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Full Version: David Haye Awesome
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yep the english scribes go over the top once again haye a second rater is acclaimed fer hammerin an never was been .

i hate decrying anyone who ties the gloves on but ruiz was never a good fighter and most importantly he carried no dig for a heavy weight that is important when being lined up to fight haye he of the dodgy jaw ,he said i want to fight the best then why dig this guy oot for his first defence fuiz is now what is knowin in the geme as an opponent some guy that the champ ? takes on tae get a pay day with no threat what so ever to himself .

he should look back about 18 month ago when scheduled tae fight the younger klitschkos and suffered from a mysterious back ailment that those within the trade at the time put down to a lack of bottle .

fought the shamblin giant valuev and got a points decision the giant was touted as the weakest champion at the time , tell you what if he wants a real fight why not john tua a samoan who recently retuned to the ring and won his first comeback fight with an early stoppage.

but sadly haye with his chin prob won't go within a hunner yds o that guy ,like the other english champion amir khan the roach protoge its cotton wool ya alll
Away ye go and gie's peace, we hiv a brit world heavyweight champion and should be proud of him. He has just put crashing bore to bed, could you really imagine the horror if audrey had landed a lucky punch. The worst gold medallist in the history of the world.
Ah like Haye, he's a nice guy, quite witty and he was right nice tae ma daughter and her pals last year, maybe he wanted to be on the canvas wae them but that's by the by.
Some boxers have personality and some inspire hatred. I loved Nigel Benn absolutely hated Chris Eubanks.

My all time hatred and best ever moment in boxing was Kirkland Laing giving a show of arrogance strutting with his gloves down and taunting his opponent, just once, and we can wait a lifetime for that moment, he gave it large, hands down chin out and he got blootered right out the game. I remember dancing up and down the living room as that punch knocked the arrogant git in to tomorrow.
Can you remember who he fought that night and is there you tube of that to watch it again.
I don't like Khan either, he seemed to be getting easy fights all the way and Naseem was a horrible arrogant weasel. Thank you god for Barrera

The only true champion I ever believed in was Ali but after watching frazier, norton, foreman etc I think it is bent to hell. Some of those guys who I thought were evil monsters, only because they had the audacity to intrude on Ali's saintly image, are actually nice guys but not great boxers or paid fallers.
Mary was dead set on watching her film and I wanted to watch Haye.
So we watched the film. tongue.gif
At 10 past 11 I switched over to see the fight start while she went to her bathroom.
End of round 1 with no punches thrown and an arena swelling in a chorus of boos which were only outdone by the cheers allocated to the girl announcing round 2 with her board and Haye's corner telling him he'll have to do something.
Round 2 and the only excitement was when the ref stopped both fighters and told them that they were there to box. More boos and the girl got all the cheers again as she carried the board for round 3 while Haye's corner again told him he'll have to do something (like box?) but not to let the fan's influence him.
Round 3 and Mary's back and we watch Haye fly into a defenceless opponent whom Mary could have flattened.
Mary's take? This is the great English fighter who chickened out at the last minute against Klitschko after all his mouthing? Can we go back to my film now?
Sure Liebling laugh.gif
I taped the Manny paquettr fight last night but the programme overran and I only saw the first 2 rounds. Who won?
I am up in Fprt William with Norrie 123 and 14 others and nobody knows who won.

Was your Money on Manny? tongue.gif biggrin.gif
Teeheehee. I have been up in Fort William with Norrie 123 and 14 others and none of us knows who won.
Please somebody tell us unsure.gif
No money was wagered.

Just click on that link I posted (Was your money on Manny.) above and read all about it. wink.gif
I won't spoil your surprise tongue.gif

Click to view attachment
Thanks TeeHeeHee biggrin.gif
Sorry I missed the fight sad.gif Looked great.
And there was me thinking that he used tae play for the Tic! biggrin.gif
On German television last night Dr Ironfist Klitscho said he'd go 50:50 on the world wide take on a fight to get Haye in the ring with him ... then there would be no excuses over the purse; or bad backs, this time.
Anyone watching Arthur Abraham against Carl Froch?
This is a real round for round punch up.
QUOTE (TeeHeeHee @ 27th Nov 2010, 11:14pm) *
This is a real round for round punch up.

Well, at least up till the 4th round.
A disappointing show by Abraham who after the 6th round could only hope to win by a knockout; which was nowhere in sight.
Froch certainly took the title back like a champion and maybe has forced Abraham to consider retirement.; which is a shame since I was always a great admirer of Arthur Abraham ... but that's the name this game.
Jasus i've died an went tae heaven wee import tae this thread that i had given up fer a waste tae time talkin tae yersel is a waste o time .

Good import fae jamjars ,yep i hate braggarts an bums Naseem wis a so so feather fought a lot o mediocre and hauf decent i hated the way he taunted and abused a lesser opponent ,Barrera the true mexican fighting man wiped the snide smile aff his coupon and at wan time in the fight efter savage-in him in a corner asked him who's yer daddy ,after this shellackin he fought wance mair a mere shadow o himsel and then through the towel in.

Amir khan ah much improved fighter under Roach i did nae watch the fight till the repeat ,the reason i thought then and i still think now he is manufactured and the saying goes you can improve every thing aboot yer ability's as ah fighter bar yer jaw ,and fae what i saw the wee Maidana efter the fith began tae impose him self even beating Khan tae the jab fae the 9th on till the final bell he savaged khan apart fae wan or two rally's and if it had benn another ref the fight widda been stopped in the 10th how much has a beating like this taken oota Khan time will tell.

