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Full Version: Good On Yer, Andy Murray
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Scots Kiwi Lass
Though I'm not a big tennis fan (rugby and cricket are my sports), I sat up late on Thursday night watching Andy win his quarter-final. Can't help taking an interest when a Scot is competing! The final is on Sunday, I believe, probably against Roger Federer, but who knows?

I was reminded of being in London five years ago, when Wimbledon was on. I was at a BBQ to celebrate my grand-daughter's second birthday and the place was full of Sassenachs. A group of the menfolk were watching the tennis and poor Andy Murray got absolutely rubbished. Mind you, I was able to point out that Andy (aged 18) had done better than Henman, the Englishman!

Good luck in the final. son.

P.S. There's not a lot of sports topics on GG, apart from football. Has nothing changed and football is still the be-all and end-all of sport in Glasgow?

I only follow fitba, but my wife from East Lothian watches almost every sport there is.
She recorded the Murray match as it was in the wee hours here, and she is taping the game with Federer and the Frenchman cannae mind his name.
About being other sports in GG I feel the thread is almost a blog for me very few post in the fitba, could be a sign of the terrible standard of fitba in the SPL.
Yes I wont watch the game but I hope he wins.
My wife watches the Super Bowl, and the Stanley Cup Golf at Torrey Pines San Diego this week, when I lived in San Diego in the 70s I played golf there quite a bit.
Scots Kiwi Lass

From the ages of 14 to 21, football ruled my life with a passion and all my family supported one of the big Glasgow two! We travelled to all of the away games, except Aberdeen which was too far to do in a day trip. On arriving in Christchurch, my sister and brother-in-law tried to get me interested in the local game but it was not quite the same, somehow. I still followed the Scottish football and in those days (1960s) we did get the results on TV and maybe got the Scottish Cup Final if we were lucky.

Eventually, as the years passed, I really lost interest in the game though I was still not into rugby, the national game here. It was around 1980 that I got more interested in rugby, followed by cricket.

These days we get several of the English games live on TV in New Zealand (albeit the early hours of the morning), but there is nothing about Scottish football, even the results. Sometimes I find out a bit of information through the Sky News Channel from Australia.

To be honest, Hubert, the game of fitba is much changed from the days I faithfully supported it - or is that just me getting older? I also watch a bit of rugby league and occasionally basketball, though for the life of me I can't get into netball at all, don't know why. Anyway, come Sunday, I will be cheering Andy on at the tennis and am looking forward to it.

PS. If, as planned, I manage to get to Scotland next year, I would love to go on a tour around Hampden Park. It has many happy memories for me and I can recall being in a crowd of 134,000. I think it was a Scotland/England game.


I'll be delighted if Andy wins on Sunday. If the final is on TV I'll be watching it.
[quote name='Scots Kiwi Lass' post='281375' date='29th Jan 2010, 07:48am']Hubert,

I hope Andy wins and, if he does, I'm looking forward to reminding everyone over here that Andy is a Scot !

Sadly, on previous occasions, it has been the norm for our commentators to call Andy British when he is winning but they use that dastardly word 'Scotch' or Scottish when he loses. I believe English newspapers take the same approach.

Nothing would please me more than for Andy to defeat Roger Federer and prove that he really is a real 'Scotch'; mature, tasty and with just the right amount of kick to provide much pleasure to its afficianados !

Tombro rolleyes.gif
Scots Kiwi Lass
Well said, Tombro - I'll be cheering Andy on too. I suppose when all is said and done, he IS representing Britain but I know what you mean about him being referred to as a Scot when he loses. Time will tell indeed. I believe that he has beaten Federer on a few occasions but maybe not in a Grand Slam. Unfortunately, I am not very up in the tennis world!

My daughter in London tells me that Andy was born in Dunblane and believes he was in the school when the massacre happened, even in the class that was hit. Do you know if this is true?

