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biggrin.gif Happy birthday Tumchie and Ladykate biggrin.gif

And whit did ye get fur yer birthday?
Hi there Sjmac!!
Thank you for thinking of us.
It's still the 15th here in Pennsylvania. However, back hame where ah wis born, it's now the 16th. So it's technically ma birthday, ah think.
Happy Birthday to Ladykate - ma wee twin.
Got some lovely emails from old friends - people ahve known since ah wis in Primary School. Going out for dinner with ma husband and son. Ma wee mammy said she'll call me and sing happy birthday. That in itself is so very special.
It's our anniversary next week, an' ah got a diamond eternity ring as a birthday/anniversary gift. No bad!!! biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Tumchie nice present but your likely worth it , hope you enjoy your day. Happy Bithday to Ladykate as well. Best wishes to both you ladies.!
Happy Birthday Ladykate & Tumchie !yay! We get to have more cake!! laugh.gif Hope you get everything you want and much more!!
Margaret P
Happy birthday both of you hope you have a great day wub.gif
big al
Happy Birthday LadyKate - it was lovely to meet you earlier this year - a real pleasure - look forward to many more
Happy Birthday to you both Tumchie and Ladykate wub.gif

Wishing you both a wonderful day.

Very best wishes - Teeny
Archie Millar
aw-ri best to both o' you don't spend too much money---let somewan else spend it on you ----you deserve it huh.gif
wink.gif happy birthday Tumchie & Ladykate and many more to come !!!!!
Happy birthday, ladies.
Sounds liek your day's set, Tumshie and, as Ladykate hasnae been in ah'll hope it cos she's busy celebtrating;)
Well thank you all,and Happy birthday Tumchie
you know what everybdys gone and left me sad.gif
George and Mark who by the way was my
birthday present 36 yrs ago are away at work.

My oldest is off to celebrate his schools 20 yr reunion
so I have my grandaughters,they are going to take
care of their old granny,Victoria is out washing my car
Elisabeth made breakfast,with a wee bit help from Mom
and Dad we are off to the pictures this afternoon to see
Freaky Friday their choice laugh.gif and Dinner is a surprise.

So when all is said and done I will have a great day,
Thanks once again to all my greats friends on the
boards for your kind words.

Wait for me Happy Birthday Tumchie and Ladykate, have a great day!
Happy birthday to two lovely ladies
hope its a special one for you both
biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
wee mags
Hi8 ladykate and tumchie I hope your day was a happy one
here to many more wink.gif
Happy Birthday ladies a bit belated I must say, but glad to see you both had a great day.
Happy birthday ladies, its my birthday next Friday 29th, whenI willbe the big 50, absolutely dreading it, feel theres a big difference from 49 - 50 (lol)
Jannymac, it's all in the mind honestly, I thought it was awful as well when it happened to me, however I feel better now than I did in my forties. So take heart, it gets better honest. Make up your mind to grow old disgracefully, it's a dawdle! Enjoy it all!
If that won't work, just lie!!!
Buleeve me jannymac its no sore am hauf wet tae headin tae two decades ahead o you THATS whit ah caw SORE rolleyes.gif
I've got to remind my daughter Suzyq to register in the new Board. Cant believe that it was almost a year ago that everyone wished her a Happy Birthday and welcomed her to the GG. This will be her 40th. Where does the time go!
Happy birthday to Wee mags, Shamus and flea all who have birthdays on the 23th of August. May you all have the best wishes and a long and happy life ahead. wink.gif
Happy birthday tae wee mags,Shamus and Flea. also welcome tae the board Flea. biggrin.gif wub.gif
Happy birthday to WeeMags Shamus and Flea, God how quick a year goes by eh?Hope you all enjoyed your day. rolleyes.gif
Hi, and Happy Birthday to the 3 of you, hope you had a nice day.

