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Full Version: Ode Tae A 'doo'
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wee davy
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Ode Tae A ‘Doo’!

Oh precious dove,
Whit thing o’ wonder’,
You soar through the sky,
And fear not thunder

I’ve watched you climb,
I’ve seen you swoop,
But why oh why,
must you always, POOP!

Fur many’s a year,
You’ve bombed and strafed,
The streets of Glasgow,
And we’ve just laughed

But enough’s enough,
Were satisfied,
The City’s as clean,
As the river is wide

So take more care,
Where you ‘do the doo’,
For when you go,
To do your loo.

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(Nae copying, right?!) Copyright 2010 Wee Davy. All rights reserved.
wee davy
try again!
I'll tell ye the noo
it was not just a smidgeon
Ma heed was aw poo
fae yer lovely wee pigeon
Some doon ma ear
and some oan ma shurt
She's sayin' "Wot's this 'ere?"
Me ... "It's doo's durt!"
rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif
wee davy
lol nice wan THEE rolleyes.gif
glasgow lass
Well well davy you are a handsome git.
And a loved the poem, whis it aw'yir ain dooin.
wee davy
It wiz right enuf innat! smile.gif Zat no brillyent, then? lol A didnae dae the doo, tho' ! (Take the photie ah mean)
Hi wee davy you cool dude yooo ,i had you doon fer an igor lookalike, say wee guy in Mel Brooks YOUNG Frankinstein .

Anywies yer a doo fancier ,did the supreme's ah doo ron ah doo ron a doo on ron hiv anything tae doooo wie yer addiction.

Thought tae masel ahl Try an compose a wee ditty tae ....,if yer under 18 please leave this thread noo.

Thought tae masel ahl build ah dookit,
An three passing neds said hey man just lookit.

It wis late at night an ad went tae sleep,
When these 3 bampots came at the creep.

Whit was on there minds ahl never know,
Next day mah prize pitbull's wis licken the blood stained snow .

Edgar Alan Chanty wid a been proud o that ,fer you dog luvers alas my pitbulls wis put doon ,asked if they would like a last meal they just burpted in a most contented wie ...... Oops am awie here they guys in the white coats agin seems they want me tae model ah jaket ,STRAIGHT UP AM NO KIDDIN. blink.gif wacko.gif
wee davy
You fer crack me up at times, butch!
I hope the guys in the white coats keep tae the new equality discrimination laws, and treat ye fair like! (hope they don't pull the straps too tight, mate!)
Davy, that issa brilliant wee poem pal, especially tae me, a Racing Pigeon maniac, ah wantitt tae post a wee U-Tube Doo' Video oantie this thread bit ah cannie see the wee 'Tube' thingie, is it possible ??
Jimmuck. Ah know how difficult it must be for you Grizzly Adams types out there in the frozen wastes an' `at, bit whit we guys do; who are what might be referred to as city slickers in your neck o' the woods, is, we mark the youtube video under favourites then pick and drop it onto the reply.
There is an advanced method to that but we'll let you get accustomed to the beginners method before we confuse you.
It's a bit like cookin' yon breakfast you showed me Jim ... save the eggs tae the last. tongue.gif biggrin.gif
Homing in, bound for home,
Tae leave the nest, an chicks alone,
Raining now, the Suns all gone,
Shivering cold, tomorrows dawn.

Flutter feather, fly the wing,
Scrawny necks, a hear them sing,
Standing still, so sore this ring,
Flutter feather, what's the ding.

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who is short, who is tall,
Some say friend, and others foe,
What say you, friend or foe.

Pigeon eggs, an pigeon pie,
Pigeon flutter, pigeon fly,
Pigeon hurt, pigeon cry,
Pigeon hate, pigeon sigh.

