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Full Version: Was It A Goal?
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Celtic v Clyde. Scottish Cup semi final 1954.
Well was it a goal Jojax? I believe you were right in line biggrin.gif Jeep
Here"sthe inquest.
Oh dear! What about the centuries old conspiracy against the celtic? ohmy.gif laugh.gif
Jeep the year was 1956, see for yourself in this rare film clip, enjoy.
Ignore the above poster as he seems to know nothing about football, except Rangers, and he knows stuff all about them.
Mitchell, excuse my failing memory. Of course it was 1956, but my mistake, it was a league game sad.gif
The film clip was great . I saw the game on telly. I think it was the first Scottish Cup Final to be televised
I was at the replay on the Wednesday and Clyde won 1-0. Tommy Ring scored. sad.gif

hi jeep hunner percent goal tongue.gif
I was born in 1956, Jeep. biggrin.gif
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