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The logo for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games was launched yesterday amid fanfare and fireworks. It is hoped that the design will become an iconic symbol of a successful games, helping to generate 80m in sponsorship money to contribute towards the expected 1/2billion cost of hosting the games in Scotland.

Glasgow design agency Marque created the logo after a gruelling worlwide search which tested some of the best minds in the contemporary design industry. The logo cost almost 100,000 to produce.

John Scott, Chief executive of the G2014 organising committee, said:
"Today is a big milestone for everyone involved in the planning for Glasgow 2014, as the unveiling of the new brand symbolises the start of a new and exciting journey towards the Games."

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon commented:
"I want the 2014 Games to be a great success and the Scottish government has been working hard to ensure that the entire country will benefit from the opportunities that this world-class event will bring to Scotland. The new brand is much more than a marketing logo. Over the next four years everyone will become familiar with this distinctive brand and begin to identify with it."

Here it is:
Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment

BTW, the four coloured circles represent different aspects of the games: the red circle represents the 20th time the games have been held; the yellow represents the 17 sports in the games; the blue represents the 11 days of the competition; and the green 'G' is for Glasgow, the host city.

Here's a video from the launch event:

Govanhill Girl
I do see the word Glasgow there but thats it ....... very boring and totally missed a great opportunity to identify Glasgow as a great historic city in Scotland.
Rob Rattray
Congratulations in keeping the design 'simple' yet complimentary to the city. Too many times in the past have we seen money squandered in the production of logos which have been used for the duration of the event then stuffed into retirement almost immediately after the event never to be seen again. Glasgow, go to the top of the class!
Michael Docherty
100 Grand, eh ? In the words of entrepreneur P.T. Barnum - 'There's a sucker born every minute' which in Glasgow parlance translates to an old adage that had something to do with '...big windies...'.
100,000 for the above diagram? I think Glasgow got ripped off. It looks like the logo for a public transit system. It's not neat, it's spread around too much... it lacks cohesion. An icon should be neat, tidy, and blazing. As an icon this is a flop and I believe it will peter out shortly after the Games.

"BTW, the four coloured circles represent different aspects of the games: the red circle represents the 20th time the games have been held; the yellow represents the 17 sports in the games; the green represents the 11 days of the competition; and the green 'G' is for Glasgow, the host city."

Attributing reasons to the coloured geometric figures does little to enhance the value of the symbol, indeed it makes the transit logo into a transit route map! What by the way, happened to the meanings for red and blue?
It took a gruelling worldwide search testing the best minds in the contemporary design industry ... to come up with that?

They could have given the task to school children in ranges of 10 to 12, 13 to 15, 16 and above awarding free passes to the 1st three in each group with executive passes for family and friends of the overall winner and saved themselves a mint ... and got a more meaningful contemporary design Logo into the bargain.
Let Glasgow Flourish.
Sorry dugald, the first green should have been blue... I've changed it in the original post.

Here's the full spiel about the design:

The creative concept behind the brand is derived from the basis of all sport - Time, Data, and Measurement. Who jumps the highest, swims the fastest, lifts the heaviest. The brand identity is made up of four distinct parts, based on Time, Data and Measurement:

  1. The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games will be the 20th Games. This is a landmark number that adds to Glasgow’s pride in being its host. The outer ring, that encompasses the others, is a strong, vibrant red - the official “True Red” of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) palette.
  2. There will be 17 sports on the programme at Glasgow 2014. The next ring of the brand identity, in “Triumph Yellow” from the CGF palette, represents the number of sports. It’s exactly 17/20ths of the full circle.
  3. Glasgow 2014 will host 11 days of competition, which are represented in the third ring of the brand identity, rendered in the CGF’s “Heritage blue”, and making up 11/20ths of the circle.
  4. At the heart of our brand identity is 1 Host City, represented by “G” for Glasgow, meaning “Dear Green Place” in Gaelic, and is in a suitably vibrant green.

My suggestion.

How about something simple that been around for a few years, Glasgow's coat of arms.

