric can get on his soapbox say in Hyde park or even Kelvingrove and spout shi*te aboot the British Army being killers and murderer's or go tae ah welcome hame march by British soldier's and heckle and scream o sorts o abuse wie impunity noo thats what i call ootrages and b'jasus insulting ,let's get oor priority's right fer jasus sake . wacko.gif
Jamjar you have introduced an interesting post and its title gives it a very wide scope.
Mathieson is correct when he refers to Hugh Dallas.Orangemen are correct when thet say they are being discriminated against by Glasgow Council.Craig Levein having to self correct an innocuous remark.If ever Ive came across a person who typiefies"inoffensive" in his public personna it has to be Craig Levein whom I personally think is a decent character.This political correctness is not going away any time soon and its down to people to fight back.What we have here is in my opinion a thought police who can jump on you for what you say or think. if your opinions dont fit.The world is a hard place and its about time some folk developed a thicker skin.
On another note I see that the religious police in Tehran are busy .Clothing retailers get a visit and all female mannikins have their breasts sawn off so that they are not prominent when the shapeless female clothing is displayed.They certainly have a bad case of it over there.Western decadence on display,female breasts on a dummy?Where will it end?Chip,chip,chip away.A right here,a right there before you know it no rights.
As someone who is blind in one eye and has only 50% vision in the other i can imagine how it would be offensive to some people ,but as you say this P/C crap is getting well out of control .It's getting to the stage that you have to stop and think about what you are about to say.Someone coming out with a silly wee comment like what C.L did would never bother me .I listen to people telling blind jokes and have even told some myself .It's the media that promotes these thoughts and others jump on the band wagon .Now if someone had to come up to me and call me all the blind so and so's under the sun then that would be a different story. wink.gif
QUOTE (Ogey @ 9th Dec 2010, 12:20pm) *
I was listening to that game, and heard him saying it. He very quickly corrected it by saying he meant to say a drunk man trying to catch a balloon, and in the background you could hear some of his fellow commentators laughing at it.

As a man who has occassionally been drunk Iwould like to complain about C Ls slur on us.
I agree with Jupiter.

Mathieson has every right to introduce Dallas to this Thread as he was the victim of the PC Brigade,as were five other poor souls who have lost their jobs just in time for Xmas.!!

This was used on " Have I Got News For You " and no one said a word.!

Who do you think you are Jamjar ?

Just because you started the Thread ??. Next thing you will be asking for people who disagree with you to be barred and for the Thread to be closed biggrin.gif

However I also agree with you on this matter.

This Govt. did say they would deal with this and the equally stupid " Health and Safety " rockets.

I also empathise with Irrie.

I have been , at times , Blind Drunk , so am twice as much offended. mad.gif
Blind drunk Dylan how cood you tongue.gif ,stinkin drunk,drunk as a skunk ,drunk an incapable ,pissed oot mah skull, pissed as a fart ,or even as a poor wee newt, christ dallas wis the victim o the pc brigade ,Dallas wis a bluddy bigot who shot himself in the foot , fanny roon it any wie yies like these are the bare facts . wacko.gif
Bollox. The potential for satirical criticism of the catholic church is largely the fault of the church itself. Admittedly Dallas should have known better than to use his SFA email addy for forwarding it on but does that prove him to be a bigot?
The image in the email was used in exactly the same context on "Have I got News for You" without the same outcry of "bigot" being thrust at them. In fact, the well-reported subject of sexual abuse of minors and the refusal of the church to deal with it has been used by many a comedian and broadcaster, many themselves catholic, but is never met with the cry of "bigot".
Some of the people who used this email as an excuse to get even with Dallas and also as an attempt to prop up their argument about a conspiracy against Celtic/catholics (delete as appropriate) should themselves consider their own motives.
They are prone to using the mantra "only in Scotland". That mantra was never more appropriate than when levelled at Dallas' persecutors.
Was the 60 year old RC who will probably never work again,with a vastly reduced Pension.

Is he a Bigot.?

What about the other four who include young men with young families , a mortgage and children expecting Xmas presents .
Do they deserve that , or is it acceptable collateral damage .?

The whole cast and production team of " Have I Got News For You " are they Bigots, if so why was it not brought to light then ???

Withchfinder Kearney started a feeding frenzy which the PC claimed ownership of and went mental.

It was a joke, a silly joke . An apology should have and would have sufficed till Kearny got involved.

Does anyone know how this was leaked to Kearney ? One of Dallas,s colleagues ? The source has been well protected. Glad I never worked with him .

PC gone mad.

Craig Levein?
Who he?
Sorry lads but until this topic his name meant nothing to me but that's probably because out here on mainland Europe we hardly hear a word about The Tartan Team ... wonder why? rolleyes.gif
But all this PC crap is gettin' well out of hand and when a guy is slated for comparing a footballer on a bad day to a blind man chasing a balloon ... well, it's a sad day.
Billy Connolly would have parodied that and dragged it out for 5 minutes on the stage and had the tears rolling out our eyes.
One time while visiting a near blind mate in France, he held a paper to within an inch of his nose to read something out to us. I grabbed the paper and holding it to my nose said, "Where does it say that?"
The whole assembled guests; and our host and his wife, were in stitches even although we all feared; rightly, that it wouldn't be long before he lived in a world of complete darkness; and that not for long.
This PC monster needs to be decapitated quickly and the Thought Police decommissioned and sent out to keep the streets clean.
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