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Full Version: Blairbeth Golf Club
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I am currently trying to gather some information with regard to Blairbeth Golf Club. This year is our centenary year. The club has had three sites since its inception. One above Burnside railway station, the second at Bowhouse farm and its current location at Mill Farm in Fernhill.

If anyone has memories photographs, or any information regarding Blairbeth and its past, I would be most grateful.

so come on get your thinking caps on.

I am trying to collate this information for a centenary brochure that we will be producing this year to coincide with several events that we will be having at the Blairbeth this year.
Hi Mark,

Congratulations on Blairbeth's forthcoming centenary. I am originally from the Rutherglen/Burnside area. I am sorry but I don't have any stories that come to mind about your club. It is in a very good position.

Other than I was once up visiting my mother in about 2003 and I had my clubs with me. I tried to get a midweek round at Blairbeth as a visitor (on my own). But I was turned away because I did not have my handicap certificate with me - this was entirely my mistake - but I do remember it well (particularly the Starter).

Best wishes for your celebrations.


Here is extract from a wee poem about golf on Glasgow Green

In Winter too, when hoary Frosts o’erspread,
The verdant Turf, and naked lay the Mead,
The vig’rous Youth commence the sportive War,
And arm’d with Lead, their jointed Clubs prepare;
The Timber Curve to Leathern Orbs apply,
Compact, Elastic, to pervade the Sky:
These to the distant Hole they drive;
They claim the Stakes who thither first arrive.

James Arbuckle (circa 1721)

many thanks for your email, I am obviously disappointed that you were unable to get a game on your visit last time.

If you happen to be back and fancy a game again at blairbeth please check out our deals on teeoff times this way you can book a slot. failing that i could make arrangements for you.

many thanks for your email

Mark McGill
committee member
Blairbet Golf Club
MY brother was a caddy boy in the 60ies and he loved golf, we lived next to the bottom part of the golf course and found lots of balls and one time a man was chasing us in the pathway between the two parts of the golfclub and we had to run on the thecourse it was scary but some of the golfers helped us as they could see we where frightend thank heavens they where there , and also the clubhouse was was one of the things Isaw from my bedroom every day when I lived in ardencraig road

many thanks for your memories. I would be interested in any other memories that your brother may have had with regard to the club and his duties as a caddy.

Mark McGill
Hi Mark, I was a member, early 90s, the time you done away with the joining fee
I never could master the course, too tight for a slicer like myself biggrin.gif
I do remember the medals, took forever, not the first time I had to leave at the ninth to go to my back shift .
I left for pastures new, Kirkhill, then when their fees went up I resigned
I only have one outing a year, Biggar, I enjoy that, I was second one year, I felt as if I had won, typical a bigger bandit than I was, beat me by one stroke biggrin.gif .
Hope you get the information you require

Bye for now, norrie
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