Wee Manny p best pound fer pound fighter in the world at the moment tae think this wee guy sterted his career at fly weight an here he is winning the a version o a much higher title ,Margarito the disgraced man who was found tae have had loaded glove's in some o his fights in particular in his demolishin o Miguel Cotto another top class fighter ....................................
Margarito always denied he knew his hauns were loaded but this apart he was a good hard punchin welter the fight wie manny was vicious nae quarter asked or given and many while winning it decisively didnae come awie unscathed,took my hat aff tae margarito face like a pun o mince and his corner imploring him tae raise the white flag could be seen shaken his heed and refusing time an time agin tae concede efter the fight he said i'm Mexican and we fight tae the death salute amigo.

Saw Frotch an Abraham ,Abraham a saw doon Marciano just wisnae at the meetings Frotch instead o fighting wie his heart like he usually does used the loaf and seen aff ah wan dimensional Abraham wie nae bother.

Was at the Ricky Burns fight wisnae wan o his better nights but had enough tae see his opponent aff ,also on the bill was Alex Arthur a legend in his ain mind toiled tae see aff his journeyman opponent.

My congrats tae wee John Simpson who went tae Belfast and hammered a very good champion the undefeated Martin Lindsay and delt oot a boxing lesson ,his switchin fae heed tae body was top class,body punching is a forgotten art not unlike the upper cut,there was an auld lightweight who wance said kill the body and the heed die's,just a had a we bell there in the auld heed it wis Poul Anderson an American of Scandinavian extraction he started aff as a wrestler no wan o they phony's ye see noo but an amateur in the real sport o wrestle and was a vicious body puncher back in the 40s .
Ach am awie haveren Simpson had suffered two decisions which many people thought were a disgrace agin him, saw both o them the last wan in particular in defence o the Commonwealth championship was a disgrace he had his English opponent o ower the place ootcome a majority decision agin him..

Weel thats aw fae me the noo jasus ah cood be here aw night how's aboot you troops listen yer top heavy weight champions o aw time man that wid be good fun by fer noo, an never lead wie yer right haun .

Got somethin' agin' southpaws, auldyin? tongue.gif biggrin.gif
I dont follow boxing did years ago a wee bit, remember seeing live here in Vegas a wee Glasgow boxer and he won nae bother, Gary Jacobs was his name, spoke to him and his parents after the fight, he said he was going to be a world champion and I believe he meant it but I guess it didnae happen.
He told me he was a Celtic fan, he had the star of David on his shorts.
I spoke to another boxer at the Texas Station Casino years ago, he wasnt boxing just a spectator, I think but could be wrong the memory is no as good, Barry McGuigan Irish and he told me he was a Rangers fan, could this be right ab?
Hi huebert barry was an r,c married to a protestant lass ,mibbies he was ah a gers supporter dunno disnae seem likely but i widdnae really know .

I liked wee barry good boxer puncher took the title aff Eusibio Perdoza a guy who had been a good champ but was past his best.

Had a bad split up wie his manager who fer the life o me ah canny mind his name he used tae say tae his manager thank you mr so an so efter every fight they had a bitter bust up which went tae court and barry lost.

He had a tragedy in the ring a boxer called young ali died efter fighting him ,lost his title tae a Steve Cruz in what was supposed tae be just a warm up tae better things ,fought ah think it was in Vegas dry air heat was tremendous lost his title and was rushed tae hospital dehydrated efter the fight his da died he retired made a come back which was quite successful but was then beatin in a british title fight by a guy called o'donnell powderpuff puncher but a master boxer barry was stopped in the fifth or 6th i think it wis due tae cuts..retired this time fer good.

Gary Jacobs av met him a few times fair fighter european level at best came unstuck in America playin in the big boys playground got in trouble wie the law later on.

HI t,h,h. somethin agin southpaws wis wan mysel but in general the orthodox boxer iwwies leads wie his left haun as in left jab or hook even thus making openings fer his bomb his right haun enjoyed yer input man by fer noo.
Well, it's put your money where your gumshield is ...

David Haye looks like meeting

Click to view attachment

The Steel Hammer in June or July. He'd love to fight Glass Chin Wladimir but ...

Click to view attachment

much as he says he'd love to take on Dr Iron Fist Vitali ...

Click to view attachment

he might be biting off a whole lot more than he can chew.
Wants to go to Hollywood after he's finished with the Klitshkos ...
Remake of Rocky I suppose rolleyes.gif
Aye t.h.h.its a battle o the glass jaws my goad in the history o the heavy weight division this latest mob rates lowest place in my recollection.

Man i love the sport was an avid fan ,then greed took over, triple champions most who are scared tae fight each other christo there can be a champion 3 times at wan weight ,boxing to my mind has been devalued.

No doubt aboot it has been seen by people to be a money making scam for all the promoters I mean goldenboy and other same style promoters

This multi champion shit has driven many real boxing fans away,his with the dearth o heavyweights what happened to the great american afro men who fought there way oot o the ghettos jasus gie me a Frazier, Forman , Holmes , who had my blood going .

Hayes great cruiser but lost a couple some say glass jaw ,fought Valuev my god could you see him in wan corner an Frazier or SonnyLISTON licken his lips as he waited fer the bell don't think so ,an thats s me talken with oot Ali , Forman ,holmes, Hollyfield, Tyson , etc .

p.s i used tae watch and loved the amateurs jasus you have a heed guard ,whit next body armour, in this game you get belted ,early on you say whit the pluck that wis sore ,if yer a warrior you say by pluck wait tae see what am gonna gie you efter a while its par fer the course an you except wie pride thinkin aye good wan cop fer this .

Troops in his corner stauns a boxer an a fighter tae his trade great men some don't hae the tools o a opponent but they gie there all , think on this how many times did a ref jump in tae save a warrior in the square ring many a time ,jasus its hard tae say you met a better man.

I salute them aw haw wee Benny Lynch sleep in peace yer a legend .
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