Scots Kiwi Lass,

I believe Andy does come from Dunblane but can't vouch for the other information.

Present score; Andy down two sets but leading 6-5 in the third !

Tombro rolleyes.gif
Great fight Andy, bad luck, we're all proud of you. wink.gif
Absolutely Brian, we are very proud of him. He had me in tears along with him there when he showed his love of Scotland.
Scots Kiwi Lass
Alas, it was not to be this time for Andy. He tried hard, especially in the third set but he was up against a very confident, much more experienced player in Roger Federer. I am sure Andy is a work in progress and it is only a matter of time until he wins a big one. I hope the British press don't give him a hard time - he deserves more. Till the next time, Andy, keep trying, kid.

Well done Andy. Next time. Proud to be a scot.
In total agreement with all thoughts ! Andy is a true sportsman and positive role model for all young Scots to follow.

Tombro smile.gif
Kiwi Lass, yes it's true Andy Murray was in school the day Hamilton shot the children.

He and other children he managed to hide, so survived the massacre.

I was disappointed for Andy as I was hoping he would win.

Another day another time.
I watched Andy Murray getting a "doing" from Roger Federer yesterday and it seems to have rounded off a year of mixed fortunes for him. He plays at a level that most players can only aspire to but I am still left with the feeling that he will never win a grand slam tournament. There always seem to be either fitness or temperament issues for him to contend with. I would love to be proved wrong but I just don't see it happening.
Well friends, Andy Murray is in the Austrailian open tennis final again so I'm ready to eat my words (in the last post). Since the Rangers and Celtic of tennis, Federer and Nadal, got knocked out his chances must have improved somewhat. I wish him well and hope, by Sunday afternoon our time, we have a champion to applaud.
Win or lose, he'll do Scotland proud !

Win, he'll do Britain proud !

Lose, ach he's only a Scot !

Sadly, nothing's changed from last year,

Tombro rolleyes.gif
Scots Kiwi Lass
I watched most of the final and found it very disappointing. It seems to be that Andy has a bit of an attitude problem in that he constantly berates himself (and very openly) when things don't go his way. This, I believe, causes him to lose his composure and give away needless points.

No, he didn't let Scotland down and I am sure he would have made a lot of Scots happy if he had won. One sports commentator on TV here made the comment that the British media contribute to the pressure that is inevitably put on Andy. From what I hear of the British press, this could indeed be a factor. Better luck next time, Andy - I have belief in you.
Think you're right SKL, saw the start of the final and it was evident from the beginning he didn't look on form. The problem he had with his racquet seem to unsettle him.

Anyway, we can dig the thread out for the US and French open's before Wmbldn (as they say it on the telly smile.gif )
Andy made the final of one of the 'Big Four' so even with that, he did Scotland proud.

I agree with SKL that the 'BRITISH' (read English) media do put so much pressure on him to succeed, but please consider that Novak Djokovic could actually be the next world number one in tennis so the defeat is not a disgrace.

Andy might have to make a few changes but those changes need to be made by him and not guided by those 'BRITISH' media experts, 'X' being unknown quantities and 'spurts' being drips under pressure !

Tombro rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
Scots Kiwi Lass
Tombro - I was willing him to win the Aussie Open but once again it was not to be. It would have been great to see the Scottish flags flying and Andy getting the Cup.

To be honest, I don't follow tennis much and although I have Sky TV, as far as I know we only get the Australian Open and Wimbledon (Kiwis pronounce it Wimbleton for some reason). I have to say that I was only really following Andy's progress, though I am gradually learning the rules of the game.

I don't know the dates for Wimbledon this year but as I will be in London for 3 or 4 weeks in June-July, maybe I could get tickets if the tournament is on then.

BTW, where are all the English tennis players now, I don't recall any since the demise of Tim Henman!

For Andy Murray read Tim Henman................................... just not got the bottle. A nearly man.
As a Scot I wish he could finish the job off - but I also wish the tooth fairy was true !!!

