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Thanks to "ALL" and especially vgourlay, who have sent me birthday wishes, So nice, you lot!
And "Many Happy Returns" to anyone celebrating a birthday in the last week and this weekend!
Happy Happy Birthday to all the folks I have missed..hope your day was special and you were spoiled with lotsa pressie's.

Tori G
Just thought id say Happy Birthday Jockberry and Bertleggit, have a good one and happy birthday to anyone else ive missed. rolleyes.gif
Have a very Happy birthday Jockberry,bertleggett.Hope ye's both have a great day and tons of pressies biggrin.gif
Have a great one
Happy Birthday jockberry and bertleggett and any others who have birthdays this weekend. Have a good one and don't drink too much rolleyes.gif
Tori G
HI Sheenablue Happy Birthday to You have a good one...... wub.gif ....Tori
Happy Birthday Sheenablue many happy returns smile.gif
Happy Birthday Tates,Many happy returns biggrin.gif
Tori G
Hi Hutchie you have a Great Birthday, noticed you live in perth, me too Rockingham area. wub.gif
Happy Birthday Hutchie...
My wee sister lives in Perth also... Bently. She is studying Architecture and Interior Design at Uni there... This is her final year...
Hello, everywan,
Ma name is Eat-the-Breed, an a cum frae' the Plantation District o' the Sou'Side, then Renfrew, left Glesga behind in 64 wiff ma dear Darlin' Lover, an cum oot here tae' Sunny Auckland, an nivur look'd bak' Naw that's no troo,' av bin hame 3 time's my weea boy Jamie, 4 time's an ma lover Esther 7 time's yes she dotted oan hurr mum, Jessie, a joined this ootfitt in 04 left o5, naw a jist loast it yep' run oot o' time, bitt am bak rolleyes.gif an rerrin' tae' go, Al be a "Cool 70 oan the 11th an huv celebrated oor Golden-Anniversary oan the 23rd o' Feb. Last, Hudd ma best pal o'er frum Perth W.A. As here wis visitin' his Grandwaen's, so awl' told it's bin a very guid year so farr, See this Pal a hud'ny seen him in 50 year's, the only doon-side o' everyfin' is ma Darlin Wife is noa We'll hus'ny bin furr nearly 4 year's
but wee laff everyday thinkin' aboot oor live's bak' in the guid awld day's bitt wee still goa dancin' I lern't it aw' in the Barra-land, every Wed' efternin' in oor local R.S.A. Clubroom's naw ye canny haud us doon, this is jist a weea introduction, Hope yese arr awl' Well, Jimmy-Esther.
Tori G
Happy Birthday Cooper hope you have a Good one rolleyes.gif
Hi Jimmy and Esther,
Welcome back on the boards .I don 't think we're on the right place tae hiv a blether,but if ye post yerselves in the General Chit-chat board ,all the pals will be in to welcome you .
Cheers Jakka
keelie gal
Hi Jimmy and Esther welcome to the boards wink.gif
wee mags
Hi Ross I hope you have a great birthday
Happy Birthday to the GGs best wee photo poster wink.gif
Tori G
A Great Big Happy 17th Birthday to "Oor Ross " Hope you get lots of Prezzies and kisses from many an admirer, you deserve it Ross, just love seeing and reading your posts, your one mature and smart cookie. You've done your parents proud. Have a Good one...and have a great weekend..... rolleyes.gif.........Tori.
Happy Birthday ,Ross ,thanks for all the good pictures and posts .Hope you have a great time .Cheers Jakka
happy birthday to Ross, hope you have a great birthday and thanks for all your postings/photos in GG much appreciated laugh.gif
Happy Birthday bigell and Ross...hope this is a great year for ye's biggrin.gif

Also belated wishes tae Cooper and Hutchie, all the best.
annie laurie
Hope you have a Super Year, and a Happy Birthday also,
Thanks for all your postings, and Pictures of Dear Old Glasgow,
You sure keep our Board interesting,
As Tori, said,
I am sure your Mum & Dad are very proud of you,
CHeers!!!!!! biggrin.gif
Happy birthday'l' be gettin' yer bumps at the meet...

Happy birthday bigell...
Happy Birthday Ross, hope you have a wonderful year, you deserve it, and thanks from me too for all the great pictures and information you give us here. I'm glad you have your opinions and stick to them.

Don't party too hard eh rolleyes.gif

P.S. I agree with you on the Parliament Building
keelie gal
Happy Birthday Ross hope you have a great day and get lots of nice pressies all the best ross wink.gif
Happy 17th Ross - wish I was your age again [not].
My nephew will be 17 in October, lovely boy can do no wrong in my eyes.