Click to view attachment

Now, I can tell ye a wee story aboot this, so now aff tae bed with ye, yer Auntie's here, jist for consultation porpoises.
I too think this looks like a bus or tram or tube station indicator. They could have used our beautiful "Coat of Arms" at the top, or in the middle. There are people out there there who would have said "whats this", must look into this, and there u go its free tourist advertising. And by the way will the midgie men be out cleaning up the east end, just like when the Queen comes., and will the junkies all get free drugs so that they wont annoy the visitors, and of course I hope the midgie men wont strike at this crucial time.

Disgusted Katherine
Born and bred in this wonderful City
now living in her twin City Nuremberg, Germany
LET GLASGOW FLOURISH - in the right way
I think the logo is great - colourful, simple, easily identifiable- come on u guys - stop beefing - should be great ! We in Vancuver have just spent heaven only knows how much but we had a great party and it made us proud. Mind u - we'll be paying for it for awhile. June Macnab
Now it turns out that the company behind the 95,000 logo designed an identical logo 3 years ago.

Lets see them explain this.........................
My son who is a art directer could have done A better job,and A scots too.Dont get me wrong I am proud of glasgow all of scotland but it wont gain much money back even into the pockets of scots who are needing help,with unemployment etc. day to day living with high costs,the poor hungrey souls,I mean people in real need not the greedy who live and work off the tax payers,thats someone I say dont have any dignity or respect. Now if the govt take A piece of there pay with cuts to increasing there perks and bonus tokens,A piece of the pie,would be A great plan and way to help people beleive there is hope for all with motivation for A win win situation,the people will survive for all of Scotland,Glagow,to get out of A rut they are in now.I hope the prime minister digs into his pockets too no free passes for him or family. Sorry this is long but it burns me to no end when I read all post regarding how glasgow is closing or making cuts to our history to gain for the govt pockets sitting in England..Just my opinion. Let glasgow keep there pride dont destroy it. Our flag demands it by all means. rolleyes.gif
I have to agree it's kind of non Glasgow!! as someone so rightly pointed out the only way we would know is because it has glasgow on it in words

how can they justify that price ?

they should have come to me i would have done it for nothing

exibit 1
I could have done a better job myself and charged far less. Whos in charge of these people who throw away money so easily on rubbish. When it could be spent on so many other good things for Glasgow. A ten year old kid could have came up with something better than this. It should have been given to the schools as a competition.
Harry Greeenwood
As a Canadian from Vancouver and still on a high from our fantastic and successful Olympic Games and getting ready for the Para-Olympics in a few days time I certainly understand the significance of a logo. However as a former Glaswegian I voted Wooden Spoon on the logo presented here. A Logo says nothing if it has to be interpreted a very important consideration which seems to have escaped the City's Chief Executive. For example, a common pastime for the people here who walk the seawalls and play on the beaches is to gather flat stones or diftwood and build them into cairn like sculptures. We are also blessed to live on Indian land and see many Totem Poles so the designers of our VANOC logo, in their wisdom, combined both of these artifacts to create a unique Vancouver symbol which requiresed no explanation or a fifteen minute speech by a civic official to justify its ludicrous presence. All that I could think of as I looked at it was how as a child I used to chalk the top of my "peerie".
Thank you for the explanation of the colours of geometric figures GG. It doesn't change my opinion of the logo however, I still think it is a very poor design and certainly not worth anything like 100,000. Why they have taken the bother to tell us the likes of "11/20ths of the circle" is beyond means nothing.

By the way, I think the best description of what this logo looks like, is the one from Harry Greeenwood in Vancouver who says:

' All that I could think of as I looked at it was how as a child I used to chalk the top of my "peerie". '

Hmmmmm, yes I see, only Glaswegians who could picture a spinning 'peerie' would get the picture.

Thanks again GG. Cheers,
Harry, as I mentioned in my reply above to GG, I think your use of "peerie" in describing what this logo is like, is the best I've seen. I'm no too sure about your glowing description of our "fantastic and successful Olympic Games". Yes, come to think of it, I am sure: it was a great waste of the millions of dollars it cost! I don't mind Vancouver getting itself into debt and enjoying a great party, just so long as Vancouver foots the bill. The most depressing part of the aftermath of the games was the announcement by the federal government, caught apparently in the jubilation of a bag full of gold medals, that an additional $17 million will be given each year in an attempt to ensure our athletes get worldwide trips at the country's expense, to try for another bag of medals in the next Olympics. This is $17 million on top of the $ 47 they have been spending every year to cover the cost of our athletes bringing home gold medals. Hey, that's $64 million per year!