Had Andy won, I don't think we would have seen too many Scottish Flags as the Brits would have been out in force with their Union Jacks.


Andy Murray would kill Tim Henman in any match so please don't compare the pair. If you are a true Scot though, you will continue to support Andy in the hope that he might win a major one day. Your comment concerning Andy's 'bottle' indicates that you probably don't know too much about tennis, anyway !

Tombro rolleyes.gif
It's a great pity that Andy always falls at the final's a similar situation that plagued Colin Montgomerie with the negative media reports that followed him for years. There's no doubt the lack of top class fellow British players has a big effect on Andy whenever he reaches a Grand Slam must be a big strain to be the only British tennis hope around.
Argentina has several decent players so the spotlight never falls on only one of them which allows them to play without any added pressure.
Andy is very well thought of here and if he was Argentine he would be a very big hero....they worship their sports stars here even when they lose. Sadly, in Britain they just want to keep bringing them down a peg or two.
Especially if they're Scots and don't succeed !

Tombro rolleyes.gif
wee davy
Is he going to be third time lucky in OZZ?

Well, LADBROKES seem to think so,... just checked the odds for Andy M's quarter final match this year - and you've got to put TWELVE QUID on, to make A QUID!

I've never known such short odds in my life before.

Think I might sit this one out. (You can still get 7/1 on him for Wombledon all the same!)
Good Luck to Andy, I'm routing for him all the way.
go on andy show these British (english) paparazi you can do it and i will support you evermore tongue.gif
Scots Kiwi Lass
So far I haven't seen any of Andy's games in Oz but some of the opposing players are looking good. Maybe under his new management, he can go one further than last year, so here's hoping for the best.
I'm hoping too, but once again Federer, Nadal and Djokovich are in fine form.

Sadly, poor Andy seems once again destined to be number four, but how many Scots can claim to be number four in the world ?

Andy is a great role model for all Scots kids to aspire to. He may not be 'top of the pops', but he has achieved a higher ranking in world sport that any other Scot's individual or team (Scotland, Celtic or Rangers) have achieved in years ! Come to think of it, any British individual or team, have achieved in years ! (If Rory McIlroy is British rather than Irish, I apologise)

Let's all hope he can climb a little higher on that ladder, but Andy's doing great as far as I'm concerned.

Tombro smile.gif smile.gif
Scots Kiwi Lass
I quite agree Tombro that Andy is a wonderful role model and is doing just fine. The semi-final game is pretty even on the scoreboard (1 set each, 2 games each in the third set). Andy looks like he has the winning of the match, I only hope he carries it off.

The crowd is certainly backing him and giving him lots of support. The only problem I have is that is now after midnight and I don't know if I will last the pace to see it through to the finale!

Best of luck Andy.
Scots Kiwi Lass
Two sets to one for Andy!

Can he pull it off? He seems to be making it difficult for himself at times and I hope that he is strong enough mentally to do it. Djokovich will not be giving up easily, that's for sure.

It looks like I will be up for a while yet!
Looks like Andy's throwing it away again, unforced Andy error after error, who is that idiot english commentator with vijay, Britains No1 leads 2 sets to one, the Scots down! 1-4
Well done Andy Murray, You've beaten Andy Murray again!

Good show though against the worlds No.1, too many double faults, unforced errors, Lets hope Lendl can sort his napper oot!
Scots Kiwi Lass
What a disappointing end. DJokovich looked all but out of the game in the 2nd and 3rd sets. Andy let him back in again when he should have moved in for the kill. Still not aggressive enough yet, I feel, but there has been some improvement in his attitude. Maybe next time!!!