Flutter feather, flap flap flap,
Feel the pinch, this Human trap,
Dying now, I hear them call,
Scrawny chick, death an all.
Crewsy Fixer
Another belter of a thread from WD, I like pidgeons they have absolutely no respect for humans.
We have about 5 different breeds of wild pigeons in the rain forest here. The only ones that are not elusive and easy to get on camera are the pointy pigeons; native bronze wing. Some of them are quit spectacular in appearance. When I get a new digital camera with an x18 zoom I might get some photos for all you pigeon fanciers. There are very few domestic pigeons if any and no European sparrows. This may be due to the large amount of raptors in the area.
We have about 5 different breeds of wild pigeons in the rain forest here. The only ones that are not elusive and easy to get on camera are the pointy pigeons; native bronze wing. Some of them are quit spectacular in appearance. When I get a new digital camera with an x18 zoom I might get some photos for all you pigeon fanciers. There are very few domestic pigeons if any and no European sparrows. This may be due to the large amount of raptors in the area.
Pigeons are my favourites of the bird world. They're nicer than most wild birds. When people feed them at the marina where I live they never take food from the small birds who come to share the feast, unlike gulls and other species. We have eagles and hawks back on the Hudson River now so the poor pigeons aren't as safe as they used to be. They're also very sociable and spend time visiting with their little clans. My windows at the front overlook the Hudson and we watch the birds every day for a while. No matter what the weather there's always some kind of bird out there flapping its wings. I love them biggrin.gif
A wee story for you Chrissie.
One of my mates over here, his uncle ( or something) is caretaker in a church in another town near to here. It was almost impossible to open the door, behind the altar, which gave access to the bell-tower and attic so he asked my mate if he could rid the church of the pidgeons and clean up the mess they'd left. My mate asked if I would help.
The steps behind the door really were about 6" thick with hard as concrete doo-poo; had to be chizzled and scraped all the way up to the bell-tower.
You know when you're in a church and you look up to the ceiling above you and it's all arched ... when you're the other side of that ceiling it's like an upside-down egg box. You need a rope to abseil down the domes and climb back up. All around the attic there is a series of cat-walks; every thing was covered in hard, white, poo so we were well covered in protective overalls (red rolleyes.gif ) and wore gloves and masks.
One of the funny moments was when I turned to see my mate quite a way away from me standing talking to someone on his mobile; head slightly tilted upwards and a single ray of sunshine beaming down on him through one of the holes in the roof, completely oblivious to the picture he presented; as if he was talkin' to Big G on the phone.
I was always sorry I didn't have a camera on me at that time.
We cleared out, literally, over a ton or two of doo-poo, egg shells and bird remains, all neatly tied up in black bags. Then we set about fitting wire mesh to all the gaps and ventilation points in the roof so that the birds couldn't get back into the House of God.
And the caretaker was very happy ...
... till the Sunday Morning Service.
You know, and Davy knows, and I know that pidgeons are homing birds. Maybe the caretaker thought they might all migrate to the nearby woods, but we know that's where the wood-pidgeons live. The Homing pidgeons came back home ... but couldn't get in.
So they sat on the guttering around the church ... and pooed on the people below laugh.gif
Sunday bests were pooed on, cars were pooed on and the paths were pooed on and I thought "All creatures great and small, the Lord God loves them all".
But his congregation weren't too happy with them. laugh.gif
wee davy
What a beautiful view that must be, Chrissie - you should share it with us

## Loved the story btw THEE (as usual)
Davy, Chrissie might have seen that Big Burd land on the Hudson not so long ago. Wonder if she got the camera oot? wink.gif
wee davy
WHO says miracles DONT happen, eh?
I'll give you that Davy .. and Sullenberger should have been sainted. biggrin.gif
You're too funny. I was visualizing what was happening while I was reading your post. Chalk one up for the pigeons. Sometimes the good guys win. biggrin.gif
We didn't see Sullie - he came down in a part of the Hudson that borders Manhattan. I'm miles upriver from there. He really is a hero and New Yorkers know it. Sullie gets treated well here.
What I did see once was three big rooks trying to divebomb a hawk out of the sky. Believe it or not they couldn't do it. Not too long after that the big rooks left the neighbourhood. Coincidence?

Wee Davie,
We are neither of us very technical in oor hoose. Bill used to be a better than me but no more. When we try to do something we usually end up sqsuabbling. You're right tho. We should keep a camera at the ready. When my son comes over in August I'll get him to pick us one we can work. We think the printer is broken because we can't get it to print words. It goes through the motions but the paper comes out blank. We read the book and bickered for a week before we gave up. Another job for Willie, my son. I think I'll need to get a new computer, one of those all in one kind. We have too many plugs to put in. The 2 for sound are unplugged because of this. Ah well. Ma poor mammy never even had a phone - or a TV. So we're lucky to have this technology. smile.gif

I was always tempted to leave a gap uncovered by that wire mesh so the pigeons could get back in; after all it was their Big (But and) Benn but my mate was paying me for the week's work (it took that long) and his uncle was paying him so having accepted the Church's shilling - or Deutschmark in that case - the job had to be done right.
I wondered if when the architecs were working out the stresses on the arches and roof they were thinking, like ...
"We'd better take a couple o' tons o' doo-poo intae consideration".
"Well, Hans, we've allowed for ten tons o' snow."
"Aye, Fritz, but the snow melts." tongue.gif laugh.gif

The church was on the outskirts of Grenzach-Wyhlen (SW Germany) and a thing that always made me laugh; although you shoudn't really, was that on entering the area where this church was we passed a house each morning where some rotten bugger had sprayed in really large letters, "Here lives a sto-sto-stotterer." laugh.gif
Y' have tae laugh some times even when you shouldn't.
Sunday tomorrow, nae dinner,
So am aff tae George Square,
Wae a jaykit, an a brick,
The doo, the poor man's chicken,
A salute the humble doo. rolleyes.gif
Crewsy Fixer
Anyone remember the pidgeon song from way back, Frank Sinatra I think.