Hope you have a nice one.
Hi Ross....wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY....may it be a memorable one for you...

You are to be commended for your dedication to the GGBB Boards with respect not only to the quantity but also the quality of the photos you post......I also find that your obvious great love of your homeland is to be admired in one so young ( remember we were young too, once ).....I'm gratified that the short overzealous spell is but a distant memory.......put it down to the dashing young Lochinvar wink.gif
A very Happy Birthday to you Ross.As so many have said many thanks for all your pictures and wonderful posts. Is always nice to hear what the younger generation are thinking . Hope you have a great day. Aw the best for next year.
Happy 17th Birthday Ross! Hope you enjoyed your day! cool.gif
Wow am really honoured to get so many birthday messages and nice things said. I really am stunned that people would take the time to post messages like that. So I would like to say thank you to everyone I donno why people would take the time to do that but I just think that’s awesome! Cheers Guys!

Had a great birthday….Tonight was my family night ,took me into the west end for a mega nosh up and Saturday I am having the house for a rave…..well my mum is moving out for the night but she is leaving an uncle in charge….heard too many stories about wrecked homes, as if me and my mates would ever do that…still will be a cool weekend….I got an Aussie cousin arrived with his g/f last nite…..think she prefers us Scots boys…the accent rocks her!!!
I got a cracker of a designer watch,I got a new fone,I got loads of Rammstein DVD’S and a trip to Europe

Next year will be the party to end parties though…my last at school…..its getting planned already… mum still thinks back with a few tears when parties were Mc donalds…never popular….bowling, well ok!….10 of us the movies and she would have to draft in her rellies to supervise us…that was fun!....Best ever was a paint ball day…everybody got gunged……I told her 2night that she could host my 18th but my 19th was gonna be somewhere else. and I can’t tell you where……she just laughed and said we will see but no matter where am coming along as well…aye rite!
Real guys don’t hang out with their mums when they are 19….so pay attention mum ok! cool if you wanna meet me for lunch next day in Barcelona or Palma and you are paying.Lol !
Whits happened to the 'members birthday today' bit? huh.gif
I don't ever look at birthday stuff but I was so amazed at my birthday last week that people commented on it.....this is a big birtday for you and I hope you have a great day.
Hi Ross

Happy Belated 17th Birthday!!

Lovely to hear you had a great birthday. I haven't been around for a wee while so will have to catch up on your posts.

I echo the sentiments of the others in that you're one great guy and I too love reading all your posts as they always make for interesting reading.

Take care & best wishes - Teeny wub.gif
Hi Teeny,gud 2 see u back....I love the RED sorta into lassies with Red hair just now and the Madonna bra is awsome.
Well Ross I'm late butI'd liketo wish you ahappy birthday too. Sounds like you're having a great time. Have a good year.
Hi Ross and thanks !!

Now if we ever get a chance to bump into each other at one of these Glasgow meets (once you turn 18 of course), please don't expect a living/breathing replica of my Avatar cos you'll be ever so slightly disappointed laugh.gif

Say hi to Dad for me.

Cheers - Teeny
Tori G
Happy belated birthday Scotty hope you had a good one.
happy birthday to all of u ive missed hope u had a brill time xxxxx wub.gif
happy belated birthday wishes ross, sorry i missed it, hope you had a good day
Tori G
Welcome to the Glasgow Guide Kerry,
Happy Birthday, Have a Great Day Kerryblue
Is it snowing yet on Mt Buller.
Tori G
Happy Birthday to JanWilliams and Maggiehen Have a Greatone
Happy Birthday Jan and Maggie hen, have a great day biggrin.gif
Angela Chick
Just wanted to say ma lauren is 17 today, that wee bundle a brought home from the hospital years ago is getting all grown up biggrin.gif

Lauren was also 6 pounds 6 wen born poor lassie ma daft brother was checking the back of her hair the day ha ha
Tell her congratulations frae me Angela....where dis the time go?? Disnae seem five minits since ah wis moppin up after one end or the other.... biggrin.gif
Angela Chick
Thanks java, lauren had a great day we all did biggrin.gif
keelie gal
Happy belated birthday wishes to Lauren ...all grown up now angela eh! my tommy is 19 in august and i often sit and think god where have the years gone rolleyes.gif
Happy Birthday Ron, have a good one.

I'm still enjoyng "What's in a Name."
Have a very happy birthday Rosiedee & rdem wishing you both aww the best on yer special day smile.gif
Happy birthday Rdem and Rosiedee
keelie gal
Happy Birthday rdem hope you have a good one wink.gif
Jings! Keelie! Ah'm a' wasted! :blush:
Thank you.

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