Going back to your "fantastic and successful Olympic Games". I've been wondering what you mean by the word "successful". It can mean the games went off well, which they did despite some difficult problems not of the organisers own making. Then again, it could mean the Games were successful because Canada did well based on the number of medals Canadians won. The first meaning is of course something commendable, the second meaning isn't in the least commendable!

The success of an 'Olympic Games' was never meant to be measured on the basis of medal counts. It was meant to be measured on the basis of international sporting participation. Were the Vancouver Olympics more successful for Canada with its 25 medals, than it was for Scotland with its one medal? What does it tell us if Canada wins 25 medals and we spent $47 million in helping our virtual professional athletes bring home a sackful of gongs? It sure as hell doesn't tell us that if we spend another $17 million we'll get more medals!

It's our government I'm chewing Harry, not you. Your "peerie" still takes the cake! Cheers.
ronnie auld
I am in agreement too much money spent, why did they not run a competion in the glasow schools for 100,000, i am sure the kids would have made a better logo.
QUOTE (musicthom @ 10th Mar 2010, 08:52am) *
I have to agree it's kind of non Glasgow!! as someone so rightly pointed out the only way we would know is because it has glasgow on it in words

how can they justify that price ?

they should have come to me i would have done it for nothing

exibit 1

Ist class musicthom. That illustration of yours would have done us proud the real deal if you like. Make a good tattoo for expats like me.
Patter Merchant
Well done Glasgow 2014.... a false start and then a stumble at the first hurdle.... an outstanding start.... NOT!
A lot of money. Is anyone ever satisfied. I understand at the Monday launch it was not received with a standing ovation. Time will tell. I expect lots of see you jimmie tartan wigs with this emblem are all ready being made in China for sale at the Barras on the way to the 17 sports which neither the whole of Europe or the US or China or most of South America are remotely interested in take place over 11 days. Hope its not wet for these 11 days!!!
100,000. to go worldwide and pick the top brains? did they notice if the team picked took there wives and kids on this round the world trip, stayed in nice hotels, and, sat on the beach all day?. now you just might be able to justify the price with that, but for a logo off the back of a fag packet done in the pub on a friday night, me thinks not.
I like the Logo.

It is simple and pleasing to the eye.

However I have no idea how this kind of thing is costed but I would have been looking for a discount as it is not what I would call a one off origional.
Aw c'mon -- it's only about 20p each per Glaswegian, even less if the teuchters and Embrans chip in. Mind you, maybe better in their pooches.
The circular part of the logo bears a striking resemblence to the former Glasgow Corporation public transport services employees liceince badges. Tram, Bus drivers and conductresses.
I actually quite like the Logo, but I have to admit seeing it done with the Coat of Arms is also awfully nice.

I'm wi you Rabbie!!
Is this Logo for real!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!
A response from experts regarding the similarity of the Glasgow 2014 logo to another one produced by the company three years earlier:

Neil Baxter, of The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland, admitted that they are "remarkably similar", and added:

"The skill of the designer is to come up with an innovative and original design to fit the brief, and that should not be 'one we made earlier'."

Craig McGill, of brand consultants, said:

"95,000 is a lot for what appears to be a secondhand logo. They both have the concentric circles, the letters, the lines. They're virtually identical, apart from the colour."

The more I see it the more repulsive it becomes and the G reater the sense of rip-off.
Am I dreaming or does the pic on left of GG's latest offering look like an old, late seventies early eighties, Glasgow Corporation Transport logo ?

Tombro unsure.gif
wee davy
You cannae beat a bit o' 'Bully' - as Jim Bowen used to say! Slap an auld Bully sticker oan it, or even a GG board logo lol whit a monstrosity - I'm no designer, but I'm sure I've doodled better!

The whole scenario perfectly captures the abandon with which our political representatives throw around our money. If these morons gave a toss and had any sense of responsibility they would have been hot-footing it back to the 'designers' asking for a break-down in costs that led to somebody throwing some colour onto a years-old existing 'design'* and charging 95 grand for the privelege.

