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Full Version: The Crucible World Championship 2010
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wee davy
I know where you've all gone!! laugh.gif
'Graham Dott disrupts the GG discussion boards' will be the headlines day efter the morra!

ok - might as well join ya! tongue.gif
All bets are of if Higgins is playing laugh.gif cool.gif
wee davy
WOW! That might just be the end of his career.
Shame 'cos he was the only one I ever got to see in the final of a major tournament!
The joke was he jokingly asked if there was a microphone anywhere laugh.gif
wee davy
John & his manager er doin a 'Bruce Grobbelar' lol laugh.gif

"Noo mind - if the papers get a haud ay this,... jist say it wiz awe a frame up" Ye kin jist hear them, eh?

LOL They were scared they were were bein' tapped up wi' the Russian mafia? "Aye right son - dae they huv many ffyffees boats sailing up the Volga then???"
wee davy
anyways - back on topic - nice to see the scots leading 5 FRAMES to 3 lol or is that SIX (if you include JH's)

Hope Graham isnae in the same bliddy syndicate!

22.00 I'll be there wi' ma popcorn biggrin.gif
wee davy
OMG it gets worser! Mooney (Higgins manager) who's just been forced to resign from the sports governing body over the issue - apparently also manages guess who? Yep, you guessed it This years finalist!

Anybody know a Ukrainian Bookie?
Yet another sportsman done up like a kipper and guilty as sin.
Greedy bass deserves all he gets.
wee davy
It's hard to believe someone would soooo bite the hand that feeds them.
His colleagues, and the rest of his sport must be gutted.
What a banker!
wee davy
Current odds on Neil Robertson winning the championship 18-6 is 2000-1 !! (Ladbrokes - not Ukrainian Betright) (he just wins frame 11 on the black ball!)
wee davy
TOO LATE - now reduced to 150-1 !!
Congratulations to John Higgins.!
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