I must get to bed now - its only coming up 3.00 am.
The kid just does not seem to have that , " edge " deffo something lacking in his game. I always have the impression , that his heart is not really into Tennis.. was he forced to play , by a dominant mother ? Like a musician who is technically good , but does not have the " feel " for it. because of being made to learn.Just my observations
He had the guy on the ropes so often, but could not deliver the killer punch Ah well let's see if Lendl can bring it out ...
QUOTE (jimmyd @ 27th Jan 2012, 10:57pm) *
The kid just does not seem to have that , " edge " deffo something lacking in his game. I always have the impression , that his heart is not really into Tennis.. was he forced to play , by a dominant mother ? Like a musician who is technically good , but does not have the " feel " for it. because of being made to learn.Just my observations
He had the guy on the ropes so often, but could not deliver the killer punch Ah well let's see if Lendl can bring it out ...

That's my take on it as well jimmy, Agassi revealed that he didn't really like tennis a few years ago, I think Murray is the same, according to the commentators here, Lendl has told him to stop looking at the coaches box and concentrate on the game! The next move I'm expecting is for Lendl to ban Andy's maw from the box!
Thank goodness this ultimate yuppy game will be off our screens!
For the last six weeks viewers here have suffered groans and grunts, throwing tantrums.
Stuffing up other programes that you want to record. (Esp Heartbeat and Taggart)
Also the amount that those people get paid is immoral to say the least.
Come on Guys !

Andy played great but he's up against three other slightly better players. Andy did not throw it away and, in fact, he improved greatly on last year's effort in the same position. Andy is getting better but Djokovich is getting better too !

I'm now lining up to watch a couple of p*rn*s tonight with the volume up to normal. What, with all the squealing, screaming and moaning, the neighbours will simply think I'm watching the women's final !


rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
Scots Kiwi Lass
Here's hoping Andy will do better at Wimbledon this year.

Afraid I won't be watching the women's final either - I can't stand all the yelling, grunting, etc. and usually put up with it for about 10 minutes. I thought I heard somewhere that this carry-on was going to be banned!

I'm going to watch the Big Bash cricket final for a while, but won't be watching till it finishes at around 1.30 am, I hope, after only 3 hours sleep last night.
Roll on Sunday mornin, Come on Rafa. Jist love the tennis. cheers Margie. rolleyes.gif
ah only watched it coz andy wis playin cool.gif how much did he earn ennywan no? hope it wis heaps:D
wee davy
I think Wimbledon is worth over a million now - so it won't be far off that.
Davy Awe that money fur hittin a baw, We done that oot in the street when we wur wains and got a dooin if we hit a windae. cheers Margie. laugh.gif
In these days of equal opportunity the winners of both the Men's and Women's Finals, I believe, get $2 million dollars, so I reckon Andy, as a Semi-finalist would have added quite a few thousand to his bank account !

All the newspaper reports over here say he played great, despite his loss. Some even say, given that he is only 24, his time still yet may come !

Tombro smile.gif
Scots Kiwi Lass
Tombro - I too believe that Andy's day will come. He is still young and has plenty of talent. What a great day for Scotland when he starts to win the big ones.

Sorry to say, I didn't watch a lot of the final. Six hours is way too long to watch a tennis match, even though it was a great one by all accounts.

The semi-final loss took a lot out of the Glaswegian tennis player:
Andy Murray has pulled out of the Davis Cup clash against Slovakia in Glasgow next week to gather his strength to lift a Grand Slam title.

His medical advice is to rest after winning the Brisbane International and taking his semi-final in the Australian Open against Novak Djokovic to five sets.

Murray said: “I have been told to take a few weeks away from the sport after picking up a few minor injuries.” ...

Full story here:

And, why shouldn't he ?

Andy's performance at the Aussie Open was probably his best ever in a major tournament. The poor guy busted a gut in the chase for that ultimate success.

An early round Davis Cup clash against Slovakia would be the least of the worries of a top class tennis player, especially one who is only considered to be British when he wins but a very simple Scot when he loses !

Andy owes 'great britain' (lower case lead-ins intended) absolutely nothing !

Tombro smile.gif smile.gif
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