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Full Version: Sandy Macfarlane Grannie's Highland Home
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Sandy MacFarlane wrote and recorded songs during the 1920's-1940's for Columbia Records in New York. His band's name was "The Chimney Swallows", and they often played around the Boston, Massachusetts area.

I believe Sandy MacFarlane was originally from Embo, Scotland. I know he wasn't from Glasgow, but I wondered if any on the boards would remember or know anything about his backround. My grandmother, Kate Simpson (from Glasgow) had several pictures of this Sandy MacFarlane, and I am wondering if there is any connection to her family.

Any information at all would be helpful. Thank you!
Whitenee9, I've never heard of him , but this came up when I searched on Google. Hope it helps. There's lots more data on him and his band. Just go to Google and have a wee look.

[ Sandy MacFarlane and His Chimney Swallows
The band was active during the 'Teens, 1920s, and 1930s, appearing on radio as well as touring. Here's a photograph of the Chimney Swallows
In private correspondence, Mr. Dean-Myatt has recalled:
"I know very little about him except that he was born in Western Scotland and went to America as a young man. He made many records for Columbia and Brunswick, all of which were of Scottish 'music hall' (vaudeville) type material. He composed most of his own songs. One of them, "Granny's Hielan' Hame" is still very popular in Scotland, and is in the repertoire of most Scots popular singers. He is believed to have died in the Boston area. Despite my best efforts I just cannot find out anything about him. Most people nicknamed 'Sandy' were christened 'Alexander'.
The 'Weymouth News' (Massachusetts) reported in their Dec. 1, 1933 edition:
Other MacFarlane recordings include:
"When The Heather Bells are Blooming" Columbia (yr)1916
"Silly Willie"/"The road to the isles" Brunswick 1128
"My bonnie hieland Maggie"/"I'm eighty in the mornin'" Brunswick 3824
"MacNab's a Jolly Sailor,
"The Lassie I Left on The Shore" (composed & sung by Sandy MacFarlane)

On the Columbia Vivatonal Records series: (Recorded 1931-1934)
"The Star OF Robbie Burns" Sandy MacFarlane 2568 D
"My Nannie's Awa'" Sandy MacFarlane 2568 D
"Jack O' Hazeldean" Sandy MacFarlane 2634 D
"The Rose Of Allandale" Sandy MacFarlane 2634 D
"The Auld Hoose" Sandy MacFarlane 2668 D
"When My Ship Comes Sailing Home Again" Sandy MacFarlane 2668 D
Thank you Brenda! Yes, I have seen that information on google and that's about all there is to be had about him. someone was good enough to get his baptismal for me. I guess I want to know where he died, did he marry, who were his children. Anyway to make a connection between my grandmother and his MacFarlane family. LOL--maybe there was no more a connection than they were both from Scotland, living in the Boston area at the same time, and she went to his concerts. Except, the pictures of him are portraits done in Boston, so I think there more to the story. Also, a painter in Boston painted Sandy MacFarlane a picture of "Grannies' Highland Home", and my gran had a photo of this painting.

any help/ recollections will be informational! thanks
Try "Scotlands People" , they are one of the best genealogy sites for records of Births-Marrriages-Deaths. Good luck
HI, Sandy McFarlane was born in glasgow scotland. My grandfather sister was married to Sandy McFarlane. He had 4 children 2 boys, 2 girls. Only 1 is still alive living in Ma. My grandfather came over from scotland when he was 16 years old. He was born in 1895 and lived in PA and MA until he died at 100.
Sandy was already in the states when my grandfather game to the US. His sister was already married to Sandy McFarlane.

I can find out more from my mother.
"Grannies' Highland Home" was my grandfather's home in Embo Scotland. My grandfather's name was John Cumming.

I have a copy of SANDY MacFARLANE - GRANNY'S HIELAN' HAME record on the Columbia label
QUOTE (*Jill* @ 17th Jul 2010, 09:09pm) *
"Grannies' Highland Home" was my grandfather's home in Embo Scotland. My grandfather's name was John Cumming.

Hear the song here:
QUOTE (Guest @ 26th May 2014, 03:27am) *

Yes I know the place well, my grandparents were from Golspie, from Dornoch to Skelbo and round by the mound.

In the shadow of Ben Bhraggie all conjure vivid memories.
Enjoying reading these posts, as I just came across an old photo of my grandmother that says:

"I had this taken ( ) on the ( ) with Sandy MacFarlane, the Scotch comedian you may have heard him over the radio."

It most likely was taken on a ship to or from Boston - Belfast. Could have been in 1926 or late 1930s.
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