Anne Perth Aussieland
Happy birthday, Wee mags. Shamus and Flea.
Hope you all have a lovely birthday and a pleasant year to come:)
Enjoy your special day, Wee Mags, Shamus and Flea!
Ladykate an Tumchie, Belated Birthday wishes Pals, ah wis away wae nae computer at the time biggrin.gif .....Also tae Mags an Shamus, missed ye's here but caught ye's elsewherr
An fur todays birthday bash.......PEACHES HUV A GUID WAN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Happy Birthday Peaches Oh to be 21 again smile.gif
wee mags
never mind 21 Marg o tae be thirty one again and to you Peaches I hope you heve a nice day and Happy birthday Peaches biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Peaches ah cin remember when ah wis 21 rolleyes.gif
Hi peaches, happy birthday you lucky 21 year old.
Enjoy youself
Whatever you do
That's this birthday
Wish for you. Have a great day. rolleyes.gif
biggrin.gif Happy Birthday peaches,are now of legal age oot there in Arizona hope you have a great day.
Well looks like during my time away from the board, I missed a few special birthdays. So to each and everyone I missed, I hope your day was as special as you all are...Cheers Rena
Hi there Peaches!!!
Best wishes for a terrific birthday.
Twenty one today!! biggrin.gif
thanks everyone for the great wishes I would have left a message sonner but this hasnt been letting me post anything lol hope this works this time lol. I had a good birthday ate to much cake but hey its only one day of the year lol laugh.gif
This is a day early but we have a new member whose birthday is on the 7th ,Happy Birthday Jean know as wife of sjmac may you have the very best and many years to come .Have Sturat treat you to a good dinner !! smile.gif
Happy Birthday oan the 7th Jean.....Mind make the dinner a deer wan laugh.gif
It's the 7th here in Aus,so good mornin wife of sjmac ahn a very happy birthday tae yoo.Yoo tell that Catherine how deer the dinner wis bit dont furget tae tell hur the diamond ring wis jist awee bit deerer. ahv goat an appointment wae the bank fur anurrer morgege.
Luv ye darlin. wub.gif Stuart.

By the wey shees thru makin ma brekfist.Canny spile her cos shees gaun oot the nite fur faithurs day.
Happy Burthday, wife of sjmac........doon unner
Member an' blaw oot a' ra caunles!
Huv a rerr terr!!!!!!!!!!!!
davyab44 laugh.gif
wife of sjma happy birthday!! I do hope that you have a great day, and get to share it with the ones you love. (my post will be early but I will just pretend Im going by Scotlands time lol)

All the Best ~*Peaches*~
Thanks to everyone for the birthday greetings.
Catherine he took me out to dinner and a had a few wee swallys. and a got a diamond ring what more can a woman ask for. tongue.gif
What a lucky woman your are Jean ,Glad you had a nice dinner as well.All the best.
Happy Birthday Jean, glad you had a great day!
wink.gif Belated birthday greetings Mrs sjmac, where did you go for dinner? Melb must surely be THE best for eating out.... did Stewart pan for the diamond himself ?
Hi Leninaus, Thanks for the birthday wish, had a good night meal lovely, service slow Rest. called Henry's in Bayswater.No Stuart did not pan for diamond, he had to take a mortgage out. Ha Ha. biggrin.gif
Haven't been around a lot lately so to all who had birthdays recently...all the best. Hope you all had a great day.
Must admit I am a bit lax when it comes to this thread.So Happy Birthday Jean.Hope the people of Mulgrave ,were made aware of your special day.If not I will be raising questions in the house.John Howard.!!! Think how this is gonnae look at the Bingo. wink.gif
Happy Birthday Miste26 hope you have a wonderful day ,all the best> smile.gif
Happy Birthday Miste26, Have a great day biggrin.gif

Hoi Jean, mind get that diamond valued that we don't trust Stuart {tongue oot an winkywinkwink}
A very happy birthday Miste26, it would be great being 30 again.
have lots of fun today rolleyes.gif

Hey yoo catherine, ahm swaav ahn supisticated ye no, nane oh yer gless dymund rings fur ma wee bit ah skirt. cos shees aw class.
Miste26 happy happy day its your birthday I wish you all the best and many more wonderful years to come.

~*peaches*~ laugh.gif
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