Therer is a belter of a vid on you tube of The Pidgeon during the Rangers V St Mirren League cup final, watch out for The Pigeon in the replays, it looks like the pidgeon has taken part in the goal.

Nothing to do with Rangers Watch the Pidgeon.
Things are economically tight just now, but what the heck, we are having a big doo at Christmas.
( Can't afford a Turkey )
Crewsy Fixer
Copyright Harry Enfield and The Scousers

Deh doo do dont deh do.

A few people in Shettleston ate doos. I remember one lady always having a pot hanging on the black lead grate with pigeons in it. Guess she made stew or soup. A guy I knew who worked in some of the best eating places in NY told me that they served pigeon in them; called it squab. He swore a guy got them from Central Park. rolleyes.gif
wee davy
Ahm sure many's a wee glescae urchin spat oot some lead shot, frae Sunday Dinner!
I read once of a King who ate Blackbirds in a pie.
Quite a dainty dish apparently. tongue.gif laugh.gif
wee davy
Good moaning THEE. Fancy meeting yoo here! Ah thoat ye'd be oan yer cats thread again. Me and cats have never really seen eye to eye - I suppose it wiz mibbe efter ma brother committed 'caticide' by 'looking efter' ma wee Tam- bit he forgoat tae tell me he'd just moved intae a 14 story block of flats

Cats do NOT hiv nine lives, from the 8th floor up!

Now I finally believe you Davy. That's one I can accept. laugh.gif laugh.gif
Mornin' lad. biggrin.gif
wee davy
It wiz probably a better fate fer the wee mite - ma daughter used tae forever strangulate him! (Gien him wee luv cuddles, bit a bit over enthusiatic).

Ach weil - at least he goat tae see a bit ai the wurld laugh.gif
Ode tae a doo,
Tae ode a doo,
Doo tae a ode,
How da ye doo,
Doo lally?
wee davy
doo de doo doo
do be doo be doo do be
do be doo be doo doo
doo be doo be doo doo be

am singin,
oan ma ain,
jis sing 'in
oan ma ain

what a glo-ri-us
am haaaapy again biggrin.gif
doolaly doolaly tap was a very much used phrase in Glasgow to describe a person who was two coupons short of a toaster. My fatyher used in constantly. Later on I found the meaning was derived from the military mental hospital cantonment (Deolali) just outside Calcutta in the days of "British India". A tap was the term used for a chit or movement order and to get the Doolaly Tap meant you were off to the mental hospital.
Thought to have its' origins among the Gurkha.
First time I heard Doolaly Tap was in Lincolnshire. Thought it was a local expression ... since most of them were. laugh.gif
They call you names,
You figure of fun,
Laughs blister,
Scorch my soul,
Deep dirty, dirty deep,
These wounds inside,
How I weep.
She spread her wings and flew
For days across an empty sea
No landing place to find
And came back

She took to the air again
In endless search
Returning hungry

Then Noah in survivors Ark
And all his family too
Sang her praise
When twig in beak
To them she finally flew

The white winged symbol
Of hope and peace
They barred from the House of God.
Because of Doo poo. rolleyes.gif
Enjoyed all the wee poems and love the Glasgow wit. When I read THH's it really tickled my sense of humor thinking about all the pigeons at the church. biggrin.gif

They didnae seem too concerned about the rats in the crypt. tongue.gif laugh.gif
Spring Sparrow - fluffs feathers - falters then flies,
Starlings sing - sending sound - across blue sky,
Blackbird beckons - her young - home to nest,
The Glesga Doo, well she's the best.
Watchin' where you place your shoe
While steppin' through the Square
In case you kick a passin' doo
And she drops one in your hair

They're no' too bothered who you are
They're just there for the feed
And if it wisnae for the statues there
They'd be sittin' on your hied. tongue.gif

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wee davy
The white winged symbol
Of hope and peace
They barred from the House of God.
Because of Doo poo.

Never barred, THEE - her Spirit resides within AND without smile.gif wink.gif

## Yes Chrissie - at last this thread is bringing them oot ai the widwork lol
QUOTE (wee davy @ 8th Jun 2011, 10:12am) *
Never barred, THEE -

OK, in my case we only used wire mesh instead of bars. tongue.gif laugh.gif
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