*I use the term design rather loosely as I am sure that any primary school kids from across the city could have came up with something much better than that nonsense. An even better idea would have been to have some aspiring young trainee graphic artists from the city to come up with something. It's just another scandalous abuse of taxpayers money when the city can least afford it.
Hear, Hear.
Yet another example of how so called creative marketing companies,aided and abetted by the numpties who think nothing of throwing the public's money into a bottomless pit enrich themselves.
As has been said why not give these assignments to the schools as a project for the children?They could produce something at least as meaningful for a fraction of the cost.
A logo should not need explanation but should of itself speak to the target audience.
95 grand!!! somebody's having a laugh.
j.irvine bell
Much preferred SMILES BETTER logo smile.gif to this expensive piece of "art". Why when they cannot find money for public housing for an eastend housing association, do they insist on using our council tax money in such a way. Are they so naive that they think a piece of junk like this will actually help generate income for the City?
This may infuriate some posters more, but to be fair to the organisers and the creative company here is a link to the 'brand story', taken from the Glasgow 2014 website:

The Glasgow 2014 Brand Story

Personally, I think the mistake was made at the 'creative concept' stage where 'Time, Data and Measurement' were defined as the driving themes in the process. I thought it was going for 'People, Place and Passion', which would have been a lot better for the creatives to work with, more representative of Glasgow and sport, and were the concepts driving the original bid.

P.S. Apparently The Scottish Sun today challenged its readers to come up with a better logo ... for the princely sum of 95!

Patter Merchant
I was appalled to see the top man at Glasgow2014 basically come out and say that he had no problems with the design agency over claims that they produced a near identical logo just a few years ago. Surely Mr Scott should have said something like this: "I am concerned that we appear to have been short-changed and the public should rest assured that we will be asking for a fair chunk of our money back". It's public money after all and we have a right to have the people in charge stand up to any cases where it looks like we've been short-changed. 95,000 is not small change in anybody's book.
95 Grand appears to be small change when it's other people's money being chucked about by our elected representatives and their quangos.

it's like Capt Scarlet's badge only he has an S
I liked the Herald's version.

Le durachd,


Liked that one also Dimairt! biggrin.gif

QUOTE (GG @ 11th Mar 2010, 11:00pm) *
... P.S. Apparently The Scottish Sun today challenged its readers to come up with a better logo ... for the princely sum of 95!

Here's the Sun's 95 winner:

Click to view attachment

wee davy
thx GG - well that just shows to go ye! Glasgow's only been ripped off by some 94,905 pounds now. Them shiesters should be up on a charge for fraud - nae kiddin' ! Designers? away on yer grannie's yaught (iz that how its spelt??) huh.gif
Jim D
Although I like the "Glasgow Smiles Better" logo, it cost a fortune!

Glasgow paid Disney(?) massive amounts of money to allow them to use their Mr Happy trademark.

They could have paid them to use it again - for the 3rd time!
QUOTE (Patter Merchant @ 12th Mar 2010, 12:29pm) *
I was appalled to see the top man at Glasgow2014 basically come out and say that he had no problems with the design agency over claims that they produced a near identical logo just a few years ago.

Aye it's a bit much to stomach.

Row over 'identical' logo for Glasgow Commonwealth Games
I think that logo on you tube is borning and I really do like the one that msicthon has added in the comments :-) That one at least has the coat of arms and I think that is cool. Also Glasgow is a great Historical City and that should have something on there to show that
The first instance of the logo used in anger in Glasgow city centre: advertising hoarding on the corner of Shuttle Street and Ingram Street.

Click to view attachment

I wonder if it'll get targeted eventually.
Govanhill Girl
Its not good at all says nothing about Glasgow other than the word Glasgow.

Billy Connolly would have a field day with this logo and the explanation of it.

It would have been a far better excercise to involve students in the design in the same breath they could learn a bit about the history of Glasgow if the brief was to entail elements from the history of the town and a prize awarded to the winner.

Its just too easy to fob off things to big companies and get ripped off in the process.
I spotted something a bit concerning when looking at the trademark application associated with the new Glasgow 2014 logo: the application is seeking to be registered with classes 33 and 34. These classes are reserved exclusively for using the trademark to sell alcohol and tobacco products.

Click to view attachment

Surely a bit worrying for a sporting event!?!

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